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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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person. today and are of an egg know why under oath is terry bollea. i was the character. we can talk about the try -- the trial and the i body slammed elephants. i have served on tiger sharks. those are all lies. >> terry bollea is demand on the stand and wants to make it clear that the guy most of you know wearing the flashy attire is former professional wrestler hulk hogan, a character. >> you give that up when you walk out the front door as a character. >> the defense product multiple interviews were hoping to that -- discussed sex. they showed clips of his tv show hogan knows best for once again sex was brought up. >> he was depicted on national tv sitting on the commode with your trousers around your ankles. you weren't embarrassed?
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in barron. >> howard stern spoke about his virginity. >> he thought sitting there that that was something that was appropriate for public discussion. correct? >> you understood. >> putting the sex tape online was a first amendment right according to gawker. >> i have never had a problem with the article. my problem was this home videotape. >> hogan's attorney is trying to convince the jury terry bollea's privacy was compromised. back out here live, they asked hogan about his relationship with radio personality bubba the love sponge clem and how he felt when he realized bubba was the when responsible. hogan said his world was turned
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morning and 9:00. for now, live in st. pete, jennifer titus. we're streaming the hogan gawker trial every day the court is in session. see it live on our 10 news at. search wtsp in your app store. a professor is accused of the unthinkable. university of tampa professor accused of sex trafficking. he was trying to play to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. nathan madson is facing federal charges and he is an assistant university of tampa. online to a special website he says he went to meet a man's 14-year-old daughter to have sex but didn't realize the man was an undercover agent. neighbors are stand.
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>> it is a shame. >> university of tampa has put him on administrative leave and other teachers are taking over his classes. we are digging deeper for answers into whether or not there were warning signs in his background. if you are in the heading northbound on the veterans you got stuck in a major traffic mess and it was all because of this. a tractor-trailer hit a guardrail and overturned and caught fire. the driver lost control south of waters avenue. he is being treated. crews worked quickly to reopen the road. flooding and damage could be on the way as a storm system moves through oklahoma and the southern plains. it turned deadly in texas. a man was fishing with friends when the storm moved over houston. the boat flipped and
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a foot of rain drenched texas. several people had to be rescued. buildings were torn up by strong winds. a train derailment in northern california. for people in serious condition now but they are expected to survive. 15 people in. were her. a mudslide is being blamed knocking a tree onto the tracks. the train hit the tree. >> you have people screaming and you have people panicking. they don't know if the rest of the train is going to tip over. considering there are 205 people on the train and we have had nine people that would to the hospital, it is a minor miracle. >> train service has been canceled while they were to make sure the tracks are safe. vice president joe biden is in israel tonight as police investigate a stabbing that left an american tourist debt.
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mile from where biden was meeting with the president. the attacker was shot and killed. marco rubio is pushing up for votes in florida. this is happening in sarasota and their crowds gathered around . rubio has been rallying in his home state despite the primary election going on in michigan right now. rubio is still trailing trump in florida. rubio is getting help from a gop name. florida voters are getting a recording for mitt romney. >> this is mitt romney. i am calling on behalf of marco rubio for president. i believe these are critical times that demand a serious and thoughtful commander-in-chief. if republicans were to choose donald trump as their nominee i believe that the prospects for a safe and prosperous future would be greatly diminished. i am convinced donald trump and
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>> romney isn't endorsing marco rubio. he is trying to get votes for anyone but trump. this campaign has offered to help senator ted cruz and therefore reports romney is supporting governor john kasich. michigan is a big milestone in the republican and democratic race and votes will start rolling in in a few hours. when you head to the polls in november you will be voting for more than a new present. the 13th district is up for grabs. mark rivera first broke the news on about a possible challenger. charlie crist. >> reporter: former st. petersburg mayor rick baker is doing everything necessary to prepare for a run against a charlie crist for congress. the run would be an expansion on his city model that focuses
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safety infrastructure and the ability to help residents turn lives around. charlie crist is facing a democratic challenger with eric lin and an error as desk representative are saying they're not, name -- commenting. mark rivera. you information about the investigation into the death of a 14-year-old tampa boy. and/or joseph the third was trying to cross i-4 after he was kicked out of the florida state fair by deputies. the department of justice will not open a civil rights investigation. in a letter the department told andrew's parents that alan grayson, fear or bad judgment are not sufficient to they share their frustrations with the public. my son has died.
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>> in the same letter the department of justice said it will consider a request for an investigation into possible racial profiling. and his family has filed a lawsuit against the florida state fair, the sheriff and the hillsborough county school district. the business of cannabis is booming. a reality show is trying to find the next marijuana millionaire. shark tank type of show. it is to put small marijuana businesses in front of investors and not just for growers. several ganja entrepreneurs never actually deal with pot. they deal with excessive rates. >> we have all kinds of things.
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cbd dog bones, all over the map. >> we are looking at this billion dollar industry and how it is growing. i will show you two different pitches from local businesses. staying on top your evening commute. i-270 five, surprise moving along smoothly. a beautiful look at the sun. it is starting to set over clearwater beach. breezy today and we will get to forecast and let you know when the winds are coming. traffic and weather alerts anytime by downloading the 10 news at. is free to download, search wtsp. five enforcement have to be ready for anything and sometimes thinking on camera. >> how a highway patrol officer saved.
