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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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temperatures tumbling. >> it's freezing. >> as the temperatures of the winter move in. >> i look forward to the winter time. >> good evening and thanks for watching. already dipped into the 30s. temperatures dropping isn't keeping certainly bundling up. we begin with our chief meteorologist. bixville.
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next couple of hours, it gets even colder. let me tell you where we are headed for early in the morning. 42 in sarasota. you will likely touch that freezing we'll talk about your morning commute coming up. >> it does not mean cold hard cash for businesses banking on tourist. tonight jennifer is life for us where you have people dealing with this all
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>>reporter: that's right. you can see people here and these tables are pretty much open. you can see they are firing up the heaters. >> this is our first experience. dip in the gulf. waters. that didn't take too long. >> that was nice but it's cold. >> i asked the shivering kindergarten ner if it was warmer than missouri. paul watson from england just wants to wave. this pattern, this isn't from florida either.
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a little love can keep them warm. for floridians, it's about the weather. >> my wife is funny because she stays bundled up in this kind of weather. i stay in shorts if i can. >> we saw even the hooters girls in long sleeves. >> it's definitely cold. >> the cold put everybody on hold. here. >> that is true. we have a hot tub taker tonight. temperatures. this cold weather won't be sticking 10 news. wtsp. >> got to love a hot tub when it's cold out. temperatures.
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door. flintridge protested this evening. they blame him for poisoning the water in their city. flint residents have filed two class action lawsuits against the governor rick schneider over the handling of the situation. during his address this evening, the governor apologized numerous times over the water crisis and promising to fix the damage even permanent. >> these children are going to be damaged for life. programs. there may be kids functioning at full
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>> doctors asked to replace with millions of dollars. >> i thought i was going to die. i was so scared i wouldn't see him again. >> she's pretty lucky. that was a pretty horrendous roof collapse. >> you just heard from a survivor of a sarasota tornado. she was trapped inside her second story building after the walls and the roof came crashing over her. firefighters made the decision to go in and get her out. they used air bags to lift the roof off her body allowing her to crawl to safety. it was a miracle she survived. the mother of a baby is going to be paroled tomorrow. her baby's body
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beat the baby to death. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. republican donald trump is getting support sarah palin. the announcement comes less than where he's in a dead heat with ted cruz. now the search is still on for the missing marines who crashed during a mission. today they found the final life rafs from the choppers but they were empty. the concept with a plane with a de
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on water and land and there is a question on whether it can land safely like obstacles like a building in the way. that is your 60 second scan. a health alert tonight about something we all know too well. mosquitos. west nile, dungy fever and with an odd name, amnesiczika. it can also cause birth defects. >> anytime you start dealing with anything that can cause fetal abnormality, the concern becomes very great. >> pregnant women infected with zika
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>> there is still a lot we have to learn about this and that's what we are trying to do by sending our teams down to brazil to learn as much as we can about what's happened there. >> the zika infection from asia, africa to south america. it's only time before it lands here. >> this is where the cdc does not want pregnant women to travel. courtney robinson. wtsp. a new travel alert for mexico tonight. a warning to citizens about threats by organized terror groups. americans
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you should avoid entertainment establishments and other venues. >> still to come. >> what you don't want your kids to get their hands-on. in this shocking video, he was thrown out of a rolling truck. and what one college athlete calls a modern form of slavery. and make sure you stay up for the late show with steven colbert. also a musical performance from margo price. >> don't forget to watch ten news this morning all week for your chance to win four tickets to the home game against the red wings.
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>> a consumer alert tonight fore parents with little ones. walt disney resorts is calling back pieces of
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the synapse can come off. aquarium is 70,000 square foot expansion. people who live next door aren't letting it pass without a fight. >> you are probably one of the closest people to the aquarium. >> ron palmer lives directly across from the aquarium. the home to various marine life including the star of dolphin and two. he says he's not happy about the aquarium's next step. 70,000 square foot of space and a parking garage. >> i'm going to lose my view. >> the legal council for the aquarium he knows nearby residents are upset
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aquarium on the map. >> right now we are not able to house any dolphins to rehab. we have to send them to a different facility. >> this parking garage has tiered vines and faux windows. >> the process is very disingenuous. >> showing their disapproval to the council. >> now the board did approve the expansion so winter can start to see new construction on her home starting 2018. at the clearwater aquarium. >> to see exactly what that expansion
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on our website on >> it's time for 10 weather. what did you say the average low was for this day? >> for this day, 51 degrees. >> what is going on? >> do you know how cold it will be in the morning? not 51. right now outside at riverview i have crystal river 36. tampa executive showing up around 41 and dropping. now, of course this time of year with the cool crisp air and humidity in case you missed it, what a phenomenal sunrise with the blue skies and hardly any clouds out there at all. let's dive in with where we are
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we are around 35-37. 35 at lakeland. that's one of the colder spots farther south. even as far as lakewood ranch. we are 41 in the city. i wouldn't be surprised if you have a weather station in your house and some of the suburbs and you are registered at upper 30s. 52 in st. pete and 40 in tampa. freeze warning in effect until 1:00 a.m. tonight for all of citrus and hernando county. in pasco county. east of that you are in a freeze warning. coastal pass you are not. a freeze warning around i-10.
