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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you can see the cold front behind it driving all of that. that will be here about 10:30 to 2:00 this afternoon. stay with us. we'll keep you weather updated through the day today. out the door it is warmer upper 50s to lower 60s. the rain will be out of here by the afternoon hours. then we'll talk wind and a cool weekend coming up. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla. i see brake lights and flashing lights. >> we have an accident reported on i-275 at i-4. i just checked our sky 10 network camera. it is northbound at the i-4 ramp on to northbound i-275. time. it is blocking two center lanes at the ramp. that. if it stays during morning rush
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coming up, 77 million massive winter storm. this is set to hit the east coast today over the next couple hours. on north carolina power companies started cutting tree limbs near power lines. crews have been treating roads maryland. >> i don't know if i have lived through a forecast like this. >> federal offices in d.c. and the secondest largest subway system will shutdown this noon. we talk about traveling. in addition to this bad weather it will make it difficult for folks heading out for the weekend. >> it is causing a mess and it hasn't gotten here yet. 3,000 flights have been canceled. most are in and out of charlotte and washington, d.c. while we don't have any snow we
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is live at international airport. there are more than 50 flights canceled there. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. what you said about those cancellations in other places it is true here, as well. let's look at the big flight board. we are seeing all of the charlotte flights canceled. d.c. and other parts of north carolina are seeing cancellations. the biggest part of this storm hasn't even hit yet. if you are traveling or a loved one is traveling today or over the weekend this is what you have to do before heading out. you have to check not just your destination but your connecting flights. there could be delays or cancellations happening. checking at home before you get to the airport will save you a lot of time. >> don't just check your destination. check all the way through. if you are going to be stranded you would rather be stranded at
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house rather than another airport. >> reporter: you know how most major airlines are strict when it comes to switching your ticket? even they have loosened up their policies because of this storm. if you need to make a change give them a call and explain what's going on. they'll try to accommodate you as best they can. this is a very serious storm. that could mean you might be stuck somewhere other than home longer than you want to be. if that is the case and you get stuck here from out of town lots of hotels are offering up good rates to help you out. if you have to make reservations, make sure that you ask about storm specials because they might have some for you. live at tampa international airport emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. before you head to the airport check your flight status. you can find it at super easy. click the traffic tab.
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you'll find every flight from tia and st. pete international airport. you can check on that. we tweeted it out so you can click on the link. a woman is in the hospital this morning after he was shot at a washington state movie theater. a dozen people were in the theater when witnesses say a man stumbled around before he shot the woman. police say the man admitted later saying that his gun went a. the man walked out of the theater like nothing happened. >> as soon as i saw the firearm i told everybody to stay here. >> he seemed intoxicated because he was stumbling around. >> police are investigating. the movie theater was not cleared out. a lakeland family is out of their home after a fire broke out in the kitchen. two teen and five dogs were inside at the time. firefighters had to rescue the pets. it started from something left
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this should be a reminder since smoke detectors. parents, this is a warning you'll want to hear. what kind of playground does daycare? football or soccer field? >> this morning two senators are urging the president to investigate if rubber mulch or children. what do parents need to look for? >> the best thing they'll want to do is to touch those pieces. because they are rubber and they can look so different, that's going to be their best bet. here's why. here is a purple playground. here it looks like regular wood mulch. that's rubber. here it is underneath the playground. here it is on a synthetic field. you can see as he kicks the ball it kicks up there. this is what it looks like between the blades of grass. it doesn't always look the same.
