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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. even if you didn't watch the republican debate you probably heard that things got pretty heated thursday night. the three candidates got after each other personally and professionally.
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>> donald trump left off from the debate taunting his opponents. >> little marco little marco. lying ted cruz. lying ted. >> ted cruz and marco rubio equated him as a con man. >> he's trying to con people into giving votes just like these people gave him the money. >> that's a fraud point little marco. >> is this the debate you want playing out in the general election. >> no matter how bad he will be as a nominee and a president they say they'll support him if he wins. >> they are saying he's going to ruin the country and republican party and then they step back and said i'll endorse him anyway. >> polls show trump is the worst of the republican craig boswell the white house. >> you may have noticed the one ben carson. he's suspected to spend his campaign today. want you to take a look at
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big changes to st. pete's skyline. crews started work on a 41 story tower today. it's going to be tallest building in all of pinellas county once it's finished. >> one, two, three. >> crews are spending hours today clearing this land on tower. developers set-up construction because there was so much interest in the project. at the time it opens two years from now they expect the condos to be sold out. sarah has more on how these types of communities is growing on both sides of the bay. >> imagine how long a football is and stack that up one and a half high. that's how big this is going to be in downtown st. pete. they already started construction down here but it should take all the way until 2018 until they finish it. this building will be so tall the company working to build to
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aviation to raise sky rise heights to 500 feet and diversity any air traffic coming in and out of the airport. right now developers seeing a lot of demand for sky rises in downtown st. pete. it's one of 1200 residential units recently completed or under construction right now. and at least a dozen projects under way that will double the amount of people living in downtown. >> we are excited for both and we know they'll contribute to each other and we'll see more of them coming together with the water taxis and ferries and things of that nature so we work it working with mutual success. >> too early to tell what the traffic impacts are on this road and parking which is already a nightmare in downtown st. pete but this building is set to open in 2018. the hotel will open a year earlier. reporting in downtown st. pete
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a jury has been selected in the hulk hogan sex tape trail that's going to play out in the bay area. opening statements get under way on monday. we have a crew in the courtroom. he is suing tabloid gaver for $100 million over a leaked sex tape. 10 news will be streaming the trial so it's a good opportunity to download the app if you would like to follow the trial from start to finish. search for 10 news in the app store. erin andrews case closing arguments set to get under way. she is filing a lawsuit against a stalker and two companies that operate the national marriott in vanderbilt. they posted videos of her on the internet. the mann yup lated the reservation system to get a room next to her in 2008. the jury will decide whether the company is liable.
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in flint, michigan to remove the lead pipes impacted by the city's water crisis. it's the first pipe replacement since the water source started bringing contaminated water into the community. it will target homes with young children pregnant women and senior citizens. the work starts as a con compressional delegation arrives in flint to meet with families of the water crisis. autopsy for bobbi kristina brown have been released. the official cause was necessary mona caused by her face being emersed in water and drug inintoxication. it's unsettling and mind blowing that autopsy results are being made public. the 22-year-old was found face down in her home in january of last year. she later passed away in hospice care. canadians think americans need to pay more attention to what's happening in the rest of the world. 60 minutes that's what
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his interview airs sunday days house. at 7. one of the city's longest running restaurants is closing it's doors this week. spaghetti warehouse says wednesday march 9 will be it's last day open. they said it's a difficult decision to make. they opened in 1991 in a building that housed the world. a special honor for a long time mulberry resident and war veteran. [applause] >> this is 85-year-old edward grady helcom. this morning dennis ross gave the distinguished service cross to him. it's the second highest award that can be given. during the korean war he protected his fellow pow in a north korean camp.
