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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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could bernie sanders win the nomination? mark rivera is in miami where the debate is hours away. he is breaking down the numbers for you tonight.>> reporter: we are waiting for bernie sanders to claim that win on the debate stage, but as folks trickle in, i read the numbers and even if sanders wins every state, ohio with -- illinois, missouri, and north carolina would still put sanders behind clinton to win the nomination. i talked to our political expert in he says it looks like for him to win. when i spoke to the clinton campaign earlier, that is what they are banking on. realistic lee -- realistically, even if he does be hillary,
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awarded proportionally. here's a sneak peek of what we'll see tonight.>> you are going to see two serious candidates running for president talking about issues that matter to americans. that is going to be a stark contrast to thursday night. fighting it out. we are focused on what we can do to help the american people.>> reporter: the candidates take the stage at 9:00. we will have a breakdown at 11. mark rivera, 10 news. for the republicans, florida has 99 delegates. it is winner take all. it is a must win state for rubio. jenny jeans -- jenny dean has the story.>> a turning point is coming. it begins here in florida. >> reporter: the florida
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turning point in the race for the nomination but in marco rubio's career. >> as he goes forward and loses by double digits as the polls are indicated to donald trump, his future in florida politics is bleak.>> reporter: -- >> we have him rising in the latest poll very quickly. older polls show lower numbers.>> reporter: trump is shown with a 23 point lead over rubio and ted cruz is not far behind. if rubio drops out before the boat, he could face backlash for not standing up to donald trump. >> it could be a saving grace because people may forget that as he tries to move on to recapture some momentum if you
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some other office.>> reporter: it looks like rubio's in it to win it, especially --. jenny dean, continues, wtsp. a crime alert that could happen to any child anywhere. deputies are searching for a man who tried to lure an 11-year- old girl into his car. it happened in polk county. tonight. eric glasser shows you how that girl got away in what investigators are doing to scary. there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood.>> reporter: big concern in davenport after a girl claims a man tried to abduct her as she walked home from her bus stop him >> a monster. those or innocent little children.
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student at the school of the arts, tells investigators the suspect was in the passenger seat of a car who said, your mother is in a car -- hospital, and sent me to come get you. she knew that was not true and took off running. >> reporter: she gave a good description of the car, a light stand around year 2000 with black rims and a black room bumper. the suspect was a man in his 40 years upper 50s, shuttle -- shorthair, salt-and-pepper goatee. neighbors say this shows this could happen anywhere and it's so important to have a discussion with young children about stranger danger.>> it's important have them have a little bit of fear with knowledge.>> reporter: the neighborhood has security cameras at the entrance.
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the sheriff says this case has parents concerned. >> we have to find him before he successfully picks up a young person someplace.>> reporter: eric glasser, 10 news. tonight at 11, we are reaching out to the child's mother to learn more about what happened. a busy day in the courtroom. some statements in the whole cogan trail left people shocked. jennifer titus watch the trail unfold. jen, should we ask what was said today?>> reporter: the man responsible for this whole thing, the editor-in-chief of gawker, made this statement by video deposition that celebrity sex tapes are new with for the as long as a child is five years old or older. the testimony shows there are
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sex tape on whole cogan's good friend and lawyer is working to find out who sent the tate. a video deposition was played in court of the founder of gawker. he said he was happy about the exclusive and say it is their job to satisfy readers interest. gawker is being sued for $100 million. jennifer titus, 10 news, wtsp. it is a 10 news health alert. the first case of sexually transmitted they got in florida in polk county. there are a total of 52 zika cases across florida. right now, the cdc wants anyone who has traveled to a zika region to stop having
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scott is taking a pass on addressing a dangerous situations. 10 investigates noah pransky exposed the problem last february. he continues with how pennypinching puts you at risk. >> reporter: the legislature will not give a salary boost to 1 million workers for the night. revenues. one place that is felt is the department of corrections. the starting salary pails for comparison -- by comparison to their counterparts. that means felons reintroduced to the community don't have proper supervision. that has some of them committing new violent crimes. that is one example what happens when you don't replenish budgets. there are some employees who
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the supervisors of election in each county will get about $20,000. most of them already make more than $100,000. that's your legislature at work. noah pransky, 10 investigates. a recipient a big line items in this year's budget includes carter -- charter schools, and the clearwater marine aquarium. the governor could be go any individual line item -- line item. he cannot add new appropriations. deputies found two credit card's at a 7- eleven gas station this week. the sheriff's office says these scammers had bluetooth technology. that means criminals could have accessed data from a few feet away from the device. check your bank statements for
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more to come on 10 news. a community tired of living in sloppily built homes.>> homeowner say it is taking dr horton longer to do repairs than it did to build their home. i am dave wirth. jordan spieth, number one in the world, has players concerned. i will let you know more coming up in sports. we have been talking about the forecast over the last couple of days. look at this clock, 27-30 miles
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tonight at 8:00, survivor. 9:00, listen closely, i will be at my desk. the victoria's secret's swim show. i might stick around for 10 news at 11. stay up for the late show with steven colbert. tonight's guest, actress sally field. outrage in manatee county. homeowners are complaining a poor workmanship. >> people in the dealt sierra subdivision don't feel safe in their home. >> reporter: brian shutters thinking of the time his daughter nearly fell through a gap in the staircase.>> it was
