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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and i find that absolutely unbelievable that they would be even posting stuff like this. >> pictures of sex acts in a local high school bathroom. a student pretending to snort coke in the cafeteria. >> and you look really stupid. >> tonight, our questions launch a sheriff's office investigation. good evening and thank you for watching. our top story tonight, a concerned parent reaches out to 10 news, upset after seeing inappropriate pictures on his daughter's twitter account from land oh lakes high school. tonight 10 news uncovers the post which landed several teens in trouble.
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on 10. >> wow. i'm in shock. >> the parents can't believe what has been going on inside this high school. >> i think it is horrible. i don't know, where did they learn that behavior. >> and they surfaced of this student, quote, snorting lines at the high school. >> it is very immature, uncalled for. >> the next day this post of a girl and guy in a bathroom stall apparently engaged in a sex act. >> and really embarrassing. i would never do something like this on school grounds. >> it is hard to miss with more than 3,500 retweets. we reached out to the district and the sheriff's office last night and were told they hadn't started their criminal investigation, so we held off on the story at their request. deputies have now determined the students didn't break the law, but did violate the school's code of conduct. the district says the student in this picture who really has lines of pixie sticks. and the two in this picture as
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the bathroom pictures are all being disciplined. >> they should know better and i can't imagine what they thought they were trying to accomplish by doing that. >> we're turning a corner special adulthood where we need to take responsibility for what we do. >> i talk a student who posted these bathroom pictures. right now he is serving out a three-day suspension and learned to, quote, cool it on twitter. >> they're going to regret doing that day. it is probably not cool, but, i mean, hey, it is high school. things happen. >> very disheartening. maybe i'll have to pull him out. >> 10 news, wtsp. and tonight the district is still trying to track down the girl who took the picture in the bathroom and worries how negative social media posts can damage a school and student's reputation. right now tampa police are asking for your help finding a missing woman. take a look. this is the 23-year-old, and her family hasn't heard from her since wednesday and they
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she was last seen on north boulevard, the 3700 block. if you have any information, please call the tampa police. we have put the picture on facebook and twitter pages, so make sure to share it and spread the word. the justice department is offering apple a corp miced. after breaking that code, apple could then break the software, but apple has refused to develop the software saying it puts people's privacy at risk a hearing is scheduled for march 22. all eyes on south carolina tonight on the eve of that state's republican primary. donald trump once held a double digit lead, but a poll released just today shows him just five points ahead of ted cruz. tomorrow is likely make or break for jeb bush and ben carson while marco rubio hopes to recover coming in six knot new hampshire and john kasich just hopes to hold on long enough to make it to the
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in the meantime, democrats are running neck and neck in nevada ahead of tomorrow's awe cueses. it will be the first test of their appeal to minority voters. nevada is more than 25% latino. and a developing story tonight. authorities are investigating what caused a serious boat fire. two people were on board this afternoon when that blaze broke out. sky 10 overhead after it drifted away from the lighthouse point marina. safety harbor fire doused the flames and kept that bet away from the boat ramp. one person was treated for minor burns. no one ease was injured. we are still waiting the hear from the coast guard about what happens next. well, if you're looking for a job or thinking of a career change have you thought about teaching? the pasco county is going through such an economic boom they're in desperate need of more teachers for next year. >> we have a lot of new development. it seems like everyone is kind of moving here right now and it is a really great place to raise a family.
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started out with a shortage, but now there could be 72,000 -- 7,000 to 1,000 more students i should say and three pasco schools that is based on new home construction permitting. for more on job openings in the schools, you can head to tv. and well, school is out for the weekend, but there's still a mystery swirling at tampa's oldest public high school. while students cheered the players on the court, they worked to figure out what broke a window landing them on lockdown for the day. courtney robinson spoke to one student who was in the classroom where that window broke shattering some students' sense of security. >> reporter: friday night is game night where the only fouls happen on the court. but this morning awe scare put hillsboro high school on guard.
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>> reporter: that's what patricia bend says. she was standing next to the window that suddenly cracked. >> and we think it went up in the ceiling because we saw a hole in the ceiling, too. >> reporter: the school was immediately put on lockdown, tampa police swarmed the campus. the students were locked in their classroom for hours to wait for the all clear. [ and my son sent me a text saying we're on a real lockdown. >> reporter: her son miles plays basketball for the terriers. >> and we actually brought him home. usually we don't bring him home prior to the game. but we actually ask -- he actually asked to come home for a moment just to regroup. >> reporter: even though she worried about together's game, the officers say there is no danger, just defense. so what happened? what shattered this window? tampa police officers tell us they're still investigating. we'll let you know ma they find. in tampa, courtney robinson, 10 news, wtsp. time now for headlines around the in addition and the world. this is your 60-second scan. it has been a somber day in the nation's capital where
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court to pay their respects to justice antonin ska lee yeah he receiverred nearly 30 years on the bench. his funeral is tomorrow morning at 11:00 at the basilica of the national shrine of immaculant conception. get ready for a smoother ride. the ford motor company is expanding its pothole protection technology. this means it detects when it is running over a pothole and instantly adjusts the shock a absorbers to keep the tire from falling in the hole. it will be available in the ford few fusion and lincoln luxury cars. space travel has never look sod good. nasa says it received over 18,000 applicants for its next astronaut class that is more than double the previous record of 8,000 applicant force the first schayes shuttle class in 1978. and why the surge? nasa took on social media to promote the opening, but the odds are getting in pick red pretty small. only eight to 14 american also be chosen that is your 60- second scan.
