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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  February 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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store, was that powerful. speemac we didn't even have time to grab a flashlight or anything. we were trying to get the door closing get in the closet we are both pulling on and it wouldn't close. speemac the gov. spent much of the day walking around the hardest hit areas getting a firsthand look at the damage. in the jacksonville area folks are cleaning up after possible tornado touchdown there. there were reports of wins as strong as 60 miles an hour, knocking down trees and damaging buildings including a correctional institution. closer to home where confirmation the two tornadoes hit south of the bay area this afternoon. the national weather service says one touchdown in a field into wet and the same area where a couple was killed by a tornado last month. fortunately no damage or injuries today. a second tornado hit farther south ripping through the deep creek neighborhood in punta gorda.
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but the good news, everyone is okay. >> absolutely. especially when you see all of the damage hear. and you can solve the path of this ef1 mac tornadoes starting over there. the twister one from that house to this house, around here, and continue straight on through for a couple of for a couple of blocks. with winds of up to 110 miles an hour. one homeowner said he got the warning just in time. speemac i am lucky. speemac that's how bill thomas feels after taking a look at the damage around him, the tornado ripped his pool screen. his neighbor lost the entire frame. speemac if you look at the house is the way they are destroyed it's kind of a perfect path. speemac bill perfect path. >> bill and his wife were watching a route movie around two pm when they saw the weather warning on the tv screen. he saw the tornado from the love my window. >> it started raining superhard and then it got foggy you you could just barely see. then then you of course you
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freight train coming through. speemac of been through a hurricane and now tornado we are done. speemac the couple hid in the pantry. speemac. >> we were here when charlie went through. now we are going through this. it's a scary thought. speemac when the storm was over, power lines were down, fences and trees to. we of trees too. roof shingles were scattered for blocks. some roofs exposed, and pool screen storm apart. despite the damage emergency officials say no one was hurt. speemac i hope everyone is okay, that's the main thing. speemac absolutely. no one was hurt in this tornado. that's what was so amazing. five to 30 homes were damaged, close close to 350 homes are still without power. calculate will return by the end of the evening. this tornado came came through here quickly. but the cleanup is expected to take some time. this is a good time to remind you now is the time to download the ted news app that
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weather anytime just search wtsp 10 news in the app store. another county county is taking a bold step to keeping drunk drivers off the roads. the change sparked by 10 investigate series. we first exposed how tow truck drivers were targeting the cars of drivers who chose not to drive drunk. and tonight he is breaking down how this new move will affect you. >> there's a unique ordinance on the tampa books that prohibits tow trucks for making the rounds outside bars in the it encourages drivers to leave their cars if it had a few drinks and keep the drunk drivers off the roads. the number of our cities and already looking to copy that rule and this morning pascoe county commissioner, mike moore took the first step and explain expanding tampa's rule to the north. he says he likes the idea of tantalizing bars and prescott growers to leave their cars overnight if they've had too
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several commissioners added to the idea saying any measure to discourage drunk driving benefits us all. pascoe county all. pascoe county attorney will love commissioners know how to proceed next. if you want to see previous investigations on predatory towing and how you could seek a refund check out the 10 investigates page on wtsp .com. a 10 news health alert to tell you about. one bay area hospital said it is dealing with a severe flu outbreak rid the flu has set a record number of people to the emergency room at manatee memorial hospital. on monday the hospital broke its all-time single day record for emergency room visits with that is nearly 100 more more patience than the hospital saw this same time last year. as we told you earlier this week some doctors in the bay area say they are seeing a shortage of flu vaccines. especially for kids. however, you should still be able to get a vaccine at most local pharmacies. it is your choice 2016. and 16.
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two big questions. one, without a single first- place victory, will marco rubio be able to survive until florida's primary next month ? two, the big primary winds are already in the bag, will the bag, will anyone be able to stop donald trumps momentum? mark rivera is breaking it down. >> where did you talk politics question wreck >> with a lot of working-class people in florida >> jamie why that is talking about donald trump. after another big win in nevada he is out pulling marco rubio almost three times over in our state. speemac if it is between trump and rubio who do you think question mark >> trump >> for rubio to make it to florida. >> i think you'll really have to take i guess russ of that robotic feel and maybe differentiate that. speemac >> here's the story behind the story. if rubio does not outright win one of more of the 12 states voting on tuesday a chance to be president might be over for him.
