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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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and i'm ian reitz. this morning--a tampa woman is behind bars in pinellas county for her alleged role in a hit-and-run that killed a tow truck driver on the howard frankland bridge. 36-year-old allison huffman is facing felony charges for the crime... and is currently being held without bond. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the pinellas county jail... emerald...after a long day of hiding out...she was finally taken in overnight. - yeah, she came right through this area after authorities spent all day looking for her. - we got video of her arrest... - this is her sitting in the car talking with a state trooper before heading into the jail - it's a place she's no stranger to - she has a lengthy criminal history that includes three trips to jail for drinking
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she has ended up back on the road... and that's really frustrating to the people who knew the man who got killed. i'm sure you have questions about why this keeps happening... i'm working on putting together some answers for you for 6 o'clock. live at the pinellas county jail, em, 10news, wtsp. today.. the national weather service will the national weather service will work to confirm reports that as many as 16 tornadoes touched down across the south on monday. that includes escambia county in florida's panhandle.. where a sheriff's deputy caught one of the twisters on his dashcam. 10 homes in century, florida were seriously damaged, but only three minor injuries have been reported. allison, other areas of the country are also experiencing some rough weather right now. snow and ice are making it really dangerous to travel along the east coast. on monday several flights in and out of reagan
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canceled or delayed because of the icy roads are being blamed for several wrecks in statesville. you can see cars were stalling out and even semi's swerved and ended up sideways. an alaska airlines flight made an emergency landing monday after the pilots reported smelling smoke in the plane. the plane was headed to seattle from washington's reagan airport. but just 16 minutes into the trip...the plane was diverted to nearby dulles airport for an emergency landing. the pilots asked for fire crews to meet them on the runway. one passenger told cbs she noticed a burning smell just after takeoff. both pilots asked doctors after landing. looking for the source of that smoke. passengers who were removed from a small private plane at orlando international placed back on off the plane before
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were coming from under an engine. thankfully, no one was injured. the flight was preparing to depart to tallahassee. it's unknown what caused the fire to begin. nearly 50 people are dead and many are hurt after russian missiles attack at least five medical facilities and two schools in syria. the u-n secretary general says some of the victims were children. the attacks come just days after several world powers agreed to start a cease-fire in syria later this week. despite the temporary agreement, russia strikes, which give cover to the forces of syrian president bashar al-assad. a controversial topic will take center stage today in sarasota county. school district leaders will consider changing their bathroom policy today to allow transgender students to use the bathroom they identify with. the idea is getting a lot of support and backlash this morning. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at pine view school in osprey where this change got started. sarah, you learned a lot of schools and public places could soon make this change. yes, the reason this
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their bathroom policy-- the civil rights act. the u.s. department of education wrote in a memo two years ago that schools "must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of the planning, implementation, enrollment, operation, and evaluation of single-sex classes." but transgender groups in florida have faced their share of backlash. listen in: that was a protest inside the state capitol in tallahassee where last year a bill was considered that would punish anyone who uses a public bathroom that doesn't match the sex they were born into. the bill wasn't passed. but now sarasota school board
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bathroom policy across the district. today is the first time the board members will talk publicly about this since pine view made the change. nate quinn, a transgender 17 year old, is leading the movement. and it's not just sarasota considering a change. sarasota considering a change. hillsborough, pinellas and other districts could be next. right now-- i'm talking to school leaders in our other area school districts to find out what they're doing and i'll have that for you at 6. live in osprey, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp a record-setting heat wave will continue today in california. thankfully, after today, the state may see a little relief for another round of heat. weather service reports cities all over the state, long beach had record highs or records were tired for that day on monday. if you didn't get enough rides and food at the florida state fair, you can check out the pasco county fair today. there are shows, games, exhibits and so much more while the fair is up and running until this sunday the 21st. ticket prices start at eight
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and five dollars for kids ages six to 12. today the fair is open from three until 11 tonight. the biggest names in music took the stage at this year's grammy awards. from adele and taylor swift to kendrick lamar and stevie wonder, it was a jammed packed night! mark ronson and bruno mars walked away with record of the year for their smash hit, "uptown funk." taylor swift kicked off the show singing, "out of the woods" from her album 1989. then she took home album of the year. kendrick lamar won best rap album. they both lost song of the year to ed sheeran's ballad, "thinking out loud." the grammys also paid tribute to several music legends who died recently. looking like ziggy stardust's twin sister, lady gaga honored the late david bowie. stevie wonder and penatonic saluted earth, wind and fire's maurice white.