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it is frightening. the children were wide eyed and wondering what? what is going the happen next door? we have stepped in and we have said here's what safety looks like for children and for families. >> right now a bill to ban back yard gun ranges on the governor's desk. the debate flew up when they created a makeshift gun range in his back yard. we have seen how dangerous they can be. someone playing target practice littered their neighbor's home with bullets. if the governor signs the bill, building a gun range, that will become a first-degree misdemeanor. the ban would apply to homes within one acre of each other. and still to come -- using what is in your gut to help you lotes weight. the skinny behind a new weight loss pill. talk about timing where a deputy was able to stop an armed robbery. >> and paying to ping. what you could start seeing in your facebook messages, ahead. >> and good friday evening to you, trends.
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a gorgeous day today. nice weather continues for saturday, but some of us will see fog early in the morning. i'll let you know where we expect that coming up in just a few minutes. and make sure to stay up for an all new late show. the guests include the comedian chelsea handler and the actor and the musical performance from the lym nears. and all next week, make sure you watch 10 news this morning for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the new york yankees' spring training opening day game.
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gentleman can your weight help determine the size of your waist? it sounds like a bad joke, but it is serious science and a new study on it begins next month. here is the skinny from the experts. bad for you is bad in so many ways, including your intestines. your gut has chemicals and messages to your brain like hunger. u.t. health studied fecal bacteria transplant. >> if you take the bacteria from an obese person and put
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if you give the bacteria to a thin person, the mouse stays thin. >> reporter: the u.t. health team points out bad gut bacteria is linked the all kinds of bad health issues. >> whether it is increasing appetite, whether it is depression, whether it is a seizure disorder. patients with parkinson's disease have abnormal intestal flora. >> the scientists studied four sets of identical twins, one heavy, one thinment mice take got the lean twin bacteria got twin and the other became heavy. and yes, the twin gut flora was different. an upcoming study asks the questions. >> can you forget diet and just reverse your obesity process by putting the healthy bacteria in the human intestine?
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by the way, it is filtered so only the bacteria remains and then get processed into pill form, so, no, the patients are not eating poop. >> that is good to know. >> the reports have shown that the pills are actually more effective than antibiotics and there's actually a company that is willing to pay for healthy body weight. you learn how to cash in yourself at and in your consumer news tonight, facebook plans to launch ads in its app, meaning businesses will be allowed to send you targeted direct ads straight to your messenger inbox. in a document, a tech web site says if you have ever interacted with a business in the past, they will be able to send you an ad. some critics say this will open you up to a whole bunch of text spam on your phone. more than 800 million people use the app. new video tonight show as deputy in the right place at the right time. take a look. martin county deputy walked special a convenience store to
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happened to stumble upon an armed robbery in the progress. the deputy noticed the clerk acting nervously. he then realized something was going on and he rushed over to the suspect with the gun and put him in cuffs. >> and he is a super hero because what he did i can't believe because i was -- god send an angel for me. >> when i walked in, the face he had on him, they were in complete fear. one in a million. >> he was meant to be. >> the suspect is a violent convicted felon. he told deputies he was driving south and randomly stopped at the store and then just decided to rob it. the gun was -- the gun the suspect was carrying did turn out to be a fake.
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peachy keen. >> and the picture perfect days, and the sunshine warming up, but we are in store for a beauty. isn't that great? for you. beautiful, saturday, sunday, done. minutes. >> and first, i want to show you some amazing video. take a look at, this everybody. ice shatters like glass. this is from lake superior near duluth. ice shattering over and over like sheets of broken glass. the experts say this sight is common every year, however, it is particularly strong right now because of the lakes went from barely iced over to heavily there frozen all over the course of a couple of days. isn't that really just interesting video how those shards of glass just kind of piling up on top of each other. well, nothing is frozen about this picture. this is a time lapse from sarasota. and the performing arts center camera, and it was a really
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a little on the windy side and from time to time we saw some clouds rolling through. but overall quiet conditions and that is paving the way for the weekend weather as well. current temperatures have dropped nicely. 52 degrees in crystal river. and still relatively mild in st. petersburg. land oh lakes currently 59 degrees. but as we head to the overnight hours, the temperature also be dropping down into the low range of the 50s so a little cool when you wake up saturday morning, but warming up very quickly into the low 70s by 11:00. now, i want to show you the current winds. generally out of the east- southeast at 10 miles per hour in st. pete. 6 of miles per hour miles an hour in tampa. we will notice them diminishing in tampa and that will make for very nice boating conditions, which i'll show you in just a moment. look at how mild it is. 53 in new orleans.