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the risk. >> too toxic for landfills yet fields. >> the trouble here. it can cause cancer. two senators one from florida, bill nelson are pushing this for a federal study on these rubber pieces after a soccer coach from the university of washington found 153 reported cancer cases involving athletes who spent significant periods turf. million of kids and young athletes play on these rubber surfaces every day. epa found tons of carcinogens in them. yet they have done nothing about it. >> why can't the epa act? there is more than enough >> here's the deal. originally these tire pieces
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when kids fall on them they lead to fewer injuries. the washington soccer coach had parents of 63 soccer goalies contact her saying my kids played on the rubber fields. she said this is a coincidence that's too strange and too scary to ignore. senator bill nelson will be in tampa today to look at the [ no audio ] school shut down in 2011 because of abuse allegations. archeologists reviewed 55 graves. more people are carrying guns and bringing them to the airport. >> surprising number of fire arms tsa intercepted last year alone. this snowboarder whose video went viral is in trouble with the law. a teen recovering this
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into a frozen pond. another reason to like us on facebook. all next week we are giving out a word of the day for a chance to win two tickets to the daytona 500. the winner will receive two passes to the sprint fan zone. enter the word through the 10
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good friday morning. as we start the day off we are in the 60s. you may see rain as you head out. we have the potential late morning early afternoon for
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bobby is tracking those for us. we'll bring you up to speed on what to expect. possible rain this morning on that drive to work. another round later on today. this week we have been giving out a word of the day for a chance to win four tampa bay lightning tickets to the february 3rd game against the detroit redwings at amalie arena. congratulations. check out this go pro video that captured a snowboarders wild ride through an avalanche in california. that video got worldwide attention for the 29-year-old. it also got the attention of the resort. now he is facing criminal charges for it. resort claims he trespassed on to an active avalanche zone
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mountain. he is lucky he was okay and nobody else was hurt. >> the resort has the video proof. >> you put it out there and now you are in trouble for it. i want to draw your attention to your screen. this is in nashville, tennessee. look at the woman stranded on top of her car. she drove into a frozen pond. she was on the ice. ice caused her car to slide off the road down an embankment into a pond. she got on top of the car through the sunroof. crews got her to safety. scary experience. >> can you imagine the parents ice. we have rain to talk about. you are saying the potential of stronger storms later today. >> we are watching showers now.
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there is a squall line coming later this morning about 10:00 to 1:00 p.m. that line could bring us a couple strong storms. i'm not ruling out anything now. not much. not much at all. the radar is picking up on a little rotation. this cell here has been it is weakening. that's the good news. i'm going to track it closely. we have rain for your morning commute this morning. some of the roads are wet. especially central and northern pinellas county. starting to lighten up. that's tampa road in the palm harbor area, west chase. you have to cross over into the west chase area and east lake. tampa road into town is wet. bit. thonotosassa.
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springville and brooksville. this is just rain. south of i-4, manatee, sarasota we have had scattered showers. it is filling in towards sebring high pressure lake placid. we have that track that cell. it will move off towards the north and east at 45 miles per hour. it has weakened some what. we'll watch it hudson county northward. that's batch one. this is round two. this will get in here later this morning. i tracked the leading edge of it. puts in the tampa area around 10:14. that's why we'll be [ no audio ] we are on the south end of this system. north end is having snow and ice and all kinds of weather for kentucky the tennessee and
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some folks in north carolina the ground. locally temperature wise stepping outside it is nice. upper 50s to low 60s out there. we are talking about temperatures going to the upper 60s to near 70. we'll track that shower and morning. isolated chance would be for a small tornado chance. 11:00 to 12:30 gusty winds with these thunderstorms as they come through. it will get windy on top of it. with the storms themselves you get gusty winds. turning windy with a west wind this afternoon. small threat from tampa northward. there is a slight risk. there was a tornado watch in tallahassee. that has started to fall apart. what they have done is said okay we have a severe thunderstorm warning for the area. that has expired. it is weakening a little bit at this particular point. 69 degrees for a daytime high
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not doing too bad. we are warming up a little bit. performing arts hall, want to show you the bay. we are looking good on the sound. boating will go downhill. keep the boats tied up. as a matter of fact south to southwest winds go 20 to 30 knots late today tonight and tomorrow. ten to 16-foot seas offshore. eight to ten foot breakers at the beach tonight and tomorrow. gale warnings tonight and tomorrow. it will be cool to watch it but the wind will be up from tonight at 7:00 to tomorrow morning at 11:00. 30 mile-per-hour winds in tampa for gasparilla children's festival. temperatures in the lower 50s. cloudy in the morning. more sun in the afternoon. an isolated sprinkle before noon. the parade at 3:30 should be better as we see more of the sun breaking out.