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bush is out of the race, and endorsements are going to marco rubio, that could could be hurting his chances of winning even more. speemac all polling shows that truly want an outsider. that goal. marco rubio by aligning himself now with the establishment is going to hurt himself in the long run. >> one thing is clear even to folks from finland you cannot miss politics here. speemac definitely we cannot that's four sure. speemac as trump heads south he is on a winning train that keeps rolling on. >> also get this. as of today, rick scott as a possible trump vp candidate ? you can read that story by going to wtsp .com. the state's two largest electric company face a class
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forcing company customers to pay legal fee. the federal lawsuit accuses duke energy and florida power & light of overcharging nearly 6.5 million customers all to fund the nuclear power plant where in some cases the plants were never even though. the fees weren't posed in 2006 by the legislature and by then governor jeb bush. utilities collected $2 billion. f p&l calls lawsuit frivolous and duke energy says the law has been unsuccessfully challenged in previous court cases. we begin in manatee county with a no parking ordinance in homes beach. commissioners failed last night to overturn the males veto ordinance which would've required residents to have a parking permit. it would have also allow police to read ticket violators every two hours. in polk county a new way to get to miami. greyhound is returning service to winterhaven to get riders on
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>> when greyhound left a few years ago it wasn't the people really want using it too much, but it was a staple in the community. so i think they are excited it is coming back. speemac there is no ticket service at the winterhaven hub so you will have to buy your tickets online. the greyhound service will run every day at 1:50 p.m. and 3:10 p.m. from tampa to miami. carol would residents are waiting to voice their concerns about a busy intersection. if you have ever driven done highway online but you know can be a traffic nightmare. the county is holding a meeting tonight to talk about a big fix on the way and our very own word warrior breaks down with the changes could mean for you. speemac the county is planning on a $3.5 million capital improvement project. the goal is to help ease congestion at the intersection to help the 60,000 drivers who who use it everyday. here are some of the highway highlights of the project. i behind behind bob a plan to
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and on gun highway there northbound turn lane will be added in the southbound left turn way standard. also on the drawing board, pedestrian safety features, bike lanes and a new traffic signal system. work is expected to take eight months and that means you will need to pack your patience. expect lane closures, detours and even more congestion during construction. if you want to learn more about the project, public works is holding an informational meeting tonight at 6:30 pm. it is that is at pinellas elementary school on nixon road. if you cannot make it i have posted a link on our website go to wtsp .com and click on they say sugar cures all. that's why why one local woman is putting on her apron. >> just ahead we will get to see some of her tasty creations that bring smiles to kids in the.
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targeting homes in broad daylight. storms have moved on but now is the wind picks up you can probably hear it outside. what is it bringing in? we will talk about it coming up. spring training is about to swing into action. all this week a quick reminder to watch tenders this morning. this way you have a chance to win a pair a pair of tickets to see the new york yankees spring
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a crime alert so serious investigators are sending out a robo calls to warn the neighbors. speemac criminals have been kicking in doors and burglarizing homes in broad daylight of multiple counties. the citrus county sheriff's office is warning neighbors from you us 19 through you us 41 along pinellas road. tonight pended ted news pasco why investigators are so concerned about this crime. >> more than 1200 neighbors received a code red call tuesday morning of the latest crime trend. targeting homes in the early
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until about noon. they're waiting for the victim to leave the house. >> the citrus county sheriff's office says the burglaries began in the latter, leavy and marion counties and believe the crimes are linked. the code red system has been used for weather alerts for years. but now the citrus sheriffs office is using it to link crimes to people most affected. speemac we are using it as a tool to reach as many people as we can to let them know there are suspects in their area. speemac daniel justina said receiving the warning call was an added security on top of adopting his two dogs. speemac i listen i listen to it and i immediately got my alert up and started talking to a couple of neighbors and let them know that i had heard it. speemac i was able to speak with one of the victims along rural dunellen road. the victim said he did want to be on camera but since a break in his install the full security system and applied for secure -- concealed weapons permit. todd eckert has his home
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speemac lock your doors and put your valuables away. if you have a safe i would use it. speemac investigators say put things like jewelry, small electronics and medications in a place not easy to find. speemac we want them to stay vigilant looking for the suspect. >> if you have any information regarding this case, go to wtsp .-dot calm and click seen on tv. we've we've posted information so you can leave an anonymous tip. the radar looks so different from a few hours ago. speemac now the wind is picking up and ushering in a whole new round of weather forced to talk about as we are taking a look at storm tracker tend leslie bit of storm showers and ilan county moving off to the
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and zoom out. oom out. the wind has been picking after the west and northwest so all the remaining storms will be in the everglades and alligator alley. take a look at the system. the the one that has brought in the cold front up your run tennessee and kentucky. look how far this brings touches technically from cuba to canada in its entirety. as far as the front, below, the warm front that goes with it. there's a ton of heavy snow between chicago, indiana, michigan and up over into canada. what we are watching now, the the strongest part of this low now producing tornado watches from north carolina to the nation's capital. let's zoom in and show you i imagine the cbs evening news will be touching on this. there've been tornadoes -- tornado warnings in the last hour in dc. news on these warnings have been issued. germantown is the headquarters of our sky tend network weather bug.
