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tv   10 News This Morning at 530am  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. today hulk hogan will be back in court and on the stand -- as gawker attorneys continue their cross-examination. hogan is suing the blog for 100 million dollars after they published a sex tape featuring hogan and the wife of his former best friend. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the pinellas county judicial building. sarah, gawker claims their first amendment rights protect them in
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will that really hold up in court? it all comes down to one question: does the newswothiness of the video outweigh hogan's right to privacy? that'll be up to a jury to decide. hogan was overcome by emotion when he took the stand monday saying the video "turned his world upside down". hogan's attorney says the 1st amendment defense is weak and "was never designed to protect this kind of conduct. this was a significant violation of privacy." gawker's attorney reasons: hogan is being greedy, especially considering he "made his sex life public in countless ways." here's what i'm looking into now-- why this case is so important for all of us in the future...not just hulk hogan. live at pinellas co. courthouse, sarah hollenbeck, 10news wtsp we're staying on top of a developing story out of
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morning. nine people are hurt after a commuter train derailed on monday night. there were 200 people on board at the time. this is video from the scene just south of sacramento. emergency crews say heavy rains caused a tree to fall on the tracks causing the derailment. the train was on its way from silicon valley to stockton. altamont corridor express, which operates the train, says there will be no service on that line today. 150 delegates are up for grabs today with four states holding a primary or caucus. on the republican side donald trump leads ted cruz by 80 delegates. both candidates traded jabs at each other on the campaign trail monday night. on the democratic side, hillary clinton leads senator bernie sanders by more than 600 delegates. michigan will be the big prize for both sides today with 59 republican delegates up for grabs and 130 democratic delegates on the line. it's down to just one week until the florida primary. today -- senator marco rubio will be in he continues to make the rounds in the state. he'll hold a rally at the dolphin aviation hangar on north tamiami trail starting at five tonight.
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night at a rally in tampa where hundreds came to show their support. rubio is hoping to beat donald trump and ted cruz next tuesday. florida is a winner take all state with 99 delegates up for grabs. time is running out for the governor to sign a bill that would protect dogs from being put down if they hurt a person. and now the dog that inspired that legislation has attacked again. this time, a service dog was the victim. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live at the pet clinic in bradenton. that's where padi's owner works. emerald, the owner escaped trouble before, but that might not be the case this time around. - allison, that's right - it was the "free padi" campaign that went wild on social media that helped save padi when he bit a child's ear last year. - but now, the owner could face criminal charges - that's because padi's latest victim is training to be a service dog...which
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- the trainer says they were waiting to check out after an appointment yesterday when padi just came out into the waiting room without a leash, and attacked the 4- month-old puppy. - in padi's defense, his owner...says the puppy was the aggressor, and was growling at other dogs in the waiting room...and that the injuries are only minor... - but those who help train the puppy say something different. padi was saved from doggie death row after a judge ruled law was unconstitutional. and what i'm looking into next is what will happen to this puppy... since he is so young, there are concerns that he won't be able service puppy.
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for sports reporter erin andrews. a jury awarded her 55 million dollars in her lawsuit against a stalker and a hotel giant. on monday.. the jury found the hotel partially responsible for allowing michael david barrett to stay in the room next door to andrews. he video taped her nude inside her room and posted it online. the sportscaster was emotional as the verdict was read. she thanked the jury, family and friends on twitter. a local teen is still recovering today, after being thrown from a horse and dragged. now, her mom is demanding answers about why riding stables aren't really regulated. in a story you'll see only on 10... 13 year old kayleigh d'angelo says she was thrown from a horse and dragged last month at turkey creek stables in plant city. it's the same place where a 3 year old boy was trampled to death more than a decade ago. the 7th grader says her concerns about her unruly horse went unheard
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friends and one of their parents. the stable owner insists the other girl's mother signed a waiver for the minors.. and warnings are posted that, by law, the business isn't liable for injuries or death. > the sheriff's office investigated and found one horse with a sore, that's being treated. they also found adequate food and water. requires a business tax receipt for stables to operate. we're just a week in and already there have been at least two incidents of bats stands at spring training. a woman was hit in the face in dunedin at a blue jays game monday afternoon. she was taken to the hospital. then over the weekend, a father reached his arm out his 8-year-old son from being hit at his first baseball game.
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all teams to extend home plate to try fans, who more and distracted by smartphones. this story isn't just smile, it's probably going to make you laugh. a toddler from south carolina got into a little situation and needed some who did she decide to call? 9- 1-1. the two-year-old needed help putting her pants on. the child's mother says she is no stranger to cell phones and they've talked to 9-1-1 before. well this time a deputy actually responded! she says with a lot of tragedies...she was grateful for this moment. her parents didn't know she had made the call.