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if we were going to be below 28. it would be a hard freeze warning. >> 30 in jacksonville. 50 in naples and dew points. we are in the mid-20s and teens. those are coming up as the temperatures are coming down and it does give us an idea of where we just might end up. so looking for tampa temperatures around 39 with an official record kept out of the airport. 40 in st. pete and i expect it to be around 38, 39 degrees in palmer and definitely outside of the city in pasco county and 30 in upper hills. outside of the city upper 20s.
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pockets of hernando county. citrus 39 and lakeland and lake well over to bartow. once we get passed this in the morning, we should have a very lovely day. 66 degrees. gorgeous winter afternoon. more comfortable in mid-morning. wind not too breezy. it looks fantastic. overall you have a wonderful afternoon. no rain, hardly any clouds and comfortable temperatures. as coast tomorrow. 5-15 knots. modern trough on the bay and high tide rolls in around 12:00. now, behind the
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10 degrees warmer. 49 thursday, 59 friday. you might have heard we are facing another storm system. this looks like it's tracking towards dc and peninsula. it's showing to come on friday. i'm not right now expecting an outbreak of severe weather. the main low is expected around atlanta. there is a couple things i'm watching. we storms. it's the system behind that that has that brings it to a low from about a next wednesday. we'll be tracking minute by minute and we'll friday and of course the following week as well. saturday. we'll have the latest on your forecast
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grab your coffee and the paper off your porch. >> a video tonight shows a man thrown dozens of feet into the air. the video might be shocking but keep in mind the man is alive. take a look. another dash cam, the car starts to lose control and flips several times in the air. that man is thrown about 65 feet in the air. all of this happened in brazil. the report do show the man broke his leg and the driver had alcohol in his system, but was not over the limit. the tampa hall of famer tonight
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vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. hey there, we are beginning with hockey tonight. the lightnings are scoring goals again. it's 6-4 tonight. that is six straight wins for the bolts for a season high. watch how tyler johnson steps up and a beautiful backhander right there and sets up andre in the slot right there
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4-2 lightning lead. but the oilers tied it. i don't know how he got it there. here is the winner. the bolts are shorthanded. brian boyle shakes it down. that's it. lightnings win 6-4. thursday they come into town with a 12-4 winning streak. >> they want it. they had another double double. he missed. 20-14 for the senior. the gaiters up by 5. john was very strong inside with his free throws too. we had 16. the gaiters lead by 16. jumper no good and the gaiters win it. >> now, on monday, local golfers fill the two courses at world wood
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32 annual mission joshua house classic. it was found by businessman owen max and raised $165,000. one of those reporting the tournament for many years, wade bogs, learned that wade would retire in may. he has five batting titles and seven seasons. >> i was a little ahead at the time. it's the highest honor an athlete can have bestowed on him that no one else will ever wear your number again and just the rich history in boston with ted up there and all the greats that
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sophomore jalen ka born took to twitter with the way the baseball runs it's organization. it took several million dollars. tweeted the fcc made $5.74 million and players ain't getting a penny. modern form of slavery. it's what he tweeted. he apologized and said it was taking it too far speaking of slavery. they make billions off college football. the players specifically don't get paid. >> there is a lot of controversy around that one. >> they still get a college education. players are now getting stipends but there is still a lot of money out there. >> there is a lot of bickering on that.
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>> brace yourselves, men and women. finally tonight. if you love the combination between sweet and salty, there you go. mcdonald's is going to start selling these. chocolate covered french fries. i'm not joking. >> no. >> it is filled with two different sauces with a white chocolate and dark chocolate. here is the catch. globe. it is available in japanese locations
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