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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. right now. bus. >> throwing the pencils, hitting kid and kicking kids. >> why the driver's need for help went unanswered. a violent outburst on the school bus. situation. we have learned from a parent the same aggressive child threatened more kids today in school. a concerned mom at the elementary school saying a 5th grader threatened her daughter. reporter uncovers this
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school bus that is prompting parents to demand change from the district. >> according to the driver's statement a 5th grader lashed out. the deputy should have been called to protect the other kids. >> the driver saying she radioed dispatch and the students get aggressive and punching a girl in the face. the driver called the transportation again asking for help. she was told to site tight the boy's grandmother was coming. the boy kicked and punched three other kids. the driver called again. >> they don't call the deputys because this child is out of control, that is wrong.
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interview. states if a student's behavior interferes with the safety law enforcement may be contacted by the driver. showing the boy is autistic. it is finally the school who contacted deputys the next day. >> i am concerned because if if they are not going to change now they do things. >> so will the policy change. saying if there are opportunities to improve the process, it will be reviewed. the superintendent and the school board or the transportation department she told me that is all she had to say. will each pushing for answers. we checked other districts policies and uncovered the countys drivers have the discretion to call 911 directly
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or they can call dispatch to ask for law enforcement assistants. 75 million dollar civil case is going into a second week. andrews a reporter is suing her stalker and a national hotel. she took to the stand about seeing herself naked. >> my dad is like why are you screaming. i was naked all over the internet, i didn't know where i was. >> spent two and a half years in prison. saying he is solely to blame. after touring tornado
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became president obo -- requesting president obama to declare state. can't ask apple to hack an i phone. being asked to break into over a dozen i phones over the country. saying that would weaken the security and privacy of i phones around the world. records show castle cheese found the
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a group of protestors interrupted a trump rally. thrown to the ground by a secret service agent. that photographer admitting the confrontation become your choice 2016. tomorrow marking one of the biggest day in the election cycle. supertuesday and on the eve can at that times are sharing their message one more time. >> cruz in houston, and in oklahoma city, sanderss in many but the does that mean he will get the dominations. reporter jonathan talking with local party leaders for their
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>> before supertuesday early voting began many the country. with one candidate really party. >> the dynamic speaker and getting the prouds. >> it is stirred up these people that have not voted or did not care. >> at a young republican fund raiseer trump is not just catching these leaders attention. >> we are are willing to support whoever the ultimate nominee is. the largest in the state believes the personal attracts attacks shoul stop. wasn't don't expect an endorsement from the most important country in florida. we are the benchmark is here. >> even as early voting as started local party leaders
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way voters will go. >> but leaders they that does not mean the party is on therocks. people who were not registering before are registering. >> i would support the republican nominee. history showing supertuesday going a long way in deciding that. in tampa 10 news wtsp. we will have all of your race results and analysis right here on 10 news. health inspectors are turning up the heat this week on restaurants with major health code violations in the kitchen. investing the list of closures in this week's restaurant red alert. four restaurants shut down as emergency closures including the bradys. that is right in the heart of downtown.
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place down with small flying insects in the food area. and near the soft drink boxes. the inspector also spotted row den rub marks coming from the ceiling and ordered the restaurant to stop using the dish washing machine because it was not properly sanitizing. a manager declined to comment other than to say that the restaurant has been cleared to reopen. the can tina and mexican restaurant remains close. when the investigation discovered they were serving food to customers were rodentdroppings all over the kitchen. according to state inspection reports, we have posted the
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shut down last week on line. if you have a restaurant you want bow to check out send him an e-mail. still to come,. >> there is more to recess than fun and games so why are parents forced for the right for play time for their kids. >> who does not love a bargain. march is a hot time to buy. where you can score a deal. and the new babysitter ahead. asking if the weather is so pretty, why am i sneezeing so much what is going on. i will tell you what is in the
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think back to when you were a child but many students in florida don't have that playtime option. some fight to keep recess around other question if it is necessary. reporter showing you the
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>> school has become all work and no play. >> amanda of lake land saying less play time taking a big tole on her five-year-old son. like many districts across the state, recess was disappearing but amanda spear headed a campaign to bring back recess. >> we need to realize that kids. >> but with the academic standards, do children really niece resources. >> that pressure that is being put on kids today is unbelievable. running the pediatric will help improve academic
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break during the day. >> eagle mountain elementary school in fort worth has tripled the amount of recess given to the students. the kids don't get in trouble as often and as dr. armstrong said have improved. >> so if recess is so good for children, then why don't kids get much of it anymore. >> they are looking at having our children be these test taking money making machines. and you know play has just been completely taken out of the equation. >> introducing a bill that would guarantee 20 minutes of daily recess for all students. >> if our school districts don't take responsibility for the well being of the children then it is up to us to take that responsibility. >> it failed the senate earlier this month. john who chairs the education
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scheduling of the school day is best determined by the local leaders. local districts are not given kids what they need. school board. we are realizeing that if someone needs the to be done it state level. >> our children will be the ones to suffer. >> the research that points to free play and recess time is promoting academic instruction. and if we make school dreary for children, they won't be motivated to learn. law maker who backed the bill saying he will reintroduce it next year because he won't be in office. tracking storms alerting you protecting your family, it is time for 10 weather. dr. jim has a reason why he is not with us tonight.
