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accused in deadly hit and run is now answering to investigators. the biggest names in music took the stage at the 58th grammys awards with an all-star tribute honoring blues legend b-b king, david bowie and the eagles co- founder glenn frey. if you are planning to vote in the florida primary election next month, today is the last day to turn in your application to your county's supervisor of elections office. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm allison kropff. lets get a look at your forecast with 10 weather meteorologist bobby deskins.
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allison huffman is in police custody right now. she is accused of killing a tow truck driver early monday morning on the howard frankland bridge. that's her in the front passenger seat. roger borroto, was killed. 10news reporter
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with the couple he was helping and they still can't believe he's gone. take pkg: 1652 he tried to help me ill enver forget him i think about that makes me really sad adline joassaint only knew roger" perez- borroto for a few minutes but in that short time she knew he was an angel 2051 'i was driving and it stopped slowly' joassaint and her boyfriend raoul all of a sudden found themselves stranded on the side of the howard frankland bridge 1027 'he asked me do you need some help' they say while borroto was loading up their vehicle all of a sudden 2226 its just boom and the car was flying this is the car troopers say went flying by-- a black volkswagon passat and they say 36-year-old allison huffman was behind the wheel. 2244 i don't hear know noise i don't hear nobody then i
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out truck and didn't see him then i looked out over there and i saw his shoes i tried calling his phone and it went to voice mail and after that i called 911 it was too late. 2319 'it wasn't about money we didn't call him he stopped for us he tried to help us' adline still trying to come to terms with what happened saying borroto died doing a good deeda person she says will always be her angel 1741 i'm shaking all night borroto worked for lou's total car care. his boss told us he would come in to work not 15 minutes early but a few hours early to see if anyone needed help. he leaves behind a wife and child. we've been digger deeper into allison huffman's record and it shows-- she isn't a stranger to law enforcement. 10 news reporter jonathan petramala tells us why, despite several dui arrests, huffman was still able to have a license. after a deadly hit and run, the lights shine brightly on the suspected drivers record. in this case allison huffman has had three dui arrests in hillsborough county, but
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florida department of motor vehicles, huffman was still driving with a valid license. but a 10 news investigation last year discovered there are 113,076 three dui offenders in florida still driving. that's more people than live in clearwater. defense attorney anthony candela said the 8 years between huffman's second and third dui arrests likely kept punishment at misdemeanor levels. and in florida, 40 percent of dui charges are either downgraded or dismissed completely. remember 23-year- old whitney beall of lakeland? she broadcast herself live using the app periscope drinking and driving after a night of partying and was busted because of it
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like a majority of first time offenders in florida, receiving probation, community service and alcohol treatment along with a 6 month suspension of her drivers license. we don't know if huffman was drinking and driving when this accident happened, but many still wonder why she was still allowed behind the wheel under florida law, a driver's fourth dui, no under florida law, a driver's fourth dui, no matter the time lapsed between arrests, is automatically a third degree felony. attorney's tells us huffman is likely to be charged in this case with leaving the scene of a crash involving a death, that's a first degree felony. right now people in the florida panhandle are checking out damage from a tornado. the twister was captured on a dash camera. an escambia county deputy was in his patrol car when it touched down in the small town of "century." he says he's never seen a tornado form that big and that fast. there are reports right now of three people with minor injuries. deputies say about two dozen homes have been damaged. the same line of storms is what moved through the
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hour or so. from adele and taylor swift to kendrick lamar and stevie wonder, the biggest names in music took the stage at this year's grammy awards. danielle nottingham has more from the red carpet in los angeles. we have all of the night's big
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gallery from the red carpet. check it out at "wtsp dot com." time now is . let's take a look
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world in 60 seconds. supreme court justice antonin scalia's sudden death over the weekend is now shaping the presidential race. he leaves the supreme court evenly divided, with four conservative and four liberal justices. president obama says he will appoint scalia's replacement. but many republicans want to delay confirmation of a new nominee. top democrats say that's obstructionism. a scary accident in miami on monday afternoon. a garbage truck flipped off interstate 95 near little havana, falling 100-feet off the highway bridge and onto the road below. the driver was thrown from the truck and taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. republican candidate donald trump is threatening to file trump is challenging cruz's eligibility to serve as president unless cruz stops airing what trump's campaign calls "false ads." trump is also calling for cruz to, quote, "retract lies" and he said all this
