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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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autographs...the next minute they're being evacuated! the big scare at hulk hogan's beach store...that led to one minute their getting autographs. the next they're being evacuated. the big scare that led to the closure of an entire building. good evening. we're glad you're hear with us tonight. an autograph signing for the former wwe super star, hulk hogan over before it began. the location, his beach shop on clear water beach. what it could mean for you if you're heading out there this weekend. >> reporter: in clear water an entire shopping plaza cornered off. stores closed down. and hundreds of people with lots of questions. >> we were walking by and it was police car, police cars
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then, you know, everybody is a tight knit commute. packed with people. and when a large group of them felt the building shift. >> i don't know if there's an occupy limit and those were disregarded or -- >> reporter: the build was declared unsafe and they evacuated anyone. no specific time line on how long until it's deemed safe. by 4:00 p.m. a crew was out checking for structural damage. as the fire marshal pointed out, parts of second floor don't appear level anymore.
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partner by allowing him to continue signing autographs across the street. this all comes after hogan is dealing with another major battle. suing the site gawker. the trial starts monday. meanwhile, his beach shop and the rest of the plaza are closed for business. in clear water, wtsp. in other news, a pilot makes an emergency landing on a st. st. petter'sburg golf course. -- petersburg golf course. the 18-year-old pilot told investigators the plane lost power. it's one firefighters say they have actually scene here before. >> it doesn't happen every day. but this is the second one on this golf course in the last couple of years.
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but it did leave quite the story to tell. >> this direction. you never know what you get with golf, you know. always something to throw your game off. >> i have heard of birdies but never planes. firefighters say there was damage to the golf course. the faa is investigating. new tonight, a man wanted for sexual battery and strangulation is captured across county lines. deputies say they have been searching for 41-year-old david dean senior. since february at that time when he was last insurance company hernando county. today they caught up with him until hillsborough county and arrested him. it is super saturday. as both democratic and republican voters went to the polls today. went to the polls in several states.
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louisiana, kentucky, maine, and nebraska. >> reporter: ted cruz kicked off super saturday with big wins in kansas and maine. >> super tuesday was a phenomenal night where we won all over the country and today, on super saturday, we're doing the same thing. >> reporter: but the night expected to go better for donald trump in kentucky where there's a large turn out of few causes and louisiana. those have the most delegates up for grabs. marco rubio is looking ahead for when his home state is up. democrats votes in three states. louisiana, kansas, and nebraska. with bernie sanders and hillary clinton splitting the vote. >> and pick id up wins in kansas and nebraska cause avenue call -- caucuses.
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their sites on the primary in ban. >> i'm grateful for everyone who turned out to support us. but now all eyes turn to michigan. >> we are going to win here in michigan. >> clinton and sanders will square off inform a debate in flint, michigan sunday night. cbs news, washington. hillary clinton also announced today that she'll be holding a campaign event right here in tampa coming up on thursday. republican presidential candidate trump rolled through orlando today talking to ing pad crowd of thousands. the university of florida. he asked the florida supporters to take a pledge. promming to take part in -- promising to take part in vale voting -- in early voting. and speaking of early voting, we caught one some voters. remember the primary is tuesday, march 15th. and only voters already
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republican will be allowed to vote. you can always monitor the latest developments in the campaign around the clock by going to more problems to tell you about for allegiant airlines. one of the planes headed to the st. pete issue clearwater airport, d. smoke in the cabin. they returned to the get a safely for so the aircraft could be checked out. police say it's a program that could save lives. men in the making. it was founded soon after the murder of david crawford at the hand of a 16-year-old back in 011. officers are now mentoring at risk teens so they don't slip through the cracks. >> we wanted to do something that would bridge the gap between the police officer relationships and those relationships with our young people in the community.
