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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to the building. >> that is when the unthinkable happened. a wall came crashing down and concrete blocks and building blocks thrown around. parents rushed to check on their kids. >> it was terrifying to think something could happen. >> this grandmother admits she was the one behind the wheel. >> i don't know what happened. everything was okay but immediately the car go in. maybe the wrong pedal. >> she was about to drop off her four-year-old grandson when it happened and while they are okay three children and a day care worker weren't so lucky. >> whatever teachers did go to the hospital for shoulder injury. >> their injuries are in serious but the damage here is so extensive the day care is closed. day care owner said
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we checked and sarasota county granted her an exemption to operate a day care as a business since the neighborhood is zoned residential. the building is a converted house. she said they were planning to install concrete barriers as a layer of protection but hadn't gotten to it yet. >> it was very scary but as you can see by the mess it could've been worse. >> the county does not make those rules when it comes to safety. they make rules about the day care when it comes to how many children can be here. we will let you know where does make that rules and regulations when it comes to safety. all-new tonight at 6:00. tammie fields. to get another look at the damage download our 10 news app
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family, friends and fallen -- law enforcement officers are paying their respects to the police officer who was killed on her first day of the job. >> we are a brotherhood. she is a sister in law enforcement so we are here to support her. >> a huge american flag hanging over the procession for officer ashley guindon. officer saluted the hurst carrying her body outside of the church in virginia. one of the three officer shot over the weekend while responding to a domestic call. the suspect is facing capital murder. the case involving a baby boy found buried in a field and sarasota county. chance walsh his father is charged with first-degree murder. they could face life in prison. baby chance his mother pleaded no contest.
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testify truthfully in the case. handwritten letters from kristin to her husband fila jeff. see how they paint a different picture. cases of the zika virus are popping up across the country and here in florida. health officials confirmed two new cases in miami-dade county. both are travel related. researchers say there is a link between zika virus and jan brady syndrome. the immune system attacks nerve cells and causes paralysis. five latin american countries with zika epidemics have seen more research needs to be done in more countries to put a link between zika virus and that condition. the 14-year-old accused of school in ohio. investigators believe the teenager got the gun used from a family member.
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hurt. the students will be okay. the school was closed today but parents will get to walk through the halls with her kids tonight. >> many staff members will be available tonight to help greet families and our intention is to walk the halls and help them feel confident before they return to school. the 14-year- old is facing charges including attempted murder. prosecutors haven't said if it were moved to adult court. voters in a dozen states votes in for super tuesday. the front runners, hillary clinton and donald trump, are can win the nomination for republican house speaker.ryan take a job at trump for not
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the [ null ]. >> if a person wants to be a nominee at a republican party there could be no innovation and no games. they must reject any group or cause that is built on bigotry. this party does not play on people's prejudices. >> if you notice ryan did not mention trump by name. speaker says he tried to avoid commenting on their presidential race and plans to eyes are on the clock as a result from a dozen states. mark rivera gives you an inside look at that we need to watch out for tonight. >> this is big. it is so important tonight. in just a few hours we will see candidates gain leads. hillary clinton and donald trump. a cnn poll with hillary clinton 55% over bernie sanders. donald
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and 49%, more than all of his opponents are pulling to buy. one candidate to watch is marco rubio. it is conceivability will not win any of the states. he needs to at least win minnesota. if not virginia, vermont, massachusetts, all unlikely. republican voters are turning out the trump for >> i will vote for donald trump. who were boosted this economy back up. he were boosted up by a big difference. >> i don't think he's a person that is running this country. >> tonight super tuesday will be huge. doctor 10news political analyst lars hafner and i will be breaking down the results as they come in live on facebook. find me there, mark rivera, and like us. after years of legal battles the trial between
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hulk hogan and the website gawker is underway. hogan is suing the tablet website for $100 million after they released the sex tape of him. jurors explain why they might not be able to services the trial could take three weeks . jennifer titus will be covering the trial from beginning to end. she is breaking down what you need to know before opening statements. all eyes will be on the pinellas county courthouse in st. pete for the next four weeks as jurors are being weaned out. this is a long time coming as it has been years since the video was first released. in 2006 terry bollea known as former professional wrestler hulk hogan had sex with a woman. he never knew he was being filmed. in 2012 the tape was released anonymously to tablet website
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hogan filed suit against gawker the terms of the settlement have remained confidential. gawker and hogan have remained in a legal battle for years as numerous pretrial hearings with of its attorneys and gawker fighting for documents to be released or sealed. an audio clip was leaked using racial slurs and a conversation caught on the sex tape. hogan blames gawker and doctor denies releasing audio clips. within hours of the race went, hogan saw his career unravel. he was pushed away. >> the trial to begin with jury selection continuing tomorrow. hogan is claiming his privacy
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we will be on every aspect of the trial and throughout the weeks to come. sleep, jennifer titus. will be streaming the sex tape tile -- trial from beginning to end. the future of getting from one side of the bay to the other is on the water. ferry project is one step closer to reality. downtown tampa partnership what you can expect. the pilot program will run from november of this year to april of next year on fridays, saturdays and sundays. if it is a hit and i but it will be the service will expand. look at this. pretty good right now but not so great earlier. just south of 275. a crash that happened
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slow going. let's take a look outside. gorgeous beautiful day in downtown st. pete. keep in mind looks can be deceiving. a cold front is on the way. what is it me for the forecast. get traffic and weather alerts anytime of the day. download the news app for free from your app store. a huge blow to a family who saw their home with the part by a tornado. >> it is making it hard to get back to normal. prices shooting up $.20 or more per gallon overnight.
