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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the fog-- the rain. it snarled plans for stranded on sea and land. >> i was on the water. >> mother nature throws a wrench in plans for paradise. the fog the rain. >> the paradise was supposed to arrive in tampa bay, head back out to sea this afternoon. that didn't happen. it is just now back in port with weary passengers. the ship finally cleared the bridge at 7:30 this morning. in port.
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>> reporter: it got in at 9:30 tonight. 1500 passengers chose to get off. can't blame them. 700 are staying the night on board the carnival paradise. for the thousands supposed to set sail, they will take off tomorrow on a cruise to nowhere. what was supposed to be a 4-day cruise to belize and cosmell is now a cruise to nowhere. >> it's fine. anyway. >> terrible. >> they found thick fog shut down tampa bay and shut out the carnival paradise. mexico.
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luck. >> reporter: out in the gulf they are spending an extra day in the fog and rain. they want their money back and 50 percent off a future cruise. >> let's just go on the cruise. >> one passenger who just returned tells me that for those on board, carnival didn't they plan to fight that. be compensated. those setting sail tomorrow, the carnival paradise will ship out by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. robinson.
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can help with storm tracker 10. >> explosive, the spread of the virus. they expect 4 million cases in the next few years. there are 3 cases in florida. the fatal traffic stop shooting of an armed activist. watch closely. the video appears to show that individual that got out of the truck reaching into his pocket. that's the moment before shots are fired. we are choosing not to show thaw shooting. you that shooting.
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as the sarasota recycling company promised. norville robinson promised the pile was ready to fall on a loved one's grave. they will remove the trash, fix the fence and deal with the upkeep. back in your hands for the november ballot. we are hearing from the ones who could benefit if this amendment passes this time around. >> supporters say medical marijuana would ease the pain for sick patients like dalia diagnosed with cancer. they are trying to fight for your vote.
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>> she is writhing in pain and on morphine. >> they are trying to ease their daughter's suffering. >> within one night on cannabis oil she slept through the night. >> she believes it should be legal with voter support. >> it is already in florida. it is a matter o regulateing it. >> it would give me boys a chance. >> she is trying to help her sons on the autism spectrum. >> it would get me off of the artificial pharmaceutical drugs that took my life away. >> finish the battle and win the war. >> trying to pass amendment
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>> people are fighting for their lives. my brother had neck cancer. this isn't let's go have fun. >> you will not see yes to 2 advertising until fall. drug free america is insisting this will make it easier for kids to get their hands on marijuana and replace pill mills. morgan is confident confident it will pass. time for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. a teacher arrested helping 3 inmates escape from a maximum security jail in southern california. she may have provided maps to the men. they were riding around in a
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a family from alabama wants to sue disney world. a snake dropped from a tree and bit a boy. when the boy's grandmother saw it, she went into cardiac arrest and died later. a father and his baby service were held. they died in a car crash. as they played the memorial video, hard core porn came on the big screen. the new smart tv may have accidentally picked up the porn from wifi. >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you
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>> donald trump trades the debate stage for veterans. the first political caucus. that move gave the others room to breathe. breaking down the top moments to make your choice in 2016. you will not hear a lot tonight. we want to hear from you. >> it isn't my question you got to respond to. it is his answer. >> your question was you have disagreed -- >> ted cruz working to recapture spark trump. >> the last few questions are marco attack ted, rand attack ted. >> you changed your position on immigration. you used to support a pass to citizenship.
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>> i think it is important for people in office to solve problems. >> support on domestic policy and surveillance. marco rubio talked about taking on isis. candidates had more time without trump. >> they don't have a front runner to bounce it off of and create a spark. >> winners, rubio articulate. bush with that break out moment without trump. all were without a loss with a republican front runner not on the stage. closed for 3 days. 3 dozen health code violations. it's tonight's restaurant red alert.
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it is time to grab the girl scout cookies. thin mint and vino ahead. >> big off the field with coffee fans. you want the sunshine back don't you?
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restaurant red alert. an establishment shut down by health inspectors for 3 days. what went wrong in tonight's restaurant red alert. >> reporter: it's not every week we get a welcome like this. these customers excited about our camera and their meal at top china. not everyone was happy to learn about serious health code >> 27 violations. >> 27? >> 27? not 1 but 27? that's too many. >> why? >> that's unhealthy. that's unsanitary. >> we shared the health customers.
