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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we all swipe and that's what crooks bank on, from atms to the check-out, credit card skimming costs consumers billions. good evening. >> and thank you for joining us tonight. those crooks, they're going high-tech. as technology improves, so do the schemes and skimmers like this one might soon be a thing of the past. as crooks get more clever, 10 news reporter courtney robinson helps protect your identity and wallet there at the pump. >> reporter: sarasota, tampa, lakeland, almost every community and gas station has been hit. >> i was hoer i phid. i felt very violated. >> skimmers like this attached to the card reader at the gas
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money and identity faster than you can fill up. >> i use cash now. i didn't use my card today. >> reporter: we showed you this gas station surveillance last june. watch as the thees rip open the front of the pump, put in the skimmer and driveaway. the stations have tried to fight back locking up pumps, putting up tamper prop case cans and warning you and it still happens. >> i don't care if it is $10 or $10,000 or $10 million, the hurt is the same. >> reporter: already this month in sarasota, the police have found two skimming devices at stations. it is a crime they want to stop, along with gas station attendants, officers went pump to pump sweeping for skimmers. >> typically what i do is just come in and make this card reader looks like it is as it should be, it is not loose. >> reporter: the best way to protect yourself is to pay inside. it might not be convenient, but the officers say it is skimmer free. law enforcement is also warning about a new skimmer that using
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the thief has to be close by. so if you see someone lurking, tell the station attendant. in st. pete, 10 news. for more ways to recognize skimmers and present your credit card information, head to the story on right now the centers for disease control is issuing a new warning to women. the cdc is cautioning pregnant women against traveling to the rio olympics later this year. the warning comes because of the virus infection, 1.5 million people have contracted anytime brazil and it also extends to women considering becoming pregnant and their male partners. all should also exercise caution if they travel to the games in august and september. 10 news traffic alert happening right now tonight in st. pete. right now along a stretch of gandy boulevard, it is closed, and this is in the westbound lanes between 9th and 16th streets. here is how you can guess
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from gandy, turn right on roosevelt, and take i-275 south and then take the gandy boulevard exit. the road will be closed until 6:00 tom morning. a crime alert out of tampa ton, one that every parent will want to hear. take a good look at this guy. the 23-year-old, and deputies say he is accused of flashing two 13-year-old girls from his car. one of the girls grabbed her phone, recorded video of the license plate. days later the detectives started running surveillance on him saw him circling the area of pierce middle school approaching young girls. new tonight out of sarasota county, a northport man finds his dog dead and now he plans on pressing charges against his neighbor. kevin frye said he came home and noticed a broken window. he looked around and saw his seven-pound chihuahua max lying in his cage not moving. the dog had been killed. frye found a gunshot hole in his fence and believe his
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for firing that fatal shot. he misfired and it massed through the fence and killed my animal. >> it december appear at this point to have been an accident. >> and just this week the governor signed a law making it illegal for someone to fire a weapon in a residential neighborhood. it makes st. petersberg a safe place for all of our children and children are not only not in possession of guns, also not the victims. >> seven teens and a young man gunned down since november and the city's push to end the violence. so far this year st. pete p.d. says 99 guns have been stolen. that is on top of the nearly 300 stolen last year. and winding up in the hands of criminals. tonight 10 news shows you how police and the community hope to take back the streets. >> i know a lot of families. >> reporter: many st. pete
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stranger to crime. >> violence. >> reporter: the police chief says keeping guns locked up and out of the hands of criminals a growing problem in the city. and they just arrested gregory phillips, accused of stealing 76 guns. >> these guys took the guns into our community, south st. pete, and they were trading for drugs. >> reporter: she recently lost friends to gun violence. >> and other people who have a beef with somebody else. >> reporter: it is those kinds of tragedies the reverend is charged with preventing. >> and st. petersberg is a safe place for children. >> reporter: he insists it will take police, schools, businesses and churches working together to help at-risk kids and young men. >> job readiness and life skills are role modeling. >> reporter: a special team rolled out in december making contacts in the community and in seven weeks made 188 arrests with 345 charges, found 35
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>> and they gave us more jobs, paid us more so we can afford our rent, we don't have to go kids. news, wtsp. when a gun is used in a crime, the police are going to start tracking where it was bought and how it changed owners to uncover exactly who criminals. the police department is offering free gun locks to help curb the violence. head to wtsp to find out how to get one. time for headlines around the nation and the world. we begin in washington state where the deputies say a gunman killed four people in a rural home and then fatally shot himself after an hours' long stand-off. the deputies say the gunman called 911 to say he shot and killed his family. one child was rescued from the home following what the town sheriff called a horrific tragedy. while republicans have their sights set on super tuesday next week, the
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focus on getting through tomorrow's south carolina primary first. this is the final primary before super tuesday and that's when the voters in 12 states and american is a mowa will go to the polls to pick their nominees. hawaii now, the 23-year-old john, john florence has become the youngest ever winner. this is an elite big surf contest that has only been held nine times in the last 31 years. the powerful and sustained swell of these monster waves that gave the organizers the g ahead to hold the contest. the waves were estimated to be 60 feet tall. carpet. the 88th annual academy awards gets underway this sunday and host. but the oscar eye wards come amid major controversy about the lack of diversity. and for the second year in a row, all 20 of the nominees in the categories are white
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oscar still white loading to protests and boycotts. snoop dog is the latest celebrity to speak out saying, quote, the oscars weren't made for us. >> the film industry is at least 20 years behind what television is, and they're going to have to catch up or to movies. >> the academy says they're addressing the diversity issue. the board that picked the oscar winners vowing to double the number of female and minority members by 2020. this weekend is your chance to take a ride on a pirate themed water taxi in downtown tampa. [ cheering ] >> there we go! and the water taxis will have a champagne breaking ser men and that service does start tomorrow. the boat also travel along the river walk and davis island. and what to watch for tomorrow a big day for the tampa bay rays' fans. the ray also host fan fest at the beautiful trop conditiona field tomorrow. it is your chance to bring the family out to meet the players,
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4:00. we have everything you need to still to come -- a heart transplant recipient in and out of surgery for most of his life and now he is on the road to helping others. plus, amazing rescue. >> i just ran right out. nothing. >> and find out who is pleading guilty to having two little greated cheese. >> we can hear your teeth chattering here for those of you. 39 degrees already. how much cold ser it going to get tonight? we're taking you through it and showing you which is the better day for your weekend at 11:16.