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carolina primary. republican presidential candidate jeb bush is getting some help on the campaign trail in south carolina from his older brother, former president george w. bush. "jeb bush" and his brother are joining forces to convince undecided voters. they hope to capitalize on the bush family's popularity which is traditionally strong in the palmetto state. both george w and his father won their south carolina primaries. florida's presidential primary isn't until march 15th, but today is the last day to register if you want to vote. florida has a "closed" primary which means you can only cast a ballot for the candidates within your party affiliation. we have everything you need to know on wtsp dot com. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning, the first of a 10-day hearing on the sinking of the el faro is set to begin today. an investigation is underway this morning after an
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emergency landing. it's the news star wars fans have been waiting for. the next step in the franchise has already begun. still to come here on 10 news early morning, outrage over pricing. why pink sometimes costs more than blue! and talk about an easy job! a man skipped worked for 6 years, and still got paid! how his employers finally
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toss to 10 weather xxx bobby weather it's a known fact that women still get
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that women still get paid less than men, but this is something that might surprise you: women may also be paying more for products that are essentially the same. a recent study from new york's department of
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that have clear male and female versions. on average, the female version costs seven percent more! 10 news anchor tammie found it's easy to find the so- called "pink tax" in action. it's not just deodorant... we found two stool softeners that are essentially the same...except the price. the one labeled "pink" is a dollar- fifty more. razors can really set women back... schick makes two versions of their extreme 3 disposables. both have eight to a pack...they both have aloe and three blades...but they don't have the same price. gender pricing knows no age... we found that soccer shin guards for girls were ten cents higher than the boys version. and if your kids want a disney bike'll spend almost five dollars less for the mickey version rather than
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how do manufacturers and retailers get away with this? they know how men and women shop. how do you fight the "pink tax?" call out the price differences when you see them... or follow brittany bazemore's lead:
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gender-based pricing is illegal in california, new york city and miami-dade county. if you find more examples, we'd like to see them. upload your photo to our facebook page just search for 10 news, wtsp. trending online this morning, a man skips out on work for six years, and no one noticed he wasn't in the office! get this: his bosses didn't suspect anything until they tried to give him an award for 20 years of service.
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"supervising the construction of a water treatment plant" in spain. he felt there wasn't actually any work to do for his role-- but collected a paycheck anyway to support his family. during an investigation -- city officials figured out the man had done absolutely no work between 2007 and 20-10. he was fined 30 thousand dollars -- the equivalent of one year's salary after taxes. coming up, a cat in norway has a very special talent. it's making him the star of one of the most popular videos on the internet. coming up on 10 news tonight.. n-c-i-s at 8:00.. then n-c-i-s: new orleans at 9:00 and limitless at 10. then catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests eva longoria and abbi jacobson. don't forget, you can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 news app. it's a fast look at breaking news, weather and traffic - and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now.
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lives in norway and loves to go cross- he's not your typical house cat. this is jesper! he lives in norway and loves to go cross- country skiing. he even pulls his owner along the trails. whenever he gets tired-- his owner has a backpack jesper can ride in. during the summer, he also goes hiking and swimming! and get this -- he even has his own blog! and thousands of followers on facebook.
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36-year old allison huffman just walked into jail this morning and is being questioned in the hit and run death of a tow truck driver on the howard frankland bridge on monday. we are keeping an eye on a possible severe weather across the area. 10 news meteorologist bobby deskins will be tracking the storms this morning. florida's primary elections are coming up and today is the last day to turn in your application to your county's supervisor of elections office. whether you have 10 minutes or 30 minutes, we have everything you need to start your day. we're back with news, weather and traffic, in three
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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we want to start with an update to a story we've been on top of since overnight monday. this morning...a 36-year-old tampa woman will be in court this afternoon...after a deadly hit-and-run on the howard frankland bridge. 10 news reporter is live at the pinellas county jail. emerald , this isn't the first time allison
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