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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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temperatures tumble over the next 12 hours. tampa is sitting at 48 degrees. advisory. this is in effect for all of the areas in light purple. so a chilly start. wind chill advisory and that means feel like temperatures, not the actual air, but the feel like temperatures between 26 and 35 degrees. a more serious situation on the coast. they are under a freeze warning, and they could see actual air temperatures around 27 degrees. more on our freeze and the situation across the northeast. that's all coming up in a few minutes. meanwhile, more than 60 people were under blizzard winter storm or freezing rain warnings as the powerful snow storm stretched along the east coast. the nasty weather is being linked to the deaths of 18 people tonight. right now we're in new york city with the city that never sleeps, it is frozen silent tonight. >> reporter: pedestrians, and a
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ban in new york city. saturday afternoon, all non- emergency vehicles were ordered off the roads in new york city and tunnels and bridges were shut down. >> it is very important that people clear the roads so sanitation can do its work and get this city back on its feet in the next day or two. >> reporter: the roads were also closed on long island. the new york governor helped the stranded motorists. >> between the snowfall and the wind, it is really a treacherous, treacherous situation. >> reporter: the more than two feet of snow took a heavy toll. three people who were shoveling in new york city died of apparent heart attacks. in mount vernon in west chester county, the workers cleared the top of a sports dome to prevent a collapse. >> reporter: all saturday matinee and evening performances here on broadway were canceled. the twins were supposed to see the show "school of rock" to celebrate their 18th birthdays. are you disappointed that it is canceled? >> yes.
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>> a couple of months. >> reporter: but other new yorkers relished the weather. lue lue got a chance to go sledding. >> she loves sled sog much, that she'll knock little kids over to run back up to the top of the hill. >> reporter: it is time for snow selfies to remember a storm for the ages. the governor says the travel ban will be lifted sunday morning as life without a white blanket resumes. cbs news, new york. and the people there turning in for the night. some are in the dark and without heat as some 350,000 customers are without power tonight. and tampa electric has 250 workers in north carolina now helping duke energy carolinas restore power to those that are in the dark tonight. the workers posted on twitter here. they left the bay area on thursday and are prepared to stay for two weeks if needed. check this out. even florida got its own taigs of the chilly weather today. the temperatures in gainsville
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low enough this morning for tiny snow flurries to fall here. >> florida and it is snowing! i posted it on facebook this morning and no one believed me. >> i was on the boardwalk and it is -- there is sand that high, you know, and then i look at my sweatshirt. oh, no. it is snow. >> snow flurries can form when there is a mix of cold weather and sprinkles. while they are not that uncommon in other states, they are a very rare sight here in florida. a travel alert now. stranded travelers still stuck in places because of the massive snow storm along the east coast. it is impacting many of the flights here in the bay area. the airlines flights that have been delayed or canceled. there are at least 99 cancellations today at tampa international airport. that is according to airport officials. the storm impacted massachusetts and one traveler heading to new york had three
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staying at the airport marriott. >> and i'm trying to keep myself from pulling my hair out. i just want to grab a couple of drinks, shut it down. >> it is frustrating. air and road travel is expected to remain at a halt for much of the weekend. all of the major airlines are issuing rebookings. we have more information on our web site to help out at a local windy weather left the passengers stranded in the channel for about six hours waiting to port in tampa today a passenger on board sent us this video. carnival told us the ship's captain wanted to wait until it was safe to dock. little high watts -- pirates invaded tampa bayment darren flowers shows us how they braved the chilly
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wind to have a good time. >> reporter: they bundled up. just look at that wind, and trust me, it was cold. >> we have layers upon layers on now. >> reporter: she had to bundle up seven kids to make it out to the parade. >> oh, yes. there was no stopping these kids. once you say beads, they're already out the door! >> reporter: the organizers say weather did slow down protection for the parade a little bit. it kicked off around 3:30 this afternoon. but just in time, the sun came out, adding some relief from the cold. >> the sun comes out and it is like -- it was real chilly earlier. the sun won. >> reporter: absolutely adorable kids were everywhere and the adults seemed chillier than the little one whose were too busy collecting beads and candy from the thousands of floats in the tampa bay tradition. >> i'm a pirate! >> so excited. >> reporter: were you worried about coming out here with the cold weather? >> oh, yeah.
