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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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heavy showers on the coast of pasco, hernando county and citrus county moving across i- 75 as we get towards 5:15 for dadety. plenty more to track for this evening. coming up, we'll talk about behind this we'll be trading rain gear for jackets and coats. that's coming up. >> thank you very much. a good reminder to get it is all free. it is scary and complicated. for days now this is what you heard about the zica virus. >> reporter: parts of florida under a healthy emergency as concern over a zica outbreak grows. >> a health emergency has been declared in florida. nine cases of the virus surfaced there. >> it is not just on tv. zica is dominating news online like yahoo, times, u.s.a. today and buzz feed.
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state of emergency florida is part of these headlines. headlines don't tell the whole story. jennie dean is digging deeper to find out if this abundance of caution could hurt tourism. >> reporter: port tampa bay was busy today. we talked to people heading out on a cruise. they were surprised the governor declared a state of health emergency. one thing we learned from the bp oil spill is perception is real. people thought our beaches were covered in oil so they didn't come here. now if they think florida is dangerous from the zica virus tourists may go somewhere else. >> i think tourism definitely could be affected. people get scared quickly. it doesn't take much. governor scott says he has good reason for declaring the health
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>> we are requesting that the cdc provide us with at least 1,000 zica antibody test kits to test pregnant and new mothers who traveled to affected areas with the symptoms. >> reporter: in a statement the ceo said he would prefer if the governor took a more cautious approach to the zica virus since no cases have been contracted in hillsborough county. however, the safety of our residents and visitors is of paramount importance. >> when people want to go anywhere in the world they want to be safe. they need to know in florida we'll get ahead of this. we are breaking down what governor scott's disaster declaration will do for you. it asked the cdc for 1,000 zica
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it sets up training and calls for obgyn. governor scott is asking the department of agriculture to take another look at the money available for mosquito control in residential areas. we saw all of the headlines. we need to get the facts straight. >> we want to make sure everyone knows what to expect and what to watch out for and who should be worried. zica virus is in the same family as other deadly mosquito- borne ills like west nile. the symptoms of the zica virus are similar to the flu. you can have it and not realize it. there is one big part of the population that need to worry about the zica virus. women who are pregnant or could become pregnant. there is a lot more you need know about how the zica virus affects pregnant women. were putting together that part of the story for you.
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that data breech involving one of florida's biggest universities. lesson close here. the breech affects 63,000 ucf students. social security numbers were compromised but not credit card information, financial records or grades. the school set up a call center to help you if you think your information has been compromised. congress tried to get answers today from a drug company ceo you probably remember. he became one of the most hated people in america when word got around that he rose the price of a life-saving drug by 5,000%. he was supposed to testify about the please hike in front
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they could not get him to say much. >> i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> are you listening? >> yes. >> grinning through it. if you were not frustrated enough with this guy look at what he tweeted about congress after the hearing. an antiabortion activist is out of jail on bond after turning herself into police. he was indict last week for using a fake drivers license to get into a houston planned parenthood. the videos spark outrage towards planned parenthood. the group says that attention is being used to pass new laws here in florida that will restrict access to abortion.
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shows you why the group says that could be dangerous to healthcare for all women. >> floridians and especially florida women deserve better. >> reporter: supporters of planned parenthood in polk county gathering in the office in lakeland. stargil is a sponsor of a bill to impose tighter limits on restrictions under the florida abortion clinics. >> we know what the truth is. the reality is an abortion is a safe medical procedure. >> reporter: planned parenthood operates 16 of florida's 65 abortion clinics. put them out of business and thousands of women will be harmed. losing access to more than reproductive services. >> including birth control, life-saving cancer screenings and well woman exams. >> such care is particular my important to poor women. like the 500,000 women in
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the republican's refusal to extend medicaid to them. >> reporter: a pro-life advocate from river view came to the news conference quoting bible verses. the senator insists her bill is not about religion. >> regulation of health facilities is not a religious discussion. it is a public safety discussion. >> reporter: whether these bills pass or not their constitutionality is in question. in texas where similar laws with similar restrictions were recently passed, they have been appealed all the way to the u.s. supreme court. which is expected to rule on them in june. in lakeland eric glasser 10 news wtsp. your choice 2016 canidates are pushing their way through new hampshire. on the republican sides ted cruz and donald trump are dominating headlines with their back and forth bashing. one of the canidates from florida is literally begging for attention.
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needs to be a lot quieter but send a signal that we are prepared to act for the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. >> former florida governor jeb bush asking his audience to please clap during a town hall meeting. the bush campaign has been focusing on new hampshire for week. he got less than 3% of the vote during iowa caucus. serve dogs from the polk county animal shelter will be featured on the animal bowl this weekend during the superbowl. >> reporter: it is play time today for rick and tessa. >> we find dogs on their death row.
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family runs the florida little dog rescue, a shelter specializing in dogs like this dog, she has spine bifida. >> the special needs one really need help. >> her back leg was broken. she is fine now. puppy bowl highlights the necessity of adopting animals from a rescue. >> reporter: seven polk county dogs are going to the national stage. they'll be featured on animal planet's puppy bowl 12. a few of their dogs just finished a media tour in new york. they made appearances on animal planet, live on the late night talk show and rang the closing bell at nasdaq. >> all my friends have now gotten rescue dogs instead of maybe going to the puppy store. >> reporter: this rescue group says that's the point. in st. cloud marcus grayson 10 news wtsp.