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53 on saturday. more sunshine and less wind on sunday. that will get us to the upper 50s to 60 degrees. we have a front coming through. stay weather aware. weather. seven-day forecast shows the us warming back up monday, tuesday and wednesday. you can catch our forecast on the radio. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> the roads are wet. we have an accident on i-275 at you. you can see it live from our sky 10 network camera. this is northbound i-275 at the i-4 entrance ramp to the highway. you can see all lanes are lane. traffic is merging all the way over. we are seeing a heavy delay here. as well.
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i'm seeing a one to two minute delay for your drive times northbound. the southbound direction picking up, as well. i'll watch this for you. let's talk about the children's gasparilla parade. it starts tomorrow. road closures start at 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. by 9:30 bay shore boulevard will be closed in tampa between gandy bridge and platt street and bay to bay boulevard east of macdill avenue. that means you'll want to give yourself extra time. if you are going to the parade, just to find parking and things. also, if you are heading through tampa to get through avoid bay shore. kennedy boulevard could be a good option. it will be busy though all day. i-275 off of gandy bridge all of those areas will be busy. give yourself plenty of time. festivities kick off tomorrow at 11:00. polk county not looking too bad. polk parkway a delay approaching bartow road at 52
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that's morning rush hour. i-4 drivers heading into tampa from polk parkway over to i-75 it is taking 15 minutes. that is a normal drive time for you. sarasota, manatee counties i'm watching the roads for you. as of now no accidents reported or significant delays. i-75, u.s. 301 and u.s. 41 looking good. if you have any problems on the roadways send me an e-mail. i'm your road warrior. i'll take care of traffic issues out there. e-mail me at it happened in the bay area. >> a spring hill family is dealing with a depression in their yard. if it catches fire you'll now get a refund. amazon offering a deal for all hover boards sold on its sight. live outside to tampa international airport. we are watching the big boards. thousands of flights canceled nationwide because of this historic snow storm heading to
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d.c. in the middle of it all. tampa international airport seeing cancellations. there are 50 at this point mostly to charlotte and d.c. check your flight before you head out the door. we made it easy for you. go to traffic. click airport delays. it will be a very messy weekend for travel if you have to go up north.
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if you bought a hover board from amazon pay attention to this story. >> the company is offering a full refund for any hover boards sold on its sight. we have been telling you how it has been flaked with serious falls and fires.
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has been investigating the safety of it since december. >> i started seeing these the day after christmas. there were so many falls from folks. they couldn't stay on these things. if you don't want yours anymore, if you are sick of it already and you bought it on amazon you can get a refund. bobby deskins is watching the radar this morning. we are expecting some rain. >> we are watching for the chance for severe weather. rotating. it is weakening. it is not doing it as much. this is a velocity mode. doppler can see which way the rain drops are going. if it is spinning we can see it. it has weakened. it will move into hudson at 7:30. otherwise scattered showers. more rain i-4 northward this morning than what we are seeing south of there. it is milder. upper 50s to low 60s. if you are running 8:00 to 9:00 or anything outdoors, expect more rain to come through. the strongest line will come through after 10:00. this afternoon coming home it
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no rain. but it will be windy with clouds and advisories for the skyway bridge. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> for the morning commute the sunshine skyway bridge is looking good. it is wet from the rain. you are not seeing any delays. speeds holding on to 65 miles per hour north and south. live to our sky 10 network camera across the howard frankland bridge. there is a broken down car heading in the southbound direction on i-275 at the hump. northbound lanes you are definitely getting slow as you are heading into tampa. we know at the kennedy boulevard exit it will get bad. american college student behind bars in north korea. >> we'll tell you what he was planning to do against the country at 6:30. join us on facebook. we are live streaming all through our 6:00 a.m. show. we do so monday through friday.
