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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  February 29, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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good morning, it's i'm jenny dean, in for allison. and i'm ian reitz we're on top of that breaking news hilary mentioned. a deadly car crash has all of bryan dairy road shut down under the us 19 over pass. right now-- the fire department is calling in an inspector to see if the overpass is safe enough for people to drive under. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live in pinellas park near the overpass. sarah, it could be hours before this area reopens. yes, pinellas park police tell us it could take several hours. the car in this crash caught fire after it slammed into one of the beams of this
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concerns about the safety of this huge concrete structure. take a look--- these are pictures from that crash scene. it happened just after 3 this morning. police say the driver of the car was going extemely fast when they crashed into the support pillars under the overpass on bryan dairy road. the driver of the car died in the car fire. right now, those inspectors from dot need to check for any damage to the overpass structure, which i'm told could take several hours. we'll continue to bring you live updates-- i'm working to find out now how they inspect an overpass like this to make sure its safe enough for your commute. live in pinellas park, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp early voting at the polls starts today in hillsborough and polk counties. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at fred b. karl county center on kennedy boulevard in tampa.
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registered won't be able to exercise their right to vote in this primary election. - unfortunately, that's true - because in order to come to one of the early voting sites like this one...or any other one on primary election have to be registered with a political party. - and here in hillsborough county, there are more than 227 thousand people who aren't affiliate with the democrats or the republicans...meani ng there are 227 thousand people who won't have a say in who they want to see run for president - so for example, if you're leaning towards marco rubio,, but you didn't register with a doesn't don't get a say - but what might be even worse than not being able to vote is casting a ballot and not having it count - it's something that's very possible with early voting... - i'll explain how that happens at 6. - live in tampa, emerald morrow,
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the candidates are gearing up for super tuesday tomorrow! with 13 states and one territory paticipating.. it's the biggest day of the primary season. about 15-hundred delegates needed to win the nominations are up for grabs. right now, donald trump is leading the g-o-p race in most of the states. hillary clinton is democratic side, number of recent polls. i want to show you something you may not have seen before. a moving tribute by tow truck drivers for a fellow driver...killed earlier this month. the tribute nearly stretched half of the length of the howard franklin bridge. with the orange lights flashing the trucks drove by the this month tow perez-borroto was killed by a hit and borroto was another job when he decided to stop and were stranded. the ride was also about sending a message about the importance of following the florida move-over law.
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huffman' remains in jail for leaving the scene of a crash involving death. the people of hesston, kansas are remembering the victims in last week's shooting. a special service was held sunday night. there was a sermon by local pastors and a candle was lit for each one of the victims killed, including the gunman, who was shot and killed by police. another 14 people were hurt by the shooter, cedric ford, on thursday. a deadly plane crash in texas over the weekend. the plane crashed early sunday morning in navasota killing the pilot, a flight instructor and two children. the f-a-a is investigating the incident.
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says the plane was capable of a parachute and isn't sure why that was never used. it's a move to help keep you safe in water. starting today, you'll notice something different pinellas county beaches. more 'rip current signs' at beaches the first of nearly 80 signs are being installed at sand key in a few hours. the signs are designed to make you danger and teach you howw to break currents. beleive...but the year over for astronaut, scott kelly. to earth tomorrow from the international space station, he will have set the record for most consecutive days in space with 340. the previous
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he is expected to land in kazakhstan tomorrow. by completing this mission, scientists hope to understand what health issues astronauts may have during a six to eight month trip to mars. no date set for another space-x launch.. on sunday night for the third time in just a few days.. the launch was scrapped just seconds before take off from cape canaveral. elon musk, the owner of the rocket, said the mission was aborted because of rising oxygen temperatures triggering an alarm. the team says new updates are needed to continue the testing. oscar parties may be just wrapping up now in hollywood! the big awards were handed out last night... another big story of the night was the lack of diversity among the nominees. "spotlight" took home best picture. best directing went to "the revenant ." the film's biggest star, leonardo dicaprio won best actor for his role as the vengeful frontiersman. brie larson won best actress for her role in "room." chris rock hosted the night.his
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was all about the all-white nominees. we've been following the story of a land o lakes boy for months now. over the weekend he had a birthday party that's being called a major success. you may remember eric piburn.. a terminally ill child who did a live interview with pat sajek and vanna white from wheel of fortune.. from our studios. he celebrated his 10th birthday...with a community event on sunday.. surrounded by friends, family and neighbors who wanted to help eric. donations were accepted to help eric fight a heart condition.. it was another event that eric can cross off his bucket list thanks to generous people from the community. if you think you're daughter has sold a lot of girl scout cookies...chris rock's daughter may have you beat.
