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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. thanks for joining us. former g.o.p. presidential candidate mitt romney is going all out to stop donald trump from being nominee. he talked about the reason he says trump is not the man for
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>> after all of this is an individual who mocked a disabled reporter and attributed questions to a men truly cycle and mocked a brilliant rival due to her appearance. who bragged about marital affairs andville garrett. he admires vladimirputin and has calls george w bush a liar. >> if republicans choose trump to be the presidential nominee the prospects to a safe and diminished. >> mitt romney has one goal in mind, stopping donald trump nomination. in prepared remarks he calls trump a phoney and fraud saying his comments are as worthless university.
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trump responded on twitter saying why did mitt romney use my endorsement four years ago. >> hit is tough, smart, sharp. >> trump regrets his 2012 endorsement. >> he ran one of the worst cam pains in election history. he was a ka taskty. >> there's a growing fear that trump will win but the remaining candidates have their own strategies on how to stop them. >> thank you so much. >> marco rubio is trying to split votes to fend off trump. >> everyone get together to keep the frontrunner from winning and destroying the republican party. >> ted cruz wants everyone out to take on trump head to head. >> if we are going to beat remain fractured. >> cruz and the remaining republican candidates will take their shots at trump in debate.
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>> marco rubio will open a campaign office in the area on oak field drive. new mexico governor says she will campaign for rubio in florida and kansas. hilary clinton opened a campaign last night. bob buckhorn was there showing his support. school tax holidays will be scaled back approving a bill to cut it back from ten days to three days in august. during that time period shoppers will be able to purchase clothing and school supplies without paying sales tax. legislators are limiting to clothes that cost $60 or less. we've got more on the changes on our website and by searching for the 10 news app. support in court this morning for family and friends of this man right here tow truck driver roger perez who was hit and killed while helping stranded drivers on the
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atson huffman had her first arraignment and pleaded not may. 22. she left her car near the bridge and got a ride to the casino before ending up at an acquaintance's house who then turned her in. they want her prosecuted but also that we are move over law. >> had she moved over simply as the law states one lane this tragedy would never have occurredwe would not be here right now. we are trying to promote and make sure people are aware of the move over law so this does not occur. >> he leaves behind a wife and young daughter. he was from cuba and lived here for two decades. taking on the issue of decriminalizing marijuana. under the proposal if someone is caught with 20 grams or less
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starting at $75 rather than being arrested. a sick child she believed would benefit from marijuana. >> it is so hard to watch your child suffer knowing that cannabis can potentially save their life and give them the best quality of life. >> again this is just the first time the public commented on the proposed ordinance. second and final vote will likely take place in march. a threat found scribbled on the bathroom wall leads to a lock down. the message said they were going to bring a gun to school and shoot someone. after placing the school on lock down the female student took credit for the threat and said it was meant as a joke. new traffic lights up near the east gate plaza in east tampa after years of people getting hurt while crossing the
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to cross the road. many injuries happen to students darting through traffic trying to get to school. the light cost $350,000 and will be fully operational by the end of next week. jury selection for the hulk hogan sex tape trail is plugging along in st. petersburg down to 91 people and working to get down to 9 people. potential jurors taking questions from the attorneys. they wanted to know how many of them knew of hogan, watched t.v. shows or had prior troubles with attorneys. they are suing him for $100 million after a released sex tape. they said they are defending the first amendment against the effort to create a world where celebrities can promote themselves around any topic in this case sex and veto how the media covers their life.