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it is friday january 22nd. >> this is a changing situation. bracing for a blizzard. millions prepare for a historic snow storm. >> it is weather. it is going to happen. travelers stranded as thousands of flights are canceled through the weekend. a family on edge as a depression opens up in their front yard. gasparilla kicks off this weekend with a children's parade in downtown tampa. live look over downtown tampa. 6:30 is the time. you'll notice 63 degrees. temperature wise we are doing all right. >> it is really nice outside this morning. >> the rain is what we have to talk about. we have early morning showers
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the potential for another round later today. thank you for staying was. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. >> we have a couple round of rain. light to moderate rain. round two gets here after 2:00. that could produce a couple strong thunderstorms. we have a few offshore now. the one i'm tracking is west of tarpon springs. that will head up towards hudson by 7:30 and towards thonotosassa by 8:00. there is round two coming through tallahassee. that's the one we want to watch. there is a threat for some really gusty winds with it. threat. it is not high but it is there, so we'll track it. out the door upper 50s to low 60s. rain carries over into the weekend. i'll talk about that in my full forecast. let's get over to road warrior hilary zalla.
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accident in tampa. it is on dale mabry highway heading south at sly avenue. a lane is blocked. you'll see delays. you are still in the green. that will get worse. i have an update on the accident live from sky 10 on i- 275 at i-4. you can see it is completely cleared. all you are dealing with at the entrance ramp is a disabled car. they should have that moved out shortly. over to you. millions of people in the east coast are bracing for a wicked weekend blizzard. snow could be falling in the d.c. area hours from now. states of emergency have been states. forecasters expect many areas could see more than two feet of snow, ice and coastal flooding. national weather service predicts the winter storm could cost $1 billion of damage to the eastern third of the country. thousands of flights have country. international airport.
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you can see a cancellation to baltimore. we have 50 or so out of tampa. most flights to charlotte have been canceled and to d.c. you'll want to check ahead. if you know someone traveling up north you can go to our website to check the flight status. click on the traffic tab then airport delays on the left-hand side. it will take you to the status page for each flight from tampa and from st. pete clearwater international airport. transportation security administration found a record number of fire arms were intercepted at airport check points last year. 2600 guns were found. that's a 20% increase from 2014. which is an average of seven fire arms found per day last year. tsa says the number of fire arms detected in u.s. airport check points climbed steadily since 2005. we are less than two weeks away from the iowa caucuses. a new cnn polls show bernie
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clinton by eight points. big difference from when the poll was last taken. bernie sanders was behind hillary clinton by 18 points. donald trump has a double-digit lead in iowa. donald trump 37% followed by ted cruz at 26%. this is a problem no family wants to deal with. a depression opened up in front of that family's home in spring hill. as of now neighboring homes are not impacted. no roads have been closed. the homeowner said the ground started sinking as crews were working on another hole under the family's home. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. an investigation is underway after north korea said it arrested an american student for alleged antistate acts. korean central news agency says the virginia student with links to the u.s. government came to
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plot to undermind the north system. that comes as washington, seoul and others are pushing north korea on tighter sanctions. 12 marines are considered dead after their two helicopters crashed off hawaii last week. the marine corp spent five days searching but have found nothing. one person says they saw two aircraft flying and a fire ball last thursday. two hours later a coast guard helicopter spotted debris. president obama is sending money to michigan to help fix the city's money crisis. this came on the same day the epa chief resigned. many living there are calling for their pipes to be replaced. local uber drivers say they are take hits to their wallet. uber slashed the mileage rate from 95-cents to 65-cents
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it is to increase demand for a slow time for ridership. drivers say they don't buy it. we caught up with a driver getting $16 from north tampa to a lightning game. >> the money was not right. paid for. we feel underappreciated. >> a lot of our money goes to keep our cars clean and detailed. >> with the busy gasparilla parade next saturday uber drivers are considering protesting passenger pickup. more people are visiting pinellas county. bed tax collections were up $2.5 million last november. it is the most successful november on record. visit st. pete clearwater is getting ready to launch the winter campaign in major northern cities.
