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tv   10 News Sunday Morning With The Tampa Bay Times  CBS  March 6, 2016 8:30am-9:00am EST

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we are exploring the problems today in the mental health system.
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food on the mid-way or maybe something more snarlly. and imagine discovering you a sibling you never knew about. this is the reunion of two sisters decade in the making. that's on the road. first the big theme you'll see this week and the week ahead the is all about politics. it's the big story today. let's take a look at the headlines on your sunday morning. it is being called super saturday as voters cast their ballots. right now ted cruz is continuing the campaign with big win ins kansas and maine.
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campaign rally in orlando. >> swearing folks to on oath there. they say it's time for rubio to drop out of the republican race. he finished no better than third in any of the primary elections. he says he is confident he will win his own state. we are going to win florida. you'll find out how confident we are. >> that's what i'll be talking about with him this afternoon. political realities going forward and more. catch that tonight at 6:30. democrats voted in three states with sanders racking up victories in nebraska and kansas caucuses.
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state win with the primary in louisiana. both have their eyes on the >> all eyes turning to michigan. >> michigan's primary is this tuesday. don't forget right here at home early voting is happening in the bay area. they kicked off their early voting on saturday. hillsboro started early voting early last week. florida's primary is tuesday, march 15th. early voters who are already registered will be allowed to vote. i'll be traveling for the
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you can remember the latest on or with our app. robert valdez isn't the typical criminal. he retired where he worked for 38 years and he had never been in trouble before. that was before mental health issues took over his mind. how to problems in florida's mental health system. howdied you come across robert valdez? >> he had been working on a series about mental health. we had stories about the mental hospitals. part of that we thought we want
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somebody is at the beginning of the process, like what happens when you are charged with a crime. so robert's family called me because they were concerned about him. they are concerned who somebody who was 69 years old at the time and never really committed any crimes up until retirement. he was somebody who married, had kids, divorced, married again and worked 38 years for the city of tampa. good. he had a low iq, 63 but all of his reviews said he is a really hard worker. he earned employee of the month several time and was a respected person at his job eastbound though he worked on the water meter. here he is stuck in the
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shed. it was attached next door to a mobile home. he is charged with arson and that's prison time. so his family is somebody who is very concerned because here is something who worked their whole life and facing prison time. it became clear as we followed robert through the process the criminal justice system does not evaluate people for what's wrong with them and give them treatment. it is looking to see whether they are confident to proceed, whether they understand what a plea and and whether they can talk with a lawyer. they are confident and they move through the criminal justice system. it became something else is going on.
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disorder. the judge, you know, he came across and came into the system. the judge was trying to figure something out for him. during that process. >> reporter: was it something he had been dealing with his whole life or they came to light later on after retirement? after he retired essentially. you know, he couldn't sleep. he was taking the hair off of his arms and his head. you know, he was depressed and that kind of thing. they thought it was bipolar disorder. he kept taking medications until one day he said this. >> how does the court system in
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mental illness? >> the public defender tried to talk with their client. if they have problems talking to his client they refer him to a psychological evaluation. he was evaluate and they said yes, he is confident to proceed. then is judge came to realize there was something wrong with robert. he felt like he should, you know, find a bed for him or something. but then a judge could not find
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coming up, fighting for a neighbors joined the walk to raise millions and defeat als. and an embrace two women have been waiting for for 50 years, how they got the chance to meet. good morning. start. taking a live look at this gorgeous day. not a cloud in the sky there. we'll have that full forecast after the break. right now it's 8:39 on your sunday, march 6th.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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ahead we'll tell you why the northwest is at risk at a devastating tsunami. we'll check with megan trainor. sunday morning. and 10 news was out in the community for an important event saturday.
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hosted the greater tampa bay walk to defeat als. organizers say more than a thousand people came out to the park in st. pete all to join the fight to find a cure. >> this is a huge vent. it means so much to the families and persons living with als in this area. it helps show their support and spread awareness of the disease. >> it is beautiful to see everyone out there. last year these events raised more than $1.5 million around organizers say all of that money goes directly to research program and patient care. forecast with kate. >> that's right. yes, a gorgeous way to wake up here sunday morning.