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for for 65 years and if it took another 65 i'd do my best to be here. >> he was actually kicked out of the army the first time when his mother presented his birth certificate because his mother was 16 years old but as soon as he was 18 he joined legally. charm? space x will try again to launch the rocket from the cape today. it will try to launch into orbit at 6:35 to 8:06 tonight. remember the last couple of missions were scrubbed due to a number of issues. and news of scott kelly's homecoming have been all over the place this week. he spent 340 days in space as part of nasa's program to pave the way to a trip to mars. he grew two inches taller in space. the 52-year-old's height is already back to normal after
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a once popular social gathering spot is making a come back plus uss scientists showing off a new tool they created to keep you from getting ripped off. and a local teacher's story about how a mentor changed her life. first health news coming up two different studies showing health benefits from yogurt and several cups of coffee. and as we head out on friday afternoon heading into the weekend how are we doing, kate? this morning's rain is gone. just a few mid and high level clouds. i have a beautiful weekend forecast in store. you'll want to stick around for that coming up in just a few minutes. >> make sure you put 10 news sunday morning on your must watch list. you are going to hear about how florida's court handles someone with a mental illness. also get a look at what's happening in your community. plus an unexpected reunion decades in the making.
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take the time to tell remarkable stories. mark it down on sunday morning. monday morning join us all week for a chance to win a vip prize pack to the tampa bay lightning and new jersey devils game.
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i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't.
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two different studies show possible health benefits from yogurt and large amounts of coffee. boston researchers found that women who ate five or more servings of yogurt had lower
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women who drank six cups of coffee a day reduced the risk link. bookstores could be making a come back. barns and nobles say their website and ereaders aren't doing as well as it hopes but business is booming and they hope to launch four new prototype stores in the next fiscal year. and you want to know the fish you are eating is the kind you are paying for so scientists are heading to boston to show off a new tool they created. it makes sure the fish being sold to you is grouper and not cat punish. 32% of the sea food is miss labeled costing us $25 billion a year. they plan to add tests to red snapper tuna and halibut.
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runners will raise money for the take stock in children. 10 community catherine numberch shows you how the combination of money and encouragement can change lives. >> i love the way some of you are waiting patiently. >> mary teaches third graders in braydenton and she sees promise in every young face. >> they are our future, our today, our tomorrow, our everything. a caring teacher. him? >> but her path to a classroom involved much more than luck. there were obstacles to over come. >> actually i had a son when i was in high school. >> having a child so young could have easily derailed dreams. any new mom will tell you some days are rough. >> i can't anymore. i'm tired, i'm over whelmed. >> but as a take stock scholar she had a mentor to keep her on track. >> she was that person that
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and tell me yes you can. you can do this. there's no going back only forward. >> she not only stayed in high school but excelled and with scholarship money she forged ahead graduating from college, a family first. >> walking across that stage meant the world to me. >> you need to make sure you are detailed. >> now she's able to give back. >> three people share their metaphor. >> but as eager learners raised their hands she knows that someone some of them will also need a helping hand. >> we need to come together as a community and take stock in children because these little babies in this room today, they are our future. >> in braydenton catherine burch 10 10 community. >> 10 news is a proud sponsor and will be helping to kick off the race. there's a run for everyone. a 10k, 5k and fun run.
