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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that's followed by "the nfl honors." that's at 9/8 central only on cbs. not the way we envisioned the sec to look in february. texas a&m may be going down against south carolina. when a year for the gamecocks. >> bill: unbelievable. frank martin, a great defensive coach. a really good rebounding team. they get to the free-throw line. free throws made against a terrific run. michael carrera one of their main stays. texas a&m, three top ten wins this year. baylor, iowa state. this team had some shots coming down the stretch. unable to convert. it's a ray of home. >> spero: john calipari leading
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title in 2012. ulis comes back in. i want to correct myself. we mentioned the 13-14 kentucky took with julius randall losing to kentucky. it was wisconsin that broke their hearts last year. they flirted with perfection. >> spero: wisconsin really had all year long looking forward to the opportunity to play kentucky. didn't you have lsu -- >> spero: what a put-back. dorian finney-smith on a right-handed stick. >> bill: hanging around at 13. >> spero: didn't you have lsu or no? >> bill: yes. about a month ago. >> spero: yes. >> bill: they were pressing. everybody's all-star, ben simmons. how about that? good reaction. talk about finney-smith, what he can do in so many areas of the floor. that time around the rim what a
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they're going to turn it into an ncaa season. >> spero: 14 of his 24 points have come in second half. the fifth year senior matches his season high. such a daunting set of shoes to fill for mike white. really for any coach to follow billy donovan, what he built in gainesville, let alone that had just three years head coaching experience. >> bill: a team that bounces back and playing solid, both aspects of the floor. florida has a keeper with this kid. this is a road lesson. just come in, be prepared. >> spero: only took jeremy foley about a week to win that decision. >> bill: all a.d.s have a short list in case somebody wants to
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>> spero: new career high for the freshmen, jamal murray. his proud parents looking on. sylvia and roger. murray ties eric bledsoe as the in a game. led so doing it back in 2010 in the ncaa tournament. what a moment for this kid who has had a sensational freshman season until this point. what a physique for the game and as well as a head. step back. that shot beautifully. just enchanted with the stoppage of play. >> spero: home winning streak under john calipari will continue. it will to a 33rd game among the
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today. will make a lot of people happy. >> spero: marcus lee making the star for alex poythress who was held out today due to an injury to his nonsurgically replaced knee. >> bill: and really a nice player watching the practice, too. >> spero: one other night on jamal murray. ties for the most point by a wildcat in the calipari era. matches the 35 by julius randall january 11th of 2011. just the kind of break through that catapults kentucky the last month of the season. >> bill: he got them ready. he can get after you when he knows you're not performing. yesterday a lot of loving and hugging and it worked. >> spero: nice moment between
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john calipari and 38-year-old mike white. he's taken his lumps. had great moments with his team in year one in gainesville. they didn't have it this afternoon. they come to rupp and get whacked around by the kentucky wildcats. 80-61 your final. we'll take a break and come back with some final thoughts here in lexington right after this. it has no cash back limits. no changing categories. no nonsense. because this is the "hard-hitting, always-hustling, leave-it-all-on-the-field" cash back card. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. now that... is music to my ears.
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kentucky continues. now 33 straight here at rupp. 80-61 your final. now for bill raftery, this is spero dedes saying so long from lexington. the final 80-61 kentucky. coming up tonight on cbs, the super bowls count down followed by "nfl honors." this has been a presentation of cbs sports.