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oklahoma city is still warm at 61 degrees. so warm weather continues across the southern tear of the -- tier of the united states. in fact, the high pressure is going to be moving right overhead that is going to help our winds become very light overnight which could give us some patchy fog. and 49 degrees. and 49 for crystal river and our southern area, sarasota, low temperature of 53 degrees. but lots of sunshine is going to help heat us up very quickly as we head into the afternoon. 76 degrees. now, patchy fog possible east of i-75 where we see the highest amount of low level moisture, clear skies, light winds, but that could quickly burn off by about 9:00, 10:00 and then gorgeous sunshine for the majority of the day so high temperatures running about three to four degrees above average. the coast, 78 degrees. for the folks in brooksville. across the bay area, 74 st. pete.
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77 in lakewood ranch and polk county, you'll see a temperature for lakeland, for example, 76 degrees so quiet on saturday. nice and quiet. right at 11:00, the clouds across our inland areas, but no rain saturday or sunday. so a nice day to head to the beach. the water temperature is still cool at 60 degrees and the u. v. index up to seven. so wear the sun screen. the bay waters, we will find a light chop. high tide is at 2:07 in the afternoon. the weekend looking just great with warm temperatures, mostly sunny skies. but as we head into monday night, a few showers possible. and we're still watching a cold front that eventually will bring us showers and storms tuesday into wednesday. so here is the first wave of energy that moves through, but the heaviest rain looks to be to north of the tampa bay area. and then as we head into wednesday, here finally comes that front. by thursday morning early, we
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cooler once again by next thursday and friday with high temperatures in the mid and upper 60s, and low temperatures by next friday right around 50 degrees. enjoy the weekend, everybody, and if you want to get a quick check ton weather, you can just download our 10 news app free in the app store. you can get current temperatures as well as access to our sky 10 network cameras. the yankees opened spring training with maybe the best bullpen in baseball. tonight you'll meet two of the best boy basketball teams in the state and st. petersburg is playing fortunate in one wild
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here we go. friday night, one of the best high school babble games i have seen in a long time. st. pete high tonight hosting lakewood ranch at the devil's deny where the fans were loud and proud and there were a lot of them. standing room only tonight at the half. lakewood ranch had a seven- point lead a bit of a surprise. but then it was st. pete's turn. watch this on defense. the big block by a.j. ford ahead to darius banks. he is in all the way and the devils' rally had begun. they took the lead. good passing here by the devils to the open man for three.
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and this gym was shaking! and just before the half, with authority, yes. st. pete wins it 83-77 over lakewood ranch, and they are headed back to the state finals in lakeland. yeah, great game. >> and largo, deafer hills and jesuit also advanced to the state finals with wins, and tomorrow night we find out about tampa catholic playing in the region's final led by two of the best players in florida, both averaging 20 point as game. >> and he is in his 25th season as head coach of the tampa catholic crusaders, and this might be the best game he has ever had. >> we're in a pretty good position right now. and that's not guaranteeing anything. who know what is is go diagnose happen down the line, but if we had to plan it out and ride it out, we probably would have written it out exactly like it is now, and we'll see what happens. >> where are the crusaders so good? you can start with the 6'8" junior forward who is being
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>> and i as his coach know he can get better, but his ceiling unlimited. i don't know. he could very well be one of those guys when an done, that plays one year in college and goes to the nba. he is that good. >> or you could go with thomas, the coach's son, a 6'5" point guard who is going to oklahoma state in the fall. >> i never wanted to be the dad that tells everybody how good their son is because i deal with that sometimes with parents that are telling me how good their son is, so i took the opposite approach. as his career kind of winds down, he's really good. i mean, he's made me a really good coach. jo and that game is 7:00 tomorrow. the yankees' pitchers and catchers opened spring training work-outs today no big ticket free agents for the yanks this year, but they did change for the monster closer chapman.
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it is going to be fun to watch unfold. i'm anxious to see it from behind the plate, but we definitely got better. >> and bonus coverage we have a double for you tonight. here is the fist one. scooter christensen of the harlem globetrotters attempting a 100-foot shot from the balcony at the staple center. yeah, he nailed it! yeah, look at that thing go again. 100 feet! the globetrotters, as you well know rcelebrateing their 90th anniversary this year. >> no editing either. >> no. >> and a teaser for a big racing weekend? here is the truck series race at daytona. the last lap o, that is trouble. barrel rolling down the track. he's going to stop eventually. that is christopher bell. i think he had his bell rung. he walked away from the wreck. he's fine. you know how safe -- they're incredibly put together. >> that is a miracle. >> and that is good engineering, though.
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i have a feeling he is shaken up. >> and hopefully. >> and we'll have a crew for the big race, daytona sunday at 1:00. >> that sounds good. thanks. >> stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back. >> tonight's lottery numbers
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fennelly tonight, and check this out. the zoo coopers. and he has swimming skills. in case he ever falls in. they just hoped he would pad toll safety. and if he passed the test, he was reunited with mom and the duo made their debut today. >> well, gosh, you just have to do it, right? sink or swim! >> that's all that matters.
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>> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late


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