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tv   10 News at 1100pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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spring training in full swing, but it's not all fun and games. >> i felt the bad flying into the scene. >> a father saves his son from painful disaster in the stands. but at another game, the fan isn't as fortunate. good eveniing. >> a million and half people hit the ballpark for spring training last year. >> we're just one week in and already two incidents involving bats flying into the stands. one, at champion stadium at disney and the other at florida autoexchange stadium located in eden. 10 news reporter, shows you the danger zone has some looking to changing the landscape.
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spring training bening bening -- belongs to this dad who reached outglows time. >> it happened so fast. i didn't have time to think about it. once i realized that it was in fact heading for us, and specifically, my son, i just through my arm out and tried to block it. >> not everyone has been so lucky. like a fan today, 59-year-old woman rushed to the hospital after being hit in the head by a broken bat. >> broken bats and foul balls have been around since the begin of baseball. what's changed recently, is the smart phone. which often distracts fans from the games. >> reporter: you can see this fan holding a phone. they had been looking at pictures to send to his mom. >> i was just about to send it when i felt something hit me. >> the the back of ticket stubs
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league baseball has extend net -- has asked to extend netting. that happened happened yet. so fans not paying. attention have a chance of being hit hard. 10 news, wtsp. right now. erin andrews thanking the community in their support in her stalker case. andrews gave thanks for the support of other victims saying quote, they're outreach has helped me to stand up and be accountable. those who's job it is to protect everyone's safety around security. a jury awarded her $55 million in damages. that'll be split between the man who made secret recordings and the owner and operator of the hotel where it happened. hulk hogan back on the stand today. he got emotional testifying
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it was posted for the world to see. >> then the other person i thought was my best friend was -- [ inaudible ] i was pet roughed. i felt numb. it's turned my world upside down. >> he says he never gave them permission to post the video. and all took the stand that she knew there was a camera in the bedroom. you can watch the rest of the testimony live on our free 10 news app. we are streaming the entire trial for you. just search wp -- wtsp in your app store. and charged with he's been arrested.
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down. police said they were alerted after he was found on radio diagnosis patients. and there are the injury to a 4 month old golden retriever. the sheriff's office is investigating and patty's owner could face criminal charges. in june, patty by the a 4-year- old boy in the ear at her owner's pet clinic. a local teenager still recovering after being thrown from a horse and dragged. now, her mom is demanding answers why riding stables aren't really regulated. the accident happened at the turkey creek stables last month. the same spot in plant city where a crushed a 3-year-old boy to death more than a decade ago. tonight, 10 news reporter uncovers the risks of unregulate the rides in a story you'll see only on 10.
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caught on fire and i couldn't move my ankle at all. right here on my thigh. >> reporter: some of her injury here. she'd been with a group of friends and one of their parents and said she tried to voice concerns about her horse. >> i was really worried something was going to happen. >> reporter: and it did. first the other girl's mom got tossed and then kaylee got thrown and dragged. >> they did call the ambulance but they didn't respond for 15 minutes. >> these horses haven't been trained. there is no training as far as the guides go. they haven't been fed. they haven't been given water. they haven't been brushed down. >> horse back riding is a very dangerous recreation. >> reporter: owns the family run stables for nearly two decades. she has the state law posted warning riders the company
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after the 3-year-old got crushed to death near 2004. they have a current tax receipt. that's all that's required. and they insist the other parent signed the waiver form for all of the others in the group. >> it said i'm also accepting responsibility for the minor children. >> the attorney says it won't hold up in court. >> it was complete negligence. >> i definitely want to get back on a horse again. >> records show the hillsborough county sheriff's office has been called out to the stables 29 times since last january. this time, the ag unit did investigate and found one chores a -- with a sore that was being cared for and adequate food and water. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan.
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fhp says the driver lost control and overcorrected and crashed through the wall falling 75 feet. the puck landed between the swimming pool and building and the community center. the driver did not have his seat belt on but survived. apple customers targeted over the weekend. the first reported cyber attack using a software known as ransom ware. hackers use malware to encrypt data and then asked k user to pay a ransom to get access back to their computers. apples says they have taken steps to prevent further infections. and michael bloomburg says he will not be entering the race for the white house. democrat turned republican turned independent was considering a third partied by. he said advertise candidacy could -- i had said his candidacy could inadvertently
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he wasn't willing to -- elect trump and that's something he wasn't willing to risk. and 10 news political reporter is asking tough questions of rubio about his future tonight. >> reporter: it's his last ditch effort to win florida. marco rubio putting it all on the line this week. the crowd was small but energetic and it's that energy that he says is going to push home state. to tampa. taking the high road in his with -- trump. shooting distance. do you think that shows momentum going to forward. earlier. every day that goes by, i think and support. hard work. but i've been here before. >> he's talking about his under dog run for senate.