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in action for the next 11 days. the hillsborough county sheriff's office spent several hours inspecting every game at the fair to make sure they are safe so you and your kids don't get ripped off. they made sure it's possible to win every game and made sure the rides are safe and assembled properly. >> we want to be able to have our families and children and friends come here and be safe and know what the rules are and have an opportunity to win the games that they paid for. >> a large crowd flooded into the gates this morning for opening day at the strawberry festival. the next 11 days live music, rides and strawberries. the fair draws 500,000 people from all over the state and the world. we found a few canadians who come to the fair every year. >> the weather is certainly nicer here, we have cooler weather in canada so it's nice
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>> great time of year. tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for children and under 6 gets in free. astronaut scott kelly is spending his first day back home in texas. he landed overnight in houston after returning to earth on tuesday. he spent 340 days in space. doctors are checking kelly out to see what kind of impact his space mission may have had on his health. >> family and friends cheered as astronaut scott kelly stepped off a plane in houston overnight. >> it's great to be back in texas. >> the 52-year-old returned to earth tuesday after spending a record 340 days in space for nasa. during his time in orbit kelly carried out experiments on the effects of long duration trips in space. his work is paving the way for an eventually mission to mars. >> this mission is the latest achievement in our country's space program but it's not the last.
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it's in our dna of our country to explore and we must never stop. >> nasa wants to put astronauts on the red planet in 2030. over the next weeks and months doctors will examine kelly to see what kind of impact the mission had on his health and analyze changes by comparing him to his identical twin brother mark a former astronaut. >> you truly are an inspiration to all of us. >> kelly was greeted in houston by the second lady of the u.s., dr. jill biden. don champion cbs news. >> kelly is two inches taller from being in space. a trip to mars would be a two and a half year expedition for astronauts. we've got exciting news at 10 news. former buck near michael clayton is a new host at studio 10 live. >> give me some of that sugar. >> yes! .
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his energy to the show as an- -bringing his energy to the show as an occasional host. he's very excited about the opportunity and eager to make a mark on the tampa bay area. he joins stephanie webb week days 9 in the morning monday through friday right here on 10 news. they are creepy and crawly and their toxins could hold a key to better medication. that story next on 10 news at noon. hundreds of people will be walking this saturday to defeat als. coming up we are going to hear how families cope with this devastating disease. and heading into thursday afternoon almost the weekend how are we doing. >> and the clouds are increasing more sunshine this afternoon. looking good. a few thin clouds and a big warm up on the way for the weekend. we are going to breaking and entering it down when i return in just a few minutes with your seven day forecast. ten news and the tampa bay
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give away a pass to the lightning and devils game. one winner will receive signed team gear. join us on 10 news this morning next week for the word of the colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president
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colossal curl at adventure island. it's not just a water slide, it's a thrill slide. pand if you get the busch gardens p fun card now you'll also get pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. it apparently could have a therapeutic side effect as well. a compound has the potential to work the pain killer. i found toxins inhibit pain reseparators in brain cells.
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before more research is needed on any potential tests. this saturday hundreds will walk for a st. pete because they can. that's the als association. there's no cure for als also known as lou geurig's disease but they help families cope with this devastating diagnosis. joining me today are todd loomis and amy and glen. they are here to talk about up coming walks to defeat als. one in st. pete and one in sarah societia. tell us about these. you say they are really fun events. >> the idea of the walk to defeat als is to bring families and care givers and people that have an interest in als and helping to fight it to come together and celebrate life. the greater tampa walk is coming up this saturday and our sarasota walk is on march 19. they start in the morning and it's a great way to come out and learn more about als if you
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the families to come out and celebrate. >> amy and glen you are taking a part in the sarasota walk. glen you were diagnosed with als better known as lou geurig's disease in 2012. by are these walks so important. >> they are critical for people and walking for a cause. >> and amy has the als association been helpful to you? >> absolutely. absolutely. just the support they provide with some of the services we've been able to take advantage of the rest of the grant which is huge for us along with some of the equipment grants. there's lots and lots of needs that you have as the it progresses so it's been wonderful and the support of bringing people together and just being with people that through. >> of course this is a terribly rough road to travel and to
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>> it's awful. it really is. especially when you first get the diagnosis you are just stunned and praying it's something else. so it's really hard and each change is terribly difficult but then you adjust to it and you move on. >> glen you were saying that that's the way you have to face this. you just go on. >> just go on. do what you have always done. take trips or whatever you can do to keep moving on. >> todd, obviously these walks are a major fundraiser. where does this money go and how does it help families? >> the als association florida chapter provides care services for care givers and patients with als all across the state. we provide support groups like amy mentioned. we provide grants to give care givers a little bit of a break. devices.