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around to play with the little girl for awhile. she now has a new friend. yoda, forrest gump, katniss everdeen and buddy the elf...all have something in common. yes, they're all movie characters, but they are all on the same list for something else. but first, millions of bees try to escape after they truck they were in overturns! here's a look at what's coming up on 10 news and c-b-s tonight. starting at 8:00, n-c-i-s new orleans, followed by n-c-i-s at 9:00. at 10:00, limitless. then tune in 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests helen mirren and j.j. abrams. live look from the mahaffey theater...overlooki ng the dali museum in st.
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voters in michigan, mississippi, hawaii and idaho have primaries or caucuses today. that means at least 150 republican delegates are up for grabs. choosing candidates in two of the states michigan election officials are expecting record turnout today. the state will be both sides today with 59 republican delegates available. 130 democratic line. michigan close tonight at 8. in a few hours, hulk hogan will be back on the stand in his trial against the
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gawker's attorneys will continue their cross-examination of the former wrestler. on monday, he testified about the sex tape of him with bubba the love sponge's wife. it was then posted on gawker, which hogan says he never gave permission for. hogan says he never knew there was a camera in the bedroom. 10 news will be in the courtroom today. download our 10 news app to watch the trial live. governor rick scott has until midnight to sign a bill into law that was prompted by a bay area dog. that's according to the bradenton herald. padi the dog bit a service dog. now padi's owner charges. in june, padi bit a 4-year-old boy in the ear at her owner's pet clinic and was almost euthanized. the current law requires a dog that person to be exception. the proposed dog bite bill would allow exceptions. running for you know who else is? darth vader, doctor pepper, buddy the elf and mickey mouse just to name a few. usa today took a look at the federal
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has filed statements of candidacy. it's easy to claim you're running for the presidency, you just have to fill out a form. reporters found 1,661 listings and they put them all together for you! leaving off a few inappropriate ones of course. if you want to check out the list - and you do because it's pretty funny, search for allison kropff while you're on facebook this morning. officers in tennessee had to bring in special back up when this truck rolled over on monday.
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beehives and several escaped in the crash. the bees started swarming the truck making it hard for emergency crews to get to the driver. local beekeepers were called in to try and control the swarming bees, but they estimated there were several million to contain. people with bee allergies were told to avoid the area. newspaper tease: tampa bay times and
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many people across the u-s are adapting to a certain new lifestyle. instead of moving
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are downsizing, to less than 400 feet. after the break, the shocking amount of space one woman has decided to live in! a live look at
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amazon is getting ready to open their second brick and mortar bookstore this summer. the new location is san diego. the online sales company opened it's first store in seattle back in november. the new store will sell books and amazons line of computer tablets and devices. insiders say another dozen stores could be in the works. if you haven't had breakfast yet, we have an idea for you. it's national pancake day and you can get some at i-hop for free! you can get a shortstack of three buttermilk pancakes starting in just about an hour and the deal goes until 7 p-m. you're simply asked to consider making a donation to the children's miracle network hospitals. it is only a dine-in
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it's a new craze that's sweeping over the country. if you watch any of those home improvement channels, you'll know what we are talking about. instead of going for large homes -- people are opting for tiny houses. check out this one in tulsa. it's only 175 square feet. once it's finished it will have have all the necessities of a home including a sink, hot water heater, a tub, shower, and a sleeping loft. it will be home to a woman and her dog.
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news this morning.. dangerous storms overnight in texas, and the severe weather threat isn't over yet. and a strange sight caught on an officer's dash camera. what this driver is now being charged with after driving around with a tree stuck to the front of
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were out forecast is a lot more one, still on the poolside. low 60s on the coast. 72 by 10:00. we're on our way to 80 to 82 degrees today. southeast winds will keep us warm. how long that lasts coming up.
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i am hillary balla. the biggest hotspots, tampa at 50th st. watch out for an accident in the eastbound lanes. in bradenton there is a crash, a lane is blocked on westbound eighth avenue. coming up as we head into the morning rush hour, i will get you drive times in we will see if the bridges are slowing down. good tuesday morning. i am allison kropff. investigators in california is a tree caused a train to derail. there were 200 people on board. >> nine people were hurt and four seriously. it is a miracle no one was killed. it happened after the train hit a tree that had fallen on the track.


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