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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:26pm EST

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>> now with the power out and the roof gone, the doughnut shop owner give away doughnuts to first responder whose helped out, the building itself seems to have with stood the to. relentless rains pounded in indian rock beach this morning as the storm moved through with force. >> fort myers initial reports say a tornado touched down at this condo complex throwing shingles on to the ground throwing parts of the roof into the front office building, 16 junes are taped off until a structural engineer can check out the weather damage. meteorologist jim van fleet arrivedder here. we were watching some of the strongest rotation of the day, that will be likely rate add weak tornado. here is a picture of the same area, look at the trees taken down, i want to thank you for that. we will get the official
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service when they go out and do a survey tomorrow, take a look, these are you a the severe weather reports from wind gusts, hail, tornadoes and also funnel clouds from the panhandle all the way done to ali gator alley, everything from tree lines down, power lines down. it looks like the official tornado report for the day will be that one around fort myers and cape coral, as that system tracked across we had pea size hail in brocksville. now that we are past this event and enjoying the warmer weather, is looking ahead to sunday, there is a little higher risk for about half of the viewing area, slight risk for severe weather from southern hillsborough county, timing out that system for you talking about i think this that are looking okay, things you need to watch out for coming up after the your forecast. absolute worse place to be when a tornado rolls through is outside out in the open.
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but 10 news reporter shows you some people in pole ec county say, you can't panic, you have to have a plan. you know, polk county is notorious for popup tornadoes from time to time, and not just in rural areas where there aren't a lot of people winning living, there was one at the airport a few years back. this is what left hundreds of people at the airport scrambling for tornado, winds so strong, 40-50 planes tossed around like owes, what's worse, hundreds of people with nowhere to go running for shelter, but the storm's damaged those, too. >> on the flat plane -- plain that we are on today there is no shelter. >> for the 45th fire river rendezvous. >> you ring the chime if the food is fine.
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in the period clothing, their tents tied done tightly against the elements. >> they are water tight, once you are in them they are pretty well waterproof. >> with few of the conveniences of modern life and public attending, too, they will still monitor the radar with smart phones just in case they need to retreat, ask pioneer dan yell boone. >> we are watching weather reports, common sense tells us we are in the period of 2016, so we have that technology that provided to us out here. >> in homeland tammy fields 10 news 10 news -- kpsp. safety changes at lakeland airport are under way, it is certified through the national weather service and consider add storm ready location much it has several buildings that can withstand winds up to 110 miles and hour. now can you keep an eye on the weather with your schedule, again that free app search and
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this buck's call was no surprise, the introduced their cutter, as the team's is 1st head coach. now the offense wean the problem last year, in fact cutter did a gold job molding rookie jameis winston, cutter got emotional about his new position today. >> well absolutely this is what i wanted to be, this is where my family wanted to be. i know with kind of players, i know with kind of players we got. so, excite bad that. >> i love a coach with emotion. >> cutter named mike smith as the defensive coordinator that is where cutter must make improvement on the defense, first nfl coaching head job in nine years in the league. a new coach for the bucks is something we seem to tell you about way too often, fans
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and even those who may have jumped on the bond wagon yet say it's time we start talking about wins, 10 news reporter jennifer titus find out how the team can make the cut this time around. >> at euphoria salon and day spa customers here are not talking about their changing hair styles. >> did they win? i left before the end. >> i want them to win, but they haven't. >> but something that seems to to change just as much. >> change is good, he looks like a happy guy. so, hopefully that is a good change for everybody. and is he a good leader for the team. topic of discussion,. >> well i heard he knows the team well. >> bucks new head coach dirk cutter. i do remember when they went to the super bowl. >> that was more than a decade ago. >> it would be nice if they won. >> it would be nice for the
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community. >> i have kids, so good for them to see us growing up in an area where people support them. >> is this the first time people talked about football. >> definitely not. >> no, no. >> it's a lot more exciting to win than to lose. >> while some have their own ideas what it will take to win. >> that would help the football players, they need more pedicures. >> those here say it's about time things turn around. >> you want to support them, you want to be excited. >> while they may have ideas i have a fun fact, the longevity of a bucks coach, means that is about 3.5 years, the same life expectancy of an aunt, a rat, and a hamster. 10 news wtsp. >> wow. you go, jen, 10 news is your source for buccaneers news, looking at cutters background
6:07 pm just click sports right will. just this after into the florida supreme court steven diaco, robert adams are suspend from practicing law. they have 30 days to shut down their practice, during a 2013 did he familiar mission trial, the three schmidt's attorney was set up. evil in the flesh that is what gridee judd called a man killing a beloved softball coach, terry was shot in the driveway of his home, that murder remained a mystery until today. polk county news room marcus gray son explains why investigators say this was a case of revenge. >> lake alfred police chief art, jenkins arrest was bittersweet.