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they said let's get our pirate outfits and go, and so we go. >> reporter: even the pirate pooches were bundled up to fight the strong wind chill. the parade lasted for hours, and then ended with a bang. in tampa, darren flowers, 10 news, wtsp. the fun is just really getting started. the parade is saturday, january 30th, also along bay shore boulevard. new together, a warning about a dangerous street drug that is costing lives. it has been around for a while at the club scene, but the police say it is becoming more and more popular with young people. in just the past few weeks, several people in pa kneel his county -- my kneel his county have stooped -- stopped breathing and had to be policed on life is up part. today family and friends
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killed in the tornado in manatee county. they died after a tornado hit their home. those who knew the wilsons described them as caring people with big hearts who would do anything to help someone out. and the mayor delivered his state of the city address today. christman promised to help the city's south side. he also says while st. pete said good-bye to the inverted pir amid here, they shouldn't have to say good-bye to the rays. >> in the coming years, more and more people will be living within walking and bibbing distance of our team's current location. in fact, 2,383 residential units are currently under construction or being planned for our downtown. >> the city recently came to an agreement with the team to allow them to look outside st. petersburg for a new stadium site.
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the showdown in south florida streak. would the bolts be able to set a new franchise record? that is ahead in sports. first, confident on the campaign trail. see how far donald trump says
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all year. only here. only at seaworld. kicking off tonight's 60- second scan of news round the country. donald trump, and the comment he made ant the devotion of his fans. loyal faithful. did you ever say that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue now and lose any voters. it is like incredible. >> trump made these comments during a campaign speech in iowa. the audience laughed about it. check this out. you're looking at the massive northeast snow storm from space. astronaut scott kelly tweeted this picture from the
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you can see the layers of snow filled with clouds. just an incredible sight there. and if you haven't seen this video, stop what you're doing. take a second to look. gainesville police officer white responded to a noise complaint earlier this week the only way he knows how, by showing these kids it is okay to be kids. the video went viral and today the former nba all-star shaquille o'neal supplied everyone -- surprised everyone by showing up in gainesville to play ball with them. we looked at that weather up north, dangerous weather and we find of feel guilty complaining about how cold it is here at home. >> absolutely. for us it is chilly and there is something to be said for it. we're just not used to it. we're in the accustom to the cold temperatures we're going to be seeing.
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weather bug headquarters, which is just outside of washington, d.c., and they saw nothing but snow all day long. it is hard to make anything out from that camera. but in contrast, let me show you here at home, we saw some blue skies today, which is great, but very, very windy conditions, and the good news is those winds will drop down as we head into your sunday. so that will be a nice change of pace. so we'll show you some current temperatures right now. 46 at land oh lakes. crystal river already chilly. temperatures are going to be dropping quickly. look at this. down to 39 degrees at 10:00 in the morning. by 11:00, still chilly at 48. so make sure you grab a coat if you're headed out early, maybe headed out to church or get some breakfast a chilly start to the bay area. we are under a wind chill advisory through sunday, 9:00 a.m. that means the feel like temperatures between 26 and 35 degrees.
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that makes it feel colder than the actual attempts. more of a serious situation along the coast. pasco county is under a freeze warning, and that means their actual air temperatures will be between 27 degrees and 30 degrees for two or more hours, so make sure to cover up the sensitive vegetation. bring the pets inside. let them stay inside today and you might want an extra blanket for the bed. so, yes, we're under a cold snap, funneling across the southeast united states and into the bay area overnight. it is 30 in jacksonville and 20 degrees in nashville, tennessee. now, the other big story, the blizzard across the northeast, still very, very windy as we head into sunday morning. atlantic city, 23-mile-per-hour winds. 26-mile-per-hour winds for wilmington, north carolina. but as this area of low pressure moves off to the north and the northeast, we're going see the winds starting to come down, and we will also see all of the precipitation move off
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the last folks to see any snow, cape cod, massachusetts. 31 crystal river. land oh lakes, chilly in lakeland. the wake-up temperatures of 34 degrees. and the northeast can finally start to kind of dig out. it is going to take them quite a while to get back to normal. sunday afternoon here at home, we are looking at breezy and cool weather, but we'll see partly to mostly sunny skies, which will be nice. clearing skies for sunday evening, one again setting up the scenario for a cold start monday morning with good cooling. so on the future cast, we know we're going to stay dry, maybe a few little clouds first thing in the morning. other than that, seeing lots of sunshine. the winds staying out of the north and the northwest. definitely improved conditions from what we did see today. and we're tracking the allergens for you, juniper,
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all the way through wednesday. if your eyes seem to be a little itchy or watery, hopefully it is just the allergies and you're not coming down with a cold. if you're taking the boat out sunday, better conditions, but not perfect. small craft advisory in effect and that will be allowed. and your tide times for sunday, low tide 8:38 in the morning. high tide at 3:30 in the afternoon. now, quickly i want to show you video from new jersey. check this out. probably something you never have seen before. this is how you clear snow. 2016, this guy in new jersey came up with a surprisingly fast way to shove the snow off of his deck with a hoover board. i like his creativity! whatever it takes. all right. back here at home, we are looking at sunshine for sunday and monday. cool start sunday. 38 degrees for tampa bay and then we're tracking scattered showers and storms wednesday through thursday. we'll watch for some severe weather. it is not likely at this time,
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going, the entire 10 road team will keep an eye on that. dry for next weekend. when you're on the go, download our 10 news app. you can track the weather, you can have access to our network. you can also sign up for breaking weather and news alerts. that is a look at 10 weather.
