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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thanks for joining us. a woman drove a car into a day it happened in venice. academy of creative learning. with the latest. >> reporter: i will show you how this all went down. that woman slammed in her car
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knocking concrete blocks out of their. let's listen to how she explained what happened. >> i don't know what happened. everything is always okay but immediately the car go in. maybe the wrong pedal. i am not sure. >> she missed took the accelerator for the break. fortunately she continued to accelerate and crashed into the building. >> with a vehicle slammed into in. the concrete block wall. three children were on the other side of the wall and that was the play area. they suffered minor injuries and one was rushed to the hospital.
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whether criminal charges were civil charges will be filed. the workers at this day care have a lot of work in front of them as far as cleaning this up. they won't have to worry about the safety of the children who go here. they have sent them to a sister facility. we will have more on this story coming up later today. tammie fields. the past few days donald trump has been criticized five ignorance about former ku klux klan leader david duke. speaker paul ryan had this to say. no gains. they must reject any group were cause that is built on bigotry. we believe all people are
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and our government. >> politics take center stage on the super tuesday. smaller tonight. democrats and republicans had to the polls. the biggest single day of voting in the nomination process. the front runners are hoping >> voters are lining up at polling stations on super tuesday in what is a record turnout. donald trump with a significant lead over his opponents in most of the 12 state voting republican primaries. >> those numbers may be low. >> some people that want to acknowledge they are supporting for him. he will win texas hoping to make it a two man race. >> what we we see i believe is
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with a significant chunk of delegates. >> democrats are in a two- person contest and hillary clinton is hoping to land a knockout blow to bernie sanders. sanders voted early this morning in vermont but he is looking for more than boats tonight. >> the goal is to end up with as many delegates as we can. >> their 859 delegates at stake for the democrats that clinton has a lead of 20 points or more in 67 states. clinton has shifted some of her focus to the general election. >> i will stand up and fight for you throughout this campaign no matter who the republicans nominate. >> clinton will hold a rally in florida tonight. the sunshine vote is march 19. donald trump and marco rubio will hold off for celebrations.
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rick scott were affiliated before politics. donald trump considered running for office but this is his first run. he is making that we. the ballpark carlos beruff jumped it on monday. he is the fifth republican running for the seat vacated by marco rubio. we talked about why he is running for office. >> reporter: the son of cuban images carlos beruff said he got into the race after his friends called him saying no one in washington has any business experience and he should run. he is an extremely successful sarasota developer and hasn't run for office before however he has served on the boards of several publication -- public agencies, the aviation authority, and the state college of florida board among
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the wealthy developer wants to go to washington. >> why do you want to run for the senate? >> my frustration over the years has built up because people would come to me looking for my support telling me they share the same principles that i had. and then they get elected and something happens and all of a sudden it is about keeping the job instead of doing the job. i figured if i did it myself i can help. >> he says the number one issue in his mind for america is a security which he admits is expensive but he says it can be funded by cutting wasteful programs. he want publicly commit to endorsing any republican presidential candidate and you can see more of our interview with him on our website,
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jury selection underway in the former professional wrestler hulk hogan versus gawker trial. his name is terry bollea and is suing gawker for $100 million. this is video of him. he claims gawker part -- publish portions of a sex video without his permission. this is a highly publicized trial. jurors are asked about a possible hardships that may prevent them from serving. erin andrews on the stand today. the sportscaster is suing marriott hotels and the parent company after a man of recorded these videos of her in her room and put them online. >> the thing that hit home for me and hurt me the worst is when girls in high school college and treat me. i can't
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it doesn't get better. >> michael barrett spent 2 1/2 years in federal prison. he has not up -- own a few more. >> a project between downtown tampa and safety is moving forward. we got a preview today. in november you can leave your car behind and take the ferry between the cities. it will run six months and if successful the service could be expanded. >> it is and partnership is meant to be a pilot demonstration project. one-vote coming out of the northeast but it will showcase how people can go from city to city so it will keep pace to what the future can be. >> the very will connect with the water taxi line. it goes to the channel district at the riverwalk and harbour island. one more city in the gulf area.
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reducing tolls. >> reporter: imagine if every single day you left your house to go to work or to the grocery store you had to dig into your wallet to get out extra change to paper towels. that is what people living in treasure island say they will have to do if the city decides has not how -- had tolls for a decade. this plan does not make them happy. neighbors at the yacht club say they worry about how this will affect their property value. it is not just people there who are upset. people living in st. pete to like the idea of adding another toll. there is a proposal on the table from a councilman for the city would take over part of the causeway. none of these things are yet written in stone but the city manager is quoted as saying that the burden of maintaining
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everyone who uses it because the city cannot keep paying the year to keep it up. if the city does move forward with this plan electronic tolls would go on the causeway. governor rick scott honored local veterans. the honor dozens of veterans with awards. >> proud to be here. i will frame this and hanging on the wall with the rest of my stuff. >> the gentleman you heard from serving the army during vietnam. 184 awards were given out. a local city makes the top 10 list when it comes to present to manage their money wisely. plus a study on the cravings you make it when you don't get
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coming up tonight, devices you have period the house may be compromising your privacy. what you can do to protect yourself.
