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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  January 28, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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military careers more appealing especially to millenials. this past weekend's blizzard is the had most powerful snow storm to hit the northeast in 60 nears much the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says the scale is based on inches of snow fall, geographic reach and the amount of people affected. ethan couch is back in texas much he was deported from mexico earlier today, his mother faces felony charges for allegedly helping him escape to mexico. police believe he fled to avoid charges for violating probation for a drunk driving crash. imagine a 30-foot high pound mound of trash. you see it right here. this is the case for one family who reached out to 10 news, last night, the company promised results so tonight 10 news sarasota news reporter elizabeth followed up to make sure they kept their word.
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done, once that is gone, once the february is unright. >> when norville robinson saw this pile ready to fall on his mother's, brother,. >> it is disrespectful. >> he called 10 news 10 news for help. >> i called you guys and you guys contacted me within the hour. >> we reached out to the company, waste management and by early this morning, workers were removing the trash and will fix the fence leaning into the cemetery. >> it was an operational error and we are correcting it and we will certainly be aware and not to do that again and we offer the families our sincerest apologyings. >> i thank them for taking care the problem. robinson's sister has her daughter buried here. >> this is a place where you find. >> peace and comfort. >> but not since the trash
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>> and like the fence falling more, there you have it on my mother, so i was not happy about it. >> we checked and by mid afternoon most of the trash had been cleaned up. >> i think 10 news is great i about the community. >> about five years ago robinson says a mountain of trash like this one once covered his family's gravesite. his mother fought to get that mess up now he is fighting for everyone here. >> i would like for them to be more careful of the people who can't speak for their self. news ktsp. baste management tells us it retrained its workers, meanwhile robinson's family and the community plan to come together to clean up the cemetery on february 20th. this story came in, if have you a situation that you think 10 news should look into for i,
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or, mail us at tips at well a standoff between an armed militia group and law enforcement may be nearing an end. three more people who were hold up are now in custody, several others remain there, they are continuing the occupation even as the jailed leader bundy your honors them to go home. 1 people including bun dough face felony charges of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states thigh the use of force intimidation or threats. >> it is the actions and choices of the armed occupiers of the refuge that led us to where we are today. >> this morning the remaining occ fires spoke through a youtube video saying there are four left and they all want to leave but they say the fbi told them a warrant is out for their arrest for one of the men inside. so the other four men say they will stay until the government drops the charges against him.
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organization says the zika virus is spreading explosively. the organization will hold an emergency meeting on monday to decide if the virus should be declared an international health emergency. officials suspect the mosquito born virus have caused severe birth defects. city officials say the officials say it has spread to 20 counties. >> we do not believe that there will be a major outbreak of zika in the united states. >> u.s. health officials are still taking precautions in, in florida there was a case in hillsborough county, two in south florida, there is no treatment or vaccine for zika, the cdc is looking into two possible vaccines. a largo woman stole a rare tortoise for a pet store, nichole perry now charged with
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$300 tortoise from pet safari, she was arrested after she was photo. they found the tortoise inside of her house glits' been 30 years since the space shuttle challenger exploded less than 2 minutes after taking off. all 7 crew members died includes high school teacher christa mcauliffe. another teacher who was a finalist for the mission spoke how much she meant to her. >> from christa mcauliffe i learned to look for the best in all situations in all people. she taught me to not worry about what is not important and at the same time to work harder at what is important. >> this morning nasa held a fallen crew members. families of the challengers present. it's been 30 i don't remembers since the space shuttle accident lead to a nearly three year hiatus in the shuttle
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stewart middle school in tampa honored christa mcauliffe. students laid flowers on their school grounds. they also watched a video they produced highlighting the three space accidents, apollo, challenger and columbia. stewart middle school is the magnet school for technology. consume jerry letter for all facebook users, chances are be like bill people like the one you see right here are popping up in your facebook feed, they could be a security risk, the better business burrow says viruses that conceal personal information right off your computer, if you posted one you can get rid of it by deleting the app on facebook. new at 5:30, wesely chapel girl has been selling lemonade to raise money for bulletproof vests, today 8-year-old sophia got to meet k-9 ace who was
