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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening, i'm reginald roundtree. and i'm dion lim. right now, st. pete police are pouring through hours of "security camera video"-- looking for an art thief. investigators are working to uncover how someone walked into the chihuly collection gallery... on beach drive in downtown st. pete... and walked out with a unique and expensive glass sculpture. tonight, the director tells 10 the director tells us sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning the valuable work of art vanished.
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piece has been on display. police are searching for evidence after a cleaning crew discovered it missing. >> shocked. that someone would want to take something from the collection. >> reporter: the gallery directors said this sculpture has been a part of the collection in saint pete for more than five years. disappeared. >> i was hoping i was dreaming. >> reporter: it turned out to be a nightmare. police hope this footprint can connect the crook to the crime. they are loosing -- looking at video from cameras to see if someone made off with it was the gallery was open on sunday. >> we have guards on staff and
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>> reporter: they are not ruling out an inside job or the possibility that the scoped out the sculpture. >> it seems like more than someone casually with walking through. >> reporter: they are putting the word out to have someone stop profiting from this piece. >> everyone knows about it. >> reporter: the gallery helps whoever was behind the heist has a heart. returning it for the community to enjoy. for visitors in the gallery the art fest is about more than just the sculpture. it is stealing money from the art center and art education for the community. this is not the first time. you can see other crooks who
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the closure is between lois and armenia where traffic is being forced off. the good news is when it reopens in the morning you should have an easier commute into tampa. all but one lane of i-75 is open tonight. a backhoe hit an overpass during rush hour. the remaining lane is expected to reopen overnight. we will bring you up to speed on the highways and travel delays in the morning getting at 5:00. new information about the man accused of assaulting a six- year-old girl in a mall bathroom. investigators think it was a mistake that took a dangerous turn. >> reporter: monday night
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jail. the 18-year-old is charged with battery for what happened inside of a woman's bathroom. they say he was meeting his ex- wife at the mall to pick up his son when he went into the women's restroom rather than a man's. >> we don't think he had ill intent for that girl or for any person. we think it was an honest mistake that really took an unfortunate and terrible term. >> reporter: there was a six- year-old girl in the bathroom at the time. officer say she saw him and screamed. >> he panicked and try to put his hand over her mouth and try to get her to come down. to not create a commotion. that was not the right thing to do. >> reporter: the girl fell to the ground and he ran. they released this video. someone recognized him and told police. monday afternoon they say he turned himself in. >> it sounds like a simple mistake. a young shop -- father should
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>> reporter: as for the little girl it was traumatic. she is going to be okay. her father said she is -- he is proud of how she reacted to this. vacation is ending early for a caribbean cruise ship. it is returning to its home port in new jersey. it ran into rough seas and people on board called the experience terrifying. >> my wife and i held hands. we thought we were dead. >> the ship was headed for port canaveral and the bahamas when it got caught in a strong storm. look at the waves. look at the damage. sailings were caved in. a you a senator wants to know why the ship sailed into
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for the ntsb to investigate. casey anthony has filed paperwork to for -- open a photography studio. the addressed is in west palm beach. the university of central florida is facing a lawsuit after a massive data breach. 63,000 social security numbers were stolen. a former student and board member claimed the school knew of the breach as early as december the school knew of the 2015. president barack obama will billion for emergency funding to combat the zika virius . the money would support mosquito control programs and vaccine research and education and improve healthcare. the proposal also includes $400
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spreading rapidly. the first nation primary kicks off tonight in new hampshire. it was a busy day of campaigning. new hampshire officials say they are expecting a record number of voters. chipolte and restaurants are open. after a big push to clean up their kitchens. all 2000 restaurants nationwide closed for several hours today to give employees an opportunity to learn about food safety. in october a virus sickened over 100 people. florida was not one of them. the city of tampa says you cannot touch this until noon. according to my contract. >> reporter: we went undercover to expose how tell companies were targeting cars outside of
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were towing was prohibited by law. not only did it cost money but it discouraged people from leaving their cars overnight. that means more drunk drivers on the road. we investigate. getting answers from city leaders. >> there is a rule that says your car cannot be towed from outside a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol until noon the next day. we show how that was being ignored. penalizing bar owners who chose not to drive. >> reporter: it is not just a consumer friendly law it is a safety issue. this is a councilmember sounding off after watching the report. the 274 toes were the most in the entire city. the majority of them were illegal. even more disturbing for
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slot dozens of others were driven out by bar goers who may not have been sober. >> we don't want people to drive drunk. if you can prevent someone from getting behind the wheel because they know that they will have amnesty as far as their car is concerned that is a good thing. >> reporter: the youngest member of city council said he was frustrated watching the investigation. >> you don't want a drunk driver on the road. because out of fear of getting towed that they figure i live close by and i am not that drunk and i can make it home. >> reporter: after we went undercover to company issued refunds and stopped towing cars. what can the city do better to better publicize this and let people know there are protections? >> one idea was to make sure that it is posted at any
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alcohol -- if you are too inebriated to a drive your car will not be towed. >> reporter: the mayor's office and council members said they are looking into the idea of adding signage to let consumers know their cars will be safe. other counties have told us they are interested in bringing this protection to their communities. we will continue that story tomorrow night. cars crashing because of a gearshift. what you need to know. gethsemane shark attacks happened last year? the sounds of a basketball game. don't distract one player. there are winds howling.
