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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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it is all about speaking up and speaking out and giving the victim as voice. >> right now at 11:00, why it is so quiet on the court as these teens to work to break domestic violence. watching. >> and give us nine seconds of your time. >> nine seconds may seem like an eternity, but just that n. that time, one womans with assaulted or beaten and now it is time to break the silence. tonight that message is coming from some who might be
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these kids hope it helps shatter the domestic silence nightmare. the squeak of their shoes, and the swoosh of the hoop is all you could hear at this boys' basketball game. no typical cheers from the crowd. >> from the tip-off to the ninth point, the gym is going be completely silent. >> reporter: because at this game, those nine points don't just represent the score. >> every nine seconds in america, a woman is either abused, assaulted or raped. >> the senior knows domestic violence survivors and hopes this give as voice to victims. >> it is an issue that is needed, the deep shame and self blame. it is not often talked about. >> but when the ninth point hit the board -- [ cheers ] >> breaking silence is all about coming forward and speaking up and speaking out when you need to. >> just outside of the gym, these t-shirts are made by domestic violence survivors who needed help at the crises
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the words are heartbreaking. a belt should be worn and not felt. they get about 400 to 500 calls from domestic violence victims every month but know there are so many more who don't reach out for help when their life is on the line. >> violence is never the solution, that no matter who you are, no one should ever hit. no one should ever touch you. >> and they are hoping the classmates, whether at home or dating violence, they'll remember this moment. >> break that silence. >> 10 news, wtsp. # and in the time it took you to watch the report, 90 seconds, another 10 women have become victims of domestic violence, while women are off victims, one in four men report being abused you co call 211 for help and head to our web site for domestic violence lins. and now an upscale hotel in the west african nation is under attack by al qaeda
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say the hotel has now caught fire. an unknown number of people were taken hostage in the capital city. the fire broke out when the commandos used explosives to enter the downtown building. in order to free those hostages, it is not yet known how many people may have been killed during the siege. and it could be as high as 20. an al qaeda affiliate is claiming responsibility for the attack online. wild weather blew through much of our area earlier today. the hardest hit area, a strip mall near venice. >> it kind of felt like it was going to cave in on us. >> all of a sudden the walls and the windows just started shaking and it was a loud boom! >> the witnesses say it seemed like the whole thing was over in about just 10 seconds. no one was hurt. storm damage again down in cape corral, roughly the same area
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the high winds ripped shingles from homes and heavy rain caused street flooding. while the storms have moved out for now, more are on the way and now let's get to 10 weather chief meteorologist. this is a look as the today. wind damage as well as hail reported. so just about the entire state covered. the tornado report right here around cape corral, fort myers err why and a couple of funnel clouds off around the alligator alley and southeast coast. we saw the winds when they would peak, around fort myers and the pan handle, 45 to almost 60 miles per hour. here is sunday's system forming now and tracking across the gulf. severe weather threat again there. we'll time this storm out, plus, i'm tracking fog. we'll talk about your weekend to know exactly what to expect for your saturday and sunday. an hour, don't get caught off guard by severe weather.
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our free app to get your smart phone app and we'll send alerts straight to you. it also puts live radar right in the palm of your hands. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60-second stand. in hawaii, the search for 12 marines off of the coast is now a recovery effort. the military personnel were on board two marine helicopters that collided late thursday mission. waves up to 40 feet high in cloudy conditions are complicating that search. all they found so far is an empty life raft and debris. the chief operating officer of the air unexpectedly resigned. about 95% of the traffic is sent through clearwater international airport. you pay remember they have had last year. at least four flights flying to or from our area were forced to make emergency landings judgement and in tennessee, the couple with one of the three winning powerball tickets says
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sum cash pay-out because they are not guaranteed tomorrow in case you were wondering. they'll pocket about $327 million after taxes. the couple says the first thing they will do is to pay off their daughter's student loans. they also say they will go to work on monday. that is your 60-second scan. it was brutal day on wall street today. the dow closed down 391 points. the s&p 500 and the nasdaq also plunged. why? well, those cheap gas prices are a major factor. and courtney robinson breaks down the downside to filling up for less. >> reporter: as prices at the pump plummet, so, too, has the stock market. closing down and costing invest o.s big. how many point ? >> 391. >> wow. [ i'm poor, that's all i know. >> reporter: she recently retired. for her, her investments are everything. >> and a lot of the stocks i had were in energy, so, yeah,
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>> reporter: the police of crude oil dropped to its lowest level in 12 years. cheaper oil means cheaper gas. >> it is good, yeah. >> reporter: but it is bad news for your retirement account. those 401ks. >> and a quick look at it, and i did see it was down about 4%. so that wasn't good for me. >> reporter: and keith overton is a financial planner at morgan stanley. he say as day like today on wall street matters most for those closer to retirement, those who can't wait several years to make up for losses. >> and what if the market decided to stay down for a couple of years, how will you retire? it is a different ballgame. you have to pay more attention. >> reporter: but no matter your age, when it comes to stocks, you need to know what you own. if you don't, you should ask. >> the important thing for an every day person is pay attention to what you ownment don't just plan your money into a 401k without knowing what those mutual funds are doing. >> the dow closed down today 391 points.
