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tv   10 News at Noon  CBS  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon. i am allison kropff. we begin with a backup on the howard frankland bridge. it is been going on for a few hours. we're seeing things to get better. >> three lanes are open now on the howard frankland bridge. 16 cars were involved in the accident. you can see the right lane is closed for the left lanes are getting by. take a live look at your teeth
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tampa, let's look at that. so bad. everyone is taking this page to get into tampa and that is severely backed up, april span from tampa into pinellas. let me show you video we took earlier. we can see how large the scene is here. 16 cars involved. it means at least 16 total tracks obviously getting to the scene of this one. it has been four hours since this happened and you are seeing a heavy delay. i wanted to tell you that if you're going to head across the bridge or any time today you have to give yourself extra time because it may be an hour the best way to stay on top of this is by downloading our out. search 10 news wtsp in the app store. we have live cameras there. you can get up to date information. today marco rubio will be in tampa in an effort to get
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florida primary and the stakes are high here. the obstacles are stacking up against the candidates. >> reporter: these candidates are running out of time and money. that is my marco rubio will be here at the tampa convention center today convincing you to vote for him. >> when it comes up or if you don't like donald trump i am the only one that can beat him. >> he had a second primary 1 in puerto rico. senator ted cruz and donald trump are working just as hard. >> what is he do with his free time? he has the highest delinquency record in the united states and many years, it could be decades. >> governor john kasich struggles to pick up delegates at the third and fourth ranked candidates could end up on a
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you honey 1347 delegates to get nominated. >> it is clear that it will be hard for anyone including donald to get to 1237 delegates. >> the convention center opens up at 4:00 and rubio will talk around 5:00. sarah hollenbeck. their candidates left in the gop race but if donald trump and senator ted cruz have it their way they will be the only ones left. they want rubio left -- to be gone. that could happen as early as tomorrow. mark albert at the white house. >> donald trump and us senator ted cruz are hoping tuesday's elections help please out marco rubio. >> i need your help. >> rubio said he is not going anywhere especially after a big
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but cruz won the most delegates. he trails drop by 81. on the democratic side the focus is on michigan were hillary clinton and bernie sanders held a heated debate in flint. >> i voted to save the auto industry. he voted against the money that saved the auto industry. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout were some of your friends destroyed this economy. excuse me, i am talking. >> both agreed on one thing. >> we are if elected president will invest a lot of mental health money. >> clinton has an 11 point lead in michigan. mark albert, cbs news, the white house. the battleground. poll shows donald trump with a
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cruz. opening statements wrapped up in the former professional wrestler hulk hogan versus gawker trial former professional wrestler hulk hogan suing the website over a leaked sex tape. jennifer titus has been in the courtroom joining us live. >> reporter: the jury and the judge and everybody ready to go at 9:00 this morning. the judge told the jury exactly what hogan is suing gawker for an effort that opening statements began. hogans attorneys telling the six-member jury that hogans privacy was invaded after the website chose to post the video of them having sex with radio personality bubba the love sponge clem's wife. >> hogans wife linda left him a to their children. bogen fell into a dark place and after his best friend and wife propositioned him many times before for sex he finally accepted but never once knew his choices were being recorded
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anonymously given to them. gawker says it was there first amendment right to post it and what hogan had talked numerous times before intimate details of his life. hogan says it was an invasion. >> it remained on doctor -- for six months. for the six months this man stood there naked and exposed. to the world. >> opening statements have wrapped up. here on a break and trial will begin once again at 1:00. first to do with the witness stand will be former professional wrestler hulk hogan himself. but galligan is supposed to last 3 to 4 weeks. live in st. pete, jennifer titus. as soon as a gets back from the break we will have the trial streaming live on the 10 news out.
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: speech shop is back in the news. it had to be evacuated during an autograph session. bands who had gathered on the second floor balcony felt something shift. new beams are now in place. we could have $22 million to relocate the usf medical school to downtown tampa thanks to a deal lawmaker struck on tuesday. emerald morrow explains. >> reporter: this is going to be huge for the area. there is already so much happening and concerns of development and this is going to be one more thing to help jeff bennett with his mission of redeveloping the waterfront. this will make things a lot easier for students to take part in the program. will be closer to tampa general which is the schools teaching hospital.
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economic impact on downtown tampa. we're talking millions of dollars from construction to the faculty and students moving in and the research done inside the school will play a big part in bringing money into the area. economic aspect is obviously important and a key reason why the school will be built here in channel 5. officials say the medical school desperately needs upgrade its facilities and equipment and according to this report some buildings are currently rated in poor condition. officials say the move will help the school adapt to contemporary training project will better serve the doctors. usf said the relocation will not cause institution to grow up but nothing is written in stone yet. governor still has to sign off on the final budget. emerald morrow. 10 news. north korea plan to launch nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea again today. this comes as the us and south
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joint exercise monday involving 200,000 south korean and 17,000 us troops. the address which the north claims a preparation for war will continue. the south korean defense ministry said the north fired several short-range projectiles into the sea after the un security council. a reference shortage for navy seals and training. california congressman said he has been contacted by seals. says when they return from combat the rifles are given to other command of shipping out. the seals say this goes against the method train like you five. an officer command is investigating. super bowl winning quarterback peyton manning is set to make his retirement official. you hold a news conference at 1:00 our time to announce he is retiring. he talked to teammates over the weekend about ending his career. you will be able to see his announcement live on your
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former tampa bay buccaneers lovie smith is a new head coach job at illinois. they twitted these photos to announce it. he coached the buccaneers for two years. stromectol to dance? see what researchers are saying about the health benefits of dancing in your later years. see how the tampa bay lightning is kicking off national breakfast week at one local school. remembering a first lady and a lasting impact on our country. metereologist bobby deskins is joining us now. >> it is warming up quickly. the big deal will be the heat over the next several days. a lot of it now across the southeast but look out to the rest you can see it is warmer
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details of nancy reagan's funeral plans will be released today. americans are mourning the passing of the former first lady who died in our home on sunday. chris martinez is at the ronald reagan presidential library. >> reporter: flowers and cards interview to nancy reagan outside the ronald reagan presidential library use them. >> the first lady of the united states, nancy reagan. >> she was known as president
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twisted political advisor. no moment caught the relationship unwind -- than would nancy and her husband how to answer a reporter's question. >> her best the project as first lady was her campaign against drug abuse. >> just say no. >> following her husband's diagnosis she advocated for stem cell research. >> nancy will be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband. >> she was an indomitable presidents. she completed the man. >> colin powell served in that were administration or because the president depending on his wife so much he would find it difficult whenever nancy would take a trip. >> renew after 24 to 48 hours he started to become fragile and become distracted. and on the third day we had a meeting and somebody called and said you have to come home. >> the white house lowered its flags to half staff monday morning in her memory.