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she also got a plague of appreciation from sheriff. sophia has raised more than $800 for the k-9 vest. $2400, look at race right there happy as can be, so they can get more vests just like that. running behind, hear the most outrageous late excuses that kept people from get to go work. the iconic doll every girl wants, barbie has a new look, what is sparking the change and what it means for your child. still tracking heavy rain in polk and highlands as well as hardy county rapidly moving off to the northeast, sea fog going on today and when will you get your sunshine back. 5:45. here is a look at traffic camera. bad news for the folks on the
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frankland bridge, traffic sunshine skyway tonight, keep the low beams on and drive slow and carefully. avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam, download the traffic news app, get news routes on bay area bridge. viewers. all next week you can watch 10 news at 5:30 for your chance to call in and win a $500
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10 news and hooters, we have teamed to you give away a
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sunday, february the 7th. we have the winners. that's right and we are go to go come party with them, too. julie st. peter. karen hayden, and gale advance worth. >> congratulations. >> you have won a party for eight, each one of you, eight folks at a tampa bay hooters location. headlines, this is your 60 second scan. six people were found dead in a hurdcide in virginia after a long standoff, officers finely went inside of this house when they found the six bodies, they believe a a man killed his family and took his own life. a homeless man has been arrested for starting the six alarm fire in new orleans, darren donely is charged with setting fires and crossing police lines. investigators say he was trying to stay warm. the florida woman who sued casey aunt and for defamation,
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charges, gonzalez went on a shopping spree using a cancer patient's credit card at orlando area stores. today some good news for you, oil surged up 8% to $35 high, this moves sharply away from the 12 year low, prices rose as the russian government continues talks with saudi i production. barbie will soon turn 57 years old with her birthday will come sort a makeover. 10 news reporter dare ren flowers showing you before by's new look and what it means for your children. >> in her lifetime, barbie has had more than 180 careers and then in millions of homes. >> i think that is awesome for the little girls. >> alexandra graham runs reruns for little ones, enjoying barbie like she did.
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able to walk up to a kiosk and say that one actually looks like me. >> barbie known for her tall sleeper frame, blond hair, blue eyes, matel announcing new designs. while many are excited about the changes, some parents think the new models still send the wrong message. >> barbie is now associated with oh, you have a barbie figure. >> dr. stacey believes with the changes before by still comes with a stigma. >> because of all the attention barbie gets and the doll is on tv, then these kids feel that if their body doesn't look like that they are not go to go get the attention . the recent changes aren't to make her look different, sales have dropped in recent years so diversifying the popular doll could make it relevant to more little girls. >> she would circle the ones that looked the closest to her.
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the doll will have different body types outside of its original stick thin frame. believes that means more than you can think. >> that just being tall, skinny and beautiful isn't the only beautiful that everything else can truly be beautiful as well. >> in tampa, gay ren flowers 10 news wtsp. >> join the information right there on our 10 news facebook page. running late happens to all of us, some of us are chronically light, when it comes to being late to work, some of you come up with create i excuses, a new career builder survey asks hiring managers for the most outrageous latest excuses, the blow drier set her hair on fire, another one said homeland security had detained them, reggie, did you say that, more than a third employees say they don't care if you are
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>> why do we come up with an excuse? >> to avoid any troubles. >> be honest. the survey found a quarter of people show up at least at least once a monday, more than 50% get tied up in traffic, it happens to all of us, we feel guilty troll strolling in late, more than 60% if they get to work late they stay later to make up for it. i'm dion lim, a dangerous stretch of road no match for road warrior, what happen after she measured this lane and how you can get it fixed for your road concern. do you recognize the man in this sketch? gpd is looking for him, vie loan sexual assault, what you can do to protect yourself so this guy is off the streets. plus, 10 investigates won't stop when it comes to keeping your family safe, the outrage after we expose dangerous
