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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. celebrations are still underway for the denver broncos big super bowl win. the broncos beat the carolina panthers 24 to 10. the underdogs going
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for the top spot. peyton manning is the first starting peyton manning is the first starting quarterback to win with two different teams. but he wouldn't say if this really was his last time playing on the field. linebacker von miller was named m-v-p. next year houston, texas will be home of the super bowl. here's a look at celebrations in downtown denver right after the broncos won the super bowl. crowded streets were closed as fans made their way outside. it was mostly a peaceful celebration with no reports of rioting or injuries. we have much more on super bowl 50, including the big reaction from carolina panther's quarterback cam newtown and the halftime show highlights. new this morning, people in flint, michigan will soon have clean drinking water from florida, thanks to the out of tampa. emerald morrow is truck stop. emerald, bottles of water are michigan in about an
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- yeah...24 thousand bottles of water, in fact - two men out of tampa decided it wasn't enough to just watch what was happening in flint - they decided it was time to take action - the flint water crisis has dominated the headlines for weeks now... - and many have could something like this happen in america - hillary clinton was in flint yesterday... - she spoke to a local church about her commitment to get things right...and why she believes if flint had been a wealthy city versus an impoverished one...poisoning of this city would have never happened. clinton will return to flint in early march to face off with bernie sanders in the democratic debate...just two days ahead of the michigan primary.
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in the democratic debate...just two days ahead of the michigan primary. and coming up at talk with one of the men who helped collect all of the drive...he'll share why this is all so close to his heart. live in tampa, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. in a few hours, a royal caribbean cruise ship will dock back at port canaveral, not in the same shape as when it left. 'anthem of the seas' hit some rough seas and high winds on its way back to florida. of the damage in passengers where over and plant pots broken open. expected on the campaign trail. campaign trail. are making their ahead of tomorrow's primary in new hampshire. following a less performance over
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locked in fierce place int he state. between ted cruz, jeb bush and john kasich donald trump is hoping to stay ahead republican rivals and secure a win tomorrow. political analysts say voters in new hampshire are known for making a decision at the very last minute. undecided, the outcome in the nation primary remains unclear. this friday republican presidential candidate, donald trump is bringing his campaign to tampa bay. he's holding a rally at the u-s-f sun dome on friday. the event kicks off at seven. doors open at five. the event is free, but there is a 20 dollar charge per vehicle for parking. blizzard warnings have been issued for much of minnesota. gusty winds are expected to make travel very difficult this morning. the national weather service issued a blizzard warning through noon. while only two
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45-mile-per-hour wind that will be the problem. the wind will not only kick around the fresh snow, but also the snow from last week's storm. right now, pasco county deputies are searching for a dangerous fugitive. they say 26-year- old j'rokton williams tried to run over a deputy with his car. they were trying to arrest him for an outstanding warrant. but he drove off in a 2008 infiniti g-37. it's purple with florida license plate e-b-k -b-1-9 if you have any information, call crime stoppers. if you were planning to grab chipotle for lunch today, you'll have to find another restaurant. today all 2- thousand chipotle restaurants across the country will lock their doors and turn customers away. the chain is taking time to retrain its employees about food safety. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at a chipotle in pinellas park. sarah, you found out what's being done to keep all of us safe. a lot of customers are still a little scared to come back to chipotle after the
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headlines for e-coli, then salmonella and then the norovirus-- as for today's meeting--we're expecting employees to learn about food safety and how important it is to handle produce and meat very carefully. lots of customers aren't taking any chances. restaurants are noticably less busy across the country, and sales have fallen 30%. the restaurant's top executives met with the centers for disease control and today they're expected to tell their employees in detail what went wrong and what they need to do now to make sure it never happens again. here's what i'm working on for 5- 30....why did it take so long to have this meeting and is it really safe to come back? live at chipotle in pinellas park, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp cam newton, quarterback of the carolina panthers took the loss pretty hard. he actually left in the middle of post- game interviews.
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a reporter asked him if he was disappointed after his team had come so close to winning it all, and that's when he left the stage. something else everyone is talking about this morning is the halftime show. everyone is talking about this morning is the halftime show. the main act was coldplay. they kicked things off singing fan favorites "viva la vida" and paradise.. along with songs from their new album "a head full of dreams." then bruno mars joined in singing his hit song "uptown funk".. remember he played at the super bowl halftime show two years ago. another halftime show veteran, beyonce, joined mars for a mashup of "uptown funk" and her new song "formation" which she had just released on saturday. coldplay also paid tribute to former acts by playing video during the finale. take a look.
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michael jackson, katy perry, u-2, before beyonce and bruno mars came back and joined the band on stage. we'll have more from the halftime show, coming up later. even though coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars rocked out during the halftime show...that's not the performance many are talking about this morning. at 5:34 the performance by lady gaga that may have stole the show. but first, from celebrities to dogs, the top ads from super bowl 50.
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a truck with 24,000 bottles of water is headed to flint,
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bottles of water is headed to flint, a truck with 24,000 bottles of water is headed to flint, michigan to help with the water crisis. a local man originally from the town is doing his part to help. gearing up for the first primary in the 2016 presidential election. candidates are campaigning hard in new hampshire before voters head to the polls.> the game and the halftime show the game and the
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weren't the only tuned in to super bowl 50. we can't forget according to u-s-a commerical took the it's from hyundai and it's called, "first date" ad depicted a day, played by comedian and actor kevin hart who hands the keys of his new hyundai genesis to a young man who is taking his daughter on a date. the ad shows a new feature that allowed the owner to track its location. the second place winner comes from heinz. it's called "wiener stampede". take a look. it had dachshunds wearing hot-dog bun outfits. the dogs raced across a field and into the arms of people dressed as mustard and
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bowl commercials this year. in order to place at the top of ad meter, the winner had to score highest among the 60 or so commercials that aired during sunday's super bowl 50. doritos pulled out the big guns this year. they had two commercials in the top five of u-s-a's ad meter. the third place winner is called "ultrasound." this one shows an expected couple in the ultra sounds room with the father doritos. you can see the the ultrasound. advertisers spent a record $5 million on 30 seconds of air time this year. again or if you want to check out more, head to our website,
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you can get 10 weather updates on
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10 weather radio partners. in tampa bay, catch us on magic 94-
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and the dove 105.5 f-m on sarasota talk radio, listen to wsrq 106.9 fm. and hear 10 weather in spanish on maxima 92-5. now the super bowl 50 is done, football season is officially over. but the warning still remains this morning on the harmful effects playing on the field can have on the brain. but first, a commercial for c-b-s' hit show "the good wife" has a lot of people talking this morning. at 5:25, what you need to know before you watch the next episode. live from times
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here is something that you don't want bridgestone- firestone is 36-thousand heavy truck tires after reports the tread can separate from the body. 22.5 inch firestone fs-561 tires. from january of 2015 to january of so far there are no reports of any
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some good news if you have a banged up iphone. for the first time, apple is accepting damaged phones as a trade-in from people looking to upgrade. apple says it will give you a credit of fifty dollars for a 5-s, 200 for a 6, and 250 for an iphone 6 plus. if you are a fan of the c-b-s show, the good wife, this may be hard to hear. the drama series made it official in a commercial during the super bowl that this is its final season. questions about whether the show would continue started earlier this season, after the show creators announced they would be leaving. you can catch the last nine episodes of the seventh season right here on 10 news, starting this sunday night at 9 p-m. lady gaga sure knew how to kick off super bowl 50! at 5:34, the unbelievable performance you
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work this morning. but first, several investigations are underway this morning after two mardi gras parades
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