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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. >> 10 news at 11:00 starts right now. honesty and integrity is very important. >> deputies hold cheating on a test for the job. >> new developments tonight in the cheating scandal. good evening. >> we have been on top of the story for you all day long, and we're now looking at the text messages from a training officer to a friend and deputy recruit offering up answers to help ace the training test. in all, the sheriff fired seven recruits, the training officer resigned. tonight 10 news reporter explains how the deputies got busted. >> the people responsible for protecting us and knowing the law don't know what they're
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>> it is frustrating for residents like patrick to hear of deputies violating the public trust when they're spied to be enforcing the law. >> if anything they need to be following better than us and be an example to the community the deputy hired 16 new deputies they're half way through field training when last week a deputy discovered seven recruteds cheating on verbal and written tests, the perfect answers and scores that they have never seen before. >> it show it is law of a moral compass, the lack of ethic the wrong. >> three year deputy and training officer eric knew incoming recruit darryl cook from their time together. he tells cook it is not hard to be a rock star here. he offers to send cook the test materials through his wife's e- mail, warning him not to open it at work or share it with anyone else and feared getting caught by internal affair.
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knew what he was doing was wrong. >> the sheriff says cook then helped six other recruits cheat. it cost them all of the $45,000 plus jobs. >> honesty a big part of it. >> people who are cheats and liars don't belong in law enforcement and won't work here. >> not only did they lose their job, they could now lose their license. that will be up to the florida criminal justice standards and training commission. at the sheriff's office, 10 news, wtsp. the sheriff says in of those busted recruit hearsay prior law enforcement experience, passed background checks, polygraph and psych and should have easily and honesty passed the test. head to wtsp to see the names of all of the fired recruits. we also have a link to the hiring page. they will now have to screen new deputys in an already
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new fears across europe as isis releases another propaganda video threatening more atax like paris. the top police agency launched today. it will be responsible for investigating terrorist and a specific plan in case of an attack. the agency says isis has terror cells quietly operating throughout europe with terrorists ready and willing to people. at least 37 deaths are now linked to the blizzard in the east coast over the weekend. in of the fatalities come from car accident, carbon monoxide or heart attacks while shoverring. they estimate that the storm resulted in loss of economic output of about $3 billion. there's a massive grid lock at longordia. you are looking at the back up that's happening, buses, taxis and other services have been canceled for more than two hour, a traffic jam has been
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because of an accident at the grand central parkway. >> >> new information on a crash that shutdown parts of the causeway for 7 hour this is morning. tonight we have learned a man who was critically injured in crash has died. police say 20-year-old jonathan mendoza was a passenger in a car that lost control while the driver was trying to pass another carton bridge. after the impact, police say the driver took off running but was later captured. police believe that driver may have been drinking. $950,000, that's how much florida state university agreed to pay the woman who accused winston of rape while he was quarter back at fsu. ere ca filed a title 9 lawsuit alleging fsu didn't properly handle the rape allegation. courtney rob ron -- courtney robinson explains how they're using it to hold schools accountable. >> it is time for our stuns to be students again. >> as in as one in four
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at college although it is not always reported. >> we hope that schools instead of fearing being sued by students or fearing these title 9 complaints will actually put that money into programs to prevent sexual assault to begin with. >> end rape on campus, the organization has lobbied for change helping survivors who say the schools ignored allegation, filed title nine complaints. eroc was on the campus sexual assault documentary on the hunting ground, the same film that erika shared her story saying fsu violated title 9 by refusing to investigate her accusations of sexual assault. >> these complaints that are upwards of 200 under investigation, are going to continue happening up until schools actually start prioritizing campus safety. >> we checked and found a title 9 investigation open against usf, it started in september of 2014. while not every complaint
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title 9 experts say it is no longer just about athletics. this sitalment, the largest for claims -- settlement, the largest for claims is proof of that. >> title 9 can be the million dollar mistake, and we've had mistakes raised -- the stakes raised for some time. >> of the settlement, she will get 250,000. her attorneys will get 700,000 dollars. fsu has agreed to better the sexual assault re, and response. 10 news. she has also sued jameson winston. it doesn't end the lawsuits. winston's attorney released a statement today saying in part "fsu's choice in no way compromises our intentions to fight for winston. we very much look forward to asking her questions while truth. time now for head lines around the nation and world.
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in texas two people who made controversial undercover videos about planned parenthood have been indicted. the antiabortion activist claim that planned parenthood was illegally selling fetal tissue: felony. planned parenthood has denied wrong doing and says the videos were misleadingly edited. a road rage -- the video report that had -- recorded this morning shows them fighting in the middle of traffic. police are still trying to track down the man who was wilding the bat. he would face assault charges. they're also trying to figure out what led to this incident. in california a man hunt is underway for three dangerous inmates who escaped from a jail in santa ana. security experts say they likely had insider help, and the men sawed threw a metal grate, crawled through tunnels and used a rope made of bed linens.
