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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and shot her once and she was still running and then shot her again and she fell. >> there is no connection that we are aware of between three different sets of victims. they appear to have been chosen at random. >> for a community in michigan tonight it is now a question of why. why a man would randomly open fire on city streets killing six people, a father and son and four women shot dead. good evening. first tonight a vigil in the town of kalamazoo.
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the trigger sits in a jail cell tonight, a community stunned. many of them gather fog -- gathering for church service to honor the lives lost. police say his crime spree lasted four hours. he is an uber driver who passed the company's background check. tonight passengers are coming for ward with their experiences of sitting in the backseat of his car hours before going on a killing rampage. >> we were driving through the lawn, speed -- speeding along, once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> he talked a lot. he didn't seem -- off -- like crazy. >> when it was all said and done
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dalton as he leaving a bar. they say he surrendered without a fight. two men arrested accused of baiting and fighting animals. the men recorded the fight and posted it on social media. we spoke with one of the men who said he is innocent. >> a vicious video that went viral. a pit bull struggling to get's jaws around this caged raccoon. >> this video was recorded last spring but 25-year-old has put it on facebook last week. >> i am an old country boy. >> he said even though he is seen on the video opening the cage, he is innocent of the charges. dogs.
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>> he points to his dog's vaccination records as proof that he is responsible. but his four dogs aren't are his kennels any longer. animal services took them away. >> [ indiscernible ] >> the video stops before we see what ended up happening to the raccoon. he said it escaped and ran up the tree but if you watch the video the signs point to a different ending. back to you. >> we do have a link of the entire video on our website. if you want to watch it and decide if perry's storied as up. an important traffic alert you will want to hear about. this is along i-75 in sarasota county in the north port area. all southbound lanes are
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>> good evening. well the traffic out here hasn't gotten much better since this morning. i want to get you right into it and show you the view we have. this is traffic on the southbound lanes of i-75. you can see a steady line of cars moving slowly. this is mile marker 179. this is the cut off point where fhp is diverting all southbound traffic onto toledo blade boulevard. they aren't letting people get back on till they reach mile mark 170. it was a mess of cars and fuel fumed all over i-75 today. florida highway patrol tells us a gas tanker lost control and spilled almost 8,500 gallons of fuel on to the highway. it was so bad fhp had to shutdown area to traffic.
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the tanker off before 6:00 p.m. florida highway patrol say they still don't know what caused the driver to lose control. fhp tells us they don't plan on opening that stretch of road till late tonight or even early tomorrow morning. if you plan to drive through this area, be advised your morning commute could be delayed. back to you. >> remember to download our 10news app for breaking traffic alerts new tonight a freak accident has a tampa woman fighting for her life. her friends and family are not only asking for your prayers but they need donations together back to the states for treatment. she is a graduate. her best friend said she is in
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while visiting for the weekend she was involved in a horrible accident that no one could have predicted. >> [ indiscernible ] >>i spoke with her best friend. she says they would like to have her flown back to the united states to miami for treatment. many of you have already responded to the call donating more than $100,000 to a gofundme page in just one day. you can find that link right now. we posted it at it is a sign that will make you do a double take. after doing research, members of
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a music that is raising some controversy. they posted this sign talk about white privilege. many are sounding off about it. >> at good samaritan church, spreading their message is important to them. >> these are are genuine people. >> she appreciates the church for being welcoming and the members fight fog -- fighting for what they believe in. this message has sparked a lot of conversation. >> i don't see it as a racial issue. i look at it as maybe the world may see it that way. >> sunday their front signs spoke of community. on tuesday it read, if you are white, use your privilege to fight for justice. >> pastor of the church says the sign has come with mixed
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many sounding off on their facebook page for it and against it. white privilege is a top that i and center. >> it is little things weather. your teach your kids to keep their hands out of their pockets when they go into a drug store and to keep their receipts in their hands because you are worried they might be accused of shoplifting. >> members say they will don't step -- continue to step up on problems with race. >> you can't take everything for face value when you first read something. you have to stop and think about. >> it they believe they got their message across of starting the discussion. >> look at what martin luther king said. it is all coming to pass. it is being administered right here at this church. >> back to you. for too many children in the bay area living with hunger has been a sad reality.
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make a difference to change that. around 250 berkeley school students, parents and volunteers took part. they packaged thousands of meals that will go to families in need. >> our goal today and we will hit it is to prepare 40,000 meals to be distributed. >> that food will be distributed through the hillsborough education foundation. 10news out in the community this weekend for a very special event in tampa. it was a night of dancing, friendship and so much happiness at the best buddies friendship
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she helped drown king,l -- crown the king, scombeen court. -- queen and court. still to come, a tampa woman's school project she can actually live in. just a gorgeous day across the bay area. in fact you are noticing temperatures on the mild side. it is still 66 degrees in tampa. st. petersburg 65. one more warm and dry day for the bay area then big changes coming starting tuesday.
