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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a second strain surfaced in december. the exact cause is still unclear. we have a story you'll want to see as you gear up for your annual physical with your doctor. one of the doctors who helped create president obama's healthcare law is one of several people challenging those checkups. 10 news reporter tammy fields is showing you why he calls the checkups worthless. >> reporter: this doctor's opinion raises a lot of eyebrows in this new york times opinion piece as so many of you try to meet your new year's resolutions while trying to be healthier. dr. ross says the exams are worth it. >> if you come in every year and you find something abnormal you can quickly react to that. if you wait several years there could be something growing that isn't detected.
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if a patient isn't checked for that. >> reporter: physicals are taken on the shot. your blood may be drawn or tested or you'll be sent to see a specialist. >> for women it is annual breast exam and pap smear. for men a prostate exam. >> reporter: he found checkups don't reduce costs, mortality or hospitalizations, ralph says having a relationship with your doctor when you are not sick it is critical. >> you already know the physician. you seen them annually. you come in and you both know than normal. they'll ask a variety of questions that may trigger something you didn't think to offer, as well. that's an important indicator that something may not be right you. >> reporter: in st. petersburg tammy fields 10 news wtsp. >> we posted more of the research from both sides for you to read at
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we are less than a week from superbowl 50. thousands of fans will be making their way to the festivities this week, including tons of football- loving females. guys step aside. we are live in california with some say it is no longer just a man's game. >> reporter: that is right. that is absolutely right. we are seeing plenty of women fans at all these events this week. we are here live in san jose where the sight of media day event will be happening. media day has gotten so big and so bananas over the years the nfl is holding it a day early at night and live in prime time on the nfl network. fans love it and can't get enough of it. including all the women we have seen at the superbowl week event. now that the teams are in town, fans are ready for some football.
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including the popular nfl experience, kicked off this weekend in the bay area. sofia and carla arrived from l.a. just for this event. they are die hard gridiron gals. >> we watch a lot of games together. >> we'll be in the kitchen and then there is football everywhere on three tvs in the house. >> reporter: that is just what the nfl wants to hear. women account for as much as 45% of football viewership. sports fastest growing demographic with immense consumer buying power. think jerseys, hats and more. >> nfl package all day sunday. >> reporter: many nfl teams women. kathy attends every 49ers home female followers. >> female fans are as big as men are. i think it is a different era
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>> reporter: she volunteered on the santa clara county project to help build the 49ers new stadium. the site of this year's superbowl. as more women huddle up to the game football's long time bromance with the guys may be every. superbowl committee expects a million people a day to participate in this media events. tonight's spectacle is sold out. hundreds of thousands of you hit bay shore boulevard this weekend for the gasparilla invasion and parade. there were a few arrests. 23 misdemeanors. possession. some were boating for under the influence and underage drinking. one guy got arrested for hitting a police horse. who does that? it is your choice 2016. tonight marks the first kickoff
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in a few hours voters will stand up for their canidate in iowa. why does it matter to you? 10 news reporter mark rivera is here to break it down. why does it matter? >> this is the first real binding test for republicans, democrats and everyone between. what happens in the next few hours in iowa will help determine the future of our florida canidates jeb bush and marco rubio. jeb needs a strong showing here and new hampshire if he wants to survive. results coming from iowa could affect the primary in florida as early as tonight. this is a sample ballot of what was sent out to absentee voters in the military and overseas. it has jeb bush at the top. jill gillmore and mike huckabee. depending on how iowa shapes out and thins the field we
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away in our purple state where every single vote counts. the sun coast community blood bank in sarasota desperately needs your help. listen up. supplies of o negative, a negative and b negative are critically low. there is less than a day supply left. o negative is the universal donor. it is important for the blood bank to have enough supplies. if you are able to donate we made it easy for you. go to we have a link to find a blood mobile or donor center near you. it is not just for first class anymore. three major airlines offering up snacks in coach. the superbowl is big business. we break down what it takes to host the big game and the economic boost that comes with it. we are looking really great over the water as we kick start your evening. we have to give you a heads up.