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it and it is the tree pot len pollen that is get theing into the air. now, as we have been seeing a high count for tree pollen. oak, pine and cedar is what we see most of and for the next four days we will stay in a high category. we don't have much rain in the days ahead to wash that out of the air. oak and the pine pollinate about the same time into these weeks. two things, it is the pine that you are seeing that yellow film on your cars but pollinate at the same time but the oak that is the bigger problem. but knowing the oak is off of the charts so kind of work one together to at least indicate for you. now, when will this go away, it is going to be a while. they are usually peeking and starting to ramp up now and it usually for our part of the world taking until about mid
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that go significantly down. new, we will see days up and down depending on wind direction and speed but to go away in mid april is high for us. such a beautiful day today and kept the winds light. not moving much. overnight tonight and then into tomorrow. so we are looking at a better day. if you like the warmer weather today and the sun shine which i'm sure you did. 62 currently. at the enternational airport. light north winds and humidity. 67 percent. looking at the marina in downtown. and we will find a slow fall through 50's tonight. and only settle back into the mid 50's with these clear skies overnight. so not much cooler in the morning and if you took the pets out one last time or about
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us but tuesday honestly even a little bit better. we will start a touch warmer for the morning lowe's but the afternoon highs warmer today. we saw low 72's today. we will go 77 tomorrow. be mostly sunny skies and winds turning around to the south west. now they will be light but that helps us warm up. lake land, wesley chapel, out by the gulf coastline, upper 70's might tag 80 about 75. you are thinking about making a day and hitting the water tuesday would be a picture perfect day. smooth conditions on the bay. high tides at 8:00 in the
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so after tuesday's fee nominal day i am, tracking a cold front. that is it right there. bringing cloud cover in the morning these isolated showers are all we have to work with. so this trailing front as it passs by, is breaking up weakening and just eroding. so a few clouds on wednesday morning an isolated shower and that is it. in fact look at the temperature different. we just don't see much of a drop at all. so a weak front passing by in your seven day forecast. 77 on thursday and we have got a chance of an isolated shower again on friday but the weekend is shaping up to be another beautiful weekend. and this one warmer. 77 for a high on saturday.
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want 80 degrees you just might get it on monday the following week. so that is the main thing we are tracking but temperatures will be no problem at all. if you want to keep up with the forecast get a look at storm tracker 10. the 10 news app. we help you out. looking to save money heading into spring some big shopping tips for what to buy inmarch. saying shoppers can get some low prices on last year's items. you can save hundreds of dollars on things like smart phones, tablets cameras and tv's. winter clothing also goes on clearance. if you plan for spring break or march madness there is great deal on travel and hotels and
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and apparel may be up to 50 percent off. ever feel tempted to hand a smart phone to your fussy child. parents of problem toddlers will use them to help keep the peace. parents who had difficult toddlers were more likely to turn to technology to cope. did not make noise today but they were active on the ice. why they think they have a good chance to win this year. and the three major sports (donkey sound) (elephant sound)
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the. now, live from the sports desk it is time for 10 sports. a co-chairman an owner, the owners have the three major sport franchises sat down together to talk about the business of sports. all of the owners said the biggest challenge right now is getting us, the fans off of the sofa and into the ball park. developing down ton saying he gets asked often is it important to deep raise here. >> and my answer very simply when i talk to these companies is if we lose major league baseball here, i am not going to be able to get the company because the first thing they will say is you can't keep baseball in our region.
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tonight and they got it. they scored a pair of goals. made 31 saves, and the lightning wins two to one they tied with florida now. we all know the rays are big on numbers. the sports telling us that the numbers now are favoring the rays for a big season. look up and down and you find an all star. but what you won't find is a superstar. someone who put the team on their back when the chips are don't. so why are the games most expected number crunches expected the rays to win the division. >> so that is a start, the best starting position in baseball. >> and all of that depth is the product off matt trying to avoid last season injury. unlike the rest of the american
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they need margins and the new edition to have brat in to the been coming in. you need to have a combination of guys that works the talent and get on case and then you also have the combination of guys that you need to have power. >> we do value team chemistry quite a bit and i think every team in baseball values that to extent. the principal on how to win are there along with depth, the power and the projection but no superstar, who cares. it is a team game. reporting wtsp. >> no problem. >> no head cases in the locker room. so that is good.
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wednesday but a couple of the teams heat up tomorrow. of baseball. >> it is on. >> bring it. >> stay with us everybody we will be right back.
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the chances of one being born on leap day, also one in two million. so what do you do? you celebrate on the 28th. >> you don't do march 1st. >> i never had the cause to do that. >> any leap year babies out there. >> that is true i go with jim, especially if you are a kid. >> you have got it. >> kids don't do this at home. >> thanks for joining us.
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