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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that coming up in less than 10 minutes. hotspots at 6:00 on your tuesday morning. i am hillary's alan. on top of a fatal accident in gibson 10. a motorcyclist passed away at gibsons and drive. southbound lanes are close but you are being diverted onto the exit and back onto the highway. there will be other detours coming up in less than 10 minutes. we will also look at dry times. welcome to 10 news this morning. i am allison kropff. >> the most important day in the white house. candidates will narrow by tonight. >> sarah hollenbeck is in the studio. you are looking into which candidates will be the most important.
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of delegates. certain states are important for certain candidates. it is hard to get votes in the states. republicans vying for 595 delegates. this is everybody that is voting today. democrats have 865 delegates on the line and they represent a third of what the democrats need and a half of what republicans need to when the nomination. this is huge. which are the key states? texas is the biggest prize. candidates on both sides have spent a lot of time there and spend resources and money into that state. alabama, georgia, tennessee in virginia are big polls. on the democratic side super tuesday could be the day where clinton is able to cement a large delegate lead to were sanders can catch up. on the gop side, questions about donald trump's
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of the [ null ] and whether that will hurt him. >> there is no place for bigotry, prejudice or hatred for former ku klux klan leader david duke or the ku klux klan. politics. >> it is firing up the democratic candidates. black president will not be defeated by hatemonger who refuses to condemn the [ null ]. stirring up this as well. take a look. trump. he is kicking them out and saying get out of here. this has caused a firestorm. coming up i am looking at the campaign stops and what they will be facing as they race to get in front of all of us. presidential candidates in florida. donald trump plans to be at his
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both hillary clinton and marco rubio will be in miami. early voting underway in parts of the state including hillsboro and polk county. jury selection is set to begin in hulk hogan trial. the former wrestler is suing oscar for $100 million. he claims portions of a sex video were released without his permission. this is likely to be a highly publicized civil trial. sportscaster erin andrews will take the stand in her lawsuit against the national hotel and a man who admitted stalking her. is stems from a 2008 incident in which the man secretly recorded nude videos of andrews. she testified about the moment she found out the videos were posted online.
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doing it for publicity. >> michael barrett spent 2 1/2 years in federal prison for recording the videos. he has not shown up in court to fight the lawsuit. new discovery about the dangers of the zika virus. researchers found the virus can cause a center where nerve cells are attacked and causes paralysis. five countries have seen more cases of the syndrome. jillian brey starts with weakness in that leg. people fully recover but 20% are left with a significant disability. if your loved ones are flying today we have a travel alert. hundreds of flights across the midwest have been canceled as a winter storm moves through. this is video of cleveland. most of the airlines canceling flights are american, united and southwest. treasure island trip could
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the city reinstates polls. writer treasure island, the city said it can't for -- afford to maintain the bridge. >> reporter: no one is happy about this idea to make people pay to go to and from treasure island so that is why someone is suggesting that st. pete take over the causeway and the drawbridge which is farther down. this proposal would impact drivers. it was projected back in 2004 in st. pete mayor rich christman is against this whole idea. this is according to our partners at the tampa bay times. who are reporting that even if st. peter takeover part of the bridge drivers with probably have to pay to get to the beachfront city at some point. it caused three quarters of $1 million to maintain the bridge
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even though they've reportedly got $50 million from the government for the bridge and to cut polls. the people who live here are not only worried about the money that they may have to pay but they have other concerns. i am looking into those and will have more at 638 and. -- 638 and. a mother and her children are affected after a car chase. it began with a man kidnapped his ex-wife and children in the summer evening in newport beach. law enforcement followed him until the suv stopped and the driver made a run for it. the mother and children ages one and five were okay. a major when for apple. a judge ruled the us justice department cannot force the company to access a phone inappropriately. and iphone belonging to a man charged with amphetamine use is under warm. the man can remember his password and investigators cannot access information they say is evidence.
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shooter. they are fighting a government order to create software to unlock these phones. a recall of all teccata airbags will not make vehicle safer. in response to bill nelson's call for national highway traffic safety administration to recall all teccata nitrate airbags. 10 people have died from airbags exploding for too much force. recalling all teccata airbags would restrain suppliers and create uncertainty. nasa unveiled the design of a supersonic aircraft. it has a long skinny nose and golden tailfins. the jet would fly 1100 miles per hour. jetliners travel 600 miles per hour. nasa said it would make a soft
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yet but it sounds like it is something they are working to come up with. we know what it feels like to get back from a long trip. you have the jet lag to deal with. >> imagine getting back from space and happy to adjust. that is what scott kelly will have to do. he is returning back to earth today after spending and a record amount of time and space. scott kelly will ride a spacecraft back to kazakhstan tonight and then houston tomorrow. it will be interesting to see the study were his twin brother and health issues. this is a story that will make you shake your head. a florida girl scout is robbed while trying to sell her cookies. >> what the suspect took an but he was caught doing bright
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it is a frozen ice phenomenon in michigan. people there are seeing blue.
