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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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at best buy. >> i have been here since 2:00 a.m. >> reporter: it is the line winding around tampa's irs office. more than 100 people, many victims of i.d. theft or fraud told they would need new personal identification numbers to file returns. they tried to website and phone and got nowhere. >> where it is a lack of staff or quality customer service the problem needs to be addressed. >> reporter: since it is first- come, first-serve at tampa's irs office several of these folks waited for hours only to be told at 4:30 sharp come back tomorrow. >> they just locked the door. >> reporter: that's not right said adrian who has been here. >> three times. >> reporter: the internal revenue service blames a spike in i.d. theft as budget cuts force them to cut back. >> the irs is aware of the lines at the taxpayer assistance center. we regret the frustration the tax payers are facing.
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>> reporter: in the meantime people in wheelchairs with kids in strollers wait outside with the frustration costing them money to get their money. >> second day to miss work to come out here. >> reporter: to help ease the situation in tampa the st. petersburg irs office will take reservations that can be made starting thursday to relieve the tension and frustration building here for several days now. in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. >> one bay area irs office hopes to avoid lines. we post had the information at >> use security firewalls when filing. applications with help you put
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this makes sense but don't open suspicious e-mails. they could contain software that can infect your computer. treat your personal information like cash. keep it close to you and never leave it in an unsecured place. it is day two of jury selection in the hogan versus gawker sex tape trial. hogan is suing the website for $100 million. attorneys for both sides of the case question 35 of the potential 109 jurors left. are a local celebrity the focus of the case it is sometimed hard to find an unbiased opinion. most of the jurors heard of hulk hogan but never heard of a leaked sex tape or of gawker. gawker is confident a jury of nine will be found. >> the process allows you to ask questions and find out what people know. if people read too much or too bias the system says they are
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>> gawker reps tells 10 news they hope to have a jury selected by tomorrow night. two of your choices for overnight. democratic canidate hillary clinton and republican canidate states. republican ted cruz won three. marco rubio scored one. democrat bernie sanders won four states. late this afternoon republican ben carson announced he is suspending his campaign. for some people in tampa when they hear the name trump a presidential canidate may not be the first thing to comes to mind. many lost money on a luxury sky scraper that was supposed to be built ten years ago. it was set up to go on ashley drive. jeannie dean talked to an investor to find out what he think about donald trump today. >> reporter: in february of 2005 with a lot of fanfare
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open a sales center for his later project trump tower tampa. jay remembers seeing it on the news. >> i stopped what i was doing to see if i could be part of that. >> reporter: he said with donald trump's involvement he wanted to buy a condo there. he made a down payment of $130,000. this construction marketing booklet are the only things jay has to show for the money. >> it was part of my life savings. when i sold that place it would have been for my retirement. that was part of my retirement plan. >> reporter: it is here on this empty lot on ashley drive jay's dream home was supposed to be built. he had a condo picked up for the 41st floor. it took him several years before he realized his dream was not going to come true. >> you can use a negative experience like this and destroy your life. >> reporter: you might expect someone with a negative experience involving donald trump to be appalled at the
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>> as much as i hate donald trump i would probably vote for him today. he is the only one willing to going. >> reporter: he wishes trump and all the other people who invested in trump tower tampa by using a small amount of his billions to pay everyone back. he said when it comes to leading our country it is more than just about him. it is about what is best for everyone. in tampa jeannie dean 10 news wtsp. hillary clinton supporters are opening up an office as we look at tampa's cuban club. you can see the campaign workers busy setting things up. you can see is signal is weak from the live camera.
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florida. the new tests requested by governor rick scott means florida will check 1600 people for the zica antibodies. the state has 1600 tests to check for active zica virus. we are breaking down how intense the zica virus is our state tonight. there are 44 cases of the florida. zica is linked to a birth defect that causes abnormally small heads. there is something you can do to keep mosquitoes at bay. in tires. they know the tires are a breeding ground for bugs. at a deadly fire in lakeland where polk rescuers say two people and a dog died as a mobile home burned down. it happened overnight in
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a driver say flames and called 9-1-1. 46-year-old denny smith and susan denise were found inside. his grandfather was overcome with grief as he remembered his grandson's generosity. >> he put my garbage out. these little things i'm going to really miss. >> right now investigators are still trying to figure out what started this fire. students around the state are one step closer to taking computer coding classes in place of a foreign language. it requires florida colleges and state universities to accept two coding credits as foreign language credits. in sarasota if you are passionate about transgender bathroom rights the concerns were presented to the school board. 60 people voiced their concern student. they want equal use of
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the school board is sticking to current rules and makes decisions on a case by case basis. in polk county a lakeland family found an unexpected guest. this is a big one. nine foot gator made a 70-yard trek from a pond, broke through a screened in enclosure and took a dip in the pool. her husband noticed bubbles coming from the pool and realized it was a gator. they think because they are animal lovers the gator felt at ease. >> i wonder if he chose our house thinking he would fit in here. i'm not sure. >> gator was removed. no one was hurt. you can look at the encounter on our free wtsp app. what a difference a year makes. you may remember the story of cabella a dog in sulfer springs
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>> do you recognize her? that's cabella the dog happy a great time with her friends we first brought you her story that's when tampa police officers found her, remember she was tied to a railroad track. she had gunshot wounds in her neck and shoulder. the officers stopped an on- coming train to save her life. they brought her to a tampa bay veterinary emergency center. doctors worried they might have to amputate her legs. instead she made an amazing recovery. police and veterinarians determined she was used at a bait dog for a dog fighting ring. one of the four people caught in the case pleaded guilty. he was sentenced to probation, community service and ordered to pay the vet clinic $1,000. michael clayton is now part of our team. he is joining stephanie permanently at 9:00 a.m. on 10 news.
