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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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evacuate homes. the fire is now 95% contained but if you are driving in the area you may see smoke. we will follow this breaking news on air and online with the 10 news app. this university of tampa professor decked out in a tuxedo now wearing a county jail uniform instead. accused of sex trafficking a 14- year-old girl. how did this happen and were there red flags in his background. tammie fields is digging deeper. >> reporter: the plug has been pulled for now on assistant professor nathan maxton, teaching career in music now on hold. according to his arrest affidavit per fetzer mattson went online thursday to a website known by law enforcement advertised under a prostitute. mattson communicated with a man about having a 30 minute sexual encounter with the man's 14- year-old stepdaughter named
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for $140. i tried to track down someone who knows mattson and no one answered the door. but his neighbors had plenty to say. >> people have keys around here and a think we should be aware of what is going on. >> when mattson went to hook up with josie in an rv park he brought three condoms. that is when he learned he had been communicating with an undercover federal agent. >> what kind of background check did you do. >> i call the university of tampa to see why mattson was entrusted to teach students. a spokesman said he cleared a round of extensive background checks. >> when you think about if that was your child and you had somebody like that teaching your child, unprofessional. you don't do that kind of stuff.
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wrestler hulk hogan back on the stand today for day to in the civil trial where he is suing gawker website for $100 million. jennifer titus has been in the courtroom all day and joins us live with the latest. hogan said he spent the day on the sand and the defense questioning him trying to paint a picture that terry bollea known as former professional wrestler hulk hogan always talks about sex. even so after the sex tape leaked nothing change. the defense claimed a radio talking about the sex tape. hogan was laughing through the whole thing. hogan claims he had no clue at first you may have been in the sex tape. it was during a dark time in his life. his life was turned upside down
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hogan continue to take part in a media tour the same day in new york city even appearing on the howard stern show. laughing about the tape. >> the person sitting here today under oath and i know why . it is terry bollea. we can talk about the tripod or what i said. i body slammed elephants. i served on tiger sharks. those are all lies. >> during the redirect, hogan's attorneys wanted to make it clear that former professional wrestler hulk hogan known as terry bollea, never gave consent to post videos. court will start back up tomorrow at 9:00. jennifer titus, 10 news. you can stay on top of this story and watch it as it unfolds live. said you --
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campaigning for your vote tonight in sarasota. this comes a day after the rally in tampa were hundreds of people came out to show support. rubio wrapped up a few moments ago. the senator spent time talking about his plans for the economy. he took jabs at his rival and cuts to the nation's military. rubio is heading back on the florida campaign tour in st. john. bernie sanders will be in tampa on thursday that he will hold a rally at the florida state fairgrounds. doors open at 4:00. clinton coming to tampa and making a stop at the ritz eve for on seventh avenue. doors open at 10 am. $1 billion business that continues to grow. marijuana. as it becomes legal in more states businesses are making thing without discussing the plan.
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scenes of a reality show trying to help one of your neighbors become the next marijuana millionaire. >> the marijuana show. the next millionaire could be here. >> it is a web-based reality show. >> we love shark tank but our show is a hybrid. for the cannabis industry. >> the show has brought $15 million to small businesses and according to cocreator wendy robbins it signed with another investor. >> we are talking about wall street investors with sophisticated numbers but don't want to be on camera. >> tom quickly is hoping to get an investment in his company. >> with the clue is does is manufactures products like these and directly with the retail outlets. >> he will likely get to pitch
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there is a not-for-profit asking for $1 million. >> it is the first cannabis industry organization dedicated to helping suffering children. >> you remember a tampa mom, reni petra. she had struggles with her son, brandon. that is why they started this company. >> we educate and help other families with possible relocation. we educate legislators on why it needs to brought to our state. >> they challenged producers to find sponsors. jenny dean. if the bombs succeed they will be in front of the investors on the show in hopes of getting the money they need. police officers in tampa have a new firearms training facility. the firing ranges on s. 34th st. and the ribbon-cutting is today.
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to train at the hillsboro office facility. tonight florida could soon pay the families of boys beaten and buried at dozier. the state would pay $7500 to bury to the families. they would put up a memorial as well. numerous allegations of abuse and beating deaths at the state reform school outside of tallahassee. dozens of boys were buried in unmarked graves. researchers are working to uncover the graves. to the latest on the zika virus. the number of confirmed cases in florida has risen to 50. infections were contracted while the person was traveling outside the us. the world health organization just came out with a report saying it looks like the virus has spread through sexual
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county. a stadium may be in the works. commissioners discuss the plan to bring the spring training to the west village. the braves had previous plans about relocating. we expose how sarasota county made mistakes in negotiating with the orioles in 2009. they never got a cal ripken baseball academy that was promised by the state. go to our 10 news app on the 10 investigates page. polk county. pilots will fly model airplanes . jet week 2016 has kicked off in lakeland. it of futures planes powered by turbine engines. this week is the world's
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pilots. the event runs through saturday. still to come, taking their time to help their neighbors in a huge way. how you can help communities trying to recover from flooding. an amazing sunset about to happen here. sky 10 network. the wind is high and actually i will tell you when it will get stronger and we may get some rain to wash the pollen out of the air. tampa bay lightning have teamed up with 10 news. the lightning versus the new jersey devils game. a winner gets a signed team at
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taking a live look outside, it is cool gorgeous. this is a night for alfresco dining because temperatures are 79 degrees. gorgeous. >> tonight on cbs and 10 news, check it out, 8:00 ncis new orleans followed by ncis at 9:00. a 10:00 limitless. stay after the late show with stephen colbert. helen mirren is the guest tonight. the images are hard to forget. hundreds of homes damage 50
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hundreds of homeowners did not have insurance or could not qualify for loans. one group has stepped up to help. casey cumley shows you why they need your help to make that happen. >> reporter: i can't even put into words how i feel. without crying. >> after months of trying to figure out how to repair her home carol is seeing progress thanks to pasco rebuilds together and volunteers. >> they are the best. i am telling you. they are great people. >> flooding swallowed her home last summer leaving it gutted and with no help. three burger did not have flood insurance. >> it is real to these people in our community and their suffering. >> pasco rebuilds together founder said the group completed seven home repairs of the grant money is running out. she hopes to raise $300,000 this saturday.