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fraser bridge update. picking up across the bay into tampa. this is a live look at the howard frankland bridge. no significant delays. it is still taking six minutes to cross the howard frankland. courtney campbell very quiet. the sky weybridge has great conditions. your drivetime is 17 minutes from
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out there so have the sunglasses ready to go. yesterday we had clouds. we will make the upper 70s for today. a week to -- front comes through tomorrow morning. on thursday. no big changes. this warming trend here that you see in dallas with 60 in little rock will market off in the mid-atlantic but for into the next week. i will have details coming up. time now is 613 a and. >> top stories coming up. >> please come out and vote. delegates at state -- estate as delegates come out. a race to see who comes out in front on the biggest day yet in
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sportscaster erin andrews breaks down in court. testimony continues today following her emotional day on the stand. she describes the moments she learns she has been secretly videotaped while in her hotel room. here is a look at other headlines around the nation and world in 60 seconds. family and friends will gather to say goodbye to that virginia police officer killed on her first day on the job. officer ashley guindon was on her first shift when she was shot after responding to a domestic call. army sargeant ronald hamilton shot her and two other officers. an american detained since january was presented to media for the first time by north
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they claimed the university of virginia undergraduate had been detained for perpetrating a hostile act against the d prk. mountaineering officials and nepal are extending permits for people who could not climb mount everest last year. after an earthquake triggered an avalanche. they are now allowed to climb this year and next year without paying new fees. climbers must pay $11,000 each for a climbing permit. a good chance you have not seen anything like this before. check out these pictures we got into northern michigan. chunks of blue eyes piling up on the great lakes which is the largest glacial lake in the world. look at how cool this is. the glacial ice usually appears blue when it becomes very dense. definitely something to check out. coming up, we want to get back over to roadway or hillary.
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series accident that has close down southbound lanes of i 75. a motorcyclist passed away in this accident. allsop the lanes are closed. i want to show you what they're doing to diver traffic for you are able to get off at the gibson drive ramp. you can get right back on to the highway from there. not too bad of a detour. we're seeing a 10 minute delay so far. let's take a look at what your other options are. you can take 301 or 41 as well. us 301 runs to the east of i 75 and 41 to the west. both of those roads are in the green so far. a good detour at this point. let's go to the sky 10 network. to 75 at 38th avenue, south is what we're looking at in pinellas county. there is construction at the
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s. make sure you slow down and move over. in polk county, so far so good. along the major roads. if you are heading into tampa for our work, the parkway over to 75 is taking 15 minutes. sarasota and manatee county, drivetime from 275 in ellington down to university parkway, 13 minutes. keep an eye on fog this morning because we have clear skies and slightly cooler temperatures but the numbers look great. the morning commute will be just fine. we will see one or two patches out there. that is venus right there. setting in the sky. beautiful out there. it is nice. we have basically clear skies and an incredible sunrise this morning.
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cooler than yesterday. about 58. clear skies right now. any father does form won't be a lot and will burn off quickly and the sun will he does that [ null ] today -- faster today. 58 tampa and 52 st. pete. riverview 57. sarasota 56. 54 lakeland, 51 new port richey. 40s for brooksville and crystal river inverness. it is chilly out there with clouds, four degrees cooler than this time yesterday. light jackets for the kids this morning. nothing for this afternoon as we go to the upper 70s was sunshine. forecast model, dairy dry out there for today. light went but we will notice the wind starts out in the
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at the most. sea breeze this afternoon. 73 by 11:00. on our way to the upper 70s for the daytime high. forecast wise, 76 to 79. coulis numbers on the beaches. great boating today. southwest winds pick up today. smooth on the bay. beautiful day today. a girlfriend for tomorrow, we will be lucky to get rain out of this. keep the sprinklers on. 10% to 20% chance of rain tomorrow. it is out of here at 6 pm. high pressure dominates the weather for thursday. slightly cooler on wednesday. another front during the afternoon on friday. nothing much to it and not much cool air behind it and not much rain.