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the chicken. >> it has to be a certain amount of degrees. >> a roach issue on the cook line, under the cook line. 30 on the refrigerator. >> that's nasty. that's nasty. >> what are you going to do? >> not eat the food no more. >> it led to an emergency closure. the health inspector found more roaches on the prep table and again the next day crawling up the refrigerator door. >> they said to clean it. >> this employee said the roach were was taken care of. >> are there any more? >> no more. you don't see any. >> we like to give the
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show us back in their kitchen. is that something we can do today? >> i think we can't -- i'm not owner or manager. >> okay. >> do you have anywhere to reach the owner or manager who might give us permission to look around? >> i don't know his number. >> the establishment written up for not having a manager on duty. they are required to have the show customers. >> do you have a copy of your health inspection i could look at? >> no. >> this customer heard enough and left with a refund. >> that is disturbing. >> roaches appear to be an ongoing issue at the top china.
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they were slated to reopen january 14th. they wouldn't show us their report. we posted all of their violations on line at alert. you can decide for your yourself if this is an establishment you want to eat at. tracking storms, alerting you, protecting your family. 10 weather. >> the chief meteorologist told me i can plan on sunshine tomorrow. >> those who live around channel 10 the garage doors go up when you push that. you will open windows when you wake up. you're welcome. fog is lifting, which has been a big issue with the rain. those on the coast we talked
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this left, all this is around 5 miles or greater. in citrus and the village, the spots we are tracking anything left. the going has been 48 hours. the only shower is almost the last little wave saying see you in a few days. there is a sprinkle maybe or the next half hour. clear skies in the gulf just 150 or 200 miles. it will easily move in. high pressure moving in. cooler temperatures, lower humidity and clear skies on the way for friday. in time for that and the
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tonight you might have felt cooler air. 60 in tampa. 55 in crystal river. it will be cooler than we have had because of the rain now gone. the clouds moving out. you may want a jacket in the morning. the humidity will be dropping. it will likely have a little more chill to the air. 49 in largo. east lake 51. suburbs in tampa, 50, 51. sarasota and bradenton 52 at day break with sunshine. 50 in lake land and sebring. you can see the next couple
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although we have high clouds that will stream over head, definitely not looking for it to be gray or overcast. the main thing is you have sunshine for friday and the weekend. a little chill in the air, a nice winter afternoon. the winds pick up. the first half of the day 10 to 20. around the water wind will be brisk. afternoon high will be comfortable. eventually we will have a light chop then heavy chop.
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the next high tide is 11:30. heads up, the allergy forecast. the trees are right on schedule. the main thing in the air. we will kick up as we continue into february, oak trees will follow. what a great start to the weekend. a little cool if you are starting the morning on a boat. great in the afternoon. sunny skies. wonderful saturday. 70s. i will track mid-week next week, showers. tennessee. that should be far enough away. we will have an update on the forecast in the morning. grab your coffee and pick up the paper. 10 weather forecast, we have
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who doesn't love girl scout cookies? >> you ate a half a box before the show. >> i did. >> you can pair your cookies with wine. thin mints are popular. they suggest prepareing it with a brunello. >> what is that? >> i don't know. >> docedo? what is that dosido. i know samoa. >> an aged vioha.
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favorite >> someone roll their tongue. a match made in heaveon. heaven.
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>> welcome to 10 sports. call for a fight song. he wants an explosive offense. >> i am so excited to be here because i love to coach. i love to be around players and see their dreams. it is always about the players. it's about you helping them to become the best version of them. >> you can take jake mcgee out of the equation. hethe $5 million contract is going to the rockies. he had two years remaining. dickerson is under contract and can crush right-handed pitching.
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19 years young pitching to the rockies. bill edward announced 6 mls teams. we wants an 11,000 seat future expansion to the stadium. >> we have 85,000 people in downtown saint petersburg that game to watch the game. they spent a lot of money. townthopefully everyone else feels the same way. >> this week this boy with down syndrome took off the number one wrestler who was undefeated. he pinned him down.
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knowing how his random act of kindness went. just the idea to be able to do that and walk in with a perfect record is volumes. this is your last chance to enter and win two tickets to the february 21st daytona 500. the winner will get two passes to the sprint fan zone. the secret word is infield. enter your chance to win. we will announce a winner tomorrow.
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finally tonight tampa bay
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pete native to a free coffee and breakfast. they got the idea from us here at 10 news. he surprised people during the holidays. he surprised the night nurses with all children. >> cool. >> he will be on studio 10 next week. >> nice guy. >> sweet man.
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