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this weekend as thousands line up for the children's parade in downtown tampa. if you use bay shore in tampa that road will close tomorrow morning early. you'll impacted by that. we'll check in with road warrior hilary zalla in a few minutes. she'll tell you how long the closures will last. >> gasparilla is underway. >> it is exciting. it is a fun time to be in the tampa bay area. this is a story that will make you smile on this friday this morning. a couple proves that love can last a lifetime. >> surprising amount of years they are married and they are
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it is the two seed patriots and top seed broncos in huddle on the 50. afc championship game. tom brady and peyton manning for the fifth time in the post season. how do the broncos stop gronkowski? chris harris said hit him low in his knees. gronkowski didn't think too much of that. he scored four touchdowns in the last two seasons. a pick of brady could change the game. a matchup for the ages. tom brady peyton manning probably the two best quarterbacks of this generation
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17th meeting and brady holds the overall advantage. that's the toyota huddle on the 50s. patriots and broncos sunday afternoon at 3:00. this is such a great story to share this morning. burt and add lioncel greated 82 years of marriage. >> it is right there. we kiss each other and we hold hands. >> after eight decades their family has grown. they have seven grand kids. eight great grand kids and five great great great grand kids. holidays have to be fun. >> and organized.
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of a second case of ebola emerging in sierra leone. a close relative of the victim tested positive for a virus that killed 11,000 people. under monitoring. additional new cases possible. scary story from u.s.a. today out of tallahassee. a dad spot another raccoon moving in a manner he described as zombie like. the animal became aggressive friend. that's when the family dog, an 8 mol bulldog jumped into action and scared the animal up a tree until animal control the child was fine. we have that story on our page if you would like to share that with your friends. tampa bay times out with its 50 top restaurants in the bay
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top three on the list rooster. farm table kitchen at number two. drink. it is light to moderate rainfall right now. mainly i-4 northward. you can see that here. some of these are starting to get closer to land. that's why we'll be tracking this closely. again, it is like the rainfall. it come through most of pinellas county and northern hillsborough county. fish hawk quick sprinkle, if that.
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certainly from east lake to west chase to thonotosassa to plant city it is heavier. we are tracking cells offshore. there has been a little bit of rotation. they thought there was a waterspout out there. not seeing much of this particular point. we'll track this closely. cell tended to weaken. which is great news. if you go further south we have a couple rain showers coming through. sarasota is on the heavier side. that will move up through lakewood ranch in the next five to ten minutes. that's crossing i-75. anna maria here comes a quick shower in bradenton. this is the second batch from offshore. there. that's the one that could produce small water spout. right now the tornado threat is small. it is not like sunday, but it is there.
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the panhandle as this line comes on shore. i have tracked this line. it will be in here at 9:45 to 10:00 in the tampa area. we have the team in this morning. we'll keep you weather aware as we track this across the gulf of mexico. there is the northern end of it. that's the blizzard developing. some areas of north carolina have six inches of snow on the ground. it will change over to ice in the charlotte area. temperatures for us have come up. south to southeast winds pushed us in the upper 50s to low 60s. very warm out there. through the morning hours we'll have this on and off shower activity. late morning into lunchtime we have a squall line come through. that's our best chance to see strong storms. strong southerly winds in front of it.
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isolated tornado can't be ruled out. 11:00 a.m. it crosses i-75. 2:30 to 3:00 it is out of here and most areas are done with it. the wind picks up behind it and it gets windy for the coastal areas today. storm prediction center moves the slight risk for severe weather south. that includes tampa. there is that tornado area that we are watching there in the panhandle. otherwise no big watches at this particular point. temperature wise i think we'll go to the upper 60s to near 70 during the morning hour. rain on the camera there at performing arts hall. winds are picking up. for boaters it is not going to be good boating today, tonight and tomorrow. gale warnings going up. ten to 16-foot seas offshore. 20 to 30 knot winds turning west northwest. that includes tonight and tomorrow. that means high surf at the beaches. coastal erosion, beach erosion.