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74 is where we should be. upper 70s today. 75 tomorrow. upper 70s thursday. cooler on friday. warming trend get started, almost 80 by sunday. the model was saying 84 on monday. i had to back that down a little bit. we will get there by wednesday of next week. low to mid-80s. catch the forecast on the radio , 94.9. ws are q. the next time you head out to the beach, what you need to remember about turtle nesting
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good morning. let's check the drive times. >> no significant delays at all yet. the veterans expressway taking you seven minutes from suncoast to the tampa airport. if you are heading into tampa now from pascoe county, 56 to the expressway along i 75 it is taking 17 minutes. travel home this afternoon will be nice. temperatures falling into the low 70s by 6 pm. a lot of sunshine and a light breeze out of the west southwest. the winter storm has shifted into the great lakes area. could be thunderstorms of the mississippi river today. that will be a headliner in the news because of the severe weather. another star system out west.
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sleep try to fit more and. doctors say a lack of sleep intensifies cravings for sweets and salty high-fat foods. researchers say sleep loss extends the effects of the chemical signal that enhances the joy of eating. sleep starved people eight price as much as those who got eight hours. >> if you have ever felt like your sandwich at subway was less than 12 inches, changes promising that will never happen again. you may not notice but 2013, a class-action lawsuit when a customer posted a picture of a sandwich that was 11 inches long. the chain will institute measures to make sure all sandwiches are consistent. keep the promise. a mother gave birth to a record letter. >> this sheepdog had 17 puppies at her napa far. the owners were only expecting 10.
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farming and puppies will go to other farming homes. that is a lot of puppies. fear of the unknown has most americans afraid of driving in self driving cars. the new study that tells you what to look for. super tuesday is underway. you are looking at a polling center in virginia. people casting their votes this morning.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun.
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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. welcome to the first day of march. good tuesday morning. i am bobby deskins. it is cooler by a few degrees but low to mid 50s now and on our way to the 70s by 1030 it is cooler by a few degrees but low to mid 50s now and on our way to the 70s by 10:30 pm. upper 70s for daytime highs today and grabby sunglasses. a lot more sunshine this morning than what we saw yesterday and winds are light. your pollen forecast coming up. hotspots at 6:30 pm. i am road warrior hillary. fatal accident on 75 southbound
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they are just about to reopen the highway. southbound lanes are closed. they are picking up the comes. next five minutes it should all be open. we do have a really heavy delay southbound coming up. i would get you drive times and we will look at the rest of our major traffic. good morning. i am allison kropff. >> 13 states to weigh in today. super tuesday, more delegates up for grabs today more than any other day. >> sarah hollenbeck is in the satellite center. >> reporter: this race has become more nationalized and that means this candidate are not coming into the states and seeing the face-to-face. voters are relying on what they
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we have seen a lot of weird stuff. as for bernie sanders, one person has been traveling like crazy. he has been to 13 states where delegates are on the line today. donald trump and hillary clinton both want to be leading in a number of states that as we have seen in the past, anything is possible. tonight we will see big changes we think in this campaign. then carson or governor john kasich who haven't gathered a lead on this may drop out. we will have to see what happens later today. sarah hollenbeck. with the florida primary coming up republicans in the area may be considering other options. >> republican party leaders are not ready to endorse candidates. early voting is underway in hillsborough county and has the most republican voters in the state.
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of donald trump many believe. he has a huge lead in florida. the chairwoman is waiting for voters to decide. >> we are willing to support whoever the ultimate nominee is. i don't think it is over. ohio hasn't voted. >> florida is a winner take all primary march 15. there are 99 delegates. testimony today in the erin andrews trial. the sportscaster is suing a marriott hotel after a man secretly recorded nude videos of her in her room and put them online. injuries were down on monday. she worked hard to become a sports reporter and she felt like the video destroyed her career. she is seeking $75 million. a city on the gulf could be making you pay to visit.
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island to charge. neighbors are worried about how this could impact property. >> reporter: some people who live on the causeway in treasure island are worried about how this will affect their property values. according to our partners at the tampa bay times, the president of a community is a real estate broker and she said she is worried about the effect that these tools could have on homes. it is not just people in treasure island. people living in st. pete don't like the idea of another 12. it is something that officials and treasure island say it has to happen anyway because the city cannot continue to pay the $750,000 it costs every year to keep the bridge up.
