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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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welcome to 10 news good morning. it is friday. i'm meteorologist bobby deskins. i'm tracking a couple showers. most of it is out of here. we are warm and muggy mid to upper 60s. you'll find a couple wet roads lakeland into plant city. the frontal boundary is sitting across tampa bay and heading towards manatee and sarasota. i'll have your weekend forecast in less than ten minutes. good morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. in pinellas county i'm on top of an accident on i-275. no main lanes are blocked. you'll have to slow down off the highway. hillsborough county i'm on top of an accident on lutz. you'll see it on dale mabry highway. we are in the 6:00 hour. we are getting heavier traffic out there.
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good friday morning. welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. >>i'm ian reitz. if you missed the republican debate on thursday night we have everything you need to know this morning. >> 10 news reporter emerald morrow is in studio. despite all the attacks all the canidates say they would support trump if he gets the nomination. this comes as some canidates are facing legal troubles of their own. >> that's right. this morning in broward county a judge will hear a case on whether or not ted cruz or marco rubio can even run for president. the question on the table is whether or not they are natural born citizens. the case comes one day after the canidates duked it out on the stage in detroit at the 11th republican debate. a few days after front runner donald trump snagged a big victory on super tuesday.
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answers on policy and shortcomings on business. trump responded to former presidential canidate mitt romney saying trump's views and tactics could lead the gop to disaster. we'll explain how the last debates affect our state. >> there is only one debate left between thousand and the florida primary. we have tonight and the one next week in miami. those two debates will be the last impression that will be left with the citizens of florida other than the commercials that will be seen over the next two weeks. >> the florida primary election is more than a week away on march 15th. we just got word on where governor scott stands when it comes to the canidates. we have that answer for you coming up at 6:30. back to you. wall street is reacting to the polls. some investors say even though the election is eight months away the uncertainty of what the canidate could bring to the on the economy.
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2016 race for the white house has a lot of potential it has. some on wall street say they don't know where trump stands on economic policy on what changes he could make to impact global trade. big changes are coming to the downtown st. pete skyline. a few hours construction crews will break ground on a 41 story tower. it will be the tallest building in all of pinellas county. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live on 42 avenue downtown. with so many people moving into downtown there has to be concerns about parking and traffic. >> reporter: yeah, there is. this is where it will be behind us. up here you can see where the street is. it is close to several streets downtown. you'll see construction barricades. the big concern is is there enough parking? i learned there will be two
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from there it is difficult how to will totally impact the traffic down here. if you have been to downtown st. pete you know how difficult and crazy parking can be. it is nearly impossible to find a spot. when you do you better have quarters for a meter. city leaders are not sure how traffic and parking will be impacted once the condo is down in 2018 along with a handful of others in the works. they definitely need to find a solution to parking and traffic since the hundreds of residents are said to move in here in the coming years. you can expect to see more high- rises coming. i was shocked to find out how high demand is. you might be surprised about that, too. i'll tell you about it coming up in 30 minutes. live in st. pete sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. tampa is one of the most popular places in the country to flip homes. florida was second in the
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more than 9% of all house flips were in tampa and daytona beach. only nevada had more. jury deliberations could begin in a few hours in the erin andrews trial. it has been an emotional week in court. the sports caster is suing the owner of marriott for $75 million. a man secretly recorded her video in the nude and posted it online. michael barrett manipulated the reservation system to get a room next to hers in 2008. the jury will have to decide if the company is liable. today the jury selection continues in the hulk hogan gawker sex trial. the pool stands at 55. they have to cut it down to nine by monday morning so the trial can start.