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we are asking for every $20 for every five dollars or whatever it is. >> her organization is working to repair 46 homes at that she said that number could triple making the community support all the more important. >> we will run out of money at some point. >> things to these volunteers, carol's home should be completed by the end of the home month. >> we have worked for this. we will get a blessing out of it. >> carol knows how the blessings are changing lives. >> we go to the people that need it. to make their work possible they need money. >> casey cumley. 10 news. if you want to help someone get back on their feet the fundraiser is saturday, march 12 , verizon center.
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creek road in port richie. i saw your yacht over there. >> now dion is having hers in there. it is getting ridiculous. >> boats are coming in. you can see this one coming in literally as we speak. >> if you like that shot and let the water here is something for you. don't run outside yes -- just yet. take some pictures if you would and charities. it should be amazing. you can see the blues and violets. wonderful night. of course like clockwork the prettiest weather is when we coincide with high pollen.
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your cars. the oak trees, the smaller pollen, much more in the air. we have a lot of pine trees as well. oak is killing us. until we get rain in the forecast in the days ahead to watch this out, that will stay off the chart. i am tracking the rain but it is not this right here. this is a cut off low over mexico. it doesn't move along like other storm system's. they will sit for a few days. storm tracker 10 will look identical because it sends one wave after another ahead of it so severe weather likely for a few days in a row. piney woods texas and arkansas and missouri is being affected now. airflow clockwise. we are in a squeeze play and that is the reason for the wind you had
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we expected to pick up and in the next few days the winds are likely going to be higher for wednesday and thursday. again very pretty outside. 78 land o lakes. 76 braden 10. again a beautiful start to the evening with partly cloudy skies and the 70s this evening. breezy southeast winds around 16 miles per hour and we will start in the morning and the low 60s. 70 by midmorning. 10 degrees warmer by lunchtime. 80 degrees and tampa high at 83. suburbs around 85. plant city tomorrow, 86. the flipside is we will have the wind a little higher tomorrow. winds sustained at the least, 10 to 20, but don't
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the water will be hard to get both out there. it will be a tough day. a heavy chop on the bay is expected. high tide around 227 high tide around 2:27 pm. 80s in the forecast all seven days. the rain chance i am tracking, the low cuts across the gulf and i will look for evening showers on sunday. 50% coverage of the viewing area between 4:00 napm. we will look at that system come across with scattered showers for 8:00 sunday evening. we spring forward this weekend and set the clocks ahead one hour saturday night into sunday and sunset will be around 7:30 pm on sunday evening. an update on models that will come in this evening. and i will check it for you later.
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at amalie arena tonight. the bruins are a point back and they had been with the panthers. the lightning couldn't get going last night. they were outshot by andre best gillespie. a goal tonight but both braden coburn and andre schuster could miss the game. i think this is a positive even though it doesn't seem like it. jonathan drew in was back in syracuse today for practice. his suspension was lifted and he returned. it will take a while to get his timing back. his relations with the lightning are good and he could return. they made a trade. there may be hope for this kid and the franchise. lakeland today, the tigers. kyle lola, a minor leaguer, 250 pounds.
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mayberry junior in the seventh- inning. recoup jacob perry. they will play the blue jays. the florida gators are without tree on harris and antonio calloway. they haven't been around since january although they are enrolled in classes and that is all he would say. >> gearing up for give day temp a day. >> nonprofits showed up to the studios in tampa today to coordinate fundraising campaigns for the may 3 give day event. it is a huge fundraising events for groups like the humane society. >> we raise a lot of money, $17,000. it supports all of the adoptions that we do. many are adopted at give day. >> last year's give day tampa bay raised $1.7 million for local nonprofits.
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that is it for 10 news at 6:00. we will see you at 11. live local radar,, always here and always on. download the 10 news app. breaking news, weather, traffic , and alerts. until then, have
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>> pelley: hungry for delegates. >> what is the breakfast strada? >> pelley: four states serving up more than 300. >> i ask you, come join us. we welcome you. >> pelley: there's a lot on the line and someone on the phone. >> hello. this is mitt romney calling. >> pelley: also tonight, storms pummel the southern plains. a failed drug test means a huge financial loss for maria sharapova. and the game changer of basketball. >> the way steph curry plays, it's pretty fun. >> this is the "cbs evening captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is a critical night for the republican


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