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resident, a friend but he coach weekend me. -- coached with me. it's a happy day. >> jenkins new terry from their time working at the union at packaging corporation of america. jenkins was a union treasurer and he was a union president. jenkins was fire from his job for misconduct in 2009, a new union treasurer ever discovered missing money, the union president reported the crime. in 2011, jenkins was arrested and charged with grand theft. >> terry was doing what was right. >> grady judge said several years answer geared festered general kins. >> they found terry dead here at his home. >> the sheriff says jenkin's
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around the time of his murder. >> terry's wife, tina says she has lost her best friend and generations of girls will miss their softball mentor. >> would like to do the same thing he did to my husband, i don't want him back out. >> he needs the death penalty, he needs to serve the ultimate penalty. winder haven, mark grayson 10 news wtsp. the sheriff's office is taking the blame for a crash that left a motorcyclist paralyzed. our partners at the tampa by times sheriff bob issued a $200,000 check to motorcyclist parents. 211-year-old eli yulaberry is recovering at by front medical center, a detective pulled out on to dr. martin luther king junior into eli's path, the motorcycle crashed into the
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sheriff says eli was doing nothing wrong and an internal review will determine if the police officer will be dismiss. this is winter hunter capturing pythons alive, people without those permits they have to kill the snake and being the remains, the challenge lasts five weeks and comes with a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes, 68 snakes were captured in the last challenge will. coming up another st. of years. >> plus nasa gives these
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tonight on cbs and 10 news undercover bus. followed by hawaii 5-0 at 9:00. growing vegetable the in space, it's possible and today nasa scientists and students at sarah society's school proved the same growing method works here on earth, too much check this out. the scientists taught students with veggies are safe program, using the same fertilizers the third graders use in their garden, astronauts using a fertilizer that is made in sarasota. >> the more we know about agreeing plants and the most successfully we can grow plans the better off we are in terms of being self sufficient.
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could a family owned business develop a technology but ends up being used by nasa in space. >> this is really like day i can't view, i watched the martian last night. matt damon was growing vegetables, the owner of the fertilizer company continues to work on nasa scientists on almars rover mission in 2020. a technological break knew, a system that detects gun fire from a distance is up and running, a network of sensors lift listen for sounds like gun fire, they alert a command center, if the sensor is accurate they left the deputies now, they put 80 sensors in the north area. reggie doesn't have to be completely worried about a
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washout. >> no, i mean, i understand these storms atel nino effect and all that. this round was just a taste of likely what we'll get about every 5-8 days for several weeks. >> wow much as we go into february they are going to get stronger before we can break out of the pattern. today we likely had a a weak tornado, weather service will go out and survey this, but as you can see this around desociety tow, arcadia area, cape coral, areas that we think might have actually produced a tornado, so for the rest of the tampa by area, wind gusts were in that pocket, around 46-60 miles and hour for those of us on the west coast from brooksville, st. pete at the drop. let's talk about as that system has now exited the area, clearly, and you have seen the gorgeous afternoon, we talked about last night how your friday evening is going to be
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tracking the next system, but it's across the golf and i will show -- gulf and i will show you how it is at the home. of degrees in tampa and 60 crystal river. we had a storm system come through and technically a front passing by, but this system didn't have any cold with it, so our winds are coming out of the southwest, and with that we are actually seeing warmer air move in behind the next system, their sunday storm right there, this one developing a little farther north, it is set to dive down into the gulf and does so. that will pull some cold air with it, so a couple things about that, we are going to take you hour by hour, it will be a little bit different, first let me get you tonight, you are fine, clear, pleasant, weather is good to go, you done need rain gore tonight, lovely evening and a nice payoff for thunderstorms this morning and
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we'll stay in the low 60s first thing in the morning, we have patchy fog, be mindful of that, pleasant start and a gorgeous afternoon around 749-76 degrees. an isolated shower is possible saturday. but the attention is really here and the storm prediction center has already put a slight risk of severe weather more widespread including areas of southern hillborough county, all of manatee and sarasota county, western highlands and hardy county, we were in the marginal risk today, slight risk down around ali gator alley, that is farther north. as we talked about this system will have more to work with, we'll zoom in and slow it done. as that dives in and intensifies across the gulf you can see imagine in at that and pink colors showing up, this will have a little more punch, having some colder air behind it should produce a faster lift in the as moss fear, which
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between what might have been a 45-50-mile an hour wind gust today and higher on sup day. there is good news because we won't be seeing near as many people on the roads sunday at this time of the morning that needed to get out for work and school. so a lot of people will be able to ride this out at home and then go on about sunday just fine, notice as we zoom in, especially after of in the morning, we see some strong, possibly severe storms around the 10 news viewing area, like today they'll roll in early in the morning and roll out by mid to late morning. by 9:00-10:00 we should be done with that round of storms and the rest of your sunday is a- okay. mod concern chop on the by, offshore waves-4 feet, high tide 6:45, sunday forecast we will put the storm timing arounding around 3:00 a.m. through the by area and done by
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10:00 in morning, saturday beautiful as far as temperatures go, clouds will be passing by, watch storming early sunday morning, tracking them with you every step of the way and crisp, windee, 62 in the afternoon. next week watch 10 news this morning for a chance to win four lightning tickets to the february 3rd home game against the detroit red wings. al you have to do is watch for
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hey football fans for most of us on the outside head coaching decision seemed to be easy, right? dirk cutter he coordinated the best offense in the history. this time though they did. cutter is was the 11th coach in franchise history, he hopes he is not the 99th with the losing record when he leaves, at 56 years old he is a coaching liver and teacher, offensive coordinator in the nfl, dirk what about your offense as well. >> i will continue to be the play caller for the bucks l is a lot of hard work that goes into football, one of my favorite parts of football is the strategy and game management part, i think i would be foolish to give that up. >> so that make essence, cutter improved from 30th in the league to 5th. his role as head coach will affect how much time he spends with winston. >> you can spend as much time
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>> i am going to to rebudget my time, i am always going to have a great relationship with winston, looking forward to have a relationship with david, and alexander, that is what a head coach has to do. is he getting back to tell it like it is, i can't tell you how important it is in this building, arm the building if you go and ask dirk what do you think of this idea and he says i think that is a dumb idea you just got cutterred.
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