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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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deputy's car at the home. he took his hands and placed them on the windows of the deputy's cruiser. later during questioning he wanted to make sure they had enough evidence to arrest him for breaking in. hall entered the deputy's porch trying to light wet furniture. >> he was only able to get a small fire going. >> reporter: hall knocked on the deputy's door while patting out the fire. >> he said i thought this was going to be an ambush. >> reporter: hall was taken into custody. a friend of hall's said he needs help. >> i know he has mental problems. i don't understand why he did what he did but i hope he gets help. >> our deputies and family members will be trained on protecting themselves. if that means using deadly force so be it. >> hall is facing two felony
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new information about a 13- year-old girl officers say crashed a van into a pinellas park subdivision. that girl is accused of stealing the car from holiday and driving it more than 25- miles to pinellas county. the crash left one home a mess. the impact sent hundreds of bricks from that neighborhood sign into this house and their yard. >> it is just bang. then another huge bang. then you could hear glass shattering everywhere. >> officers arrested the girl. she is charged with grand theft auto and leaving the scene of the accident. we are digging deeper into how police finally caught up with her. we'll have that story for you at 6:00. new information tonight about the president's trip to cuba. the dates have been set. that will be march 21st and 22nd. that trip has been expected since president obama normalized relations with cuba
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he plans to meet with president raul castro. it will be the first time in 88 years an american president has visited cuba. marco rubio and ted cruz two republican cuban americans running for president talked about the trip during last night's cnn town hall. >> is that something as president you would do? >> i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government. it is not just the communist dictatorship it is an anti- american dictatorship. >> i think the president should be pushing for a free cuba. >> part two of the cnn republican town hall is tonight. donald trump, john kasich and jeb bush will get their chance to comment on the president's trip. for trump the focus could be on his latest comments about the pope. while flying to the vatican from his visit to mexico someone asked the pope about
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on the u.s. mexican border. his answer was quote a person who thinks only of building walls and not building bridges is not a christian. this is how donald trump responded during a rally in south carolina. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, which is isis ultimate trump, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. >> trump also accused the mexican government of using the pope as a pawn. polls open saturday morning in south carolina for the republican primary. tonight six people indicted as part of a major operation to fight violent crime in hillsborough county. hillsborough county deputies announced the results of the four month long investigation today during operation gun box. officers went undercover to
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>> every single one has a significant criminal history. i pulled out the rap sheet of one of the individuals we charged. it was 38 pages long. these are individuals who should be behind bars. we'll do our part to help make the community safer. >> take a look at this here. arms. they also found various drugs. of the 64 indicted you can see some on your screen, 13 are still not in custody. in all they face 182 charges. promising news from tampa police. the chief says fewer people are getting tickets while riding bikes. the department of justice is investigating whether there is a problem within the tampa police department when it comes to ticketing african-americans. it was sparked by reports that showed eight out of every ten people ticketed on a bicycle were black. a major los angeles hospital becomes a victim of a
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hollywood medical center said it paid a ransom to hackers holding the computer network hostage. it locked up sensitive information and files. ceo says they paid $17,000 because it was the easiest way to solve the problem. it is not just being institutions like hospitals because your very own computer and your personal information could become the target of ransom ware. 10 news reporter eric glasser is looking closer at how to protect your property and whether this is one ransom you could consider paying. >> reporter: almost everyone agrees hospitals and organizations that store your personal private files have an obligation to safe guard that highly sensitive information. >> medical history. insurance history. social security numbers. >> reporter: medical facilities have become targets of ransom ware. a california hospital paying $17,000 to free of frozen files.
