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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  February 10, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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this morning, bernie sanders.. and donald trump are claiming victory. soon getting caught with marijuana may not be a crime in one local county. and it could pay off for taxpayers. and big news is coming to broadway. when you can see it. good morning and early morning." i'm lets get a look at #10weather with deskins. the number are
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but we have a morning of how the shaping up. finished well ahead of the republican pack. the billionaire business man walked away with 34-percent of the vote. in second place... john kasich with 16 percent. ted cruz and jeb bush finished in third and fourth place and marco rubio came in fifth. and on the democratic side -- bernie sanders is the winner. sanders has 59- percent of the vote, compared to hillary clinton's 39 percent. 10news political reporter mark rivera breaks down what this primary means for the candidates. cbs news is
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of new hampshire's republican presidential exit poll data half of republican voters wanted a political "outsider." he's a little different from everyone else. he's not a politician i just like what he stands for. john kasich's intensive ground game paid off...with cbs news projecting a second place finish for the ohio governor early exit poll data shows the most important quality in a candidate for republican voters is that he or she shares their values. for democrats, it was that the candidate is honest and trustworthy. cbs news is projecting democrat bernie sanders scored a significant victory over hillary clinton. "thank you new hampshire!!!" clinton conceded the loss, but said she's in it for the long haul. "we are going to fight for every vote in every state." the next contests take place february 20th with the democratic caucus in nevada and the gop primary in south carolina. that was mark rivera reporting. new jersey governor chris christie will be heading home
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looking at his campaign. new developments about the juvenile justice center where two teens escaped from. security company that runs the we've learned... two workers have been fired and two others will receive more training. just over a week ago, two teens broke through a hole cut in a chain link fence. since been found and arrested. dollar chihuly returned -- just one day after it was reported missing. someone left it in a box -- outside the morean arts center tuesday morning. a cleaning crew noticed it missing on monday. saint pete police are still going through surveillance video and looking for finger prints to figure out who stole it. new information about a tae kwon do instructor already accused of molesting two of his students: 6 and 7 year old girls. the pinellas county sheriff's office says another student has come forward after hearing about his arrest on the news last week.
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charged with capital sexual battery. an 8-year-old girl "kim" forced her into a sex act. kim taught at "oh's tae kwon do" in seminole from 2012 to august of 2015. deputies believe there are more victims out there -- and are asking anyone -- with any information, to come forward. a jacksonville area teacher has been fired for allegedly sending nude photos to a student... through the social media app "snapchat". 28-year old dionne younce worked as a p-e teacher for nease high school in ponte vedra beach. she has not yet but the case is investigation. of sarasota. more than 40 cars burglarized in less than 24 hours. this morning, detectives believe you could be a victim... and not even realize it. four kids are facing charges... for the burglaries in three different parking garages. sarasota police say the group hit more than 40 cars... between monday and tuesday morning. the oldest suspect is 18-year-
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are juveniles. police say if you saw anything suspicious the last few days... give them a call. the police chief is holding a press conference later this morning to talk about the crimes. home and business owners can get loans to clean up their property after tornados hit sarasota back in january. a disaster loan outreach center is open weekdays and saturdays for the next week at bee ridge park. if you're home was damaged, you can get a loan of up to 200- thousand dollars. both homeowners and renters are eligible for loans up to 40- thousand to replace damaged personal items. time now for headlines around the nation and the world in 60 seconds. an investigation is underway...after two trains collided head-on in germany. 10 people are dead and dozens were injured. the trains collided at a curve in the track -- when they were both going about 60 miles per hour. officials believe the drivers may not have seen each other. but they're waiting to review the trains' data recorders. wish gas prices
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two dollars a gallon? you're in luck! a government agency says they expect gas prices to average "one-dollar and 98- cents" per gallon nationwide for the entire year. if that forecast is right, it will be the first time since 2004 that u-s drivers have paid under two dollars a gallon for a full year. it's official! frozen fans: elsa and anna are heading to broadway! disney announced its blockbuster hit will adapt to the stage in spring 2018. if you want a shot at being part of the production -- tryouts will begin the summer of 2017. no confirmation on "tryout dates"-- and location yet. getting busted with marijuana may not always be a crime soon in citrus county. the commission is moving forward with a plan to ease up on the penalty for pot possession. 10news reporter kendra conlon uncovers it could pay off for taxpayers. citrus county residents are divided on decriminalizing small amounts of pot - so are
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3-to-2 vote. that's what's behind commissioner scott carnahan's push to give deputies the discretion to give people caught with less than 20 grams of marijuana... instead of a time. he believes it'll relieve the crowded criminal justice offenders avoid a while still holding people accountable. carnahan says it'll also save the taxpayers thousands of dollars in court, prosecution and law enforcement costs... on top of the citation revenue. sheriff's records show last year, 141 people got busted for less than 20 grams of marijuana... at 200 bucks a ticket - that's 28-thousand dollars. the sheriff supports it .. saying in this letter... as long as the final decision whether to issue a citation.. or still send someone to jail is up to the deputy. drug free america is also on board for first time offenders. the foundation believes people are less likely to get busted again... with a fine and drug assessment.. than criminal record and jail time. in citrus county,
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news, wtsp the commissioners who voted against the ordinance - think 20 grams is too much. the county's now drafting the ordinance - and will have a hearing in the coming months. so we wanted to know what you think. do you support decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana? on our facebook page -- 87 percent of you said "yes". it's not too late to vote in our poll. just head to our 10 news facebook page. and while you're there... make sure to join in on the conversation. around the state-- changes could come to alimony payments because of a controversial bill.
