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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  January 17, 2016 8:30am-8:58am EST

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while you were sleeping devastating storms ripped through tampa bay. >> possible tornadoes leaving a trail of destruction up rooting trees and damaging cars. >> this is all that is left of killed. >> >> this is a special edition of our sunday morning newscast. >> we begin with a very sad morning for the worst hit areas counties. we have team coverage. we are in duette where two people were killed. in sierra key condos are damaged. garage doors have been ripped
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>> we are live from the scene where two people were killed overnight. >> reporter: tornados are something in florida that we are not used to. for people, for something like this to happen, it's a huge surprise. what i want to tell you what is unity. people from the community, neighbors gathered and are collecting debris that has been thrown all over the farm area this morning. and they are showing unity for something that is a tragedy. over here, large debris in the road. you see the mobile home was moved from where it was originally all the way into the middle of the road. that's where it's confirmed that two people died and four grandchildren were hospitalized. we know that the folks did not answer their phone early this morning. a neighbor said his daughter-in- law tried to call all the neighbors in the area, tried to
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home and they did not pick up. but, once again, it's something that people are warning you, if there is a tornado warning to make sure that you have the information ready available so you can get to a safe place when there is a tornado warning because obviously this can happen. that neighbor we spoke to was very emotional. he was close with the two people that died. >> steve and katie were two wonderful neighbors, two of the best neighbors you could ask for. they loved their grandkids. they loved their neighbors. steve would do anything in the world for anybody any time. and they were trying to get this house in their own name, financing and everything. they have been struggling for a year to get their financing and were hoping to have it this week. we were all praying for them.
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the world won't be the same without them. >> reporter: that was a tough interview. you can see the passion that he had for his neighbors. he said just today they were supposed to go to his home to help prepare him for any storms and tornth that were supposed to be coming. so, for him, this was a tragic incident knowing that his neighbors were trying to reach out to him to help him avoid a situation that happened to them. you can see the debris in the middle of the road. that is the home where the two people died and the four grandchildren that are now in the hospital. we spoke to someone with the national weather service. he said the tornado had a speed of 125 miles per hour. this was a violent tornado. if we go around and show the area, it's debris everywhere. there is a refrigerator out here. there is different items out here in the yard and this farm area.
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it just shows how terrible this tornado was. there is a snapped power pole, people all over the place trying to figure out and gather their thoughts and minds on how happen in florida. these terrible storms that are coming, people need to be careful and watch out for the tornado warnings. live in duette, 10 news, wtsp. >> when you see that mobile home ripped off the foundation it's awful. when you hear that man talk about his neighbors and see the sadness that he is feeling, listen to. >> you see the force that that with. we heard before we went on the confirmed tornado, winds 135 miles per hour that moved through there. >> horrible what they are dealing with. >> the national weather service was just there heading to
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there is extensive damage to a condo complex. >> that's where 10 news reporter beau zimmer is. >> reporter: i think one of the big differences here, this is a giant cement condominium building. while it's higher, it is made out of cement so it's not blowing away. if you take a look in the upper floors, you can see that many of the windows are completely blown out. if you go and look at long the side of the building, which we can't see from this vantage point but the curtains are flowing out of the window. it had to be a frightening situation to be in any of those upper floors where the windows are blown out. down here closer to ground level in the parking area, many of the cars, in fact every single car down here on the bottom rojas a back window or many of the other side windows blown out. it looks like a toyota then a
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as you look around in the area here, you can see as we widen out, you can see all of the debris that is all strewn about in the bushes. take a look at this huge palm tree that was ripped off like snapping a toothpick almost. that is a huge piece of wood ripped apart. i want to bring on the assistant chief for sarasota county fire department, bill hogue. you are surveying the area. what can you tell us about injuries in this area. >> i have been working siesta key to the mainland. we had one minor injury, scrapes, cuts and bruises. that person was transported to evaluation. >> that person may have been trapped under something. >> that is correct. one of the first responders was to a structural collapse. we got there, two victims stuck house.
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easily had to remove them from the house with a ladder. a lady was in her bed, roof collapsed on her. we couldn't remove her. they used airbags and other special equipment to remove her from that room. we got her down, to a waiting ambulance and transported her to the hospital. >> amazing that no people in this area were killed. we are grateful for that. just in looking throughout the area, you worked in this area for a while, what do you -- how do you describe what you are seeing? >> i have been here a long time. this is one of the worst storm related scenes i have seen. a narrow band that goes over to the mainland but there is a lot of damage like you have shown earlier, a tree being snapped off, roofs being lifted. we don't normally see that here. it's a disadvantage. >> okay. thank you very much. i know you got a busy day ahead of you. thanks for your time. the one encouraging thing, how
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welcome back. more of the damage from overnight storms. this is in seffner. you can see a huge tree fell on top of this home. this is henderson and lakeview in the seffner area. we had a crew early this morning checking it out. bow sim manager was there -- beau zimmer was there. that is the root of the tree. >> you know the force was significant to take the roots out of the ground. >> one of the hardest hit areas was due whet -- duette. an ef 2 tornado touched down. >> these are some of the images. these are some of the things that people all over the bay area are seeing. take a look at duette. this is all that is left of the home where two people were living. you can see it's rubble at this point. really very moving images.