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had a late start opening campaign offices and turning out a few hundred to nearly trump's nearly 11,000. but when i spoke to rubio one on one, hest he's -- he's here to win. he'll be back in tampa bay on tuesday. he'll be in sarasota and that shows you how port your -- important your vote it. so you will decide the republican nomination. in tampa, wtsp. voters for both parties head to the polls in michigan and mississippi tomorrow. idaho is holding its republican primary and hawaii has its republican caucus. still to come. -- >> get rid of those fine lines
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the new less invasive way to wipe out the signs of aging. >> and at up to a very bad excursion for one driver. >> the new, slimmer, trimmer, blue hitting the market. >> and if you enjoyed today's weather, i have a treat for you on tuesday as well. we're looking at more sunshine and temperatures warming into the 80s for some. i'll let you know who will see
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pan adventure island fun card for rfree. restrictions apply visit adventure island dot com for details or to purchase tickets. it's a battle nearly everyone faces. keeping your skin looking young. now there's a new trend that not only helps with wrinkles but microneedling promises to help erase the damage as well. allison croft shows you if it's safe and if it really works. new trends seem to come out as often as you think you see the new fine lines. that includes mic crow needling. seeing results on others got tiffany johnson to try it out. >> i really wanted to tighten the skin and get rid of some fine lines and wrinkles.
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from my childhood that i really want to focus on. also right here and then my chin area is where i got most of my acne growing up. so i wanted to just focus on that a area. >> reporter: florida asthetics allows us to set in. she uses a hand tool with a tip with 12 microneedles. >> with all of that, it creates an injury quote unquote to your skin. and your body sends out the good growth factors and to heal the skin. >> it takes about an hour from start to finish. with some numbing cream, tiffany says it doesn't hurt. >> what does it feel like? >> just a slight vibration. when she gets close to the bone, you can feel it a little more, but it definitely doesn't
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>> reporter: what tiffany and others say they like there's no down time. her skin will be bright red like to for about 24 hours. you can go online and do the procedure at home but professional and beauty experts say they don't recommend. saying you can do more harm than good. fully highly recommend going to a medical facility and uses medical grade tools. it can create a lot of o scarring under the screen -- of scarring under the skin which can come out on top of the skin as well. >> reporter: listing a few of the risk. including never using the tool on irritated skin and not sharing with others. tiffany is hoping this is the way to get ahead of father time. >> i like to go make upless every once in awhile. or less make up and, you know, just, like i said, tighten and less wrinkles and really just starting out taking care of my skin.
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first treatment and this is tiffany after one week. you can notice some slight changes in her skin. it's actually recommended to have more than one treatment. to learn more about the treatments and the cost, go to 10 news wtsp. going to do some weather here. >> all right. >> take a look at these pictures today out at golf club. the mary lee's house golf classic. gorgeous, gorgeous weather. picture. she's the woman behind this. and also had time for some of the volunteers to gather and have a little fun. but we had a ball out there. it's the fifth annual out there and look at the putting green. smooth. smooth as silk. >> you came in second. >> came in second.
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>> i played golf with you. you're good. >> i'm decent. >> he's good. he's humble. i knew you had this big day coming up and i put in a good word with the man up stairs. >> and look at the water. >> yeah. doesn't it make you want to be at the beach? this the time lapse. and it was beautiful on st. pete's beach today. now, the water is still a little chilly but you can see some folks venturing in there. sunset times, right around 6:34. so the good news, if you didn't make it outside today, this weather will continue, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. current temperatures, 59 degrees. a little bit cool for the folks in newport. 63 in carroowood and st. peter st. peter'sburg at 67. we have high pressure in control.