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around the countrycountry temperatures haven't dropped much because this first front does not have much cold behind it. it will shave temperatures down but we have another reinforcing front which i will find out for you in a moment. that's were some of the colder areas along the way and we will talk about when you can expect that. upper 60s starting in the evening is a look at those storms in punta gorda on our sky tend network. work. across the street in the field we've seen anywhere from 1 inch - 2 inches of rain wind gusts clocked around 36-44 miles an hour. take a look at mahaffey you can see right now a cloudy but much calmer evening. although we will see temperatures in the low 60s which is still fairly warm the winds keep picking up west - northwest around 10-20 miles an hour.
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as the cold air starts to move then we don't see much of a difference. likely until tomorrow with a high should be around 70 - 72 degrees. we are looking for highs in the 60s. we will get back to mostly sunny skies. maybe just a a couple of clouds holding on right at sunrise. and right around that time we should return to mostly sunny skies. 65 is our high with winds around 10 - 25 miles an hour for the first part of the morning and we will see the evening. the second front will arrive on friday no real storms to be by midday we may have some behind that is where the mornings get a little colder. it will be noticeably different saturday and sunday morning in the mid-40s. it will be quickly rebound into the 70s for highs on 70 and close to 800 by tuesday and
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the next storm system we will track that has the potential for severe weather is the following friday about march 4. we will keep you up-to-date as we get closer day by day. see how one woman is
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this is a perfect trip for the lighting is a road trip. they win the fourth game on
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place in the atlantic but the race is still extremely close. last night's winning goal, cedric pocket on a shorthanded penalty shot. the first successful successful penalty shot for the bolts in five years. twomac-onemac winners of winners of the coyotes. john cooper in brandon, jason's garrison was skating for the second straight practice. it has been two weeks since his lower body injury. he would miss 3-5. it's five. it's looking like he may be ready to play next week. speemac he still really hasn't pulled away from a timetable yet. but if we were to get them back down this road trip that would be huge. but it is cautiously optimistic i guess. speemac now for the bucks he went to scouting combine this week. jason my said he would meet with doug martin's people at the combine about contract. two cutter city is going to the probable and heading out with the best players was really
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speemac i think all that did was motivate james to continue to get better. as i said, with coaching i believe with quarterback play as well experience is the best feature. so the fact that james has a better idea what to expect moving forward i think expect moving forward i think will enable him to continue to get better. tampa catholic crusaders were ready for today semi final. here's kevin knox, coast-to- coast that tied it. however down the stretch bulls went to colin smith a lot. he led the way with 31 points and utc lost today to bulls 60 - 53. finally tonight our story takes us on the road to deliver some sweet smiles. the lowest tells the story of a zephyrhills woman who bakes case cakes for critically ill children for
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away. this weekend she made a sweet 16 cake for heather harvey's daughter. >> i think it has been like a quality and celebrating all three of my kids no matter what there diagnosis, no matter what we had going on. it has meant that we can celebrate fully that one child on their special day. >> i smiles has over 8000 volunteer bakers across the nation. they call them there sugar angels.
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& >> pelley: tornadoes bring death and destruction to the east after a string of deadly twisters in the deep south. >> i saw something coming at my face, and i said, oh, my god, i'm going to die. >> pelley: also tonight, trump with the victory of the night and the quote of the week. >> we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> pelley: a jury awards millions for a cancer death linked to talcum powder. and driving down racial barriers. >> for me as an african american from a diversity standpoint, i'm definitely carrying on that legacy. >> this is the "cbs evening


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