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against the fight to zica virus. the grant will go to reducing mosquito population and developing vaccines to protect against it. google assigned a team of engineers and scientists to work with a unicef and analyze where the next outbreak might be. [ no audio ] could the fifth time be the charm? spacex will try again to launch the falconine rocket from cape canaveral tonight. the window for this is 6:35 untell 8:06. last few missions were scrubbed due to issues with liquid, oxygen temperatures and a
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coming to yellow stone national park. u.s. fish and wild life service wants to remove grizzly bears from the park. the protection act to protect them has been working. grizzlies in yellow stone land. that's larger than massachusetts, new hampshire and rhode island combined. if you want to take your family on a disney cruise you'll soon have more options. the company is adding to more ships to the fleet. that brings the total to six. designs are still in development. the ships are expected to debut in 2021 and 2023. so you want to know the fish you are eating is the kind you pay for, right? usf scientists are headed to boston this weekend. when they get there they'll show off a tool they created to
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>> it is called the grouper check. the sensor is making sure the fish is grouper and not less pricily tilapia or cat fish. 30% of the fish coming in the country is mislabeled and it is costing us $25 million a year. once the grouper check is unvailed scientists plan to add tests for red napper, tuna and halibut. 100 dog rest moved from one home in minnesota. why it took more than a year to rescue those animals. that's coming up at 6:35. snakes on a beach. this is not what you want. people at one beach are having
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good morning. welcome back. time is 6:12 on your friday morning. sunshine skyway bridge taking 17 minutes from pinellas park drive to i-75 in manatee county. looking live at our other bridges. this is the howard frankland bridge. coming into tampa live from sky 10. these are the northbound lanes before you are getting off the bridge. so quiet so far. six minutes to cross. gandy bridge also looking great this morning live from sky 10 on the pinellas side. your drive time is just five minutes. bobby? >> most roads are dry as a front comes through and the wind is not up. it is picking up north northwest 10 to 15. that will be it for your bridges. it should be good. there is the rain falling apart
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we are drying out for you. it is a good looking forecast. the clouds from the front this here. mostly sunny skies this afternoon mid 70s. clouds. days. in ten minutes. this is a look at your day's top stories at 6:00. >> i think i'm talking. >> people say everywhere i go you seem to be the adult on the stage. bad blood among the republican canidates during lasting night's presidential debate. in the end all of the canidates said they would support donald trump if he wins the gop nomination. the jury could get the erin andrews case today. andrews is suing a national hotel owner for $75 million
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>> since it is a small area you have to build up because of the limited land space available. st. pete's skyline is about to change. today the tallest building in all of pinellas county is about to break ground. it will be 41 stories tall. here's a look at headlines around the nation and here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. canada's new prime minister thinks americans need to pay more attention to what's happening around the rest of the world. his interview airs days before he makes a visit to the white house. families and 12 passengers of malaysian airlines flight 370 sued the government and carrier. this comes ahead of a filing deadline next week that marks two years since the plane's disappearance.
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the families says her clients sued because nothing reasonable was forthcoming from the carrier. the flight disappeared with 239 on board. it is the only missing 777. liquidation for sports authority comes later today. sports authority admitted they lost market shares and became swamped with billion of dollars in debt and failed to keep up with consumer trend use when you go to the beach you expect to see birds and shells. beach? some visitors in galveston,
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this guy carries a pellet gun with him. >> for every snake you do see there are ten to twenty you don't see. >> there have been no reports of attacks or injuries. it is 6:16 on your friday. let's get back over to road warrior hilary zalla. >> taking a look at your traffic right now. we have an accident i'm on top of that was just reported in spring hill. avenue. police are on scene. slow down own u.s. 41. in pinellas county i'm on top of a crash on i-275. you'll see it on the northbound exit ramp to gandy bridge. this is not blocking any lanes either. injuries are reported. again, watch out for police on scene there. pinellas county you are looking great with all of your majors.
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no significant delays. we are in green everywhere. veterans expressway, i-275, i- 75. look at i-275 now. we are definitely seeing heavier traffic. this is a live look at fowler avenue. all of the head lights coming south. north is much quieter. your drive time is 15 minutes from the apex to i-4. no delays yet. looking live of i-4 west of kathleen road in polk county. you can see it is quiet. traffic is picking up a little bit. so far if you are traveling from lakeland into a tampa for work, from polk parkway to i-75 along i-4 it is taking you 15 minutes. looking at our majors in sarasota and manatee county. you can see a delay on u.s. 301. it is 32 miles per hour heading south past state road 70. i-75 is looking great. no delays there just yet. bobby? >> thank you very much. tracking showers at 6:17. we have a couple left on the radar. that is just about it.