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or cyber security at usf says all businesses, including hospitals are as vulnerable as their weakest link, employees who may accidently download a virus. >> i would not want to pay the ransom. but the damage was done as a result. >> reporter: hollywood hospital working with the fbi saying faying the ransom was the quickest and cheapest way to regain control of the system. >> it is 100%. once they get you they got you. >> reporter: at performance computer group in south tampa they have seen businesses and individual computer hacked by a ransom ware. their advice? back up your files and run antivirus soft ware. >> if you want your data back pay it. there is currently no way we know of to unencrypt the data. >> reporter: with so few solutions out there experts predict the number of ransom ware cases will only increase. paying the ransom is no
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if that occurs too often no one would pay it. in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> we know there are a lot of anti-malware products out there. head to to see which would work best for you. new information tonight that will make you feel better about driving around the bay area. a new report says 58,000 bridges across the country are structurally deficient. when you think of the bridges here, surprisingly only a few are in florida. researchers found problems with 2% of all florida bridges. the bay area there is only one deficient bridge that gets a lot of traffic. it is part of the selmon expressway over 22nd street in tampa. 44,000 people drive over that every day. around the country there are some major bridges that do need repairs. that includes the brooklyn bridge in new york, several i-95 brings in philadelphia and the memorial bridge in
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it is a story that keeps getting stranger. the teenager charged with pretending to be a doctor in west palm beach insists he was trying to help people. >> i have great supporters and i have people who said negative things. everyone is entitled to their opinion. i am not upset. i would ask if you would please pray for us in this time that everything that's happened that we get the truth out of it. >> he says everyone is entitled to their opinion. according to police he performed an exam on an undercover agent and took thousands of dollars from an 86- year-old woman seeking treatment. on his facebook page you can see he posted a certificate claiming he is a practitioner of alternative medicine. this morning a good samaritan got an honor for finding a missing 82-year-old man.
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needs help help them. that's all it takes. >> he received the clearwater good samaritan award for doing that. he works at the abby memorial park. last month while doing morning rounds he found bob taylor in the facility. he walked away from his assisted living facility. he had been outside on the coldest. night of the year. >> he was laying in a wooded area. his hoodie was over his head. he was shaking. he could talk. we had a conversation and i found out who he was and where he lives. he wasn't able to move. he had been there all night. >> thank goodness for him. mr. taylor was treated at east country side and is back home tonight. stories like that uplift you. it is a story that caused outrage. a group of teens attack a decorated marine.
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surveillance video of the beat and surprising way the teens seemed unphase after committing such a horrible crime. a mother said one thing saved her daughter from falling victim of an accused pedophile. i'm meteorologist kate wentzel. a gorgeous thursday across the bay area. we are looking live from sarasota. will the sunshine stick around for the weekend?
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>> reporter: she ask we not reveal her identity after her 9- year-old daughter was propositioned for sex by the father of a friend. >> it scares me to think if it wasn't because of the cell phone what might have happened that weekend when she went to her dads. >> what sparked you to look. >> i think it was god. >> reporter: she noticed the man's text on her child's phone and texted back pretending to be the 9-year-old girl. >> i say to him i want you to be my first. he says you know i could get in so much trouble. >> reporter: grapevine police set up a sting and arrested butler. the worried mother wants to worry other parents. >> people may there are certain age children should not have phones but this saved her life. >> reporter: still coming to grips with the tragedy her family narrowly avoided. >> the suspect is in jail tonight.
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figure out if he had any other victims. investigators do have that little girl's phone because it is evidence and her mom says she will get her a new phone that will not text and can only accept four numbers. here is any theory. jim van fleet is not here because he is playing hookie. >> i'm happy to be here no matter what jim is doing today. i love weather like this. it allows me to smile. we love it. i know the folks visiting from up north or our snow birds are soaking in the sunshine. this is the scene from our performing arts center camera.