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with teens out of uniforms to help form a lasting bond. for many, this was the first time they saw their mentors with their badges. 10 news out in the community today for a very important event. sports director david werth hosted the greatest tampa by a walk to defeat als. organizers say more than a thousand people came out to the park in st. pete to join the fight to find a cure. this is a huge event. it means so much to the families and persons living with als in this area. it helped show their support and helped spread awareness of the disease. >> it was a huge event and as you can see, well attended by people right here in the bay area. last year they raised $1.5 million. still ahead, a group of warrers on the a mission --
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spreading awareness. they're message, next. we are expecting a cool front to move through overnight. and that means a chilly start to your sunday. brooksville. 55-degrees in l a,degrees in -- st. petersburg checking in at 60.
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this weekend you might have seen a sea of marching boots around can tampa. we caught up with the group that calls themselves th -- the warriors. their on a mission to raise awareness about the number of veterans that commit suicide every year.
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the bars that support us. 22-kilometers. with 22-kilograms for the 22 veterans that commit suicide every day. >> made up of veterans who say their secret weapon is to use humor to help others get through the darkest side of the humanity. and the festival of the arts kicked off today. it's been around since 1970. organizers say it gets more and more popular every year. the event continues tomorrow. from 10:00 in the morning until 5:00 p.m. over in clear water now, coatsman park. packed for while 94.1. more than 13,000 people sold out the concert headlined by rapper lil wayne. people out. medical support. but overall, everything went
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some of us may have had a grab -- had to grab a suiter or jacket. -- sweater or jacket. but really, can't complain. it was beautiful all day. >> and that was just a little preview of what is to come. we are lucky here to be here in the bay area. this was the scene from florida'sson college in lakeland. and you can see we have some clouds to start this morning. but, as we move through the afternoon, some of those clouds start to filter out and we saw more sunshine as we headed into the late afternoon hours and sunday is just going to be beautiful. with plenty of sunshine. so temperatures right now 55. crystal river, 58, clear water and 60 in st. petersburg. and these temperatures are going to drop a little more overnight with clear skies. we will say good radiational cooling. here is the set up across the nation. high pressure building in across the midwest.
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moving to the north and to the northeast. bringing some rain to the carolinas. this cool front right now located over portions over georgia, alabama, mississippi. this is going to be pushing south and to the southeast. overnight and this cool front will move through before sunrise. so we will see those cooler temperatures move in. but not by much. and the reason we're not going to see a big cool down is we don't have a lot of cool air behind that frontal boundary. wake up temperatures, sunday morning. 51 in new port and if you live in citrus county, hernando county, it's going to be chilly for you. 45 in crystal river. great event taking place tomorrow. it's the take stock in children run and some of our 10 news team employees will be out there running in the race. cool temperatures. 53 degrees. we make sure to wear a sweatshirt. but by the afternoon a lot of sunshine is going to make it feel a little bit better.
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maybe you're head the out to play some golf. 662 by 9:00 a.m. you can see how fast these temperatures recover. by 11:00 in the morning. 69 degrees. and we will warm things up into the 70s. as we head into your sunday afternoon. a little breezy out there with winds out of the north at 11. but very, very comfortable conditions and not quite as cool for your sunday evening. hit to upper 70s for the nature coast. pinella county. by the coastline and a little bit warmer for areas to the east of i-75. 79 river view. new trayvon martin pa up. so a really gorgeous gorgeous afternoon. in fact, the sweet forecast for the strawberry festival in plant city. 78 degrees and low humidity, very, very comfortable out there.
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a little rough. seas 2-4 feet. a hotter rad chop and if you -- a moderate chop. and if you choose to do swimming, stay with life guards because rip currents will still be likely. your high tide at 1:21 in the afternoon. follow wide a low tide just before the dinner hour at 5:54. very dry air in place on sunday. check out our dew points. dew point of 39 degrees. keep in mind, we have dew points in the 70s in the summer time. it's going to feel very comfortable out there. and with these low dew points, should be a great day for your hair, ladies. should be drying quickly and styling nicely. with low dew points and winds of a northeast around 7-12. no rain tomorrow. even though we have the front coming through. not enough moisture to create any rain. so our winds starting out of the north, northwest. you notice by the end of the day into the evening hour, you'll see the winds shift to
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and that is going to start the warming trend that is really going to make a big difference as we head into the workweek. we are tracking allergens for you. stay in the high category all of the way through tuesday. so if you do you ever s you might to stock up on some tissues. showing sunshine, sunday, monday, and tuesday. wednesday and thursday, up to the mid-80s. in fact, a few inland locations could make it into the upper 80s. next chance of rain really not until saturday with a 40% chance of scattered showers. so a nice, dry, warm, workweek ahead. and with had you're on the go tomorrow, understood always keep on top of the weather. all you have to do is download the app. it's free in the app store for your apple or android. you can have our hour by hour forecast. and you'll always have access to live storm tracker 10. >> thank you.