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along the coast and we are looking ahead to a weekend that could include some superbowl rain chances. we'll take a look at our local
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just in time for
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diamond gift card. 10 caller wins. good luck. if you don't win today you'll have another chance tomorrow. time for stories making headlines across the state, nation and around the world. white house officials have turned down an offer from $100 million ballroom. the offer was never seriously considered as it would be inappropriate to have a shiney gold trump sign on the white house. starting next season the nfl will split the thursday night football package between nbc and cbs. cbs held the tv rights to past two seasons. next year each station will get five games. the games will also air on the nfl network. have you received your w-2 yet? if not ask your boss where it is. february first is the
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employers to provide employees with the tax form. it marks the peek of tax season. many of you like to file early to get a refund soon. free snacks return to united airlines. soon free snacks will be back at american airlines. delta never got rid of them in 2010 when others were doing the same. that's your 60 second scan. when it comes to superbowl fans they see football while most committees see a mountain of work to make sure the big game is executed flawlessly. 10 news reporter bobby lewis went all over the state to find out what makes hosting the superbowl such a huge challenge. >> reporter: high above the tampa skyline, rob is hard at work surrounded by his big game memories. >> this is what we have fun doing. it is amazing to get an opportunity to do this and to be able to work on these major events for our hometown. it is truly incredible. we are blessed.
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along with everyone else at the tampa bay sports commission is the big reason why tampa gets games like this. the superbowl is america's biggest event and it is taken center stage four times in tampa bay. >> it is so much more than a football game. it is certainly an event that has tremendous economic impact. it is also got awesome social impact. >> reporter: no matter where it is played. >> planning a superbowl is one of the hardest things logistically i have been involved with. i have been involved with national presidential and campaign elections. they don't compare. i have been involved with two
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and they don't compare. >> i have people say this is the most phenomenal time i have ever had. >> reporter: rodney grew up in miami and cheered the committees that brought the big games to south beach in 2007 and 2010. >> i don't think i had understood what it had grown to be. back as early as '89 when we hosted a superbowl it has grown to something bigger today. >> reporter: post committee for last year's game estimated the superbowl gave phoenix a $500 million jolt. mr. levee helped make it a reality in tampa bay in 1984 when tampa beat out the nation for the nfl's top game. >> we were the first city to have a host committee. people responsible for certain areas. some of the cities,
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upset with us. but we set a standard that other cities now felt like they had to have a host committee. win. >> reporter: that sunday night at the old tampa stadium set the stage for tampa bay to become a destination for some of the biggest events in sports. >> i think the superbowl has a lot of responsibility in the way communities have developed. >> tampa is the finalist of the 2019/2020 superbowl alongside miami, atlanta and new orleans. >> this would not be your first superbowl. >> i have seen every one of them here. this area in tampa bay is the best platform. we have the best committee people. we know how to do a superbowl. >> this is a spokesperson here. >> i just know tampa bay. coming up, a synagogue
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we have seen the damage. happened. investigating? we are getting answers. if you live in an area with lots of new development like this neighborhood in eastern hillsborough county, i'll tell you why you should not get too comfortable with the school your kids zoned for. it is the moment of truth for presidential canidates fighting for your support. we'll have a live report from the iowa caucuses tonight on "10 news at 6:00". there were no reports of serious damage from this hailstorm. i think folks in california are
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in our backyard things are nice. check out these shots of the sunset. we are seeing cloud cover still hanging on out there. nothing like what's going on as we look out over colorado. check out this snow falling near denver. we are seeing this time and time again. we are forecasting quite the snow event with this particular round where much of the rocky mountains into the midwest could pick up a foot of snow. this will be a big deal. you can see it coming down with the area of low pressure over the rockies. for us we'll stay quiet longer. we have cloud cover out there. overall we'll stay quiet through the evening. the problem could be where some of the cloud cover reaches the ground. we are likely going to see thick sea fog developing after 11:00 p.m. here are temperatures. around the bay area they are mild. 73 tampa. 73 st. pete.