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amount of money his little girl sold at the oscars! but first...a birthday celebration that only happens every four years! tonight on 10 news and cbs primetime.. supergirl at 8:00.. followed by scorpion at 9:00 and n-c-i-s: los angeles at 10. then stay tuned for 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests spike jonze and jeffrey dean morgan. bryan diary road
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we are on top of breaking news out of pinellas county this morning. bryan dairy road is closed under the us 19 over pass because of a car crash. this is a live look at that area right now. the fire department is working on getting an inspector from the department of transportation there to see if the overpass is safe enough for people to drive under. in a couple of minutes, road
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will help you with ways to get around the shut down. presidential candidates make their final pitches...... to voters ahead of tomorrow's super tuesday contests. 13 states and one participating in the biggest day of the primary season. the latest cbs news battleground donald trump and hillary clinton in all - hundreds of delegates are up for grabs. anyone registered to vote in hillsborough cast your vote for the florida primary. hillsborough has set up 15 early will be open from 10 a-m to six p-m.. that includes most other can begin on a reminder that the florida primary is march 15th. lots of talk this morning about chris rock's opening monologue --so many the host helping his scout cookies at the awards show. --kate winslet, tina fey and matt damon held up cash to pick up some boxes of
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even had on their green uniforms. --one point he called out leonardo dicaprio: "you made $30 million -- come on." --later, rock revealed how much the girl scouts raised: $65,243. --halfway across the country, in flint, michigan, one filmmaker asked her fans if they could top the girl scouts by raising $100,000 for the flint, michigan water crisis. --you can check out this story on my facebook page for most, birthdays happen every year. but on this day, about 180-thousand celebrate their actual birthday that only comes every four years. paul knebels is turning 84 on this leap day, so his family organized a surprise party for what's technically his 21st birthday.
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february 29th doesn't quite make it into the calendar, paul says he celebrates on the 28th or march 1st. back over to hilary now for a look at traffic.
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as you get ready to make spring break plans with your family, you'll want to pay attention to this. disney has new pricing system. it now could cost you more or less depending on when you visit. for the first time disney world will charge based on demand. tickets will fall into three
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park goers will pay the most on weekends, during the summer and over holidays. i had the chance to join isabel mascarenas this weekend -- and emcee a fundraiser for the american cancer society in sarasota. called the big top gala...raised thousands of dollars to help fight cancer. big group from 10 news there...including hillary. it took place at feld entertainment.. and the party had a circus atmosphere with a variety of performances. coming up on 10 news this morning.. more trouble for that cruise ship that was damaged during a major storm earlier this month. why it's being forced to turn around once again. and you're probably going to run into some construction on
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now we're learning just how big of an impact all of those construction projects are having on our environment. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl
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i'm meteorologist bobby deskins. it is mild. mid to upper 50s through most areas now. light jacket or sweating heading out. we'll see temperatures back up in the mid 70s. there will be a few clouds around. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. bring your sunglasses. it will be on the sunny side midday. three day forecast coming up in ten minutes. here's hilary zalla. >> i'm road warrior hilary zalla. your time is 6:00 a.m. on your monday morning. i'm on top of a big hot spot in pinellas county. brian dairy road is shutdown after a driver ran into a pillar. that person has passed away. they are stilling investigating this incident. scene. i'll get you a detour coming up in ten minutes and we'll look


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