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are now seeing some of those power lines down in duette. first responders on the scene of that home. let me show you in sarasota, our reporter isabel mass say ran news is on scene. close to a dozen homes were damaged in this. wreckage. ground. you can see the steel. there is wood splinters everywhere. that is some of what we are seeing in sarasota. over here on siesta key you can see a tree snapped in half like a match stick. that is what this looks like, a match stick broken in half. i want to show you something that we saw today through all of this. a family in their stairwell taking the time to try to do everything right. should do. it's dark outside.
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we told you to go find shelter. this is what they did. jim, i know you have said this all day, this family did it right. >> heartwarming to at least see that people were heeding the warning and we believe the weather service warnings that were coming out likely saved lives. every warning was ahead of the actual rotation reaching any given area that it did. here is the rotation around kingstown. i will move this ahead a step so you can see where that red and green side by side tightens up. that is the duette area where we saw the strongest rotation in the storm. a good friend of ours with the weather service, they are out surveying. they are on way to siesta key. this is what he saw on the tornado debris and how they determined the rating minutes ago in manatee county. >> the storm we have been tracking it this morning from siesta key near sarasota and
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county and detected a debris ball as the trees and other the air. and we knew exactly where to come to do the survey. >> and that's -- if you were with us, we were talking about the debris area and so we knew where it was likely on the ground and they new where to go where they did. they are on their way to siesta key and mainland side of manatee county and sarasota county to assess damage and we will get a rating soon on that. we will have more on that through the afternoon and evening. let's talk about now where we are going into the afternoon and evening as the cold front has moved in. >> the biggest thing you will notice, back behind the front it will be very breezy. i want to stress that our threat of severe weather has now come to a close. still dealing with a few showers moving through this morning as we head into
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manatee county border. we saw the strong storms moving on to siesta key but we are getting a break here. still dealing with a little bit of light rain across there and we are seeing some rain working its way into eastern polk county as we look to lake wales, between bartow. that slides to the east. producing moderate rainfall but, again, no longer dealing with the threat of severe weather. so, we will breathe that sigh of relief. a couple of things to note, the gusts have come down but these are the peak gusts this morning, 52 miles per hour in venice. that is the straight line winds detected on the sky 10 network. we have winds around 35, 36 miles per hour at tropicana field and back to clearwater it's lighter but a lot of hour. so, still breezy. use caution heading across the bridges this morning.
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we get a break over the next several days where we stay head's up overnight. we will drop down into the 40s and then into tuesday, wednesday morning, likely expecting upper 30s for the bay area but for another round of showers and thunderstorms move friday. so, again, a lot going on. we will continue to update you. download the 10 news app and keep checking back at wtsp for the latest updates. >> 3:00 a.m. is when i got the alert on my phone talking about that tornado warning in sarasota county. this is a great time to download this if you haven't already. >> if something like that happens and you have to go to your safe place, you take the app with you, take the phone with you and you still get the information.
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if you are just joining us, we are getting a look at the devastation after the deadly storms. >> it's difficult to look at some of these pictures. >> it is. it's hard to see. they are moving. if you are with us drinking your coffee and you are dry, be thankful. a lot of folks in the southern part of tampa bay are not so lucky. take a look at the damage left behind by these deadly storms.
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tornado with winds up to 125 miles per hour. >> in duette, manatee sheriff's office says this, the cinder blocks are all that remains of the trailer where a man and woman were killed. first responders are on scene now. four children at the home were hurt. they are now in the hospital. randy sharp says he knew the two people killed in the tornado. >> i hate to say but you thank god that -- that it's not worse but you have to question why two wonderful people are gone. god is good and faithful. he will protect those children. i noelle. just pray for the family. >> reporter: dozens of homes damaged. some on the last limbs in sarasota. cars covered with debris. windshields busted out. trees down.
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women trapped inside the home. they are okay now. emergency responders on the scene. in downtown sarasota, a family hunkered down in the stairwell riding out the storms doing everything right. in seffner, massive trees down, houses broken, fences destroyed. huge limbs on the roof. devastation and the beginnings of recovery this morning as the sunrises in tampa bay and we wake up together. >> and we are going to be there all along the way today and in the coming days as folks begin this. >> absolutely. all right, mark, thank you. >> we will have updates for you throughout the day at >> we have crews in sarasota
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