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over towards the lake wales area, southern desoto county into highlands county. now clearing sarasota. venice the clouds are getting out of here. heading out to get sharks teeth on the beach it is looking good. this frontal boundary is across the bay it will continue to drop southward. skies are clearing behind it. hooters at clearwater beach is showing sunshine coming up. there is a breeze. the flags are blowing away. that's a north to northwest wind. that's a sign the front has come through. temperatures 66 in tampa. carrollwood 59.
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this is the cool air mass. the front sitting there. 68 river view. 67 in sarasota. 60 in land o'lakes. we'll drop the temperatures here. it is 6:19. by 7:00 we'll be five degrees cooler. we are looking at a nice bus stop forecast. mid 60s most locations with 50s along the nature coast. rain is almost out of here. that's not an issue for the kids. frontal boundary comes through and cools us initially but with clears skies behind it we'll end up with sunshine. that will warm us up. you can see we'll be in the mid 70s by the time we get towards early this afternoon. that will be our daytime high. we are going to be looking at temperatures that basically go into the mid 70s for this time of year which is almost average. we can look at overnight lows cooling off. this morning mid to upper 60s. we'll end up in the low to mid 50s for tomorrow morning. southwest winds north to northwest.
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15 knots today with two to four foot seas. moderate chop on the bay. that's bumpy for the boaters. things will get better late this afternoon and closer to sunset. overnight tonight falling through the 60s. friday night plans look great. nice and dry. we'll be in the 50s after midnight. beautiful 77 on saturday. 80 degrees on sunday. next week warm and humid. low to mid 80s away from the beaches. the water is cooler. that will start to come up. this is a small case of mid spring, late spring weather almost. it will stick around through friday. there is a new stick ride
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and we don't mean a good kind of sick. >> why employees can't stomach the "harry potter" themed ride. how does a germ-free airplane bathroom sound? the changes boeing is making to keep you clean the next time you have to fly. hopefully you are having a great start to your friday
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good friday morning. let's check traffic for you as you head out. >> it is picking up a little bit. traffic is getting busier out there. no big delays on the selmon expressway. here are the drive times if you are traveling between i-75 and going west towards gandy boulevard. that stretch is 17 minutes. your planner for your ride
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lots of sunshine. out of the mid 70s into the lighter winds. 10 miles per hour on the bridges. should be a nice ride them. if you fly a lot listen to this. boeing created a new bathroom. the touchless system includes a garbage can. when the bathroom is empty ultraviolet light is used to kill the germs. it will kill 99.9% of the germs. >> that is awesome. >> it is hard not to touch something in one of those bathrooms.
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have put a spell on a ride in california. the ride combines motion and video to make riders think they are soaring. the park is supposed to open up in spring. if you have been to the one in universal studios the one in california is a near replica for that one. >> you don't want everybody coming to ride the ride getting sick. >> especially if you just had a butter beer. before you make breakfast researchers say two early morning staples could lower certain health risks.
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good friday morning. your out the door planner includes a cold front coming through. rain is exiting. we end up with temperatures in
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we'll talk about the pollen forecast and look at the weekend in ten minutes. hot spots at 6:30 on your friday morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. i'm on top of an accident in pinellas county on i-275 at roosevelt boulevard. it is the entrance ramp to the northbound lanes. live from sky 10 let's look at morning rush hour. this is i-4 at 50th street. definitely getting heavy heading west into tampa. your drive times ten minutes between i-75 and i-275. captain al is flying down to i- 75 at big bend road for an accident there. we'll have a live look at that coming up in less than ten minutes. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. thank you for joining us. in a few hours construction workers will break ground on the tallest building in pinellas county. a huge new high-rise condo and hotel is coming to downtown st. pete. it will tower over 41 stories
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10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is joining us live on first avenue north. you found out that st. pete and tampa there is is a huge demand now for downtown condos. >> reporter: absolutely. the demand is so high that they are starting this project early. take a look. this would be what your view is. isn't that gorgeous? look below where they started construction. they moved in the equipment schedule. before the tower opens they sold. with the height of one and a half football fields it has a stunning view of the gulf. it will cost you. $3 million for a penthouse. for a condo without a gulf view you are looking at $500,000.