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duration and amount of alimony in each divorce case is left up to the judge. the proposed bill would create a formula to create consistency to each case. it would also eliminate alimony. opponents say the unfair to women who be stay-at-home mothers before the bill passed a the house last week, the "house floor" for a vote. in manatee a parking permit ordinance that property owners block stretch of holmes beach is up for a re-vote. the mayor vetoed it after the commissioners approved it. the ordinance would slap violators with a 35 dollar ticket, and they could get a new one every two hours. parents in a hillsborough county neighbhorhood upset their kids may have to change schools next year can find out more tonight at an informational meeting. it's part of a new boundary proposal to help ease overcrowding. it's basically taking kids from stowers elementary and putting them into three other schools. the meeting will begin at six at the
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school cafeteria. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning...this one million dollar home is destroyed by a fire. the surprising item to investigators say is to blame. one of the world's largest cruise ships will be back in new jersey this morning after a storm turned the trip into a nightmare. a jacksonville police officer gets an unexpected vistor in his patrol car while he's on the job. still ahead on 10 news early morning.... unfair towing outside bars and restaurants. 10 investigates the big issue in south tampa. find out how you could get a refund! posing as your facebook latest way con artists are trying to
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a county commissioner wants a consumer protection expanded to all of hillsborough county after seeing our report. his goal? keeping more drunk drivers off the street! 10 investigates exposed how a tampa rule was getting ignored, resulting in unfair towing outside bars and restaurants. and this morning, investigative reporter noah pransky continues to get answers. "i thought i'd be
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wouldn't risk the we've been taking your comments on this story to elected leaders all over tampa bay, and it's not too late to chime in. tonight, noah will talk to elected officials on the other side of the bay who want to bring similar protections to st. pete and pinellas county. if you go to or the 10 news app- we have resources on how to get a refund if you were wrongly towed. we'll also show you which parts of the region you're most likely to get towed. just look for the "10 investigates" link on the left side. a warning this morning- about a new scam making the rounds on social media. many of us are pretty good at spotting "bulk spam messages" in our email inbox -- but this scam is much more personal. thieves are posing as facebook friends -- and asking you to click on a link-- that'll deliver a virus to your computer -- or get you to send money their way. the messages typically come from friends who aren't on facebook very often -- and wouldn't notice if their login has been compromised. they're known for their 100-dollar yoga pants. now lululemon is closing its doors at sundial in saint pete. the retailer is the first tenant to close up shop since the newly renovate shopping center opened in fall of 20- 14. some say-- competition from the stores in area malls like international plaza and university
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showroom" could have kept shoppers away. sundial owner bill already signed a new saying who is moving in. check this out... make sure you to watch them play this year. so they're running special deals-- especially on weekdays when lowest. on mondays, active military and veterans get two on tuesdays, bucks for kids. hot dogs are two dollars on wednesdays... on thursdays, fans 60 and older get in for 15 dollars and on fridays, students can get their own discounts. you can see the full list of deals on our website, wtsp dot com. still ahead, things are a little quieter in new orleans this
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the streets of new orleans were packed last night for fat tuesday as millions celebrate the end of mardi gras. thousands celebrated on bourbon street with parties. all the fun stopped at midnight as ash wendesday begins the period of lent. the streets of downtown dunedin were packed for the city's 25th annual mardi gras celebration. thousands spent the evening enjoying live music and delicious cajun food, along with a family- friendly parade winding along douglas avenue. coming up on 10 news this morning.. several people are injured after a shooting during a
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basketball game in michigan. the royal caribbean ship damaged in an extreme storm is headed back to port this morning. and this morning one family is blaming a popular toy for destroying their million dollar home. we'll be back with another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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