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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon, i'm allison kropff. thanks for joining us. we begin with breaking news out of pinellas county. you're looking live at 390 112th avenue good afternoon. i'm allison kropff. thank you for joining us today. we begin with breaking news from pinellas county. you are looking live at 390 north in st. petersburg where a car ran into a building. one person was taken to the hospital. we are not sure if that person building.
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gates. you can see some people walking around doing investigations at this time. we'll stay on top of this story for you. as we get new details we'll give them to you the here on air and online at investigators from the national transportation safety board arrived in new jersey to inspect damage on the royal caribbean cruise ship. it sailed into the path of a weekend. this morning the rest of the passengers on board the royal caribbean ship finally disembarked. 3,000 of the 4500 passengers. this is one of the overhead walkways where some of them are leaving this morning. don champion is in new jersey. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong.
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we slept on the sofa. it. >> reporter: the liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by hurricane force winds. >> i could see the water coming over the balcony. >> reporter: they spent hours on lock down in their rooms while the ship's captain was navigating through the storm. >> they opened up the minibar so that was good. >> reporter: royal caribbean officials say they are reviewing the company's storm avoidance policy to make sure an incident like this never happens again. >> this should never happen. we have to do better. we can not ask guests coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those kinds of conditions. >> reporter: some rattled passengers say they are done. >> i'm not going to hold it against them. i'm just never going to cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard
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heads out on its next voyage this weekend. don champion new jersey. >> passengers will get a full refund and a certificate of 50% off a future cruise. finding a zica virus vaccine and money to fight the disease is taking center stage in washington, d.c. today. director of the cdc and director of institute and testifying. senators are discussing president obama's $2 billion emergency funding request to create a vaccine. one republican said the cdc doesn't need additional money since there is a surplus later this afternoon the cdc will hold a webinar with florida hospital workers to make sure they know how zica is spread, symptoms, treatments and proper precautions to keep us all safe. currently there are 16 known
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three are here in hillsborough county. none are in pregnant women. all the patients contract had the virus outside of the states. aaa says all the publicity about zica is making people reconsider their trips. that is pushing vacation prices down. as emerald morrow shows us, travel agents say you can get good discounts if you look. >> reporter: aaa says it has been a long time since travel agents have been given vacation packages with rates this good. that could be a good reason to head out of the country for vacation if you are not too worried about zica. some of the places seeing the biggest discounts are caribbean, south and europe. booking a trip to canada, australia and new zealand could be a good idea because of the
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traveling abroad attractive. meaning you can get the most for your money. don't forget to take all of the necessary safety precautions, especially if you decide to travel to a country with zica outbreaks. last formed arm occupiers in the national wildlife refuge in oregon. cliven bundy was arrested last night on a charge related to a standoff he lead on his nevada ranch in 2014. investigators are looking into why a 68-year-old gunman with ties to florida shot and in a town near baltimore. david evans shot one deputy in the head at a panera bread restaurant before shooting a second deputy nearby. other deputies fired shots at evans killing him.
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warrant out for his arrest in florida for assaulting a police officer in orange county. crews broke ground on this 23-story building this morning. the tower will be 8,000 square feet of retail, pool, fitness center and it will be opened by this time next year. tampa city council is making a big push to get more people to live downtown. the commissioner promises in five years downtown tampa will look drastically different. >> people will start retail stores, grocery stores and pharmacies. right now county leaders are short millions of dollars they use to fix the roads every day.
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out it will cost you. >> reporter: for years leaders waved impact fees for developers working on projects like this one. a towering seven-story apartment building. the idea is to spur development. now we are all paying for it. potholes, puckered pavement and puddles, you know how frustrating it is to get a flat tire or have to get your car realigned after cruising down a street that looks like this. the county tells me they are short $750 million to fix the condition. things are only going to get worse as more people move to hillsborough county. >> we have infrastructure that is quite literally crumbling before our very eyes. we need to move forward in finding a solution in getting these roads up to speed. >> reporter: these mobility fees will cost developers four paying now.
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extra cost any time you rent an apartment, buy a house or shop in a new store. they are also considering a new 2:00. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are preparing for another debate tonight. the first since sanders hampshire. today. the congressional black caucus is expected to endorse her. republican canidates are battling for votes in south battling for votes in south carolina ahead of that state's primary. today a 94-year-old former guard went to trial in germany for his role in the mass murders of 170 jews. he admits to following his guard duties but denies being involved in the murders. today he came face-to-face with survivors of the camp who pleaded with him to tell the truth.
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tamir rice's estate to pay $500 for his ambulance ride and medical services he received after he was shot from the police officer. the city requested the money in a creditor's claim filed on wednesday. family attorney for the state called the claim insensitive. the 12-year-old was shot by cleveland officers outside of a recreation center in november 2012. he was carrying an air soft pistol seen here next to a real gun. officers thought that gun was real. this morning the city held a news conference and said the city asked for the money. the state agency is trying to figure out how black mold contaminated cargo bags that were going to be sent to the international space station. this delayed the next launch of supplies to cape canaveral.
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this is the first time black mold ever caused a stall in a mission. popular fast food restaurant is adding hot dogs to the money you. - -- menu. what a new study is saying about dementia rates. after a chilly start we are enjoying lots of sunshine today. that's helping the temperatures warm up nicely. find out how warm it will get this afternoon and what is
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a long running study found dementia rates fell over the past four decades.