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it's the first weekend of the strawberry festival. monday schools are out for the festival and the parade. keep in mind the festival runs through march 13. tickets $10 for adults $5 $5 kids and under the age of 5 get in for free. and the festival of the arts is saturday in downtown tampa. your chance to check out works of art including photography, different artists. it is free. lots going on and hoping weather wise we have a nice weekend as well. >> absolutely i have a sweet forecast for the strawberry fest. >> i like it. >> yeah! we are in store for a really nice stretch of weather and perfect timing it's march we are starting to get into the mood of spring and spring break and time to go to the beach and weather wise it is going to cooperate. a live look from our clearwater beach sky cam showing pretty much blue skies an improvement
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see showers moving through the area and clouds. we are done with the rain for the rest of the weekend and you can see traffic getting kind of busy there the circle off of clearwater beach. temperatures 70 degrees in crystal river, 70 degrees in brooksville, clearwater 71 and st. petersburg 73 degrees on storm tracker 10. there you can see the showers that went through this morning. the line rolled through and thunderstorms and now seeing mostly clear skies but from time to time we'll see thin and high level clouds filtering in through the afternoon. the cold front is now to our south and we are looking at nice quiet weather tonight, saturday too. high temperatures this afternoon you are going to notice a big difference between the coast where our high temperatures in the low 70s but look at our areas to the east of i-75. 79 degrees in lakeland, 80 and up to 78 degrees. gorgeous day to head out to the
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this afternoon right around 78, mostly sunny skies and our winds out of the north, hour. and if you are just hanging out maybe going to the beach this afternoon looking pretty nice. a little bit cooler by the coast and if you have big plans this friday evening maybe a light jacket early in the evening but still right around 60 degrees at midnight and dropping down into the mid 50s for our overnight lows. future cast showing us the cold front to our south, winds behind the front out of the north, northwest. you can see calling for a few maybe little sprinkles but i think it's over done. i think we are rain free from here on out. quiet overnight and then saturday looking good too. if you are taking the boat out today, seas two to four feet. bay waters a moderate chop. surf temperature 65 degrees and uv index is 8 the sun getting strong this time of year so use sun screen if you are going to be out doors and a very nice
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free time saturday or sunday choose either day to carry on with your out door activities. warmer by sunday when we start to see the warming trend with a high of 80 degrees and temperatures running are 5 to 10 degrees above average starting sunday into next week as well and we also have a nice event coming up taking stock in showed you. that is going to be on sunday morning 7:30, lakewood are you are you ranch and it's going to be a really nice weather day for the runners whether you are doing the 10k or 5k we are starting off cool but going to heat things up quickly. this weekend high temperatures upper 70s. warm stretch beginning on sunday. take a look ahead tuesday and wednesday our high temperatures in the mid 80s. we haven't been that warm in quite some time so it's going to take a little getting used to but at least basically seven days.
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can't tune into 10 news we've got you covered. all you have to do is download the 10 news app agree in the app store and it's great if you want to check out the sky 10 network cameras or get your hour by hour forecast or breaking news and traffic alert. ian. >> break dancing took over the 10 news studios and see the active person as part of cirque de solei all part of 10 news at noon. remember this scene from the grammy awards? reading the winner. coming up we are going to introduce you to children who read brail and they are showing off their skills in tampa today. and 10 news at 8:020 amazing
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cirque de solei is recreating itself with new acts that combine incredible dance skills and coordinate radiation. so who are the beat boys. >> people probably would have identified it as break dancing but that was a term that was invented by the media. b boying first grew in the 1980s and went crazy but it never went away. it's part of the hip-hop sub culture and it's always been there. it's always been around but it did sort of recess a little bit because of such a spike in popularity. >> this is pretty cool. check this out they entertain visitors on a theater property in orlando. it's been around now for more than 17 years. finally learning brail at a very early age.
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over the bay area put the brail tampa. -visually impaired. >> this will put them into the work force and they are going to rely on this information as adults. >> competitors will go on to competitions. all right so we are heading into the weekend. friday afternoon a lot of folks making weekend plans. a lot going on. how are we doing? >> take stock in children on sunday. strawberry festival doing great. this weekend really nice and by next week it's almost getting a little too warm for some folks but it is march so we knew it would happen eventually and leave those umbrellas at home. you are not going to leave them for next week. >> still surprising to see the 85 on the seven day forecast. >> it is and it's going to feel hot.
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>> nick: how do they know dad going to jail? >> sage: well, that's the least of it, don't you think? i mean, considering all the things victor did to get him arrested. >> nick: it's bad news all the way around. >> sage: well, i just hope all this stuff isn't scaring away our baby mama. >> nick: [ sighs ] shawn? >> sage: hey, shawn. are you all right? >> shawn: yeah. um, i just got terrible cravings, so everything's not okay if you're a jelly doughnut. >> sage: [ laughs ] well, sit in my chair. i'll get you one. >> shawn: that's okay. i called in an order to go. i've got a thing i have to get to. >> sage: oh, like -- like a meeting? >> shawn: i have an ultrasound. you guys want to sit in? >> sage: yeah.


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