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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. they're still bringing up stuff on him. it should be done and over with. >> new questions in an old case of double murder after news of knife being found at o.j. simpson's former home. good evening. >> it is the mystery from the trial of the century. that to this day it still has not been solved. >> the knife police say was used in the broughtal stabbing has been recovered. a construction worker claims he found it on o.j. simpson's former brentwood estate. the worker helped level the home back in 1988. he says he turned it over to an officer, but now the retired
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and we talked with a former fbi agent about what this could mean. >> maybe justice will be served. i don't know. >> reporter: news of a new development in the murder case of a mother of two young children, 35-year-old nick coaling brown simpson and her friend, a 25-year-old waiter, ron goldman, still captivating. could the knife be the new piece of evidence connecting o.j. to the crime or possibly someone else? >> i think it is sad. and to come up with something. the family has to relive the whole trial again. >> reporter: the case still open. no one to this day has served a day behind bar force the double murder that left o.j.'s own children without a mother. >> and what goes through my head is this for real? do we have something here or do we have a hoax? >> reporter: a former fbi special agent, the former u.s. attorney and now a criminal defense attorney in tampa. he says if the knife was involved in the murders,
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even after all of this time and despite it being handled. >> the blood can get into any number of crevices of the blade of the knife and it can easily be recovered by a qualified laboratory. >> reporter: he says no mat bear the for eppsics revealed, simpson won't stand trial for the murders again. >> if it is somebody else's dna on that knife. >> reporter: the ending to another story could be revealed pretty quickly, too. the test is fairly simple, but it takes longer to do an dna knbr analysis. 10 news, wtsp. >> ronald goldman's family says they're not shocked by the latest headlines and can't validate every claim until that investigation is complete. so where is o.j. simpson now and how did we get to this point? it was early on june 13th, 1994 when the bodies of nicole brown
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only four days later, simpson was charged with murder but failed to surrender leading police on a slow speed chase through l.a. rush-hour traffic until he surrendered. the following year his trial began in that infamous the glove don't fit moment. the jury came back with a not guilty verdict on october 3, 1995. two years later, a jury found simpson liable for the murders in a civil case forcing him to pay more than $33 million to the victims' families. 10 years later, o.j. simpson was charged with another crime, armed robbery and kidnapping in las vegas. he was found guilty in october of 2008 and sentenced to 33 years in prison. he is eligible for parole next year. no right now the search is on for a video voyeur and we're getting a look at newly released video. the man is wearing a light blue buttoned down shirt. and the sheriff investigators
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a woman and followed her around an antique store. she became suspicious and saw him crouch down behind her taking photos. this incident happened on wednesday in the 300 block of pecking avenue at about 11:15 in the morning. if you can help investigators, call crime stoppers. opening statements begin monday in the hulk hogan sex tape trial a jury of six was seated today. it is made up of two men and four women. there are also three alternate jurors. hogan is suing for $100 million for releasing a sex tape of him and the ex-wife. today gawker's attorney says if he is called to testify, he'll plead the fifth. 10 news, of course lbe in the com and streaming that trial live on our free app. just down load it for free m
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and new information on the local charity whose mission is to help wounded veterans and active duty military, first responders and their families. my warrior's place is a retreat on the little manatee river which aims to help those suffering from ptsd or other stresses faced after returning home. the non-profit broke ground this week on a brand-new three bedroom, two bath home which will accommodate up to eight veterans at one time. my warrior's place was founded by kelly powell, her 20-year- old son corey was killed serving in afghanistan. he was always helping others, especially for veterans. he loved the hear their stories and now i get to hear them, and i get to help them. so, you know, it is really just carrying on with what he loved doing. >> we want to see these soldiers and families have a place to come where they can receive the care, the attention they need. right now they only have small facilities and this will give them a place where they can do
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>> and added bonus, a company called round about water craft is donating two mini fishing boats which can be used by the veterans in shallow waters which surround my warriors' place. we first reported on the charity after their much larger boated was damaged by a contractor hired to make the vessel wheelchair accessible, but he never finished the work. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 670-second scan. lift-off! after several canceled launches, the fall don nine robert took off tonight from cape canaveral. it boosted an 11,000-pound satellite into orbit. while that part of the mission was a success, the robert landing, that wasn't. it crashed on a ship in the ocean. to new york where five women are fighting to tend so- called tampon tax a class action lawsuit claims the feminine hygiene products are
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the suit points to several groups that consider things like tampons and pads like medical items, other medical items that men use are taxed at a lower rate. the government is investigating the ford f-150 pick-up trucks after receiving complaints about brake failure. the drivers said the problem was so bad it caused their vehicle to crash. the investigation covers more than 400,000 trucks with 3.5 litter engines. the f-150 model years are 2013 and 2014, and that is your 60- second scan. a popular restaurant is closing its doors. spaghetti warehouse has served families for decades. and darren flowers spoke to someone who hates to see it go. >> reporter: on the corner of 9th avenue and 13th street, you'll find a place that invites families. food. >> spaghetti and meatballs. >> and home. >> it just had heart. it had spirit.