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financial experts tell us that this number is significant enough to cause concern. courtney robinson, 10 news, wcsc. now, to find the cheapest gas the your neighborhood, just head to and click on traffic and then click on gas prices. still to come -- 10 investigates why some cities refuse to spend a ton of your money on low turn-out elections. ever feel like you're an atm? tired of your citeds asking you for money? we have one father's clever solution. and the theme park makeover. what is going and what is coming soon at disney's hollywood studios.
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you all know this, elections are not cheap, but would you believe that some cities are choosing to spend more of your tax dollars for lower voter turn out? 10 investigates reporter digs deeper tonight. >> reporter: it is a quiet
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december 1. one week after thanksgiving, three weeks before christmas. it is also election day here. although you might not know it. are you voting in today's election? >> no. >> reporter: how come? >> because i didn't know it was today. >> reporter: we met jennifer burnett where she just waited at a local restaurant to pick up lunch for her mother. across the town at the city's polling placesno waiting necessary. turn out was meager. in a community of 24,000 registered voters, only 2,700 ballots were cast. that is 11% turn-out. and with the 11,000 bill the city paid, every billion lot cast in this two city commission races cost the taxpayers $4 each that is compared to virtually nothing if they would just hold their election the same time we vote for president or governor when the turn-out rates are well
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you know, if you're a small town with a city commission race on the ballot and you do it in november of 2016, you have the turn out. >> reporter: the supervisor of the elections in polk county where none of the 17 cities go to the polls on even years when the county, the state and the country all hold their elections. edwards says the cities like having a ballot all to themselves, even if it is more expensive, and winter haven's $4 per vote seems like a bargain compared to the $7 per vote st. pete just spent running its election this is fall, the $9 per vote sarasota spent last frill or the $17 per vote tampa paid to hold its springtime city elections. that is all money that is, in a way, helps reduce voter turn out. >> i think when row have lower turn out, you have more informed voters. if someone actually goes out of their way to vote in a city election, it is because they have studied the candidates, they know the issue and they really care about their local government. >> reporter: but not everyone
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the following cities go to the fall in even number of years when they don't have any additional election costs, and the state rep from tampa is supporting an effort in the capitol that would force 250 florida cities to end their springtime elections. >> the biggest reason is you're going to give more people an opportunity to cast a ballot because they're going to be paying attention. we're going to err on the side of allowing poem to c's a ball. >> it may be a small price to pay to save money and increase voter turn out, but florida's league opposes the measure and it is a battle that will my out in tallahassee over the course of the next seven weeks. 10 investigates. parents, we are all too familiar with our kids coming up to us and asking for money. a father in missouri is making national headlines for his unique and formal style of parenting. his 6-year-old son asked dad for a $20 advance on his alunes
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he sent his son a denial let were the tag line because apparently i look like i'm made of money. end of quote. dad goes on to explain how insufficient funds and a history of not doing your chores can come back and bite you know where. >> ouch. >> he did give his son a way to appeal the decision by contacting his mother in the complaint department. he then signed the letter dad, ceo of dad savings and loan, st. louis, missouri. we posted the letter on our facebook page and we want to know what you think. go there and join in on that vibrant conversation. >> do you know what that is cammed? >> shut down! >> tough love. >> i don't look like i'm made of money. the next time you head to disney, the landscape could look a little different. >> several attractions are closing to make room for the force scram. >> the onlies announced today
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i schunk the kids' movie set over. coming down. the theme park is going to be opening "star wars" and toy story themed land parks down the road. no need to panic. okay. >>uate. >> and what -- just wait. >> and what time is tee ?awf. >> 1:00. >> there is a lot of the weekend that is fantastic weather and, of course, we'll be tracking central fog in the emergency and sunday, thunderstorms. let's talk about it. it is looking very similar to this system with a couple of things that could be a little bit stronger. we're going to walk you through all of that. how wonderful is the friday afternoon. after the rain, a beautiful clear sky, warm temperatures, but yet we continue to see pictures coming in.
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just over his fence line around fort myers as well as southern sarasota county. lehigh acres as well. the temperatures might be a little confusing because usually this time of year, a big storm system rolls through, a front rolls through. time to get out the jackets, right? this is actually warmer today behind this system. well, with two of them coming in, the cold air has been held up to the north and behind this front, our wind came from the southwest today. caribbean air. it is still warm so while we have been chilly all week long with this first system, we never got a north wind, so the cold air didn't come down. not that we expected it to. but it might have felt a little different. if you have lived here for a while to have that roll through and then it actually gets warmer. this one has got the cold punch with it. that is not looking all that impressive right now. when this hits the texas coast tomorrow night and, of course, we'll have the update on the forecast, this will be night and day difference.