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(vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. a young man that we first introduced to you 20 years ago has beat the odds in a huge way. >> now, there was a time his family didn't think he would survive but starting today he is the one saving lives. the cheers, the photographs, the diploma.
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this would happen. >> it has been an emotional roller ceaser for me and i know it has been for him also. we first met her son back in 1997 when he was just 2 years old, born with four heart ahead. >> a lot of surgeries, a lot of therapy, a lot of coaching, a lot of love, and it is all blended in and coming together now. >> six heart surgeries to be 2011. >> when i was born they found out that i was born with half of a heart. >> spending most of his life in hospitals, with the pills, the pain, the recovery. but even on his most down days, he never stopped fighting. he credits the doctors and nurses for lifting his spirits. >> and they always made me feel better. >> that's why he made the decision to be a paramedic. >> there's no -- there is so
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to give back. >> today he is 21. new beginning. >> i try to stay positive. >> and we are positive he will take that big new heart of his and save a lot of lives. over the years he never gave up and had so much support from his femme and community. we are so prod of him. >> he also received the award getting that diploma. in georgia right now, a brave teenager saved a barn full of collideses dalys. a lightning strike set the barn on fire and 14 of the horses by flames. the power was out and the doors were locked, but that didn't stop this 16-year-old. he ran out of the house barefoot, jumped in his four wheeler and drove straight through the barn door. >> i just ran right out. i had no clothes on, no shoes, no nothing. i was running through glass and i just jumped in my gay tar and
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door. >> and busted through like rambo and opened up the stalls and said this way, and we were annual to push the horses out that way. >> and rambo works sometimes! these horses travel to events and parades all around the country. the owner says it was their life long dream to have a clydesdale farm and they are extremely grateful that the horses were saved. fall-out tonight from the wood in cheese controversy. you heard about it. >> oboy. >> a woman and two firms pleaded guilty to mislabeling that grated cheese. what was supposed to the where the parmesan actually contained wood pulp. >> under the plea, international packing and universal cheese will for fifth $500,000 each. target sold that cheese. and where is our meteorologist? >> it is cold out there.
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>> you got it on, baby! >> the tampa bay rays, they knew it was going to be a cold night. >> lovely. >> and don't forget for fan years. what is your favorite thing >> 72 degrees. >> year round. >> and even when it is cold outside, it will be beautiful for fan fest and in the >> yes. >> only 50 in tampa right now as that sun drops. we promised you it was going to get cold a lot fast ere tonight and it has done just that. if you're working or stuck in traffic, that is our sky 10 network. tampa international airport, nice and clear, but that is allowing temperatures to drop rapidly that is the main reason but also the dew points being quite low for us. that will settle back down pretty rapidly. 39 as we talked about before
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42 in land of lakes and also in lakeland. 48 in river view. and around tampa and st. pete, we'll be in the 40s as we head through the overnight hours, and mid the low 40s is actually where we should bottom out. so nowhere that we haven't been no advisories like freeze warnings. we don't need anything like that out there, although patchy frost could be seen at daybreak in areas north and east of tampa. the suburbs are also likely to be in the 30s at daybreak. 39 in brandon. 45 in seminole. 45 in palm harbor and also the downtown st. pete that will put tampa around 42, 43 degrees. as we are 39 in brooksville, it shouldn't drop off a whole lot more in the city at 37. but if you have lived here a while, citrus county especially, you know that our city temperatures are several degrees above what it will be like in more of the rural areas an subdivisions and those who live more out in the country. we're going to be likely
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not there for an hour or two in the morning. around 43 for us to start in sarasota. about 40. and upper 30s should be pretty common in the heartland. 39, lakeland, and around fort mead. now, after the cold morning, like today, clear skies, beautiful blue winter skies. the low humidity, and a little less wind tomorrow. so even though temperatures topped out at 62 today, just a couple of degrees warmer for your high in tampa tomorrow. again, the difference is a little less wind should be a little more comfortable. it will still be cool. this is by far one of the more popular graphics we have come to find out here at 10 weather. no rain chance. dew points low. the wind is low. hair cast off the charts amazing, so go rock it out tomorrow. it will be phenomenal. high also be in up ther 60s for your saturday. if that is a little coul and you want warmer weather, sunday is the day we'll mark for you
