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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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how do you say no to a face like that? you don't have to. with an annual pass from seaworld that gives you rides, shows and events, and that face all year long for just $14 a month. and the sooner you buy one, the sooner the fun starts. so come meet martha, the face that will make your face smile... all year. only here. only at seaworld. us. now out of pinellas county.. about 45 minutes kropff. thank you for joining us today. developing out of pinellas county 45 minutes ago sheriff's officials arrested one of their own. the deputy is facing attempted manslaughter charges in the shooting death of dillon holmes
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at the time the deputy said holmes was aggressive and reached for the deputy's gun. in less than an hour the arrest. we have a crew there. 5:00. is joining us now. it is cool out there. at least we are looking at nice skies in the afternoon. >> we have high clouds hanging around. nothing is producing rain. we'll be warming up over the next couple of days, as well. right now we are quiet. you can see those high clouds. they have thickened up over part of pasco county. the thick clouds are now well to our south. moving behind it is that cooler but drier air. we are dry for gasparilla. we'll talking about how warm we'll get and we'll look ahead to the next tomorrow system coming up. speaking of gasparilla this
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boulevard will be backed and the streets all around it. this is shots from the air last year. people packed along the street. you can see a sea of people for miles and miles down the bay shore. for the waterways it is not much better. tons of boats will be on the bay. today the coast guard held an event to remind boaters there is a zero tolerance for drinking and boater. they showed off safety recommendations. >> drink and boating is as dangerous as drinking and driving. when you add in how many vessels will be on the water, you have weather i environmental impacts, how you feel in addition to alcohol it
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alcohol in your body. officers are around the country are in town to learn how tampa police handle the large event every year. before you celebrate we have about. as 10 news reporter emerald morrow shows us, police say need a security plan. >> reporter: gasparilla is one entire country. tomorrow there are going to be hundreds of thousands of people here taking in the pirate invasion on the water and coming down and watching the parade along bay shore. what are police doing to keep you and your friends and family safe? there will be a ton of officers out here. there will be bomb technicians checking out anything suspicious and k-9s will be sweeping all of the floats on the entire parade route before you get there. >> if you plan to come in a group. everybody should know the parking and meeting location. use your cell phones to your advantage.
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intersections where you are. text the parking location to yourself. >> reporter: what is off limiteds. glass bottles and weapons are off limits. so are drones. last year people were throwing drinks and beads at this one. that could have hurt someone if that drone had crashed in the crowd. police will be watching for all of these things on the ground and in the air. we have more on gasparilla safety at remember to be safe and have lots of fun. reporting in tampa emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. road warrior hilary zalla gasparilla road closures. >> definitely expect heavier downtown tampa. 10:00 a.m. bay shore boulevard closes from
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parts of kennedy boulevard will be blocked off at himes avenue, macdill and howard. have a pickup location is someone is coming to get you. if you are thinking of taking charge. call a taxi early. your taxi driver will also get stuck in traffic. we have all this information, as well as the best ways to get to the event at click on traffic. of course, most importantly have a safe and enjoyable time tomorrow. >> download our 10 news app now. we have a special section there on the right side of your screen for gasparilla. search for 10 news wtsp in your app store now. tips. in a couple hours cruise ships will be able to take off from port tampa bay. fog ruined thousands of people's vacations pushing back cruise departures and arrivals by 16 hours. we'll show you what you need to
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>> reporter: remember the fog on the road yesterday for your drive to work? that is scary enough. now imagine being a captain of a cruise ship this large with thousands of passengers. fog can be dangerous. several cruises. the passengers on carnival paradise had to sale late weather. the weather. >> it is terrible. i didn't come to vacation to experience this. >> i didn't want to get off. >> reporter: several hundred people spent the night on the ship. most airlines let the passengers rebook their flights. i just checked with the port. this afternoon the fog should be lifted. no problem for this ship to set sail around 4:00. as for watching out for your money, that's what we are doing now.
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weather policy. so if you book a cruise or an excursion on your cruise you can get your money back if bad weather interferes. an hour and a half ago cruise rescued a manatee stranded in town and country. they pulled the 3-year-old out treatment plant. it wasn't eating enough. cruise are taking the manatee to the zoo where it will be checked out and have blood work. they believe it needs a little care and it will bounce back. gop presidential canidates are campaigning today after last night's debate. marley hall is in des moines. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie was one of the first gop canidates back out on the campaign trail this morning following last night's trumpless debate in des moines. gop front runner donald trump
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with fox news. he appeared at his own event five minutes awe way. in new hampshire this morning donald trump tried to rally more support. >> you have to be tough. you have to be strong. you can't let them push you around. >> reporter: last night at center stage for the first time and running neck in neck with target. >> if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: this morning dr. ben carson gave his own performance high marks. >> i had the least amount of time. i think i had the most substance. >> reporter: some political pundants say chris christie gave a solid debate performance last night. the new jersey governor is way behind if the polls and will likely have an uphelp battle in iowa. >> reporter: christie asked supporters to tell their neighbors why they should get their vote.
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>> reporter: voters like roger have been following events closely. >> i hope it is not trump. >> reporter: the canidates have their hands full with last minute campaigning this weekend and the longa waited caucus begins monday. marley hall des moines, iowa. >> the campaign raised $6 million for veterans. iran flew a surveillance drone over a u.s. aircraft carrier and took photographs of it as part of a naval drill. that was reported on iranian state tv today. report did not say when the incident happened or named the u.s. ship it flew over. advertisers are pulling out big names for this year's superbowl commercials. why having trouble sleeping tired. 800,000 lives saved be breast feeding. the new study out today is coming up next on "10 news at noon." a fallen soldier honored in
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we have nice temperatures across the area. 63 tampa. we are looking ahead to a huge warm up next week. one day we could hit 80. i'll let you know when that is coming in your full forecast. next week be sure to watch 10 news at 5:30 for your chance to call in and win a $500
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a special dedication in mulberry this morning. the post office was renamed to honor a fallen soldier. he died in april of 2014 during an attack on fort hood, texas.