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the sunsetting later you have at least another hour to get outside and maybe go for a walk with the daylight. current temperatures very comfortable. 70 degrees in crystal river. 71 land o'lakes. slightly cooler by the coast. the coast 69 for st. pete and new port richey. as we look at the southeast united states notice the coastal carolinas are cool. we don't have to go far north before we find cold temperatures. the northeast. comfortable. look at the difference between tampa 73. as that east to northeast breeze moves across the sunshine state, it develops a land breeze. look to our west. across the southeast. right now amarillo, texas 85 degrees. that big ridge of high pressure in place keeping the cooler air
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i want to zoom in back home. high pressure in control. the area of high pressure we have clockwise flow giving us the north easterly wind flow. we'll stay nice and dry. stable conditions tonight and tomorrow. if you are headed out this evening maybe going off for the walk or jog, maybe kids have baseball practice it will be nice. mid 60s early evening. 56 degrees by midnight. wake up temperatures 51 degrees. gorgeous by the afternoon. temperatures in the midrange of the 70s. for the nature coast mid to upper 70s. in fact 76 degrees in brooksville. for the bay area 75 degrees clearwater and st. pete. a little cooler at 73 lakewood ranch. across polk county high temperatures in the mid 70s. nice and quiet on storm tracker 10. again, winds out of the east northeast for our morning. you will see nothing more than maybe a few clouds. especially across inland areas
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from the atlantic. the beaches looking gorgeous. make sure to use your sunscreen. should you wash the car? i'm going to say yes. green light for that. the next chance for rain is not until tuesday. here comes our front. monday basically dry. showers starting tuesday morning with a chance of tomorrows. by early wednesday we are wrapped up with that situation. clear conditions by next thursday. seven-day forecast looking beautiful for the weekend. we'll have high temperatures in the upper 70s. lows in the mid 50s. you'll need your umbrellas next tuesday as we are tracking storms. you can always keep on top of the weather no matter where you are. first you have to download the 10 news app. it is free in the app store. you can access all of our maps on your cell phone, your apple, android. you can also have access to our breaking news and traffic alerts. all next week make sure to watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win a pair of
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spring training opening day game. the game is wednesday march 2nd at steinbrenner field in tampa. i'm reginald roundtree. all new on "10 news at 5:30", apple is gaining support when it comes to defying a judge's order to help unlock the san bernardino killer's i-phone. what does donald trump have in common with justin bieber? sarah palin has an idea. some of the biggest names in baseball history walk the streets in st. petersburg. the biggest babe ruth. do you know you can walk where he made history? those stories coming up next on
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animal rights groups are sharing shocking pictures online with an important lesson for you and your family. this is hard to share with you. take a look. this is a dolphin being passed around by a mob of people on a beach in argentina. even when they are full grown they are tiny. they can not spend as much time away from the water as other dolphins.
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water and the group kept passing it around posing for pictures. it was left on the beach out of the water and it died. it is a reminder that no picture is worth interfering with wildlife. that is not worth it especially when it is endangered like the dolphin we just showed you. there is a new recruit in the fight against isis. that would be hollywood. u.s. government is asking hollywood on advice on how to counter propaganda from the islamic state. they are encouraging people around the world to encourage the terror group. this could pass as a blockbuster movie trailer. it is a trailer produced by members of the group. earlier this week secretary of state john kerry exchanged ideas about countering propaganda like this with executives and hollywood insiders. >> this is a battle of ideas between competing narratives. >> the reason the united states can't get behind the counter narrative is because we have no
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>> this isn't the first time uncle sam teamed up with hollywood. in the 80s the pentagon helped with top gun, which became a big tool for recruiting fighter pilots. wine lovers listen up. do you really know what is in your favorite glass of vinot? the battle over beyonce. there is a push for law
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought
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make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good evening. i'm courtney robinson. >>i'm reginald roundtree. we are on top of three big stories happening now.
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fraternal order of police are calling for law enforcement officers to boycott beyonce's concerts across the country. the group believes beyonce used the superbowl to divide americans. they referred back to her video called formation. beyonce kicks off a tour in miami in april. tampa is second on the list. late this afternoon tampa police fired back on twitter calling out reports that its officers were not signing up for the concert at the ramond james stadium. check this out. it says quote what? tampa police department officers have been in formation for days signing up to keep the beehive safe. it looks like there will be no boycott here. the pope says it is okay for women worried about the zica virus to use birth control. this is huge. this is a big change from the catholic church's usual stance.


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