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she just fell through, fell down.>> reporter: his wife grabbed kaitlin in time. she been found others were loose and males were sticking through.>> my town, my home, everything was unsafe at that point. bottom line was it was neglect. it was sloppiness.>> reporter: he claims the builder, dr horton is to blame. workers chipped the sink, still waiting for anyone.>> some of the claims to be america's number one builder, i have not seen at all. >> reporter: other homeowners are having construction issues, too. >> our doorframe was hanging off the day we close>> reporter: rebecca lunch posted decide on her front lawn. their it basically said we would not by a dr horton home.>> reporter: they found what they think is mold. horton still has a list of things to fix.>> i have taken
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building a home for my home. my kids hate their house. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the county has received no can lights about dr horton and the homeowners complaints are all cosmetic issues. this week, dr horton has set crews into make repairs. for brian, it has taken longer. it only took four months to build the home. dr horton late today had this statement about the complaints. we have been actively meeting this week with homeowners an hour dealt sierra community in order to address their concerns us in as possible. the satisfaction of our homeowners is a top priority. a very exciting day at the press -- academy press center on campus. on behalf of 10 news, i got to
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the fines will go towards a graduate support program and some of those graduates were back on campus giving back.>> when you see kids, you don't expect them to do much in life. when you get a boost like that and you have people like this, that is a blessing.>> power.. the academy has so many wonderful things to say about them. they are incredible school. kids attend class for 11 hours a day, 11 months out of the year. they are given the tools needed to succeed and they graduate inspired and empowered. they do great things.>> those people have been doing so much of this community. they need to be reckoned as. they do a fantastic job.>> i love it. the wind today, this storm in northern mexico
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at times, a little bit of a break. you can see not quite a brisk of the wind today. from time to time, it will pick up again. look at the shot, looking back to the southeast. winds have been coming through. you can see areas through here, the bridges into the bay, beautiful shot. the wind right where expected it to be, peaking around 27, 30 miles an hour, kicking up the warm, pollen, and eventually that system causing another one which i will show you in a moment will bring rain chances. your night tonight, range free on storm tracker 10. temperatures in the upper 70s. 80s tampa, we'll expand our viewing show you what's going on. you can see the storms running the mississippi valley all the way back to northern mexico.
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very simply is cut off from the jet stream up north. the storm system arrived in the debt stream being pushed along in and out within a day or so, maybe a few hours. when they are separated from the jet stream, it's meandering and making its own way. that situation usually lands to days in the same spot before it can finally get kicked out and move all that's what we will see with the system. one wave of rain moves out and is followed up by another round. this slow is only strengthening. we are looking at on our future cast some snow in the higher elevations of mexico tomorrow from the system. in the us, i will closely be watching this in texas back to dallas and houston and over towards alabama, louisiana, and arkansas for the next 48 hours. the flooding threat will be quite high.
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blocking any of us from getting that rain right now. it is also putting on a squeeze wind. los to the west, highs in the east, we're in the middle. that is why the rain has been so prominent to the west and the winds so high for us. that will stay the course for one more day if not two more. you get the nice warm weather with it, skies and low 70s for evening plans. we will start your around 63 on your thursday planner going up to 83 for a high temperature. we will keep the southeast winds around 20 miles an hour again tomorrow with gusts around 20-30 miles an hour. dutiful sunshine, high pollen count again. look at the warm temperatures. we are actually looking at 87 or 88 possible in the suburbs and outlying areas. the closer to the water, low 80s for your high temperatures. friday will still be warm, 84.
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bit ardian saturday, still breezy. that system in south test -- texas looks to come across the gulf, give us scattered showers and storms around four-8 pm sunday. don't forget, we will be and daylight savings time, meaning sunset around seven back 35,
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live from the hyundai dealer sports desk, 10 sports.>> dave wirth here live at the pro-am day. ernie else now teeing off on 18. team charles for soul leads at 14 under. gerald -- spieth, nine underpar. jordan spieth, the number one player in the world. he is back to defend his championship at the valspar. jordan loves this course. at the beginning of the year, he won, but he hasn't won sense. he says his but needs work, but otherwise, lookout.>>
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same as previous years. i feel pretty good. really need to get my putter going. they haven't quite gone in yet. that they will.>> i love that last. major announcement, the valspar company has signed on to be the title sponsor of this golf tournament for three more years. that is a huge deal. it's a multimillion dollar commitment. they love it here. sponsorship is up, ticket sales are up, valspar spending the money to stay here for another three years. the owner, sheila johnson, spent money to improve the golf courses.>> i understand the value of this resort and what it brings to tampa bay. what i love is that valspar and all the moving parts really
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and the value of what we give to everyone. >> this places in terrific shape for the tournament this year. doug martin was signed to a contract, he will stick around. five years, $35 million, $50 million guaranteed. live, i am dave wirth, 10 sports, wtsp. i'm going to be here all weekend. no better place to be. err that will do it for wtsp
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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seem to be dealing americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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>> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle. >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news"


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