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i'll show you those temperature miss . a moment. ton water, it has been rough. between storms earlier in the week and the wind the last couple of days, it has been quite rough on the water. that settles down saturday. northwest winds around two to 10 knots. a light to moderate chop expected. high tide at 4:00 in the afternoon. on sunday, again, cold in the morning. 37, crystal river. 45 in tampa. look at the afternoon temperatures. a lot warmer. in fact, the average high this time of year is 70 to 72 degrees. so running around 71 to 75. we'll actually be above average in some cities. we're going to mark that as the better day. they will both be beautiful. blue skies, cloud-free, light winds both days. it should be a beautiful winter weekend here. so if you want to head off to the beach, we'll be looking at low 70s. the gulf temperature around 63 degrees, by the way. sunday would be the better day
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for the next three days, cold mornings for this weekend, a little more seasonal for monday, and the afternoon highs getting a little bit warmer. about 75 degrees for your high there. and 60s and low 70s. still a little too chilly for your blood? tuesday and wednesday are your days in the seven-day forecast. we're in the upper 70s. not far from 80 degrees a front will be coming through on wednesday. ahead of that, isolated showers. i-75 possible. wednesday. but the main energy with that front looks to be up in the mid atlantic and that will mean we're not really that worried about severe weather or dangerous storms this far out. several days go by, some thing cans change. it would be a good idea to keep checking become on the if i recollect and the development of that. you can do anytime through the weekend by looking at the 10 news app or get your forecast, always the video forecast, and it is on there by opening the app.
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tough time in the boys' state basketball tournament until today in the bigotry if he can take. the competition is typical of the improved look of the rays. and joe maddon at work againment and the lightning on
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id is -- it is friday, here we go. they got braydon coburn on a contract extension and tonight they got their fifth straight win with a ben bishop shut-out over new jersey. and they remain tied with boston to second place in the atlantic. i like this goal in the first. buzzing around the net. and while he is falling down, still knocks it in. 1-0 lightning. triplets. they're back and they're playing well. palat from the slot. there it is. it was 2-0 lightning. and then later that same period, stralman shoots and is deflected off the stamkos stick. 3-0. the final goal from matt carle and ben bishop stops just 21 shots. the lightning wins it 4-0. they're in boston on sunday.
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three bay area teens. and they knocked off tallahassee lincoln and here is barns with a monster. he had a double-double. 71-65, the final. also today, largo won so they'll play for the 6-a title. sarasota river view won and they will play for the 8-a title on saturday. and the rays have some good competition at the catcher's position. the new guy, hank conger, and rene rivera, all battling for time. competition makes for a good spring training camp. >> the energy has been good. the guys, you know, the clubhouse chemistry has been god and the guys are coming in and getting their work in. we want them to get in here and get their work in and leave. they have done a great job doing that. >> really just everybody having a role and being able to like come in and come through and fill in that role. you look at it, baseball is all about pitching and defense, and i think we have a great core with that and we're looking forward to it.
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maddon at his best today at arizona. after stories that the outfielder dexter fowler had signed with the orioles, it turned out that he was actually returning to the cubs. so joe recognized a moment for the team and the popular dexter fowler, he called a surprise meeting on the field and out walked dexter fowler. the teammates thought he was going to say good-bye to everybody and joe then announced that dexter is returning for another year so look at this. hugs all around. and joe recognized that this was just another way to motivate the squad. >> joe knows thousand do that kind of stuff. >> well done. >> the thing was the players thought when he announced a surprise meeting, the players got to know joe. what is he doing, bringing out a giraffe? and he likes to do. but, no, he pulled this stun. >> how sweet that is. >> there is a good karma out there with that team.
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well, it has been exactly one year since the dress went say rail. you know the one saw as blue or black? and now there is a controversy called the jacket. watch this. they posted and she says she thinks it is black and brown and the others say it is blue and white. boys, what do you think? >> black and brown. >> it is block and brown. >> no, it is blue and white for me. >> and you don't see blue and white? >> i do. the jacket is blue and -- >> wait. is that what is called the blur? >> and you know, the debate clearly very controversial because people are reporting
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on my facebook page i posted this and people were saying they could see brown, tan, green. >> the men up here -- no jim has not weighed in yet. >> black and brown. >> you really see blue and >> yes. doctor. [ black and brown. >> i think we need a new set. >> big screen. we need a big screen. >> i see black and brown. >> we need women up here. that's what it is! >> all right. that's it, everybody. that is 10 news at 11:00. >> i hope you have a great weekend. stay warm!
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>> jon: stephen colbert! ( band playing intro music ) captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: thank you. ( cheers and applause ) welcome to "the late show." thanks, everybody. thank you. thank you, sir. thank you! >> stephen!


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