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>> reporter: a deputy nearly killed in a car accident that probably saved his life. i'll tell you how the local community is coming together to get him back on the road to recovery. we had a cold front go by today. didn't feel a thing did you? i'm tracking another one.
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>> by the time you present with the symptoms it is too late to do anything. it was a blessing. pasco county deputy credit oscar crash that nearly killed him for saving his life. he spent the last six months in and out of the hospital. >> tonight 10 news pasco county news room reporter shows you
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>> three trips to icu in six months helped you realize how fragile life is. >> reporter: a 26 year veteran with the department was fortunate to make it from this car crash alive. >> i became paralyzed. one of my thoracic vertebrae were crushed. >> reporter: thanks to immediate surgery he was able to feel his legs and walk. it was that emergency surgery that revealed a much larger problem. >> they discovered i had a mass on my lung. my father just passed away a month before of lung cancer. >> reporter: he had to go through another serious surgery. >> they were able to remove the mass. >> reporter: he had constant support from fellow deputies. when things were looking up. >> i learned i had a staph infection in my lung. they had to do that surgery all over again. i apologize, i can't do much. >> reporter: now he is cancer- free but weak. thanks to donated help from
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moving to a more comfortable place to rehabilite. >> that's part of living the dream, helping others. >> reporter: being able to move into a one-story home and getting away from three flights recovery. moving to the new house will make possible for his best buddy, braxton, to be with him and his two children full-time. >> family is everything. love is everything in this world. that's your best medicine. >> love is everything. >> absolutely. he hopes to be back on the force part-time in may and finish his career as a deputy helping kids. i think the term cold front means different things depending where you are. >> there is cold fronts and
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>> that's what we had today. noticed. of the air. we could use some clearly. we always get a little rain in the dry season every week to ten days. that system wasn't the one to give us much relief. temperatures 78 sebring. st. pete 70 degrees. to start our evening. temperatures about the same. dew point and humidity about yesterday. the wind direction from the northwest giving us an indication that technically the front passing through and sitting around bradenton and sarasota tonight. over above our heads the jet stream is bringing in high clouds. that will continue for us tonight. it won't make any rain. it will keep us with some high, thin clouds overhead, which could, with the moon out there which is less than a quarter
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it with highs in the atmosphere. this is friday's system. that's the next cold front. as we are watching the two of these come together what we'll see is that head right towards us coming into our forecast for early friday morning. and when it does so, we'll find we'll be looking at generally a brief round of showers. it will give us a chance of rain in our early friday forecast. as with look, st. pete is looking very nice. forecast for the evening will find temperatures slowly falling through the 60s. won't be much of a difference from last night. we are expecting for the next 24-hours we'll be seeing partly sunny skies. tomorrow 55 degrees.
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winds turn southwest at 10 miles per hour. the difference with the next front and the models have not come together until today where we can see southerly winds and a enough dew points coming up that i can see a few showers possible. a lot is before you get out on the roads in the early morning hours friday. probably will taper off around 7:00 a.m. not really a concern for severe weather or crazy storms. i see a better indication that we can squeeze out more than an isolated shower. rain coverage 30% of the 10 news viewing area. that's higher than isolated. that's the one thank we made with that front. 74 the high as winds turn northwest. you can see like what we are about to go there with this front and how it changes tomorrow to warmer same thing for the weekend. 77 for saturday. 78 on sunday. we'll be in the low 80s next week for tampa with breezy conditions tuesday and wednesday. that will mean east of i-75
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80s lakeland, polk city, plant city. not bad for the strawberry festival. that's for sure for this weekend and next week. a big start to dr. suess day thanks to the 10 news team.
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baseball fans the rays lost this spring training opener. the scores don't mean much. jennings looked good at the plate. it was military appreciation day in port charlotte. after the ceremonies he pitched a perfect one inning. struck out one. concentrated on his curve ball. >> i knew i was going one inning to begin with. i wanted to work on that pitch. three two good ones. good. i think it went around the great. >> rays only runs to the gap a two run double. this guy is healthy and he
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blake gave all three run homer to scott in his first spring training inning. there it goes. hey, he is a kid. rays lost 6-2 today. talk about a moment. before the rays game they veteran. that's his family and wife julie with his son and daughter. only his family didn't know patrick jackson was catching. >> val spar championship begins on thursday with jordan spieth defending. >> there was a bunker which wasn't there last year. bunkers being close to grains where there is no room for mistakes.
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there is a few new bunkers in the 18th fair way. this course is in pristine condition. thousands of readers are taking time to read their favorite dr. suess books. allison kropff and ian reitz shared stories with the students at eisenhower elementary in clearwater. march 2nd is the nationwide celebration in honor of the children's book author. thousands of schools, libraries and community centers celebrate his birthday each and every year.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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>> what a super tuesday! >> pelley: the front-runners look like a cinch to clinch. >> if winner took all, this thing is over. >> pelley: some republicans fear it is over. >> here's what i'm going to say in november when we lose-- i told you so. >> pelley: also tonight, down a justice, the supreme court takes up the biggest abortion case in decades. a gang invades a gun store and steals dozens of weapons. an energy tycoonidize at the wheel one day after his indictment. and the most super of the super


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