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residential construction projects in st. pete. in tampa they'll double the number of people living in downtown. >> the reason being is that people living in towers in downtown st. pete want to stay there. when people come in new to the area the opportunity has to be new construction. >> reporter: this building is going to be so tall that they have to ask the federal aviation administration to raise the allowed sky rise height to 500 feet and get all of the traffic out of the airport to be diverted to another area. this morning they'll break ground at 10:00 a.m. officially. they hope to open these condos by 2018 and the hotels a year earlier. you can imagine how stunning the gulf views will be. it will be incredible. >> it does look beautiful this morning. hours before the republican
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off in their 11th debate in detroit we finally hear from governor scott on where he stands. 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live in the satellite center. the governor isn't endorsing anyone. >> reporter: not right now. many people thought he was going to endorse trump. that could mean trouble down the road for governor scott if he wants to run for u.s. senate. most of the republican party in florida is standing behind marco rubio. governor scott made his announcement yesterday on facebook. he said it is his practice to not get involved in primaries. he said that's a job for the voters. i trust the voters so i will not try to tell the republican voters in florida how to vote by endorsing a canidate on march 15th. governor scott went an to stand on his business background
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job creation will be the most important issues facing whoever chief. back to you. if you don't want to face the crowds to vote on florida's presidential primary early voting in pinellas, pasco, sarasota and manatee counties will begin tomorrow. hillsborough and polk began early voting this week. that primary is tuesday march 15th. only voters who are already registered democrat or republican can vote. today the florida senate is expected to debate medical marijuana. this comes one day after the florida house passed a bill to expand the use of medical marijuana for people with terminal conditions. it would expect the right to try act which allows people with alternative illness to use marijuana. jury selection continues today in the hulk hogan gawker sex tape trial. the pool of jurors stands at 55.
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hulk hogan is suing the website over a leaked sex tape. if you are a pet owner it is going to be hard not to get frustrated after you hear this story. a minnesota couple is in trouble after the humane society found 95 dogs inside. they were investigating the case for over half a year. this went beyond over a regular rescue. >> this is not a good situation for the dogs. found out. each time the agency went to check on the home the breeders would move them in a different house. the dogs have been treated. we are told some of the dogs are suffering from neglect. look at this dash cam video from oregon. a man is pulled from a burning explodes. you can see the flames in the video.
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he was the only person in the as of now we don't know what law enforcement says it is asking anyone who may have seen what happened to come forward. parents fed up with the state standardized testing are having their children do nothing on testing day. parents have their kids break the seal on the test, sign their name but not answer any questions. they don't believe the florida standards assessment accurately accesses students and interferes with learning. >> it does not determine his placement for the next. it doesn't affect his grades. they want to data to evaluate the teachers. >> school officials say it is illegal to opt out. it doesn't affect the student academically but it would low for the school's grade for the
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take the test. listen to this story. two studies show possible health benefits from yogurt and large amounts of coffee. women who ate five or more 5% of not developing high blood pressure. google is trying to change the way you pay for things the next time you are at the store. company is testing out a paying service called hands-free. all the customer has to do is say i'll pay with google. it is being tested in san francisco. if you are making plans for the weekend this is something you'll want to check out with the family. gasparilla festival of arts is this weekend. you can check out pottery, photography and paintings from
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starts tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. at curtis hickson park. there is a new ghost buster trailer released. >> we'll introduce you to the cast coming up. are you looking for a good vacation spot? how about outer space? casino is giving away a trip
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welcome back. your time is 6:41. we are heading into friday morning rush hour. howard frankland bridge is still looking quiet. traffic definitely picking up. these are the northbound lanes from sky 10 going into tampa. it is taking you six minutes to
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looking live from sky 10 at the courtney campbell causeway. this bridge probably one of our quietest now. in tampa seven minutes to cross from pinellas county. the sunshine skyway bridge looking good, as well. bobby? >> sun is on its way up as you can see. clouds are on their way out. showers are falling apart. couple showers left over towards the fort myers area. that's going to be about it. not enough to really wash the car off or knock much of the pollen out of the air. it will stay in the high range today and all the way through the weekend. saturday, sunday and into monday. we are looking at some warmer temperatures for this weekend. we are talking above average towards 80 degrees. warmer next week. i'll talk about that coming up in my full forecast. it is time for sports with dave wirth. rays hit the road to play the red soxs in fort myers. chris archer gets his first stop.