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10 news sports director dave worth is going to help kick off the walk in st. pete on saturday so say hi if you are out there. there is more information about both of these walks on our website. and if you would like a tour of 10 news you can call 727-577- 1010 or e-mail community. i'm catherine catherine burch for 10 community. and good thursday afternoon to you. hope you are having a great day. we are seeing sunshine across the bay area. here's a live look at the clearwater beach sky cam and beaches. current temperatures at 72 degrees in crystal river, 68 there. 75 in clearwater and bart o 81 degrees so we are going to see warmer temperatures away from the coast and your high
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winter haven, lakeland, 77 davis island and clearwater degrees. we don't have to worry about any rain today. we are going to see decreasing afternoon. winds out of the south west to keep the immediate coastline just a little bit cooler with waters. but overnight we are going to see some showers, a weak disturbance moves through mainly during the hours when most of us will be asleep. here they come through the bay area at 4:30 in the morning. if you do have to get up early for work you might encounter showers and pretty much moving to the south of the bay area by 7:30 and mostly sunny skies by your friday afternoon. for today high temperatures by the coast in the mid 70s, warmer inland, mild at 7:00 a temperature of 66 degrees and overnight we are going to start to cool things off and see a morning low of 54 for friday. if you are taking the boat out
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seas one to two, bay waters a light chop. uv index is 8 so the sun is getting stronger but in the month of march make sure to wear your sun screen. and of course the strawberry festival kicking off. get yourself some if you have time after work. 76 your high today. midlevel clouds and sunset around 6:30. it's nice to see that daylight until almost 7:00. for your weekend looking ahead both saturday and sunday beautiful with highs upper 70s lows nice and comfortable low temperatures mid to upper 50s. above average temperatures with a light breeze. no rain in the forecast for either saturday or sunday. all right let's talk about your seven day forecast. i think you are going to like it. just about a 20 to 30% chance of a few scattered showers before 7:00 a.m. on friday with a high of 75 and
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70s for the weekend. next week highs on tuesday, 84 degrees so really feeling like spring time. keep in mind on the go download our 10 news app free for you in our app store. it will give you access to sky 10 network cameras and once you download the app sign up for breaking news traffic and weather alerts. ian? >> all right so coming up talk about a jack pot in this paper bag. what one family found inside as they cleaned out their great- grandfather's run down house. what was inside was worth more than $1 million. tonight on 10 news starting at 8:00 the big bang theory then life in pieces followed by two
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the mysteries of the deep
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discoveries all part of a unique shipwreck pressures of the expedition at the museum of history. odyssey marine representative mark gordon visited us with a preview. >> there's three shipwrecks featured. one was 1700 feet where all of these pieces came from on the table. we recovered 100-tons of silver bars from one a mile deeper than titanic. >> so cool. the items will be on display through may 31. cleaning out the late great- grandfather's home a family found a paper bag with seven century old cards worth more than $1 million. before the find they were known around. not clear what the family intends to do with the card add
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>> abby: how could we not know? how could we all be fooled into thinking that marco was uncle jack? >> victoria: what about kelly? how is ben handling that part? >> abby: he doesn' t know yet. or at least he hasn' t heard from me. he' s been at the hospital all night, and kelly' s role in this hasn' t hit the news yet. >> victoria: it' s gonna kill him. >> abby: or it' ll make him kill someone else. um... hey, i have to go. ben' s here. >> victoria: tell him, uh... i don' t know. tell him we' re all so sorry. >> abby: thank you. hey. >> stitch: hi, baby. how you doing? >> abby: hi. >> stitch: [ sighs ] made it home in time to take max to school. now i' m all yours.


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