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a controversial issue schools across the country and here in the bay area. 10 news has been staying on top of nate guenin's story. he is a transgender student question to change the policy at pineview school in sarasota county so that he and other students could use the bathroom they identify with. nate has a private bathroom he can use. he is pushing for transgender
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>> something we should point out is that he is not alone. students are fighting a similar battle across the nation. elisa hahn takes you inside a school near seattle with the principle is working to make sure all students are comfortable.>> at canmore junior high answering nature's call between classes isn't always as easy as walking into a boy or girl bathroom. >> i would come to school every day in fear having to go to the bathroom. >> skyler is a transgender school student. coming out to his mom was the first up. >> i came out as a transgender. i said finally. finally. he says you have known all of this time? >> i said yes i have been waiting for you to tell me. >> because of negative experiences skyler wasn't ready to step into the boys bathroom. >> i am frightened to go in
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go to the female bathroom. i would hold it for hours and hours and that would cause health problems. that is no good. >> it is a common problem in transgender kids. when skyler avoided drinking liquids his mother had to step in. >> i said what do you need. let me do something to help. >> she asked them for more bathrooms. the principal wanted to accommodate transgender students. he got creative and converted for single staff bathrooms into neutral bathrooms for students. >> we want to help students feel that comfort that they are not ready to make that big jump. >> the change in excess would
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>> we are grateful. >> when it comes to that sarasota case, the school board decided not to take and districtwide policy on bathrooms for transgender students. they will let principals decide on a case-by-case basis. haskell county. crews are on the scene of a brush fire in san antonio area. you can see the smoke. i 75 west a pro road, the roads are closed. no one has been evacuated but the fire is not under control yet. we will follow this breaking news on air and online at our
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the wind is in helping. >> it could help it spread. >> brushfires are a huge threat because of the wind. we are getting it from the southeast so the smoke will be blowing northwest. this time of year we see a lot of that. on top of the pollen we see when gas on skycam network between 21 and 35 miles per hour. the wind is picking up today and we are expecting more in the days ahead. we want to show you a few pictures outs guide on skycam network. being lit up by the sun. the horizon and the humidity and pollen in the air and here is another look around lake woodbranch, gorgeous shot. let's talk about what is going on. oak pine pollen and cedar pollen.
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on your cars. at the same time of the year the oak colonnades. usually it is higher than the pine pollen. until we have rain it will continue to be off the charts. i only had five sudafed today until we can get rain to wash the air out this will stay the course. usually about mid april. the reason for the wind is cut off low in mexico and high pressure to the east. we have clockwise flow, low pressure, and it will sit there for a few days. we are in between the two so we get this squeeze play going on and we have strong winds building today and we will be the case for about two days. before we see the wind settle down. here is how we get into your evening.
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plumes on i-75. storm tracker 10 when there is no rain we see smoke on the radar. warm start at 80 for the evening in tampa. 79 sarasota. 74 st. pete. warm and breezy tonight, 70s for the evening. tomorrow morning in the low to mid 60s and it only gets warmer from there. but winds will stay up 10 to 20 but i have guess -- gusts between 20 and 25. the temperatures will be warm for march, 83 is the high. keep the winds of mine for the southeast. temperatures topping 83 in brooksville and new port richey. 87 in new tampa. 83 sarasota. for the heartland, 85 in lakeland.
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tomorrow and thursday and that system i was showing you outside of mexico comes across the gulf and will bring rain chances and could clear out for 50% coverage of storms tomorrow. i will take you through the forecast. protecting children put at risk in the flint water crisis. deadlines the center for disease control it is making to make no -- make sure no sick >> meet ovi one, the puppy this puppy raiser takes us this is not your typical students are getting a lesson inside a real boeing 727.
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next on ted news.
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coming over to your screen, check this out, a beautiful look at the dali museum. the tracks are lined up for this weekend's groundbreaking.'s
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new orleans followed by ncis a 10:00. joined reggie and me for 10 news at 11:00. stay for the late show with stephen colbert. scary new information about the number of people hit by cars while crossing the street. more people are dying here in florida. a report from the highway safety association said pedestrian fidelity's than ever before. when you compare the numbers for population new mexico has the most deaths followed by florida. the delaware. florida, california and texas account for all half of the deaths. it gives a few possible reasons for the increase. more people are driving because of falling gas prices. more people are walking as a way to get exercise. another reason is more people are getting hit by cars, drivers and walkers are more distracted by smartphones.
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at night drinking alcohol. police in illinois have a lot of questions for this driver. it is a tree in the grow. a drunk driver pulled over in january. the dashcam video showing the tree sticking out of this woman's car and she is driving. you should not drink and drive. she said she didn't remember hitting the tree. that is a bad sign. >> the officer smelled alcohol and she is charged with drunk driving. information about the puppy bitten by padi the dog. why there is concern that the service dog may never be able to complete the mission. >> you have seen her story. a
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i am reginald roundtree. we're staying on top of breaking news and pascoe county. threes on the scene of a brush fire in san antonio area. this is of curly road. no words are closed at this time and no homes have been evacuated. the fire is not under control. it has burned 30 acres. we will follow this breaking news through the 10 news out. we are staying on top of three stories happening now. the florida house seeks approval to a bill that would help the families of children who have died in the dozier school of boys. it would


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