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in a statement president obama and first lady michelle said the nancy reagan redefined the world of first lady. older people maybe dancing their way to better heart health. researchers in chicago find four months of latin dancing is a week helps women over 65. classes improved physical fitness. the importance of eating healthy and having a good breakfast took center stage inside a middle school. >> this movie is made from strawberries from here in hillsborough county. but was commissioner adam pradhan. they kicked off a healthy breakfast campaign. former lightning players. is fresh and good for you. florida kids like to eat.
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strawberries and blueberries and orange juice and a lot of the things that are grown here in eastern hillsborough county. so exposing them to do things particularly in the elementary school grades allow them to be less picky as they get older. >> one of the students received a prize for the best essay. he got a signed lightning jersey . 10 community out and about as 10 news team had fun at the 34th anniversary of valley museum dinner on saturday night. we were all out there to spend the evening in the museum and eat in the gallery. along all of the works of art. they are doing the dolly exhibit and it is to check that out. >> broker in st. petersburg. they have a great big feature
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the blueprint from it is amazing. >> they had 3-d stuff inside of printing. >> it is amazing. >> want to give you an update. all four lanes are now open on howard frankland bridge. slowly opening up there. it is nice out. a lot of folks realize it is nice. there on the bridge. >> hopefully they are enjoying a little bit. >> it is moving now and we have a fantastic forecast. if you like it warm, here we go. a great stretch of rather. if you would like mid-70s for this time of year we feel like we get ripped off when we have to have 80s but that is what we will get. not today, today in the mid to upper 70s. 78 clearwater. and will try to come in off the beaches. 73 lakeland. 77 sarasota.
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and moisture. we will see more sense than anything else. eventually that will back up. i am excited about the new those who tell. online, that is the widest spend your see in the gulf of mexico. it is beautiful. offshore winds will keep it flat. we will keep beautiful sunshine all day today. water temperature is 65. spring breakers will feel chilly. the water temperature should be up there is the forecast model for the day. temperatures are in the upper 70s and easterly wind will keep us warm at the coast. to clearwater and sarasota and anna maria island, that is a sea breeze so temperatures won't get too much performer.
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sunset tonight at 6:34 pm. it looks like now basically the 60s. when we look back to the rest because that as well -- where we will end up at the air at least initially that we had this morning. that is moving out and are morning we wake up in the mid and upper 50s 10 degrees warmer tomorrow morning than what we saw this morning. in the afternoon warm things up with the surge of warm air across the plains. the big storm system affecting california especially southern and central california. the heat is going to be over the east the next several days. eventually it will move towards the southeast and off our coast . not only really good warm but it is record-setting temperatures in the northeast and for us we will be in the
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well. our records for this period are mid and upper 80s. inland locations will be in the upper 80s. rain chances about 40% on saturday. you can track all of this along with us on her app. it is brand- new and three and has all of the radar. lots of other information right there. catch music legend glen campbell is fighting alzheimer's. his wife is in the studio to talk about his illness. tonight, back-to-back episodes of the big bang theory at 8:00. scorpion 9:00. ncis los angeles at 10:00. late show with steve earle --
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glen campbell is fighting the battle of his life with his 2011 diagnosis of alzheimer's. his wife joins a studio today to talk about why the family chose to share the journey with her documentary is how music and -- impacted. >> the doctor said music utilizes all of the brain at once and so it's is stimulating and helps the brain remain healthy longer. we think it helped him plateau and enjoy more of his life. >> kim campbell is in town for a conference on alzheimer's. the documentary is glen combo, i will be me. go to studio howard frankland bridge, we told you that all of the crash is clear. you can see it is still a backup. now you're looking at the gandy bridge and it is backed up like crazy. if you have to cross the bay keep in mind it will take you time.
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>> victoria: with dad in jail, it' s been so chaotic here. the media won' t let up. the business pages are nailing newman. and the department heads are bombarding me with questions. i' m sorry, but i don' t have the answers. >> nikki: listen to me. i know you can handle this, okay? you just stay strong, keep your focus, let the world know that even though victor has fallen, the company will not. >> victoria: yeah, well, we both know it won' t be that easy. and i keep expecting adam to show up and stake his claim. >> victor: getting ahead of yourself? >> nikki: victor. >> victoria: you made bail. >> victor: you probably wish i hadn' t. steal this company right out


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