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welcome to 10 sports. it is shaping up to be a dandy. the lightning go for a franchise record. the first place panthers up three points on the bolts in the division and two all-star netminders between the pipes. and one of them would only make it through two periods of play before being pulled.
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light fink and panthers held scoreless. the cats show their claws. the panthers just outwork them creating lucky bounces, and then all on the back door. he stuffs it home. florida with three goals in the period and they were done. a little more luck. how about a floater over the glove. oh, that hurts. now 4-0. jon cooper pulls big ben and then pulled his goaltenders altogether midway through the third to try to jolt the bolts. the lightning down 4-1, but roberto la wango just -- roberto superb in net. he says his team just got too cute. >> they got a couple of lucky ones, but they probably earned their breaks, and all of a sudden it is a 0-0 game and you're down 4-0. the big thing for us is this is behind us.
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how are we going to respond wednesday night? the frowns won't last long for the lightning. plenty of smiles as the bolt also hold their second annual family carnival. it is a really fun event where the players will interact with the fans, playing video games, dunk tanks. you can take part in different competitions and even get autographed competitions. your stanley will be in the house. the carnival runs from 1:00 to 4:00. you can find more details on our web site at tomorrow, brady and peyton manning. yes, we heard that before, against the broncos in the championship game, which you can catch here at 3:05 on 10 news. before brady dons the red, silver and blue for new england, he played in the east- west game. to the trop, the 91st edition of the college all-star show down known as the east-west shrine game.
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picking it off and going 98- yards the o'way for the touchdown! putting the east up 9-0. but that would be their final points of the game. the second quarter, an impressive afternoon from oregon's q.b. adams jr. and this one is going to perdue's player. 93 yards as the west scores 29 unanswered in the 29-9 west win. to the hardwoods. and in houston, the bulls with six scholarship players to work with and seven total on the bench. usf freshman putting on a show. the triple. the bulls led by 10 at the break. more mcmurray. he had a career high 30. the bulls putting this one away in transition. the monster dunk. usf picks up their first american conference victory in the upset. just the days ago before the
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report to spring training. and the skipper says he is chomping at the bit to get going now. and quite a few of the rays were out at top golf, and the charity event benefiting hope children's home. he said he'd refrain from swinging the club. he has some work to do on his game while rene rivera showing off the sweet swing. and he said this event is something he has been waiting to do for such a long time. >> to host the children's home, who is a privately funded orphanage who currently has 76 children at their home, provide all the way through 18 and then into college also. and hopefully we want them to know there are a lot of people take love them. >> it is important. it is an honor for us to be out here for the hope children and get to have a little fun playing golf while we're doing it. >> and more baseball, some of the biggest names in the game
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right around the corner. and the jose bautista for the blue jays, and a stand out, the meyer leaguers were picking up tips on how to train like major leaguers. >> all-star player and playing in the big leagues for however many years, and being in the same room as those guys and working with them, it is quite an experience. you have the passion, and everyone is trying to get out there and get better. it is a good feeling to be in here every day. >> it is a good feeling to see the young guys, just 19 and in high school just a year ago. very high draft picks to be able to work out with the major league all-stars like that and learn the tips of the trade. >> they're very committed. >> you have to work hard if you want to play in the big leagues. >> thank you.
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made bread day with pride so you can serve it with some is a pleasure. a final look at weather. >> yes, very, very cold. a freeze warning for citrus county. pasco. that means actual air temperature is 27 degrees to 30
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so you definitely want to bring your pets inside tonight. protect your sensitive vegetation. make sure you stay warm, too. you don't have a very good heating system. you'll want extra blankets ton bed and not quite as bad in the bay area. feel like temperatures between 26 degrees and 35 degrees when you factor in the wind, so the feel like temperature. and then by tomorrow afternoon, at least we warm up to 58 degrees, so that's not too bad compared to the start in the 30s. >> and cooler than tomorrow night, right? >> and beginning at 1:00 in the area. >> 1:00 to 4:00.
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