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blue jays in duneden to play the orioles. remember casey? we'll tell you where he is and what he is doing. that's a look ahead at sports. i'm dave wirth. here are the big stories this friday. lots of buzz about the gop debate that turned into a shouting match at times. two of the three canidates trailing donald trump were throwing jabs at the front runner. >> ohio's governor john kasich proclaimed himself is only adult on the stage. mitt romney called him a phony. skyline in downtown st. pete is about to change. today construction for one st. pete breaks ground. >> it will be the tallest building in pinellas county. 41 story build willing feature condos, hotel and retail space. this along with the construction of the pier comes traffic and parking changes downtown. another round of jury
6:44 am
hogan gawker sex tape trial. he is suing the tabloid site for $100 million over a leaked sex tape. there are 55 jurors. that number needs to be cut down to nine by monday. lots of reaction to the new ghost busters trailer released several hours ago. it has an all female cast. will not be in theaters until the summer on july 15th. it pays tribute to the public library in the ghost scene from the original 1984 ghost busters movie. there is lots of buzz about this trailer. people are very excited about it or they are not having it at all. it is a polarizing trailer when you look at the comments on reaction on social media. the thing we keep seeing on social media of the folks that
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going to live up to the original. you could win a trip to space. all you have do is win big in a maryland casino. one in a lifetime opportunity and it has buzz aldrin's stamp of approval. the space pioneer said he has seen a lot of things in his lifetime but nothing like this give away. >> i spent time in las vegas. but i never got to win a trip to space. i enjoyed the view. and come back and tell people all about it. >> the more you play the better your odds. only four people will be chosen. it lasts an entire month. >> the company they are working with, the actual trip to space
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are getting a deal. a once-in-a-lifetime experience. warrior hilary zalla. it is picking up out there. we are getting closer and closer to 7:00. >> yes, we are. we are getting heavier traffic. watch out for an accident in hillsborough county on i-75 at big bend road. it is northbound. it is a hit-and-run crash pulled over to the shoulder. on i-75. big bend road is busy eastbound and westbound down to 20 miles per hour. i'm on top of a car fire in downtown tampa. this one on jackson street at meridian avenue. as we go live to sky 10 i want to show you how this is affecting traffic. the car that caught fire, they were able to get the fire out. no injuries reported. taking a look, that's eastbound jackson street. you have all lanes blocked except for the outside lane getting by.