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welcome to 10 sports. for the first time since 2004. the lightning have won eight straight. going into tonight with a chance to set a new franchise record, nine game winning streak. the first place bulls needing to weather the hurricanes and first period, this was one of the prettiest goals of the year. andre palot. for the four hand goaling. a career goal number 50.
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third period, big rebound. all tied. and jeff skinner gives carolina the lead. but don't worry. johnny was on the spot. three minutes later. tyler johnson, with the equalizer. forced in overtime. and less than a munn to play in o. t. alex kohrn sweeping in. roofs the game winner. 4-3. the lightning. keep the winning streak alive. setting a new franchise record with a ninth straight victory. >> to the diamond p don johnson has a special place in the hearts of race fans. now had a flair for the dramatic. best known for two lunch hit home runs. now the former outfielder is coming back but as a knuckle ball pitcher. expected to sign a minor league deal with the rays spending a -- pending a physical.
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and he was still -- stellar. in just two inning, facing the minimum and striking out three. in the top of the third, rays would get on the board. 2-1. for brad miller, he's going to take one the other way. 2-0 rays going in front. down in the fourth, kaslly back up. going to drive in steve pierce. charging around. ray's go onto take it with a final of 10-6. chris archer is already trying to arraign his cuba attenre. when the rays are down there. they reached out to president obama. he said since we're both be in there at the same time, let's grab so cuban food together. and the redd sox and yanks. pick it up the top of the first. getting his socks on the board. going to come to touch home.
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this is the yankees number one prospect. mateo. tieing it up. and still in the third. lining one to left. carlos beltran will come in to score. putting them up 2-1. how about their third highest raided guy. aaron judge in the 7th. opposite field power. yikes. a 3 run homer. yankees take it-6-4. braves hosting the pirates. trailing in the fourth. whoo michael morris takes one to the center. cutting the lead of the braves in half. but diaz drives in 2. as the pirates come back to win 9-6. apparently smith is licking his chops to get back to coaching. the former buck's head coach is said to be the top candidates
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university of illinois. and according to report, it's nearly a done deal. smith was fired after two seasons and leading the bucks to an 8-24 record. he's been the head coach in atlanta lincoln before. now, is his first -- would be his first college job in 21 seasons. he's the defensive back coach at ohio state. but they still oh him for $10 million. three weeks ago, the gators look like they were headed it the ncaa tournament. a feet billy donovan wasn't able to orchestrate in the first season. but four straight losses have derailed them to the big dance. so with that being said, gators finishing off the regular season slate at missouri. and the rowdy reptiles came out in a hurry. florida opening up o an 21-6 run. he had 3 of the gators nine three pointers.
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gators take it 82-72. usf in action. in tulsa. tulsa just came out of the gates baring. turn overs a big problem. 11 second half turn overs for the bulls. as they go down by the final of 84-74. in tallahassee, fsu hosting syracuse. second half, all tied at 55. terranceman with the put back. coming in the second half. if the noles go onto win it. by the final of 78-73. nice win for them. another nice win by the u.s. ladies in the aac american at lettic tournament. they'll face temple tomorrow.
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we're bang in just a moment.
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be sure to keep it right here for 10 news sunday morning.
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learn more about how florida courts handle someone with a mental illness. that is with your o news -- our news parters in the tampa by a times. and a look at what's happening inner why community. and a reunion decades in the making. 10 enoughs in the morning where we take time to tell great local stories. we'll see you at 8:30 tomorrow morning. that'll do it for 10 news at 11. be sure to joan us tomorrow night at 6:3037 don't forget
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