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as long as 16 hours. that's our 60 second scan. around the state, dramatic video shows a state trooper getting hit by a carton side of the highway. the florida -- by a car on the side of the highway. it show it is real dangers these men and women face everyday. >> this is the state trooper who pulled it car over for speeding on the turnpike back in october. oh. and there's the impact. you can see the driver who fail today move over slammed into the state trooper and the car he had pulled over. fhp say it is driver who caused the crash was charged with dui. the state troopers -- was broken in the collision. you must move over one lane or slow down to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit. still to come, 10 investigates predatory, what to do if your car is picked and you taken away. cars ruined and drivers fed
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for not playing problems hiding under the hood of the car. >> >> a close encounter with one of the world's most dangerous predators. >> what a picture, good evening, friend. we saw a gorgeous sun set today after the chilly morning and temperatures starting around 30 in brooksville. how cold will it be in the morning? and what are the changes coming your way? we will talk about it. >> pay attention to this. here your word of the day to enter to win two tickets to the february 21st, daytona 500 race. the winner will receive two tickets to the -- that word is "start" now that you have the word head to facebook page and
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>> when you go out and look for your car and it is missing, you realize it has been towed. if this has ever happened you know it is not fun trying to get it back. but 10 investigates noah felts us tonight you may have more rights than you realize. >> it was an expensive afternoon for gary. >> i looked out the window, and i saw my car leaving. >> parked at the apartment of a
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registered nurse said he just put his back down when a tow truck started halling his mustang away. >> i ran down to try to get the guy to stop to tell him i'm here seeing a patient and we're concerned about the patient's well being. he looked at me and drove off. >> little did he know he needed a guest pass to visit his patient because he didn't have one he had to find a right to split second towing eight mylars way and then had to fork over $165 in cash to get his car back and try not to misappointments with anymore patients. >> definitely an inconvenience and stressful situation when you look down and see your car missing. >> but what can you do if your car is towed and to prevent it. >> if your car is son private property such as a park mall or apartment complex it can be towed for just about any reason. however these signs need to be posted at every entrance. in gary's case that is correct sign wasn't there and it could
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>> if there's the absence of a ticket and they're towed we want to hear about that. >> kyle heads up the ptc, the county agency in charge of regulating tow trucks and helps get refunds for customers wrongly towed. if you are towed also check your receipt. tow companies are only allowed to charge you $115 plus $5 for every mile it is towed no more than 10 in most parts of the -- and 15-miles in the rest of the bay area. we have more specifics about the allowable fees on >> that don'ts with the company, we then write them -- if that continues with the company we then write them civil citations. outside of the county you may have to rely on your local or small claims court or try pointing out the missing seepage to owner of split second towing. >> how are we supposed to know. >> when your driver pulls into the lot, he should know in the
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>> the owner said he would refund gary's cash. >> this is a good tow but it is cheaper just to do it like that. >> the next day we went to the company's shop and he left with $165 cash and a valuable lesson about parking on private property. >> i really appreciate you guys helping me get this dealt with and getting cash back and hopefully it will make people aware, the people who live there will get the care they need. >> we analyzed tensover thousands of tows from all over tampa bay to find out where your car is most likely to get picked up and big apartment complex lead the list: it is also especially bad around usf where strict parking is necessary for the saturation of college kids also makes it right for predatory towing. one other hot spot, lotsover people looking for free parking along gulf drive also find themselves likely to get towed.
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and on my facebook page. 10 investigates. you can also find more tips on how to protect your vehicle in the private lot, and tips on what to do if your car does get towed. just head to our web site, and click the 10 investigates link. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family, it is time for 10 weather. . >> my friend, we're in for a lot of long night this is week. >> and quite a roller coaster ride from the freezing temperatures and frost we had this morning to what's coming in day 50s head. should we talk about it? >> i guess so. >> all right, my friend. now, don't be alarmed, that's 45 in crystal river, you are thinking here we go again, this is a little different of a night. we are actually at about the lowest temperature which is usually not case. usually we cool the entire night and right around sun rise, or the saying it is always darkest before the light, always coldest before
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turn around to the east and southeast, we are actually not going see much more of a drop off from where we are right now. in fact if anything you can see a degree or two warmer for some of us north of tampa. tracking the next wave of weather coming our way, we have a lou that of course is bringing snow over the great -- lou that is of course bringing snow over the great lakes and the northeast. a lieutenant of that snow will go into canada and not hit the mid atlantic or northeast: it is traveling north-northeast, what we are looking for is this low and all of the cloud cover to come together and race across the gulf as we go through the next couple of days. now it is nothing that impacts your tuesday morning or midday, forecast. over night, temperatures don't really change much at all, tampa might drop a degree or so but it is really about where you are tonight is where we will be first thing in the morning, and this is what i am