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if you are heading that way you should be good to go. just slow down passing that incident. expressway. it is quiet. i-75 at fowler avenue for rush hour. story. southbound lanes definitely towards tampa. i did just check your drive time. it is 17 minutes from state road 56 to the selmon expressway. anyone heading to the florida strawberry festival this weekend. i want to let you know the ramp to thonotosassa road has a lot of construction. the plant city police department is asking you to avoid it. if you do take it will will be police officers to direct you around it. the best bet is branch forbes road. that's the exit before that. go south and take martin luther king boulevard east and you'll run into the festival. bit of extra time. sarasota, manatee counties very quiet so far. you can see i-75 is still running really good at
6:48 am
i'll let you know if there are any delays. if you have any problems on the roads e-mail me. let me know any safety issues you are seeing. i'll let you answers. bobby? >> we have been tracking showers for you all night last night. we had a big thunderstorm roll through citrus county at 2:30. look where the rain is now. it is out of here. it fell apart in southern polk county. most of the showers are in the port charlotte area extending south of arcadia and lake placid. then it is headed towards lake okeechobee. that's it. frontal boundary is through the bay moving into manatee county. there is clearing behind it. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. we did not see much rain except for citrus county and hernando county that had the big
6:49 am
three quarters of an inch to an inch in localized areas. barely enough rain to wash the pollen off your car. hooters showing we have a light showing up now. we are short of sunrise at this point. winds north and northwest there. that's a sign that we have the front moving through. northerly winds in clearwater and st. pete. northwest through sarasota so the front is coming through now. things will cool a little bit. we started warm and muggy. mid to upper 60s. now 66 in tampa. 58 in carrollwood and land o'lakes. 54 in brooksville. still in the 60s along the coast. it should stay that way. water temperature 66 degrees. let's plan your friday. a beautiful day out there. clouds will get out of here as we move through mid-morning hours. we'll have mostly sunny skies for the afternoon. temperatures low 70s by lunchtime. mid 70s for daytime highs. we'll keep that north westerly wind 15 miles per hour.
6:50 am
will be a little breeze through the day. 75 for a daytime high. sunsets tonight at 6:33. heading to the strawberry festival great day for that. 78 with warm sunshine out there. the north to northwest wind. friday night plans, no weather worries. nice and dry. slowly through the 60s. gist about after midnight we'll get in the upper 50s. low to mid 50s tomorrow morning including in lakewood ranch where we have take stock in children run. jeannie dean already singing the national anthem out there. head out. it benefits a great organization in manatee county. sunshine in the morning. partly cloudy in the afternoon. 77 on saturday. 80 on sunday. it gets even warmer. we'll go to the mid 80s most of next week. even humidity starts to come back. can't rule out an isolated
6:51 am
next cold front will get here next saturday. you can catch our forecast in the newspaper. we teamed up with the tampa bay times and the ledger. you can find the five-day forecast right there. president obama is thinking at the future. >> plans on what he is doing after living at the white house. live to downtown st. petersburg. beautiful sky as we start off this friday morning together. if you are out there and you get a shot of the sunrise send
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m&m are adding three new flavors. they are chile nut, coffee nut and honey nut. they should be hitting store shelves soon. the bag has the details on how to vote. the president says he and his family plan on the staying in washington, d.c. after his term is over. he wants his youngest daughter to graduate high school with his friends. she goes to a high school in the nation's capitol. his older daughter is going off to college. here's an unexpected plot twist. bookstores could be making a comeback. >> barnes and noble says its
6:56 am
business at physical booker toes is booming. the retailer says it plans to launch four new prototype stores in the next fiscal year. >> people like to go and look at books. >> if you are a big time reader you like to have the actual book. ereaders are great but there is something relaxing about going into a bookstore and browsing around. it is not so relaxing on our roads. live to sky 10 there is an boulevard. there. there is a delay in the southbound direction. weather wise we are looking good. if you are traveling the snow is ending in southern maryland that's the main issue. it is nice out west. southwest in the 80s. >> it will get warm here. we are not ready for these warm temperatures. >> 85 next week. >> all next week. >> it will feel hot.
6:57 am
hope you have a great weekend. see you back here at 7:26. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
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pet moments are beautiful, then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide.
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one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, march 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." blistering attacks dominate a vulgar gop debate. we ask donald trump about the backlash to his campaign. the wounded warrior project is losing support from big donors. new developments in a cbs news investigation. she lost her leg in the boston marathon bombing but that hasn't slowed her down. we will meet the woman preparing to run this year's race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener."


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