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will be a cold that will go along for the bridges on the causeway. emerald morrow. in ordinance in pinellas county that will help deter human trafficking begins today. ordinances of were authorized last year and a new law requiring signs to be posted a places considered to be a breeding ground for trafficking including airports, train stations and rest areas. commissioners extended the requirement to include specialty salons. elementary school kids terrorized on the bus. demanding change. according to the school bus driver statement, a fifth grader student lashed out punching and kicking five students while threatening others. the driver said she pulled over and contacted the
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45 minutes later passed. the district put a lot of kids in danger. >> the student needed help and deputy should have been called to protect those other kids on that school bus. >> the district refused to answer questions on camera and said the cameras on the bus were not working. the student's behavior jeopardizes others on the bus. law enforcement may be contacted by the driver or by the transportation department. this story will have to outrage. 12-year-old girl was selling her girl scout cookies outside of a walmart when a stranger stole the box with all of the money she earned. the man walked by the table and started laughing and grabbed the cash box and ran off. surveillance shows the man and the woman in a small child moments before the theft. >> how would you feel to have your little girl go through that . you are scum and nasty and i hope they catch them.
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car. hopefully they get that guy. new video showing the last moments before a deadly plane crash in kansas. you will notice the plane disappears and then you see fire and smoke behind the tree. the plane crashed into a building after it took off. the pilot of three people in the building were killed. the faa said the engine was operating but producing low power. that may have impaired his ability to operate the plane. two people dead after this boat fire in virginia. under an arson investigation. the coast guard said two people that live on the boat are not accounted for but the identity of the two people killed have not been released.
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cape canaveral tonight will be successful. the window opens at 635 and closes at 8:05 pm. the shifting time could help them avoid the went. the next time you go to the beach, be extra careful with the official start of sea turtle nesting season. please don't take cell phone pictures of the turtles at night because it can interfere with nesting. a female can become frightened and return to the ocean. without laying her eggs. you may agree with a study that says three quarters of americans are afraid to ride in a self driving car. >> aaa found the reason is because drivers feel the technology is to new. people who have cars with autonomous features like autopilot are more likely to have technology. the key to understanding how a self driving car works is to do research on safety features.
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trust into that car. >> trusting the technology. >> you want to be the first want to have it. scott kelly is returning today but we will look back at his historical year in space. video you have to see. a fedex worker survives a tornado and it was all caught on camera.
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bridge update. heavy. to 75 n. lanes are getting bridge. drivetime is 10 minutes to cross the bay. three-minute delay. the skyway bridge is a different story. and the drive times, 17 minutes from pinellas point drive. 642, allergy forecast on the high side. tuesday through friday, minimal rain chances so it will not not the paula now. -- knock the pollen out. the 50s. whether. more coming up on that.
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>> reporter: we will show you more of what the owners of the area three major sports franchises had to say in a candid conversation on monday night. spring training is ramped up. the phillies have a new date in the gators are trying to jumpstart their post season chances at home against kentucky. that is a look ahead. i am dave wirth. here is the big story. voters headed to the polls on they will decide who should be their party's presidential nominee. >> donald trump leading marco rubio, us senator ted cruz and the gop field. hillary clinton is expected to rack up more delegates which could make her unstoppable. testimony continues in the civil lawsuit involving >> she became emotional issue because the moments she learned videotaped her while she was naked in her hotel room.
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for $75 million. >> treasure island is considering installing kohl's again. news partners at the tampa bay times report the city of 7000 people cannot afford to maintain and repair the area. it includes two bridges and a drawbridge. they are dropping tolls after getting a grant to finance the bridge. astronaut scott kelly will return to her today finishing up a 375 day mission. you may have shared in the journey on social media. he has sent us incredible pictures. super bowl party of one. even thanksgiving with his colleagues. the vantage point is incredible when you look at this.