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discovery about the dangers of the zika virus. researchers found the virus can cause chilly embrace syndrome. the immune system attacks nerve cells and causes paralysis. five countries have seen more patience with the syndrome. it begins with weakness in the legs and moves of the body. some people fully recovered. we have 20% with a significant disability. the reason to get more sleep. doctors at the university of chicago say lack of sleep intensifies cravings for salty high-fat foods. sleep extends a chemical single
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rewarding stacks. people ate twice as much as though got the right play. sun city ranks sixth on the list based on credit scores, and mortgage debt to income ratio. tempo ranked 2181st and st. pete 1839, sarasota 977. if you want to check out the list we have it for you on our website, a study that says three quarters of americans are afraid to drive or ride in self driving cars. it was released by aaa. the reason is travelers feel like the technology is to new. people who have cars with autonomous features like autopilot are more likely to
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the key to understanding it is new research on the safety features. a fear of the unknown. >> there are some level of everything is getting hacked nowadays. not just bank accounts. how is it working. a lot of folks may be making out a plan. >> really nice out there with nice warm temperatures once again. we are rolling in high clouds. not as much blue there that we take out over downtown st. pete and wall-to-wall blue out there. we got a really nice afternoon on tap and these numbers really make it that much better so 74 now in tampa. 78 in riverview. cold spot, 72 new port richey. not really all that cool.
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for today and zooming and around the bay, check this out, communities heading towards 80. sumpter 79. warm side. you may be needing to find shade but all in all in the shade especially with the breeze it is perfect. a few high clouds working their way. don't expect to see much more than that. we will go for 77 in tampa today and overnight as we have more clouds temperatures slowly dropping off. for many of us we stay around 60 degrees out the door tomorrow morning and clouds and viewpoints come up here. slightly higher humidity during 78 spring hill. 79 davis island. 75 braden 10.
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degree readings. it is not impacting us the same way with temperatures in the 60s. we get away from the moderating effect and hit 80 and lakeland into wauchula. a warm afternoon. everyone does stay dry for today. we have the southwind returning in the forecast. that will cause humidity to creep up overnight which will fuel the chance for isolated showers coming up tomorrow morning. bring severe weather to parts of the deep south, a slight risk of that there and not expecting a widespread threat. the bay area. broken line there. what we see as the main batch move through, more of it increase in cloud cover than anything else with sprinkles in there and not much else happening.
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that will move in and out quickly setting us up for a gorgeous we can. and minimal rain chances around 20% coverage on wednesday. looking to friday i will put that as we may see a stray shower north of i-4. most of us are going to be in the clear. we look ahead to the weekend, temperatures warm up during the day. drier air moving in behind the system so propels -- propels temperatures during the day. we fall into the mid-50s and week. some models indicating mid-80s by monday into tuesday. download our 10 news at any time. he spent a year in space a local scientist explains what astronaut kelly penick -- can expect.
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followed by nci s new orleans. something different at 10:00. today's super tuesday. campaign 2016 special and then 10 news at 11:00. stephen call their guest
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you know what it feels like to get back from a long trip. >> and packing and jet lag. >> getting back into the normal >> it is a bit longer when you are coming back to the states.>> astronaut scott kelly will have he is back to earth today after spending a record amount of time and space, 340 days. eventually in houston at some point. >> his bones have shrunk and
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bed like when you oversleep and you can't get up. try that for about a year when he will have difficulties getting out of the spacecraft. he will have to be assisted. he will need a wheelchair. his bones are really brittle and then. he will need help. >> interesting to think about those side effects. he has a girlfriend and two say he should be re-adjusting over the next few weeks and the month at the latest. >> it is a slow process. it is not like i need a nap. feel great. >> that is so weird. and now go back to readjust again. story. a nice afternoon? spots.
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ononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononononon >> victor: what's this? >> victoria: it's just proof that you're not the man that i thought you were. marco annicelli, dad. go ahead -- try to explain your way out of this. >> victor: sweetheart, people tell all kinds of stories about me. haven't you learned that yet? >> adam: probably want to check and see what's on that disc before you dismiss it. >> victor: don't listen to your brother. he's bitter because i just relieved him of his duties at newman enterprises. >> adam: oh, i see. okay. nice spin. is that how it went? except i left on my own accord. it was my choice. >> victoria: i guess you're rewriting history again. doesn't surprise me. >> victor: what fabrications have got you so upset? >> victoria: dad, these are not fabrications.


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