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we go inland and folks in mulberry 80 degrees. 81 current reading in bartow. we zoom you in east of i-75. upper 70s. 77 plant city. 78 in seffner. i don't want to rule out a risk of a quick shower east of i-75 and i-4. these are small and will be moving out quickly. they are not going to be more than drizzle. then they'll move on. through the overnight hours we are looking to be in good shape. temperatures will stay on the warm side. we have that humidity. if you stepped outside you notice it made a come back. dew points are very close to our gulf temperatures. that is when we start to see that sea fog developing overnight along the coast. even as we head into the late evening hour. from there that will spread inland. notice we get visibilities a quarter to half a mile. as you are heading out the door early tomorrow, especially if you live along the coast, plan
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minutes. it will be soupy in some spots. dew points say high over the next couple days. as long as they are in the mid 60s we'll stay warm during the overnight hours. we'll develop that possibility of sea fog during the late overnight hours into tomorrow morning through 10:00 a.m. that's when we expect it to thin out. the reason we are seeing this develop is the winds are light. there is not a lot of mixing happening, which allows it to slowly fitter on shore. heading out for the morning run it will be humid. yes, there will be fog to contend with. we'll switch up this pattern into late wednesday night. more likely into thursday morning, as our next storm system rolls through. jim will have more on that particular system coming up at 6:15. i want to give you a heads up, if you are around the bay area heading to the superbowl parties looks like you'll need umbrellas. we'll be tracking showers moving through. likely later in the day event. although timing could still
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keep checking back for that sunday forecast. saturday is looking good. we'll see a good amount of cloud cover. those will thicken up during the afternoon. temperatures are looking good. we'll stay in the 60s. slight chance we may see a few stray showers. you can get the most updated forecast any time. download our 10 news app for your i-phone and android. a two-year-old custody
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a nearly two year-long custody battle over a dead
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>> hernando county commissioners at the center of the debate. they are being sued by the company that trained dog. casey explains how things got this far. >> she is a sweet girl. >> reporter: love for 11-year- old libbey is obvious when hillsborough county commissioner pets the poodle. she is a service dog trained by k-9 partners for life. >> she is happy here. she takes care of the other dog. >> reporter: as parts of the training contract libbey was supposed to be returned to canine partners for life. he claims he contacted the company with his dying wish. >> diane is the one i wanted to take care of the dog. >> reporter: the company says he made no effort to return libbey.
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$100,000 lawsuit for damages he created with her facebook page save libbey. >> i said contact them and ask them to have a heart to help save libbey. >> reporter: canine partners says their own facebook page had to be taken down because of the negative comments left and wants libbey returned. >> from the way it looks i may have to put her in the car and take her to pennsylvania. >> reporter: canine partners says it is too little too late. >> this whole situation is not necessary. lies on her refusal to be honest and forthright in this situation. >> i wish we could come to some kind of a conclusion. >> reporter: a custody battle over libbey the dog that may have to be settled in court. in weeki watchee 10 news wtsp. >> tough situation. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know what happens to libbey and that pending lawsuit. what a good dog, though.
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buying a house based on a school zone. homeowners say they might be unfairly switched. laws to limit panhandling called too aggressive.
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a synagogue vandalized. no one is investigating. find out who needs to step up before police step in. good evening i'm reginald roundtree. >> i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. when you move your family to a new neighborhood your research for school districts is a big factor. some parents in eastern hillsborough county are upset because they are learning their kids might have to change schools next year. it is part of a boundary proposal to ease overcrowded in the area. 10 news reporter jennie dean is taking a closer look at how this can happen in your neighborhood. >> reporter: moms and dads in this neighborhood are joining forces. they want to keep their kids in the elementary school. something that could change if
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>> i don't understand why they
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