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basketball has a beat to it. >> one special player in lakeland can tune it out.
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seems like basketball moves at the speed of sound. what would it be like if you could not hear dribbling. the buzzer going off. the silence on the court is deafening. this hearing impaired hoopster hears silence. >> reporter: he ignores the noise. thanks to his instructor he can follow and recall. and so can his teammates who have learned some of his signs
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>> they admire him. they are together on the court when they are playing. they are communicating with him. >> reporter: even with assistance he can be vulnerable. >> if you can imagine the whistle blows and everyone playing. it is awkward for him. he figures it out. there has been moments where the whistle blows and he has been playing. those are adjustments we make. he has done an excellent job. >> reporter: it has made him feel like one of the guys. >> it is peaceful when you do not hear anything. >> reporter: while the silence
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his opportunity to be like any other player speaks volumes. i am so impressed that his team has adapted. the basketball team just finished off a good season playing in the second round of the playoffs. >> they will get another shot at the championships in the next season. i used to play some basketball. my career did not last long. we have winds howling and a few showers. we have cool temperatures. what you do to get warm? you have to snuggle.
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i want to thank you for this wonderful video. this time of the year like clockwork they come in from the gulf and say no thanks. we will snuggle up and warm up. that is a wonderful site. tracking the wind tonight. as we talked earlier there are showers. they are not numerous. we do see several pockets of very fast- moving showers. they have developed. they are going across the jet stream overhead. 60 miles per hour to the east is how they are tracking. what is on the coast in one moment is over i-75 in another
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there will be widely scattered light showers around indian rocks. the reason for this is a cold front coming through the area. we have been tracking that. the front will keep that winds picked up. the main reason we are in between low pressure and high pressure. and being in between two strong blows -- lows and the storm over the east and the high moving in creates a pressure gradient. as we tighten up the pressure gradient the stronger the winds will be. temperatures -- there will not be a major change. we would typically start warming up. this will reinforce the cool
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not all that much difference. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. the winds are whipping at 20 miles per hour. 64 degrees can feel like mid 50s. the cloudy skies are in place. in the morning the temperatures will be cool. low 50s for most of the bay area. the suburbs could be upper 40s. winds will behind. not saying for sure the sunshine skyway bridge would be shut down. i would check in the morning. the kind of wind gusts we are looking at -- it could be a possibility. the second thing, damp roads are possible because of the light showers.
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could see slick roads. very light showers like we have seen tonight. not a big deal. it is something to watch. but maybe it should wrap up and we should get some breaks in the clouds. with a strong winds we could see a early wednesday morning. again warning with the winds 7:00. look at the gulf waves. 10 feet to 16 feet. it will be rough. not safe to be board -- voting. -- boating. there is information on our website. if you are going to the fair forecast will be windy and cold.
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gone. the elegy reports continued to stay high. the coverage is 20% of the viewing area. i am going with light showers. we will keep the highest to the upper 50s for a couple of days. the winds will by down by thursday. warmer temperatures for friday saturday and cooler on valentine's day. if you want to keep up with the weather, you can do it with our new zap. before you step into the water listen to this. last year was a record-breaking year for shark attacks. the international shark attack file at the university of florida confirms there were 98
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the previous record was 88 set in 2000. for anyone who drives you think shifting into park is a simple task. >> for thousands of people fiat- chrysler cars is not the case. they say these gear shifters are so confusing that people are getting out of their cars while they are in gear. safety regulators are launching an investigation into 850,000 cars and suvs. the problem has been linked to 121 crashes. no recall has been ordered. the champs return home to prepare for the parade tomorrow. the broncos quarterback is not home yet. hopefully we will clear up the
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the coach said we were on a nice run and it came to a crashing halt. ottawa smothered the lightning. no time to pout because they are at montrial tomorrow night. it started early. this is the first one. later the same period. a terrible play. gave it away.
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the bolts. been two more goals. super bowl 50 was watched by just under 112 million viewers on sunday. would you believe that is down from the past two years? last year when the patriots won it holds the record. tweets were down. same thing with facebook. however the bedding was up in vegas. the team came home this afternoon and they returned to denver. the super bowl parade is a permanent tomorrow. one missing member -- manning
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why? he went to disneyland. he and his family took the short trip. he was the star of the big parade. disney would not say if they paid for his trip. we were told that manning was not compensated for making this remark after the game. >> i have a couple of priorities. i want to kiss my wife and my kids. i want to hug my family. i will drink a lot of budweiser tonight. >> the thing is he talked about budweiser. i said we did not compensate him. there is an nfl ruled that players cannot endorse alcoholic beverages. why did he do that? among his many investments he has a stake in two anheuser- busch distributorships in louisiana >> you have to hand it to him. >> the distributorships are
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