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parents in fear and police on alert! the search is on for a man accused of attacking a little
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the saves on -- search is on for a man accused of attacking a little girl in a bathroom mall and gunshots ring out outside of a bay area strip club and one person is dead. first, an important warning for every parent. a serious crime alert toll you about out of pinellas county where a six-year-old girl was actually attacked. the very latest on this story. take a good look at this man, accused of attacking a six-year- old girl. the victim was in a women's bathroom at macy's when the man went inside, forced open a stall, grabbed her. he laid her on the ground and tried to cover her mouth but she screamed. owe ran away. >> we tell them, when they leave the house, be aware of what's going on around you,
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they're like, oh, you worry too much. no, there is no such thing as worrying too much. >> parents, for your children, if you have the option available, if there is a men's restroom, a women's restroom and a family bathroom, use the family restroom whenever you can if your child is at that age. >> we want you to take another good look at the suspect's photos police believe he could be in his late teens or late 20s, no taller than 5'6". he may have been with two women while at the mall. they just released the women's photos and we are posting them right now on this story, us a -- as you up. >> i think all public bathrooms should be family style. >> one toilet, one sink, one good look and a baby changing station too much of this and the politically correct, let
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bad decision. >> everyone us agreeing on. this police need to find this attacker before he strikes again. >> you can help police cap him right now. go to the 10 news facebook page and share the photo that i just shared with you. that photo has already been shared -- get this -- nearly 2000 times. one person was killed and several other hurt in a strip club shooting on club rain on neck at that avenue. when police arrived, they found one person dead here and others with gunshot wounds. police are on the lookout for the person who pulled the trigger. we spoke to a person there. >> you pay to go down, play pool and other than, that that's cool. except for last night, though. >> reporter: police have not said what may have led up to
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there is a $3000 reward nor -- for anyone with information that would lead to an arrest. super bowl sunday is tomorrow. we hope that you will be joining us here on 10 news on cbs for the big game. check out the rehearsal for the big game. high schoolers ran on the field pretending to be the super bowl teams. and pyrotechnics made sure that they did not scare the broncos mascot. a suite will cost you upwards of $150,000 and tickets around $3000. a view of the amazing fireworks show over super bowl city. the fire work was put on by
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another fire work is set to kick off in a few more hours. the biggest events on tv. we'll take you to a bay area girl about to be seen by
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for one bay area girl, the super bowl is a big watch party for the game and a specific commercial that you will see. it's an nfl-sponsored commercial. they found fans to sing in a choir born in the year that their teams won the super bowl. >> it was unreal.
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i'm only 12 and i thought it is really going to be serious. >> once again, that commercial is going to be airing during the super bowl game, so make sure that you watch out for it. and good saturday evening. it was dreary day across the tampa bay region but i promise tomorrow will be nice. mostly cloudy skies. scattered showers on and off throughout the day, moisture moving off the gulf of mexico. still tracking some light to moderate rain, especially for areas east of i-75. all this game has kept our temps down. right now, readings in the low 50s. yes, we are tracking some light to moderate rain, heaviest on hardy county, highland county and portions of polk county as whales. but all of this rain will be decreasing in coverage over the next few hours.
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but you live in sebring, that rain will be picking up in a few minutes. cornwell, 6:53: no storm, just nuisance rain. we'll clear out overnight. temperatures staying in the low 50s, tonight, but a chilly start to the day. 48 degrees in tampa international. 42. right around 50 degrees in bradenton and murray island. 59 degrees. around polk county, temperatures in the mid-40s. 44 bartow. a cold air mass will move across the region on monday, highs running about 30 degrees average for this time of the year. and look at the winds,
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at 15 miles per hour which means we could see wind gusts up to 25 miles per hour. so it's one of those hold on to your hat types of days but many people will be inside watching the big game, having friends over and having snacks and fun food. this is the forecast. monday among, areas blanketed in clouds. the rest of the area will catch up, and we'll see mostly sunny skies. winds out of the northwest and it will be a breezy day. make sure you dress in layers. that will keep you the warmest. leave your umbrellas at home. that is the good news. even by the afternoon, temperatures wills in the upper 50s and then quickly cooling down as we head through the evening, too. the other big, big events, super bowl 50. 58 degrees, sunny afternoon. windy and cool. going to be a pretty day but
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head to the beach or the pool. let's talk about the seven-day forecast. windy on sunday. showers ending overnight. few brief showers possible monday night into tuesday. staying generally below average temperatures until friday and saturday with the highs back in the 70s. when you are on the go and want to track the weather, all you have to do is download the news app free for your apple or ororororida chicken, snap beans and strawberry parfait. fresh florida bell peppers sizzle in olive oil. add snap beans, a dash of garlic and serve with roasted chicken. for dessert, surprise them with juicy florida strawberries in a scrumptious, easy to make parfait. from dinner to dessert, it's just that easy to serve delicious fresh florida dishes anytime. and look for the fresh from florida label when you shop. remember, delicious is always
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a final look at the sphwheart. >> tracking some light showers. a little heavier across portions of highland county, polk county and hardy county. the good news is that the showers will be increasing in coverage overnight. sunday, basically a dry day. a few sprinkles in the early morning hours, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning but only 58 degrees for the daytime high but it's going to be windy out there. so during the day, it's going to be nice to stay inside. you can look outside the window. you'll see beautiful sunshine. >> we'll take it. >> thanks for joining us. we really appreciate it. that's going to do it for 10 news at 6:00. you can always take 10 news with you. download the 10 news app.
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