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warehouse, a stap until the tampa community since 1983 will soon serve its last meal. >> very classical. it is like old-fashioned and it has vintage stuff in there. i liked it. >> we have had bear showers and wedding showers here at the spaghetti warehouse, so it has been a tradition in our family. >> i have been coming here pretty much since it opened, and i'm 38. >> reporter: the restaurant is set to close wednesday. many are showing support for a place that has impacted their families. >> my son is grown now. >> reporter: the name was important, known for its warehouse historic lock and world famous spaghetti and meatballs. it will be missed by many. >> it is a staple of tampa and it won't be here anymore. it is sad. >> reporter: the managers couldn't tell me why it is closing but do look at the penalty of opening up somewhere else in tampa.
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10 community making dreams come true today. what an honor it was to emcee this year's children's dream fund dream maker luncheon. more than 400 supporters packed the marriott water side hotel in tampa this afternoon. for 35 years the dream fund has given sick kids their wildest dreams and, best of all, they are 100% local. still to come -- looking to spice up your look? the solution is as close as the warm of your hand. busted bus of a chimney. the crime cape their went up in smoke. do you have your legs crossed right now? why it could be bad for you, ahead. and that is the kind of friday you want the see, rite? will it continue for the weekend?
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5-toppings it is being called the uber of cosmetic surgery and it is helping patients find surgeons with just a few swipes of their phone or tanlet. it is the latest in the emerging world of on-demand health care. >> any problems? dryness? >> reporter: so far, so good.
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described his recovery after undergoing a cosmetic procedure on his eyelids. >> i turned 50 and one of my eyelids dropped, and it was pretty severe. >> reporter: victor turned the an app to find his doctor. the app helped kent cosmetic surgeons to patients after they answer a few patients about what they're looking for and what they're willing to pay. dr. lily lee says she gets at least five inquiries a week from patients using the app. >> you don't have to give owl auto-- out all kinds of personal information, but yet you can get the information you're looking for. >> reporter: its allows patients to find fissions without ever leaving their homes, from primary care physicians to doctors who make health calls. it is the second on-demand business in the u.s. in victor's case, the surgery with his doctor changed more than just his appearance. >> she brought back my
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>> reporter: he says it also changed the way he'll look at doctors in the future. >> and the app debuted last fall and more than 1,000 doctors have signed on to use it. it is believed the services will top $1 million next year. a strange story out of texas a woman couldn't get in through the important door and what she tried next had her begging for help. >> yeah, i'm stuck and i can't get out. >> well, i was trying not to break in, but i have my legs in the process. >> what? >> go figure this one that is 20-year-old lauren fox and despite what she told 911 operators, it wasn't really her chimney that's right. the firefighters pulled her out. she told deputies she tried to get inside because she was cold. she is arked and charged with trespassing.
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sitting like a lady could be causing you some serious health problems. >> how about this. a texas doctor says after seeing hundreds of patients with hip pain over the last 30 years, she noticed 90% of them were women that's where she came up with the idea of fit like a man. men sit with their knees and ground. the doctor says it is natural for everyone to sit that way. >> some people can even feel a difference the first time that they get out of a chair in with their legs in the, say, more masculine position. >> the doctor says constantly sitting with your legs or ankles crossed puts pressure on tendons causing hip, knee and foot pain. tracking storms, protecting your family. it is time for 10 weather. i'm going to tell you right now, i think it looks very, you know, nice when women sit with their --
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>> and really stylish. >> and i can't see her doing that al bundy thing. >> not in this lifetime. >> i don't do that. >> all the time. >> do you want to know about the weekend? >> that's right. >> let's dive into the details. we had the storms in the middle of the night. it played out like we saw it. i saw a lot of cars at the car wash where they got teased with a little bit of the rain but not enough to wash off the pollen. 60 degrees as we begin your weekend. welcome to the weekend. we tracked some big storms last night around 1:00 and 2:00. you see the line broke and we just had light rain over hillsboro. and you might have seen it on front. that was it. the beautiful friday you got came behind the important and everything timing out like we saw it. there are some high clouds ahead in sarasota and often we weekend.
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as you take a look downtown st. pete, just off the dolly as they continue to put up the grand stands and getting ready for open wheel raying in nine days. beautiful temperatures not too hot. not too cold. should be. as you begin your day, mid 50 also be pretty common. around the bay area, low 50s over plant city and lakeland and 40s will be likely in eastern passco-and that's about where we should be starting at this date. mostly sunny skies will rule your saturday. at times overhead we could see some high clouds that pass by, but these would be generally, for the most part, like we saw a day or so ago. the sun still gets through, but at times the sky may appear a little more white than blue. looking for temperatures to reach about 75 to 76 degrees for a high. around 65 in the evening as we
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it looks like this commuter is locking up, so i'm going to jump ahead and show you the future cast. for the next day or so, we are absolutely clear, looking wonderful as for as any rain in the forecast. it is just not there. you don't have to worry about it. light winds through the day. so the main take away is that we will have a dry forecast for you both saturday and sunday as we look again. 76 for your high temperature on saturday. the winds staying from the northeast to northwest both days. it will be just a touch warmer on sunday versus saturday. look for mid 70s on the gulf coast tomorrow afternoon. i-75 corridor, upper 70s. so it fends upon where you're at. low 80s. around 72 in seminole. around 76 for our high in sarasota. the gulf beach is around 73 degrees. around 80 at lakewood ranch.