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graduated from mulberry high school where he played football. >> the mulberry post office is proud and excited to carry his name. the employees are from this area, for the most part. the entire postal service is proud. >> ferguson was one of three people killed in the fort hood shooting spree. he died while barricading a door keeping a gunman from pushing in a room where others could have been killed. health news alert for you now for women having trouble sleeping. new research from harvard says you are more likely to develop type two diabetes. women who snore and wake up a lot are four times more likely to develop the condition. new research shows if every new mother breast fed her baby 800,000 children's lives would be saved every year. a two-part study showed high
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behind low and middle income countries when it comes to the feed. one in five children in the months. breast milk is an exclusive medicine for infants and many children fail to receive the full benefit from breast feeding. researchers finding suggests the lives of 823,000 children worldwide could have saved annually. 20,000 breast cancer deaths could be prevented if universal breast feeding occurred. to see what the research shows about reducing sudden infant death go to superbowl 50 is over a week away. this year advertiserring are bringing up big time celebrities. amazon hired alec baldwin. adds will cost $5 million for a 30 second spot. you can watch the big game on
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be sure to put 10 news watch list. stories. ashley batey will have your sunday morning forecast. this week you'll learn about a program helping foster children get the education they deserve. you'll get a look at what is happening in our community and you'll see a love story behind the scenes of the lion king. 10 news sunday morning we take the time to tell great local stories. we hope you join us at 10:30 on sunday. as we head into the weekend we are hoping for great weather. >> we are good. we are going to see sunny skies. we'll hold the rain chances off. we have so many people heading to bay shore for gasparilla. weather is look fantastic. we can copy and paste that into sunday.
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quiet conditions on storm tracker 10. still a few high clouds south of i-4. overall we are really looking nice. you can see shadows cast off the trees. we have lots of sunshine as we look out over downtown st. pete. really nice, comfortable temperatures. 63 tampa. 61 st. pete. 60 clearwater. 59 frost proof. 61 sarasota. you may have noticed southeast of i-4 it is cooler. we have seen more sunshine in areas to the north. we warmed up more. 62 lutz. 64 temple terrace. we are still at 59 in largo. you'll catch up at next check. getting up in the low to mid 60s this afternoon. where we'll at we'll add a degree or two. still dealing with north winds. air. it means overnight it will get on the chilly side with temperatures near 50 degrees as you are waking up tomorrow. overall not too bad. tomorrow.
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we warm up nicely during the afternoon. still off to a chilly start. you'll need jackets and sweaters. we are problem-free. we are not going to see rain or thick fog. overall we are looking good. notice high clouds work in from time to time. especially as we head into tomorrow. passing clouds. they may be thick at times. we'll still get a lot of sunshine through them. they are not going to do producing precipitation. these will be high level clouds. gasparilla, the big day coming up tomorrow. pirate invasion 68 degrees at 2:00 along bay shore boulevard. mostly sunny. few light winds. we could not ask for a nicer forecast this time around. we'll manage to hold this along for the next several days. as we head into sunday, we do see those temperatures climbing once again. isolated showers could move through on monday.
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spread storms is wednesday. that round we could see strong and isolated severe thunderstorms in the mix. we'll have to wait and see as we get closer how likely that is to pan out. i want to make you aware that's what we are watching toward the tuesday is interesting. not often do we start off the 80s. within the first couple of days we'll manage to do just that. very similar to the pattern we saw this week with the storms coming through wednesday and showers moving through on thursday, looks like we'll do that this time around. only warm things up from there. the temperatures will be dropping behind that front into the mid 60s. ahead of it we get 80 coming up on tuesday and a fantastic weekend for gasparilla. don't forget you can get the forecast any time. download our 10 news app for your i-phone or android. search for wtsp in the app store. get the latest access to storm tracker 10. we'll give you any alerts you
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a bay area girl is in for a big surprise tomorrow. it is all thanks to a company that provides cake for children with special medical needs. plus, on sale tomorrow the item these people have been camped out in the cold for days
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in for a big surprise. she has successfully battled back after a rare cancer diagnosis. tomorrow's surprise is the 10,000th cake across the country. >> we try to keep our mission personal. we tend to work directly with the families opposed to working with social workers at hospitals. a family will apply for a cake and we'll connect them with one country. weekend. >> it is a cool idea. >> bakeries across the country donate their time and cost to provide these cakes. we want to say a special thank you to icing smiles for inspiring others and truly giving back to so many. check this out, in chicago
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their hands on a limited edition air jordan. air jordan ii go on sale tomorrow. it will cost you $650 for the adult sizes. limited edition shoes are available in kid's sizes for $350. customer. some of the people have been chicago since monday. >> $650 for a pair of shoes? what i can't get over is $350 for kids shoes they'll grow out of in two weeks. not two. if you are headed out today or this weekend there is a lot going on all over the bay area. it will be beautiful. >> gasparilla is the highlight. looking forward to. spectacular. we'll see lots of sunshine. we lucked out. temperatures in the 60s. you will need plenty s pf 30. don't forget the shades. it will be comfortable. highs in the upper 60s and warmer on sunday. low 70s.
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for "10 news at noon."
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