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tonight and tomorrow for the gasparilla children's parade. bundle those kids up. it will be windy all day. clouds and a sprinkle in the morning topping out in mid 50s. more sunshine in the afternoon and drier as well. there are pirates i ran into yesterday at st. pete christian school talking to fifth graders. they know about the weather. they are smart there about it. don't forget the seven-day forecast. here we go. your weekend is cool and breezy on saturday. a little bit warmer on sunday with more sunshine. both days in the 50s. closer to 60 by sunday afternoon. even warmer than that monday and tuesday. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. you'll find the 10 weather forecast in the weather section. here's road warrior hilary zalla. >> good morning pinellas county. i am batching a slow down on i- 275 heading southbound through
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you are down to 13 miles per hour. as we go live to our sky 10 network camera it is due to construction blocking the two right lanes. that is overnight construction carried through the morning. that left lane is all you have. you can see traffic very slow. this is before you are getting on the sunshine skyway bridge. be sure to give yourself extra time. let's go live to sky 10 on i- 275 in hillsborough county. there is an accident at the fowler avenue ramp. you can see the main lanes of i- 275 really slow. that accident not causing any problems at the ramp. boy, are we seeing rush hour heading southbound you are certainly getting a drive time of 20 minutes. when we go to our map we can look at what the drive time is on i-275. taking a look at hillsborough county drive times not looking too bad. except for i-275. that's up to 31 minutes. i said 20 minutes. in the last couple minutes it
6:40 am
you are down to 15 miles per hour. give yourself time from wesley chapel south to tampa. i-75 drivers 20 minutes is your drive time from state road 56 to the selmon expressway. for the gasparilla children's parade tomorrow we'll have a lot of road closures. all festivities kick off at 11:00. parade starts at 3:30. road closures begin at 2:00 a.m. bay shore boulevard will be closed from gandy bridge to platt street and bay to bay boulevard east of macdill. we have all that information at click on traffic. polk county you are looking really good on polk parkway and i-4. no significant delays. sarasota, manatee counties no issues either. i-75 looking just fine. be sure to put 10 news sunday morning on your must watch list this weekend. mark rivera will have your top stories of the morning. ashley batey will have your sunday forecast. this week you'll learn about a
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you'll get a look at what's happening in your community plus you'll see how a movie played out in our own backyard. 10 news sunday morning we take stories.
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millions of people along the east coast are bracing for a paralyzing snow storm. this is a live look at charlotte, north carolina. right now not too bad. things will get different today. states of emergency have been declared in d.c. and five other states. some areas could see more than
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the national weather service predicts the winter storm could cause $1 billion in damage. nearly 3,000 flights have been canceled because of this storm. it. check your flight ahead of time before you head to the airport. most cancellations are in and out of the charlotte area and washington, d.c. we checked this this morning for you. 50 flights already canceled out of tampa. if you are stuck here there are lots of hotels offering up good rates to help you out. check in with those if you are spending a couple extra days in the bay area. >> try to get into new york and boston later today. it will go downhill there. closer to home a last look at storm tracker 10. there is rain coming in north of i-4. a few scattered showers for the morning commute. you can see the snow spreading into virginia the parts of west virginia. that is moving in the d.c. area later today. this is the gfs model. 40 inches. that's likely not going to
6:45 am
i would say easily two feet for the d.c. area. six to ten inches for new york. three to five for boston. even though those numbers don't show that. it will cause an issue. they won't get back to normal until at least tuesday of next week. if you have flight issues, it is much better to be stranded at home than it is at the airport. >> you are dealing with delays in the air. we have no excuse, we have no snow but we have big delays on i-275 for morning rush hour. no accidents or anything. 14 miles per hour is what you are at going past fowler and fletcher. no snow here but delays across the howard frankland bridge at kennedy boulevard. we are not going to see relief for six to nine weeks when they can open a fourth northbound lane. >> it will be a tough few weeks.
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