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the feedback is interesting to these pictures. national geographic director complimented the pitcher saying made by an astronaut and not a working professional photographer. that is that they complement coming from someone at national geographic. we have some of the best pictures in this article. it is fun to go through and see the different pictures he has shared. >> so interesting to follow him on social media and see these photos. and for us to follow them is cool. >> the littlest things he shared with us. you get the shots but other tasks we would normally get to experience. you get to see that. incredible story out of louisiana. a tornado ripped through the state and the owner of a hardware store check to security camera to see what it look like. if you watch this video you see
6:46 am
then you see the debris start flying. that women had just made her fedex delivery and the tornado was right above her. she braced herself against a coke machine. >> god. there is no explaining it. i didn't know what it look like. i figured i was in a tornado. >> two minutes before, kira johnson shot this video. you can clearly see it. johnson and tunnel vision and she didn't even notice it. that is the scariest thing when we are wanting to see these photos in this video of severe weather but we want you to be careful. >> don't compromise safety. >> she is not realizing how close she is to the tornado. we want to get over to hillary keeping an eye on the
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>> delays out there. i want to start in gibson city road. >> delays out there. i want to start in gibson city road. lanes are back open at gibsonton drive. we are still seeing some heavy traffic here. it is not looking terrible. northbound lanes are a little worse. there was a fatal accident that happened in the early morning hours, a motorcyclist was southbound traffic was hours this morning. you can see all lanes back open hour delays. as we go back to the map i want to take you north of their for an accident on mlk boulevard and williams road. no word block reported and injuries reported. this is east of i 75. let's go to sky 10. checkup is delays as we head into the morning rush-hour. this is i-4 and branch porch road.
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from polk county to lakeland, usually it is 15 minutes from talk parkway but now it is 19 minutes. up to 25 minutes. it's a good idea to leave now if you can because that will pick up. sarasota and manatee county, no issues so far. it is taking 13 minutes. if you have problems on the roads let me know about safety issues. you know the ed grinbben lawyer -- road warrior. checking on the timing. beautiful out there this morning. clear skies. we had cloud cover yesterday and you will need sunglasses this morning. you have a risk of fog under
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there. visibility looks great. a few patches of ground fog can't be ruled out. you can see it off in the distance in the area. sun is coming up shortly and we will burn anything off quickly. 58 tempo. 61 st. pete. those other warm spots. 56 sarasota and braden 10. 53 lakewood ranch. land o lakes, 50 degrees. new port richey, 51. citrus county is chilly. forecast model very quiet. today is the warm-up, by 10:00 or 11:00, already 70. 73 x 11 30 70. 73 by 11:30 pm. i think we will top out in the upper 70s for today but notice
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out of the west southwest if you live along the beaches and along the bay you will get cooler quickly. we go from 78 degrees down to 74. very comfortable car. another beautiful evening. slowly through the 60s all evening and then back to the upper 50s tomorrow morning. tomorrow is a nice day and we get towards 11:00, clouds will pick and. very small chance for rain. most areas will not see rain. 20% chance and high pressure dominates thursday and another cold front comes in on friday. just like the first one tomorrow the front on friday does not bring cooler air were rain. no severe weather. not much rain at all. only slightly cooler temperatures.
6:51 am
thursday morning. thursday afternoon, near 80 degrees under mostly sunny skies. they will get a good stretch of weather for the next week once it opens up on thursday. 74 is where we should be. we will be in the upper 70s today. look at the weekend, upper 70s to near 80. i had to bring that number down. the model said 84 for monday. i think we get low to mid-80s tuesday through thursday of next week. it is on the docket coming up. catch our forecast in the newspaper, tampa bay times. find the forecast on their website. an auto show in switzerland. >> the presentation didn't exactly go as planned. the story coming up.
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drive. it is a calm day on this tuesday. if you are taking pictures of the sunrise, #rise with 10 on facebook, instagram and quarter.
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(music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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five minutes away from 7:00. >> we're busy out there. look at this live look from the sky 10. lots of brake lights, taking you 20 minutes from the apex down to i-4. >> a beautiful one today. have the sunglasses ready to go. lifejackets for the kids this morning. this afternoon will be warm and
6:56 am
strongest storms will be east of the mississippi. mcdonald's is rolling out a promotion. it transforms the happy meal into a virtual reality headset. the promotion will honor mcdonald's 30th anniversary in the country. volkswagen presentation of the new car is quite the interruption in switzerland. there was a speech by vw and a few men dressed in a vw uniform say the car's engine is fixed. the man doesn't work for the car company. he was a protester that was shining light on vw's emission scandal. it disrupted the presentation of the had to escort the guy out of the building by security. >> they probably weren't happy with that.
6:57 am
>> everyone is watching. it is videotape. how does someone like that make his way on stage. things for joining us this morning.
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is poised for a historic super tuesday. - his gop rivals and the establishment pull out all the stops to derail the trump machine. hillary clinton hopes the southern voters g give her a full path to the nomination. we'll have a full political look at it from the team. >> we show you who's in and who's out.


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