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really got doused in certain areas, especially over bay shore in tampa. yeah, we are hearing it's high tide right now in that time frame plus the fact that all the rain we've seen the last couple days, the typical areas are flood willing, so you know we are seeing that street gladding. is that bay shore. >> i want to think -- holy smokes. >> it is not that bad, it has to do with the fog and the rain. >> i thought that was bay shore, man. pirates coming in already. >> i'm not ga pairial la. >> i thought that was bay shore. 25-45-foot waves. somebody that incredible? yeah, absolutely. we done get see those kind of waves. >> no. >> that was gorgeous stuff, with all the rain and fog thought you might take a moment to see another paradise out
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let's track this rain, talk about the fog and more importantly when you get your sin shine back, it's not bad to have a couple rainy days every now and then, especially not your weekend and hopefully we can get several strung together sunny days coming your way. as we track some of the heaviest storms they have cleared through the most of hillborough around pinellas county, in the 10 news viewing area, some of the heaviest rain lake month about 5:55, not severe but very very heavy rain, that is is the same stuff produced that minor and brief street flooding that will likely go on and hour or two around bay shore much moderate to heavy rain winter haven and wails, and up towards davenport 5:56 and up around four corners and just to the south of intersection city around 6 owe
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dense fog advisory a little more than and hour, but we are already noticing and i will show you on the sky 10 network some of the fog standing out. still getting reports, bartow and sarasota about a mile and a half to mile and a quarter visibility. here is what it looks like through the day and downtown st. pete. i couldn't see the skyline, didn't know they were there until the fog thinned out. as we take a look at the coast in clearwater beach, we also on the right side of the screen there is some thinning and so we are expecting some i provements. rain totals today about an inch to around close to an inch and a quarter in riverview, there is the back side of the rain, friends, right there in the middle of the gulf likely 49-5 hours away from coming through, for the evening we will keep some showers in the forecast, but the heavy stuff now east of i-75 and moving on and then we'll see the fog thinning out
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and friday looks completely different, sun behind returns, high clouds passing overhead. not the rain making kind, a lot more blue sky than you have had in 48 hours much the wind will pick up, a little bit cooler expecting breezes around anywhere from 10-20 miles and hour, seven day forecast, cooler days coming in. in fact as we start saturday morning for gasparilla weekend, 47 degrees if you are one of those outdoor, getting on the channel, a rapid warmup 68 degrees of mostly sunny skies and we are looking at a wonderful forecast for not only gasparilla even into sunday where we will warm to 73 degrees. you want to keep up with storm tracker 10 for a couple more hours or we have another system midweek next week if you would like to keep up with the forecast next weekend, so news app is a great way to do that. a boy with incredible moves on the court be and he is only
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an 11-year-old basketball player in lees burg virginia who is getting national attention. >> he can copy the trick yoplaits from nba players in just minutes and his home videos have gone viral for reason. showing you recently his talents are earning him much more than praise online. >> when noah cut letter isn't playing basketball. >> ball handler. >> the 11-year-old is watching it and looking up his favorite nba players online. >> one day i could be.
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state warriors do this, he had to try it. >> next thing we know he is watching videos on youtube and is he dribbling out in the front yard, if it's raining we have to pull him out of the rain. >> i messed up a lot. but, at the end i got it. >> and how did you feel? >> i was happy that i got it. >> noah's dad posted a video on instagram showing him mimicking the tricky move, they quickly went viral. >> there was no frantic, everything has been bomb boom bomb bomb and you look back and you are like wow, are we here. tonight. >> noah's clips became so popular the warriors invited role model. >> i didn't even think it was real life. i thought i was dreaming. noah says the attention is nice but playing basketball with his friends makes him the happiest, he is small for his age, the smallest kid on his team, on the court though he feels like a giant, noah has big dreams, too. >> just that it will be crazy
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that, that was in my dreams. >> he is already playing with the pros on the way to becoming one. lees burg, virginia. >> i mean so cool. noah has nearly is 1,950,000 followers on instagram. >> if you want to follow his
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medical marijuana makes a come back and the man behind the bill shows you what's new for round 2. this lane just didn't measure up for our road warrior, we are getting a dangerous stretch of road fixed. so news investigation into school zone speed traps paves the way for big changes. what it means for your kids' safety and your money. good evening i'm reginald roundtree. and i'm dion lim. a crime alert tonight in tampa. a woman is almost raped on her own front porch. >> be on the lookout for this man in this sketch. east hillborough avenue and 15th street on edge. until he is caught 10 news reporter eric glass sir shows you what the neighbors are being sold what to do.
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always be looking over our
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