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helped honor blues legend b-b king. jackson brown and the remaining eagles remembered glenn frey . adele sang on the grammy stage for the first time in four years. but it didn't go as planned. at 5:43, the big moment that didn't sound quite right. and how complete strangers helped one couple keep their baby warm as they dangled above a mountain in freezing temperatures. coming up on 10 news tonight.. n-c-i-s at 8:00.. then n-c-i-s: new orleans at 9:00 and limitless at 10. then catch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests eva longoria and abbi jacobson. live from rome this morning, courtesy of earth
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the woman who
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the woman who police say hit and killed a tow truck driver will be in court today. 36-year-old aliison huffman was arrested a few hours ago. this is her being taken into the pinellas county jail. around 9 p-m monday, st. petersburg police found huffman after getting a tip that she was at a friend's place at promenade at carillon apartments. huffman is accused of hitting and killing roger perez-borroto on the howard frankland bridge, then driving off. as many as 16 tornadoes touched down across the south on monday, including the florida
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century remains without power this morning because of the severe weather. take a look at a sheriff's deputy captured one of the twisters on his dashcam as he followed it down oone road. at least 10 homes were destroyed or severely damaged. important deadline to vote in next month's florida primary. you must get your voter registration superviser by the end of today. must register as either a republican or democrat to receive a ballot. more than a million ballots have been sent out statewide. election offices say they expect a larger than normal turnout for the march 15th primary. big moment from grammy's everyone is talking about adele's performance. --there was a "technical problem" after a microphone fell into the piano during the performance. --then, when audio people switched sound systems to cover the noise, there was another problem. --you may have noticed there were a few seconds where there was no audio --to adele's credit, she was great.and just kept going. --tweeted about
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of problems i'm treating myself to an maybe it was worth it." ## on monday we told you about nearly 50 skiers rescued from a tram after it got stuck dangling in the air. among them was this couple, george and sabrina lewis and their eight- month-old daughter. they were trapped midway up new hampshire's cannon mountain. crews told the passengers things would be up and running in minutes, but then an hour went by and the sun started to set.
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newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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new this morning, wine is becoming a drink that is not just for your mom and dad anymore. new research shows millennials drank nearly half of all wine in the u-s last year. that's more than any other generation. the report found they drank more than 150 million cases of wine last year, averaging two cases per person. frequent drinkers under 30 are mostly women, and above 30, it's half and half. he's not your typical house cat. this is jesper! he lives in norway and loves to go cross- country skiing. he even pulls his owner along the trails. whenever he gets tired-- his owner has a backpack jesper can ride in. during the summer, he also goes hiking and swimming! and get this -- he even has his own blog! and thousands of followers on facebook. all morning we've
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the grammys...the winners, losers, and the big performance. but one performance has everyone talking this morning. a lot of mix reaction on twitter about pitbull's grammys finale performance. robin thicke, travis barker and joe perry joined him for tunes "el taxi, and "bad man." but did you notice this? actress sofia vergara was on stage as well...dressed as a taxi cab. she eventually got rid of it so she could dance. coming up on 10
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a huge debate expected today in sarasota county as the school district discusses a new bathroom policy for transgender students. and right now investigators are trying to figure out if lightning caused a house fire early this morning.
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many of you may have woken up to the shower and thunderstorm activity this morning. that is out of here. in the lower 60s still somewhat roads but 68 by 10:00 a.m. and we are headed to low 70s behind the cold front.
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we will will take a look at the forecast coming up. our hotspots this morning and i'm on top of some serious crashes. the first in brooksville. in hernando county. a court. a car overturned on northbound i 75 just after cortez boulevard. lanes blocked in both directions north and south. let's go live to sky tend network camera in polk county. there's a fatal accident happened here on i4 still blocking inside lanes both directions east and west. were starting to see some delays so coming up we will have drive times and we will check out bridges into tampa. a tampa woman is behind bars or is being held in jail without bond after detectives say she hit and killed a man on
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