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well looking for the low to be a little farther south in this first system that is one of the things i'm watching for very, very closely, because the cloweer we are to the low, the more spin in the atmosphere and the severe threat is raised, and you'll see the storm prediction center is also agreeing with it. first, patchy, dense fog if you're on the road early tomorrow morning, especially north of tampa along and east of i-75. you can see visibility in numerous locations half a mile, quarter mile, a tenth of a mile. but quickly lifting out by around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning that is the first of your weekend. the rest of your saturday, the warmest day of the week. anything you want to do, mid 70s. south winds and southwest winds, two to 12 miles per hour. we will go back and forth between partly cloudy and partly sunny skies. at times you may have a little cloud cover, and there is still an isolated shower chance, but the next thing we're watching
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timing and placement of this next storm system. it will likely be rolling in a little bit earlier. so, again, some of the good news here, we won't be trying to get everybody out to work and to school. there won't be the volume or need to have so many people ton road as this is rolling through a lot of people either get to sleep through this or just not have to deal with it and let it roll on by. but we do want to slow it dunn and talk about this. timingwise, i would rook for coastal areas north of tampa, starting to get a little rough around 3:00, 4:00 a.m. the heaviest part of this is likely to be around the beer and the gulf beaches. 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. we're ramping up. but it winds down just as quickly. in fact, by 7:00 a.m., most of this should be east of i-75. so it is really an overnight and predawn event for most of us. but we are in a slight risk for severe weather south of tampa. southern hillsboro county, manatee and sarasota county t-
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already put us in a risk area which is more wide spread. so watch the fog in the morning. enjoy your saturday. we'll be tracking this with you. we'll be in the weather center so any warnings come out, we'll be on tv. your martin luther king, jr. day, we clear out, but, my goodness, cool. 47 for your monday morning. look attitude's morning temperature of 44 degrees. wednesday, 39. tampa? we're going to be tracking this as well. we'll have more for you a good time to get that 10 news app! not only are their storms to watch but temperatures to track. you can get it on your phone for free. go to wtsp. two teams that used to be among the highest scoring in the nhl are skating it out at the arena. dirk koetter is not the only
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but a new vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish
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finally, it is friday is. this for real? are we seeing the real lightning now? could be. they now sit in third place in the division. how about that? 5-4 the final in overtime, and the first hat trick for this guy. here is his first goal. he get as great pass. and he shoots and scores!
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in this game 4-3 when he did this. watch the move, and back hander. that is pretty. 4-4 game. in overtime, here we go. skating around, a there is the hat trick and that is the game winner. it is a good hockey goal. the lightning win 5-4 in overtime. yeah, i love that game! the highlight of my week during the football season is listening to dirk koetter. he has passion, honest, funny at times, always interestingment and 10 sports reports that even at the age of 56, dirk koetter has the drive to take over. >> reporter: in the bucs' 40- year history, the bucs announced their new head coach, promoted from offensive coordinator last season to the bucs' front man this year, becoming the oldest first-year head coach in the bucs' franchise history. >> it is emotional. on a day like this, it is one
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life, but also one of the most a long time. a long time in the making. >> reporter: koetter got emotional thanking his family, knowing what they have endured to get to this point. from his days at the high school coach, to seven different stops in college, including two as a head coach and three stops in the nfl as an offensive coordinator. president. stand-up guy. he is going to tell it like it is. >> you'll never have to wonder or question coach koetter. he says exactly how he is feeling, whether you like it or not. >> reporter: getting to the point, this is koetter's first nfl coaching job and he admits he doesn't have all of the answers on how to turn around this bucs' ship. >> one of the best things you can do is surround yourself with a great staff and trust your gut, and i plan to do broth. >> reporter: reporting from 1 bucs place, wtsp. speaking of adding staff,
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in now, mike smith, he is the new defensive coordinator. and fox sports reported that mark dufner and jay hayes will be on the defensive staff. going out are hardy nickerson, the linebackers coach and phil cullen, the defensive line coach. i think my favorite sound bite of the entire news conference was his wife saying i would vote for him for president. >> oh, that is -- >> that is high praise. >> absolutely. >> it was cool moment because he had most of his family there and they were obviously thrilled to see dad get a promotion, but to stay in one town because in the coaching business, you move around so much. >> it is crazy. >> and they have only been here a little while. they love tampa. >> and all right. with that, hey, if you can't make it to the big gym february 7th, you know the big gym i'm talking about, you are in luck. hooter's and 10 news has teamed up to win a watch party for eight at a tampa bay hooter's location. you never know.
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all you have to do -- >> hootedder's, right? >> oh, i'm there. >> hooter's? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> i don't have to say it twice. >> man stuff! >> watch the news at 5:30 in the morning starting next weekment you'll get a secret word of the day. enter that word to our facebook page and the winner also be announced thursday, january 28. tonight's lottery numbers
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finally tonight, warner brothers offering up a different kind of valentine's fans. dinner at the great hall of hogwarts. you'll actually be on the set from the movie itself and then you get a tour of the london studios. it is going to cost you, parents. you may want the to cover your ears. >> what? >> $715! >> i better get one of thoughts like that. >> magically make a ticket.
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