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lots of you getting sticker today. gas prices soaring overnight. >> the prices per gallon of gas up more than $.20. you are probably wondering what's behind it. eric glasser has learned more. >> reporter: while gas prices are still historically low several bay area gas stations raise prices by $.20 or more per gallon. overnight. >> $1.79. >> it is incredibly could jump up so much. i don't understand. >> it may be worth it to drive
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station in for yet where it is $.10 cheaper. >> even mark jenkins with aaa says it's hard to justify the their lows but even with that jenkins says it doesn't explain rising so much so quickly. >> all increases in gas prices but a dramatic increase like $.20 isn't across the board for >> gas prices do start to go back up this time of year but last month is the first february were prices fell. $.70 lower than last year. $1.70 than in 2014. >> we should all be happy it is under three dollars. >> if your local gas station is one of those that has seen a dramatic price increase and there is a gas station in your area that hasn't you may want to fill up now.
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do the same. eric glasser. taking a look at prices now. according to aaa the average is $1.76. in florida when dollars $.75. in the bay area, $1.65. >> the cheapest gas prices, we've made it easy. go to a website, click the traffic and then gas prices. you can click and see which gas station it is and we have also made it easy because you can zoom in and search based on your street. good evening. looking at a few high clouds but a gorgeous start to the
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warm temperatures out there. beautiful shot from downtown. still under control with high pressure which is nice in stable giving us pretty weather today. resume out a little bit and just passed of this we will see the call front page recording talk about, there it is right here. central texas moving through tennessee and around kentucky. to the north this is the same system that has been to producing heavy snow around milwaukee. now producing rain over cleveland and cincinnati and heading to the northeast. because the energy is so far north in the us and all the way down here, we will be on the back end of the front and it is breaking up as it comes through tomorrow. this is something we will have first half of the day on wednesday.
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mid-70s. nice and toasty, 81 polk city. 81 sebring. 75 barksdale. of international, mostly clear skies, 74 with southwest winds. humidity and do.starting to come up a little bit. a sign that things are changing with this front but it is minor. not really noticeable. through the evening temperatures warmer than last night when we were in the low 60s. we will go upper 60s to the dinnertime hours. mid-60s late tonight and clear skies. right at daybreak the clouds will go from partly to mostly cloudy. that will keep the overnight temperature from dropping into the mid-50s. a lot of us will be starting in the low 60s on wednesday of this front will come through right around midmorning to
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this will not be one of those friends that drops the temperature a lot and brings in a lot of rain and storms. this is a typical winter florida front where we see a lower humidity and cloud cover for a few hours. rain chances and coverage of the system is very miniscule. only around midmorning are looking at it. six a m, there, clouds. you see this broken line of flight showers, that is it. the main energy is too far north so it doesn't grab enough in the atmosphere to give us rainfall. tomorrow at best isolated shower and midmorning to lunchtime that will be it for the front. we will see clearing skies and a pretty afternoon. here is how the forecast plays out. 76 will be the high. isolated shower for tomorrow we will go early in the day. seven-day forecast, because there is no quote behind the
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cooler and skies will be fair. temperatures might -- not much different. we keep temperatures there for friday. upper 70s expected. a week front with identical timing on saturday morning. monday and tuesday near 82 degrees. the next two systems are quiet. long-range we have our i on those coming across the gulf. that is a long way off. enjoy the seven-day forecast. anytime you want to check on temperatures go to storm tracker 10. -- can video.
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officer. and investigation uncovers when officers choose courtesy over public safety.>> we do such a thing. deputy say this video was stolen from a group of girl scouts. >> reunions happened at the airport all the time but it is where when you have sisters meet for the first time in 60 years.
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here is a look at what is coming up tonight at 8:00. nci s followed by nci s new orleans. you can catch the cbs news campaign 2016 super today coverage special. join us for 10 news at 11:00. the late show with stephen colbert tonight. story traffic alerts. you may know someone who is stuck in this disaster. traffic moving along very slowly at 275 at the i-4 interchange in both directions break bashfulness southbound lane is
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moments ago even though we have this backup. get the latest traffic updates from the 10 news out. new video that you have to see to believe. look at your screen. traffic safety is different outside of the us but this is crazy. a dashboard camera with a toddler falling out of a moving van. the two-year-old got right up you can see him trying to chase after the van. get in. you can hear him crying. they were hawking the entire way. the boys grandfather pulled over and was reunited with a child. the grandfather says he did not notice that the two-year-old had been climbing over the back seats and had gotten into the trunk. he says they were rear-ended a
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the tail and popped open. he is going to be okay. tornado victims victimized again. wait until you hear what was stolen at a damaged house. a lot of police officers feel the pressure to take care brethren. >> it happened more than you think.
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thanks to virtual wallet by pn someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... i am courtney robinson. thank you for joining us. >> a big story happening now. a new grand jury report alleges to roman catholic bishops covered up sexual abuse of


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