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and it'll keep us nice, dry, anded no worry about any rain. our wind flow will be veering out of the south and southeast over the next few days. that's going to increase our moisture a little bit. so we're going to see a little more humidity. but just gorgeous weather for the beach. unfortunately most of o us -- most of us will be working. at the butts stop, 58 degrees. a light jacket or sweater should do it and by the afternoon they won't need anything but some short sleeves. all right. lowe temperatures still cool for citrus and hernando county. you can see mild pinellas county. if you're going for a morning sweatshirt. 8:00 a.m. with mostly sunny skies. and winds out of the dew east at 6 miles per hour. a lovely afternoon, warm, breezy, nothing more than a few clouds for you. 81 degrees our high for tampa.
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year is 75. so about 6 degrees. above average and even more mild for your tuesday evening. 83 degrees. brooksville. 28. dave study and wesley chapel, pinellas county, upper 70s, low 80s and for palm harbor, lakewood ranch, and lakeland, 82-degrees are. if you're taking the boat out, bay waters a moderate chop. your surf temperature 64 degrees. followed by a high tide at 203. another sweet day. 82 degrees. warm and breezy with your winds out of the east, southeast. and unfortunately, with this things blooming. so allergies are becoming a problem for a lot of folks staying in the high categories. all of the way to the end of the workweek. so the next few day, warm, dry. no worries.
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we could see wind gusts of 20 miles per hour. i do want to show you the set up. as we head into thursday. we're watching an area of low pressure digging across the southeast. some of the models want to bring us some rain. this is the american model. bringing it through saturday afternoon through saturday evening. clearing out for sunday. take a look at european model. different story. hold off the rain until sunday afternoon. we're kind of going with a blend and keeping low end, scattered showers in the forecast, saturday, and sunday. but we'll be working on that exact timing for you because we always want you to make the most out of the weekend. and you can always keep on top of those showers and storms. download the app. we'll give you live access. plus, you can take a look at all of the beautiful, sky 10 network cameras. around the state a scuba
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alive after he was sucked into a intake pipe at the plant. he's now suing over the incident. he was sucked through a pipe that's 60 feet across and a quarter mile long. that pipe, sucked around 500,000-gallons a minute. fp and l says since the plant was build a bouuye, said always said stay back but they say there was nothing until it was too late. >> i was like this ain't right. >> he got sucked in. like a wet noodle. i saw my friend die. >> unbelievable. >> chris did survive after four and half minutes. he got pushed out into a reservoir at the plant and got help from a worker there. the suit claims negligence on the part of fp and l. the company would not comment
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and good news for people who love beer. you may be able to drink it without the beer belly. >> a new beer claims it can help make you buff. >> as much protein as a steak. according to the website, barr bell brew has nearly 22-grams of protein. the maker also says 33% a fewer calories than your average beer. and yes, it still contains alcohol. and illinois lieu news conference, asked about bucks. you'll want to hear his answer. >> jameis winston had a life changing weekend. >> and opener back to back
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong.
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all right. here we go. the flyers a better 2-1 margin. and that's what happens with the lightning. they were out shot 40 to 18. and beaten up in philly 4-2. it started out so the good too. five minutes n the rookie takes the shot and the white hot andre for the rebound. and the save may be the season. turning o for other a 2-0 run. the guy was spectacular. he was on his head. but a fluke here in the third, the shot from braeden chin, bounces off of the skate and into the net.
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4-2 the flyers win. the us if women's team had a first quarter lead over top ranked yukon. and the bulls didn't have an answer. the best player in the country. stuart scored 22 and 7 blocks. and two straight conference tournaments. 69 wins in a row. 77-51 the final. the buccaneers have another hole to fill. retired after 11 seasons in the nfl. and right now, kevin would be the next man up depending on free agency. jameis winston was teeing off today. after he finished his work out of course. so he was a little late for the course. he wanted to talk about his baptism this weekend. >> yeah. it is. just growing in faith consistently every day. is a big part with my family,
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a at this time so i have been baptized before but just born again christian is new for me and my girl. >> there you go. >> and lovey smith headed back to school. he took the head coaching job at university of illinois. one reporter asked him, okay. what happened with the bucks. >> as a coach going in the hall of fame this summer, was also fired by the buccaneers. so you kind of take it and move on. i'm not saying it in a bad light. that's our profession. it happens. >> he's of course rougherring to tony. we all remember he was fire and is going to the hall of fame. so he didn't have a whole lot to say but he managed to kind of -- oh >> tights the crew a little bit -- screw a little bit. >> and the pay out. >> that's almost as good as the hall of fame. >> all right. stay with us.
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