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heart disease. rates of dementia decreased from 3.6% from the 1970's to 80's to 10% by 2010. that's a drop of 44%. sharpest decline of dementia was in a type called vascular rates didn't fall for all participants in the study. you can read more about how education plays a big part in dementia rates at burger king is adding a new item to the menu. fast food chain will be selling hot dogs later this month. a classic hot dog and a chile cheese dog. burger king tested in five markets last year and said it did well. dairy queen and sonic also sell hot dogs. imagine being a teenager doing great in school but knowing you'll never have the money for colleges. that's a situation a lot of
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a group in manatee county is dedicated to making a change. 10 community kathryn bursch explains how you can help. >> joining me today is diana dill from take stock in children manatee. what does take stock do? >> take stock in children is a powerful and proven college scholarship and mentoring program for low-income, at-risk children. we start in the 8th grade where we select student who is would like to go to college but need additional resources. once they are selected they sign a contract to stay drug- free and crime-free. they'll meet with a mentor every week during the school year during a school day on campus. once the student stays true to their agreement they'll be awarded a scholarship. >> many come from families where they might be the first person to go to college.
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usually they are the first person in the family to attend college. we tracked 20 to 30% may be the first in the families to graduate high school. you are breaking cycles of poverty with education and a volunteer mentor. >> these mentors are so important. they really keep these kids on track. >> we have the best mentors you could ask for. they are concerned about children. they want to help them succeed. they are great volunteers. so buy holding the students accountable and encouraging them our students have a 96% success rate of graduation, college and entering the work force. >> that is all good for the community. a lot of them come back and work and are successful in manatee. >> absolutely. we have some students that mentor when they return from college. they are working in our communities. we have mentors that have helped one student get off to college. they'll come back and mentor another student and get them off to college. it is such a rewarding
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our children are so grateful for this opportunity. it really is a win/win for our community. >> of course, these scholarships all take money. that brings us to this big race on sunday march 6th down in lakewood ranch. this is a big fundraiser. it helps these kids. >> it makes all the difference in the world for us. this race will be our 7th annual event. it helps us raise scholarship dollars for children. all the dollars are matched dollar for dollar by the florida prepaid college foundation. the more people we have come out and participate in the race the more scholarships we can schools. >> it is a great event. this. 10 news reporter jennie dean will sing the national anthem
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if you would like a tour of 10 news call 727-577-1010 or e- mail i'm kathryn bursch for 10 community. good thursday afternoon. a gorgeous day. we are looking at sunny skies. the clouds to our south. look at this pretty picture. this is from sarasota. you can see bright blue skies. and the winds have really decreased in the last 24 hours. that is what is helping make it feel so much more comfortable outside. 64 carrollwood. 61 tampa. 53 st. pete. these temperatures moderating nicely from where we started in the upper 30s and low 40s. and our nice weather, a result of high pressure in control over the entire sunshine state. that gives us stable air, sinking air. we are not going to see any rain for the next few days. leave the umbrellas in the back of your closet. high temperatures today warming up more.
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st. petersburg cooler by the water with a high of 61. a great day to head to the state fair. winds mild from the southwest at 5 miles per hour. across the nation we have snow showers across montana, dakotas into nebraska. out west we have an area of low pressure bringing rain, snow and ice to higher elevations of the pacific northwest. this high pressure keeping us quiet. you can see where the cold front is. temperatures to the north are chilly. four degrees at international falls, minnesota. st. louis 25 degrees. look at new orleans. currently 71 degrees. we'll stay quiet today. mostly sunny skies. by the afternoon our winds shifting to the southwest. that's a warmer wind flow. that will help moderate our temperatures. this is the beginning of a warmer trend.
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your taste, you'll like the extended forecast. this evening not as cool. 51 degrees by midnight. better news for the boaters today seas two to four feet. bay waters a light chop. surf temperature 55 degrees. winds northeast shifting to southwest 5 to 10. here's our next chance of rain. tuesday. you. we expect a cool front to move through bringing with it scattered showers and the possibility of some storms. we'll be tracking that closely for you. in the meantime tomorrow repeat performance of what we saw today. that will continue through the weekend. you can see by friday, tomorrow, up to 71 degrees. high 60s for the weekend. lots of sunshine for you. monday night into tuesday keep your umbrellas handy. we have a daytime high of 75 on monday. slightly cooler next wednesday but still nice. when you are on the go and you want to keep on top of the
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it is new and improved in the store for your apple or android. you can have access to live storm tracker 10 and sign up for breaking news and traffic alerts. >> it looks like a good afternoon. it is a rodeo unlike any other. ghost rider cowboy monkeys are in town. that's coming up. lion actors meet real lions. the cast of the lion king
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the rodeo is coming to lakeland. the ghost monkey rider came to the studio this morning. >> how do you train this guy? >> pop starts. >> like my daughter. >> if you don't have a pop tart clothes on. >> the monkey was so friendly. it was in the hallways and friendly. you can catch the ghost rider monkeys at the lakeland rodeo this saturday and sunday. cast of the lion king got an up close encount we are real lions today. the cast toured tampa's big cat rescue. they met the african lions. >> there is always something to learn and see the mannerisms and how poised the cats are.
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pounds that is graceful and just sits around.
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