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sebring, close to it. lakeland, and winter haven. strawberry festival looks wonderful tomorrow if you want to head out there. 80 degrees. just the perfect day to enjoy the fresh strawberries, enjoy the live music. ride the rides with the family. picture perfect. if you want to head out on the golf course, which some people do. make a tee time, my friend. 54 in the emergency at sunrise. by the time you're wrapping up maybe a round, getting close to # 0 degrees. the high clouds may pass overhead, but that is about it. on the water this weekend, light to moderate chop. the winds will fluctuate north to northwest. and gusts around 15 and a -- lit peak higher, but they will likely be lower than what they were today after the front moves through. high tide around 1:00 in the afternoon and low tide is around 6:00 in the morning. the allergy forecast, that will continue, and oak, cedar, pine,
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next four days, but honestry, about mid april is when we finally see some relief there. a little warmer on your sunday, fun day. temperature. tampa should start tagging through most of the next week. the winds also pick up wednesday and thursday, and then the next system i'm tracking for you is a week away. it is late friday and possibly sad next week. this one has a chance at being a little stronger in the way of thunderstorms. a little more impact in our area. so i'm going to keep checking on it and we'll see how the forecast plays out. we have a lot of time and a lot can change. you have an amazing weekend. get out there and enjoy it. when you want to check on terps from time to time and get an update on the forecast. just pop open that app. the lightning going for nine straight tomorrow night. chris archer opens his 2016 season with a start against the red sox, and it has been 15
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oh, it is friday. this is what you want out of your best starter in his first appearance of the spring. he set some goals and met them all. he called it a day that was chris archer today. the first start he went against the red sox at jetblue park.
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well, except for that he hit xander bogart, and he apologized. he didn't mean it. he went two innings. he was around the plate with every pitch. he didn't allow a hit. he didn't walk anyone. he felt good although the rays lost this one today by a 7-2 margin. remember how shaky the lightning were in the early part of the season? check out these numbers. march 4, in the stanley cup year, they had 86 points. in 2011, 81 points that's when they went to the eastern finals. last year on this date, they went to the cup finals. this yore just a little below at 80 that is receiptity close to the other three seasons. they go for their ninth straight win tomorrow night. and when casey kotchman came out of seminole high 15 years ago, he was the nationals player of the year and he went to the angels. as casey wants to get back spoke the game. >> reporter: they say a journey starts with a first step, but these are steps baseball journeyman casey kotchman
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going through his first major league spring training in three years. >> and it is a privilege to be out here and put the uniform on and baseball is fun. it is a game, and i'm looking forward to getting out with the guys again. >> reporter: after nine major league seasons, including one with his hometown rays. >> home run for kotchman! and the rays win it in a walk- off! >> reporter: he was left on the outside looking in, without a job in 2014. but he got a shot last season with the world champion royals triple-a affiliate. >> a lot of it is timing. the older you get, the more the deck gets favored the other way, so to speak that's why you just prepare as muff as you can and just wait for an opportunity. >> reporter: he said he was surprised to get an invite to the blue jays major league camp, realizing he is a long shot to even make the ball club, but the former first- round pick says he is in the as nervous as he used to be. being close to home as certainly helped with that.
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camp where even when i was with the rays you had to go to port charlotte and you had to be in a hotel room and it makes lives difficult. >> reporter: and what could be the last step the a baseball lifer's journey, he is enjoying every minute of it. >> i just try to get the most out of each day and see what happens. i'm here for a reason and just try to capitalize on the opportunity that you get. >> reporter: chris fisher, 10 sports, wtsp. good luck to casey. she a good guy. a big thanks to the chamber of commerce here in town for inviting me to be part of their 14th annual golf tournament today. the chamber helps and promotes indian-american business owners and professionals. >> i like that you can play. >> i didn't know about a golf tournament today. >> well, sometimes -- >> and for the chamber of commerce, guess what kind of weather they had today? >> chamber of commerce weather. >> thank you. >> all right. stay with us.
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>> we'll be right back. tonight's lottery numbers
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finally tonight, imagine hitting the golf shot of a
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watch this. it happened on a course that tiger woods happened design. look at this. >> no! >> booia! >> his first shot ever at this hole and the kid aced it right in front of the fans and tiger himself! >> the crowd went wild! tiger even ran up and gaffe him a hug. tiger could be heard after saying how am i supposed to follow up on that! >> exactly. >> wow! how convenient that the whole crowd was there. it is a new course. >> and the timing. >> he'll never forget that. >> never.
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