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degree or two warmer than where we are at 1:11:78 versus daybreak hours around 7:00 in the morning. we will put tampa and st. pete around 52 to 54, north in the nature coast, mid 40s but that is about 15 to 17 degrees warmer than this morning. also, we have a warmer afternoon, 74 in your day planner. southeast winds late day under 10 miles per hour, and we will see increasing clouds the entire day. you can see that on storm tracker 10 but i want to talk about the timing of this system, as it looks to be a little bit drawn out before we can get all of it through here. so again, tuesday, just increasing cloud cover and only isolated shower possible. that low that we are tracking will move in on wednesday but even out ahead of it, and this is what we are talking about in the early shows, there were some models bringing in rain drive. i don't know that they got a great handle on the exact hour
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you will see on the 7-day, i am saying morning and afternoon, a couple of rounds will be possible, but these showers and storms will likely contain a lot of lightsenning, we are in a marginal risk for severe weather so a couple of these could be on the edge of strong to severe and you can see here comes another wave with this low and the front, taking its time to get through on wednesday, and thursday, and even behind that system, a second low is in the gulf, and that one looks slower tonight. the newer models slowed that down a little bit. so we can see several rounds of rain and storms not just for wednesday but for thursday too. show you all of this in the 7- day forecast. if you are trying to take boat out, tuesday is your day, even though we will have more cloud cover, we have warmer temperature, very light winds, one of best days in week to be on the water. low tide at 9:37, high tide at 4:08. 80% coverage of showers and storms, again we will be able
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they're start asking stopping here as we get into tomorrow, but i am seeing too much discrepancy in models to be able to pin that down. there's morning and afternoon through midday on thursday we will be possible. the pay off, looks amazing. low humidity, blue skies, it will be a little cool both friday and saturday early but by parade time, 68-degrees and light winds. it will be absolutely fantastic. for a pirate invasion, over a hundred yearsover that going on in the bay area, download the 10 news app, wtsp, when we do have stormy weather and sometimes you lose power you can watch the updates online. consumer all right, more problems for handa tonight slaps a class ax lawsuit. drivers from three states say the -- class action lawsuit. drivers from three states say
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the complaint applies to 2012- 2015 model years, honda has said the soy-based installation is environmentally friendsly. the next picture going viral but we should warn you it is not for the faint of heart. most of us never come face to face with a great white shark. >> yep. look at this. one daredevil is taking a shark encounter to a whole new level. check this out. a scuba diver made the crazy decision to lean out of a shark cage and touch the great white's nose. you can see his hand is only inchs from the razor shop teach. russian photographer captured this image in mexico. it is a destination that's known for great white encounters. the -- in seven year, we will hear from a former buck and find out what he thinks about the red hot cam newton
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go to or call 1.888.get.fios. >> here we go, football fans. -- were named in the probowl as super bowl replacements of no. 3 and 4 for the bucs and tonight a fifth, winston, yeah, the rookie quarter back winston is going to the probowl. he was named to replace tom brady in game next weekend after a slow start this year, winston had a very good looking season. he started all 16 games and threw for over 4,000 yards and 22 touchdowns. the yardage was the third most
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there you have a team that went 6-10 this year but sent five players to probowl. that's pretty good. >> and i am watching the panther it is last several weeks and i can't help but seeing cam newton and thinking that could be winston in five years, a lot has to happen. but so in similarity sos far. that's an extreme challenge for former buccaneer, no. 21, the broncos best corner now, he has big plays like that tip there at the enof the game. now, he's focused on slowing down the newton. we will leave it up to wade film us to come up with a plan. >> that's what coach wade do, so we are pretty sure he will come up with a gamegreat game plan for toss be successful. they're playing great football right now. he's throwing the ball amazing right now. you know what he can do with his legs. he's the best of both worlds, probably the most dangerous quarter back in the nfl right now. >> all right. >> i would concur.
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led all the way to -- in duke tonight. good passing here, mcclellan for the three. canes led by 8 in the first half and some more of this in the second half. he goes to mek conferencen. they're 16-3. they're winners tonight. 80-69. the blue devil versus lost four out of five -- devils have lost four out of five games. >> in latest ap poll and lost the senior for two weeks to a sprained ankle but the star forward is locksem. she was named freshman of the week. she had 20 and 29 point this is week. then there's the fall out from latest steven contract story, the one that lighten having put together an $84 million offer that actually pas him a little more than what he's making now: he didn't want to talk about it today but said he was surprise that had stuff has gotten out.
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people have said thing that is you are going to have to make the story when there's not much action going on. again, all the stuff we talk about is obviously going to stay internal. it will go from there. >> they cannot mess around too long with this. >> they have he hassed around for a long time. i can tell he's a little irritated. he's tired of the talk. >> there's going be more because the maple leafs come here wednesday to play hawaii means all the toronto media comes in with the same question, what's happening with your crack. >> you can't be surprised that -- your contract. >> you can't be surprised. >> nothing is sacred anymore. >> we find out everything. >> true. stay with us. we will be right back. >> tonight's lottery numbers
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items for a woman and her 11- year-old grandson who lost everything, besides the basics, the deputies also got the boy a brand new shining bike. the deputies allysine also got gift cards from publix and -- to help them get on their feet. with that, thank you for joining us everybody, that's 10 news at 11:00. >> join allison and ian at 4:30. you can take 10 news with you. download the app. it has everything you need to know breaking new, weather and
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