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home. if the puppy bowl isn't your thing you can get your the superbowl. the florida state fair kicked off today but not before single ride. last year. what is being done to make sure around? we are getting you answers. >> they were supposed to do from this area here to the a nightmare of a lesson for one bay area business. what you need to know so you don't fall victim to a con artist. live look at our sky 10 network camera. not good out there. it is wet and crowded on i-275
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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>> they were supposed to do this whole area. bay area business owners left with a mess tonight after falling victim to traveling con artists. hillsborough sheriff's office wants you to know this is the time of year these bogus contractors make their way to the sunshine state. >> 10 news reporter jennifer titus shows you how to avoid this scheme. >> reporter: ivan of premium auto collision in seffner didn't think anything odd of the group. >> they came down the street saying we are a contracting
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we can get this done at a cheaper price. >> reporter: with a price $3,000 less than previous quotes it was an often he could not refuse. >> supposed to do from this area here to that light post. >> reporter: instead the men are now behind bars charged with contracting without a license. >> it is a tedious effort on our part. >> reporter: the detective with the hillsborough county sheriff's office says this is the time they see people heading south to do business illegally. >> you are getting inlicensed uninsured contractors who bring equipment to florida and provide a subpar service. >> reporter: so far six people have been arrested. he knows there is more people out there. >> if you need service you should find it. >> reporter: rivera knows to ask more questions next time. so when he hire a contractor the job will get done right.
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i don't want to go through this again. it took a day of me labor away. >> reporter: jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. >> the best thing you can do is to go online and make sure the company you are thinking about hiring is licensed. we made it easy for you with a link to search for companies. you'll find it in this story on our website at as jim predicted the sky opened up this afternoon. >> hoping this would be out before the drive time. it is never easy to do. as you saw on the bridges it is backing things up. you can see as the heavy falls and over the inner coastal we are tracking rain moving quickly east northeast 40 miles per hour. we are seeing a spin right there in the atmosphere.
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i expect showers to be stronger over the next couple hours as they come in. with the way the atmosphere is set up this will mainly be rain. isolated storm becoming severe is possible. for the most part with the cooler air in place and the atmosphere fairly stable this should be mostly just rain over the next couple hours. heavy showers in pinellas county at the trop making its way towards shore acres in the next five minutes. davis island to downtown 5:39. also tracking showers making their way in areas north of downtown. should be at busch gardens. rain picking up at 5:18. paris as well over the next three minutes. zephyrhills 5:46. a steady rain coming down over the nature coast. citrus county, hernando county and pasco county for half an hour. then we'll see breaks west to east.
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western pasco county starting to bring up heavier rain around dade city. 5:36 and areas north of wesley chapel about 5:39 to 5:40. watching this come on shore here around areas south of the bay in manatee and sarasota county. likely remain fairly heavy and strong. haven't seen a lot of lightning or wind gusts 35 miles per hour. well below severe limits. over the next couple hours as we get into the evening commute trying to get evening plans made whether it is dinner or after school sports or get the day opening at the fair, which that forecast is coming up. long boat key 5:27 we have showers coming in. lakewood ranch 5:47. bigger view will show you it loses intensity after the first wave over the next hour to two hours. then it is just a steady rain. there could be pockets later this evening where the rain
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then starts to basically wind down mid to late evening. you can see cooler temperatures up north in the 50s. tonight wet roads will be around all over the bay area. scattered showers and thunderstorms. we'll keep them in the forecast until 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. then we should start to taper off rain chances. for tomorrow it will be different. it will be dry and we'll trade the rain gear tonight for jackets and coats tomorrow. 41 in crystal river. temperatures around tampa in the 40s, as well. 45 lutz. 49 st. petersburg. downtown tampa 47. start at day break with sunny skies. 50 degrees in sarasota and 46 in lakeland. planner for the day has temperatures very cool in the 40s for the entire morning. we'll go to upper 50s by lunchtime. low 60s by late afternoon. pretty dangerous day on the water. heavy chop out there. winds 5 to 15 knots.
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if you are headed to the a fair better night tomorrow night. probably get late tonight a couple hours without showers. tomorrow a chilly night. breezy and cool. temperatures in the low 50s. get your forecast every day here on 10 news. we'll watch a few showers over the weekend. they'll be far south. i-4 and down towards the alligator alley area. for most of us in the bay area this weekend it will be cooler weather and not rain. which is good news. we'll talk about your superbowl party forecast and more on the cooler temperatures in the mornings ahead in the 5:30 half hour. the 10 news app can be with you on the go. wtsp in the app store is all you have to search. your chance to win is coming up in the next 20 minute. all this week on 10 news at 5:30 you'll get a chance to
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diamond gift card when you see the number on your screen. 10 caller wins. consumer alert. i'm reginald roundtree. coming up on 10 news at 5:30, five million air bags recalled. what you need to know so you can be protected in case of a crash. >> i was keeping score for the game and i heard a loud thud.
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you like being you should want your stop into td bank and we'll help set you up
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new customers, open a new information tonight about a bomb threat in wisconsin. you might recognize the name. that's where the netflix documentary making a murderer takes place. officers say the man who called the sheriff's office with a bomb threat talked about getting justice for steven avery. he is the man at the center of the documentary. 20 minutes later someone called in another threat.
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the most about that the sheriff's office planted evidence to convict avery. police did not find any bombs. they are trying to figure out who made those threats. fresh off his success in iowa marco rubio is reaching out to younger voters. he wants you to call him bae. it is featured on a new shirt for sale on the campaign website. the shirt is american made. it costs $30. in case you didn't know urban dictionary defines bae as a term of endearment relating to honey or sweety. who knew he was so cool? keeping an eye on your safety. we ask ride inspectors what they are doing to calm your
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