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little chilly. folks taking a little stroll there. current temperatures 56. crystal river 52 in clearwater and 55 in tampa. no rain in the forecast. tents will be quickly warming up, maybe a light jacket. by 10:00 we are up to 65 degrees and by 11:00 it is 69 degrees. a little breezy out there with winds out of the north and shifting to the northeast about 2 to 12. here is the cold front that rolled through early this morning. place there's no rain. today. it won't be that cool because look at the temperatures behind it across the united states on the mild side. it is 59 in knoxville, tennessee and check out
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here is the real weather story. out west across california we are looking at a winter storm, flooding rains as well as devastating natural snow and also ice. back here at home it will be a lovely day. 73 st. pete. all right. not a lot in this futurecast building into control today. our winds out of the north. heading into the early evening hours we'll see the winds to the east, northeast. that's a moderating wind flow and we are going to see a warm up heading into monday and tuesday. all right. our dew points in the mid-40s. that's very very dry air. keep in mind in the summertime dew points in the 70s.
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nice hair day. isn't it great when you don't have all of that humidity? your hair dries nicer and styles better. today will be a great hair day. if you're take it out 2 to 4 feet. your surf temperatures 66 degrees. it is followed by a low tide. temperatures not as cool as last night. it is 58 by midnight and here is your seven day forecast. look at all of this sunshine and warmer temperatures wednesday. thursday or friday 85 degrees. next chance of rain holds up all of the way until next saturday with a 40% chance of showers. when you're on the go today you can keep on top of the weather. download the app and you can have access plus live storm
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this weather has certainly given us a great weekend. there are fun ways to enjoy it all. we have ideas for you. >> good morning. here are fun things to do today. you can picnic in the park, pack up a lunch near the university of tampa campus. relax in the shade, listen to music, play table games or try your hand at victorian sports. gnarlly. the 22nd annual tampa pro with a chance to watch some of the best skaters around doing some sick tricks. there's no need to get sick but
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city. have a great day everyone. still ahead on 10 news sunday morning, a special reunion right in our own backyard, the unexpected phone that brought a family together. and good morning tampa bay. i hope you're off to a great started this beautiful sunday morning. we are taking a announcer: lunch is served! today it's florida flatbread
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and bell peppers. let's start by spreading olive oil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but what really makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite.
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a lakeland woman never expect today get a certain phone call. that call let her know she had a sibling she never knew she had. we are ton road for the face to face meeting karen never imagined would happen. >> she knew she had two sisters but it actually lead to three.
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facebook search. >> that's you. i can spot her any where. >> come here, you. >> it has been a half century in fact. i spotted you from the get go. karen in black and deb in white embracing finally. [applause] . [cheers and applause] >> it was a bit of a surprise. >> i wanted to make sure you knew who i was. >> ii love you so much. >> their mother gave karen up for adoption and never knew. they have lots of questions but not much time to ask them.
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before heading back home to ohio. >> here we go. [laughter] >> thank you so much for being here. >> it's a nice story isn't it? [laughter] >> this first hello is more than enough. 10 news wtsp. how beautiful is that? those siblings have two other sisters who live in different states. they joke that not only did they add a family member but each of them got new vacation homes to visit too. >> wow. >> i love any airport reunion. that one takes the cake. >> it is incredible to see them reunited. it is a gorgeous day. >> yes. how about strawberry short cake? >> sounds good. the plant city strawberry
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the weather will be perfect for it. we'll have lots of sunshine. make sure to take the sunglasses and sunscreen. the uv index of 8. >> that's it for 10 news sunday morning. thank you so much for joining us this week. the comments on today's story, follow us on twitter and follow us on facebook. before we leave you, here is a beautiful florida morning we know and love. [ music ] [ music ] [ music ]
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> cowan: good morning. charles osgood did off today i'm lee cowan and this is "sunday morning." this coming friday the people of japan will mark the fifth anniversary of the tsunami that killed thousands along its coastline.


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