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a big weekend for runners in the bay area. today was the half marathon along bayshore boulevard. as you can see we had another big turn out this year. >> the girls and i came out to encourage and support my wife and -- and the team. >> all right. and we even had a few 10news employees in the mix too. and good sunday evening to you. i hope you enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend. this is a little time lapse. wow look at all that brilliant sunshine to start day. from time to time we did see some clouds stream across the
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conditions. right now it is mild out there. 66 degrees in tampa. 65 st. petersburg. mid 50s along the nature coast. temperatures are going to stay pretty close to where they are right now. our quiet weather -- [ indiscernible ] one in the western gulf of mexico. the ridge access pretty much over head. when that happens we have a light wind and generally very quiet weather as well. so a good start to the workweek. as you are getting the kids ready for the school bus stop, mild and dry, 59 degrees. they may want light jacket or sweater to start out. by the afternoon they can take the extra layer off because it will be warm. patchy fog possible inland. we will see mostly clear skies. a little low level moisture plus light wind. if you do live in a fog prone area or drive through one on your way to work, keep that in mind and use extra caution on
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57 in clear ware for the low. 56 new port richey. overall very nice temperatures for this time of year. average high 73 degrees. we will make it up to about 77 degrees monday afternoon. not as much sunshine as today. still a very pleasant day. by monday evening, a slight chance of a few isolated showers mainly overnight. look at these high temperatures for the nature coast. 80 spring hill. 80 in brooksville. 78 clearwater. seminole 77. you can see they will be warm, 80 lakewood ranch. a little bit cooler right by the coast. 75 for sarasota and for bradenton. 81 degrees is the high in mulberry, lakeland and polk city. definitely getting a little taste of early spring across the bay area.
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starting out out of the east-southeast, from time to time again we will see those mid and high level clouds. during the afternoon we have a little weak sea breeze circulation develop. that will help pull in some moisture from the gulf. the clouds will move from west to east through late afternoon into the evening and perhaps an isolated shower across our southern zones but most of us will stay rain-free. nice boating conditions will continue. bay waters a light chop. with the sunshine getting a little strong you will want to put on some sunscreen if you are heading out. low tide 8:10 in the morning. high tide at 2:40 in the afternoon. monday pretty nice day for you. 77 degrees. you notice big changes coming tuesday into wednesday and here is why. this is wednesday morning and ahead of our next approaching frontal boundary we will see a
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moving through the bay area wednesday afternoon through wednesday evening. now the good news is we will clear things out by thursday and cooler dryer air working in. we will be watching that line for the potential of some thunderstorms and even strong to see veer. of -- severe. of course we will track that closely for you. then by early thursday we are clearing out and that front moves right through the bay area. once we get past tuesday a few scattered showers but no a big deal. wednesday into thursday morning clear comfortable cooler. when you are on the go this workweek you can track those showers and storms on our 10 news app. it will give you access to live
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welcome into victory lane here at daytona international speed way following the closest finish
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all the talk coming in was the project known as daytona rising. on the final lap of the race not one fan was seated in these new seats for the photo finish. a record day to begin with. driver ever to take the pole. [ indiscernible ] championship. it was fast pace throughout. with 30 laps to go a collective gap. he was okay. with 16 laps to go danica patrick and greg get together. danica does an amazing job to save the car but she would come home 35th. final lap is when it got really exciting. denny hamlin dug it inside and
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denny hamlin winning by 1100ths of a second. the closest finish ever. >> i went up there to block the fore car and -- when he hit me it just shot me way more forward than i ever would have imagined. the 20 went up high to block us and left the middle open for us. i just cut the wheel hard and luckily we still got a victory. >> i thought i had it. i probably should have tried to rub him a little bit harder. once he -- he just got me bogged down enough and pulled off at the right time. >> [ indiscernible ] with pitchers and catchers today down in port hard slot. the ace ready to build on a break out year. the rays acquired them with the mariners. >> he caught a bunch of high level guys throughout his
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i think he has four or five years in the big league. it is not really that tough. he is a great receiving catcher. that is why he is here. he also has power as well. behind the plate it is -- usually not an issue for a good catcher let's talk some hoops. five bulls players scoring in double digits. now let's go to the ice. lightning going for their second straight win on the road in carolina taking on the hurricanes. all tied at 1 in the second period. ryan for the second time in three games finds the back of the net giving them a 2-1 lead. in the third tied at 2 the captain giving the bolts the edge for good in a 4-2 victory.
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celebrities that attended the daytona 500. >> watch this. okay! it doesn't hurt at all. honestly i feel great. just give me a second to do that. uh -- [ laughter ] as far as me participating in wrestlemania only on april 3rd. >> that will do it. the harley j earl trophy now belongs to denny hamlin. back to you. tonight's lottery numbers
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finally tonight talk about living on the edge. a usf graduate student can sit on top of her house anytime she wants. that is because she built a tiny house with the help of her family and friends. [ indiscernible ] she says her professors are pretty impressed. >> they think it is cool because it is not very often that a student builds something. it is a really cool experience. >> well she admits there is still quite a bit of work to do
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she created a gofundme account. >> i think it is pretty cool. good for get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill,
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[music] >> joel osteen: well, god bless you, and thanks for bein' with us today. and if you're ever in our area, please stop by and be a part of one of our services. i promise ya we'll make ya feel right at home. i like to start with something funny each week, and they're just a joke. don't be offended. i heard about this man.


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