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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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big stories happening now. department of justice says apple is obligated to help the fbi help a san bernardino shooter's i-phone. attorneys argued it would take two weeks for six employees to unlock it and called a court order modest. there will be another hearing on this issue some time later this month. after all those protests at a donald trump rally in north carolina a man is facing charge. deputies arrested him on assault and battery as well as disorderly conduct after he hit a protesters as he was getting escorted out. president is hosting the canadian prime minister for the first time in two decades. they are talking climate change as parts of an official state dinner.
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the 12th firestone grand prix in sarasota. it could create a bottleneck for the two main gates. >> reporter: fastest event in st. petersburg may also slow down fans on their way in. all fans must now go through metal detectors. >> we felt it was prudent to step up security. >> reporter: people are encouraging if they see something say something. >> i think it is great. it is very important. i think they should do. >> reporter: part of the added security is limiting boat traffic in the south yacht basin. only folks that reside there will be allowed in. there will be no boat traffic during the race. fans can not bring in coolers or beverages or knives or weapons or folding chairs. added security did not seem to bother fans. >> it is something you need to be ready to embrace. safety is more important. >> i don't think it will be the super screening like you would
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i don't think anybody is going to be taking their shoes off. >> reporter: mayor raised the race weekend. he wants to remind people who are not going to the race. >> while the race is going on downtown is not closed. businesses along central avenue are not closed. they are all opened. you can still go there. traffic is not insane. >> reporter: come early and bring some patience. keep your phones handy. this weekend you can find all the information you need about the big race, parking and shuttles on our free wtsp app. some of the biggest names in golf are hitting the greens. valpsar championship is underway. here's what expect. tonight rascal flats will play a live concert at 7:00. tomorrow gates open up at 6:00 a.m. for the second round. saturday and sunday gates open
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historic floods are swamping the south. three people have been killed in oklahoma, texas and louisiana since the storms began earlier this week. shreveport, louisiana and surrounding communities are covered in floodwaters. 3,000 homes in the state are under mandatory evacuations according to fema. 9,000 are without power. governor is calling in the national guard to help get people out of their homes safely. ten inches of rain has fallen at the louisiana texas border. parts of texas are flood after heavy rain there, too. look at the houston area where water is draining slowly from some rural spots there. underpasses and exit ramps on the freeway are also swamped. after a possible security breech, it has suspended online pool that was supposed to help protect tax payers. identity protection pool gave anyone whose information had
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returns a pin to verify their identity before filing another return. it turns out identity thieves stole these pins and used them to file hundreds of returns. this is why it is a bad idea to procrastinate filing your taxes. carbs could be the new cigarette. we'll know too many carbs are a danger to your waistline. they may also cause an increased list risk of lung cancer even if you have never been a smoker. researchers at md anderson cancer center compared patients with lung cancer to 2500 without. smokers with a high blood index were more likely to be diagnosed with lung cancer than
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white bread, pretzels, white potatoes have carbs that turn into sugar. they recommend opting for whole wheat bread, bran and oatmeal. four years ago justin wager could not draw at all. now everyone in st. pete sees his talent on the streets. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road with a young artist on the rise. >> reporter: if you are driving around downtown st. petersburg you definitely are seen them. street art. murals of every shape and size. some old. some new. you probably have no idea how knew one of the painters is. >> before you knew it he was trying this and trying that. now look around. he has ten giant full scale murals. he has as many murals in the city as i do, i think. >> this one was challenging because of the texture of the wall. >> reporter: you have probably seen justin wager's work and
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for a teenager whose time in art has been short, his taller. >> i always wanted to do it. my senior year was the right time to burst out and try something a little bit bigger. >> reporter: as in senior year of high school. he is a gibbs high student. ago. >> i have been doing this a long time and he is already at the level. he is a prime example of somebody that wanted something, tried it and ended up liking it and being very good at it. >> reporter: his latest piece can be seen on top of a popular downtown restaurant. another gem in his impressive growing collection. >> from the reactions i have seen people are a little taken back from me being 17 years old. >> reporter: on the road in downtown st. pete bobby lewis
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>> justin will turn 18 in april and plans to pursue a career in art where ever the arts take him. studio 10 live new co-host michael clayton went on the road to the strawberry festival this morning. >> i'm ready to have fun. i have my strawberries. let's go! >> a lot of fun was had by mr. clayton as he co-hosted studio ten live from the strawberry festival in plant city. festival runs through sunday. along. southbound side of the howard frankland bridge stacked up northbound heading into tampa. near u.s. 301. looking live at the grandprix track set up in downtown st. pete. if you are headed there this weekend we have your forecast.
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breaking news just into our news room. wounded warrior project fired its ceo and coo. you may recall cbs uncovered the origination spends far less of donations on veterans compared to other non-profits. your donations were going
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look for more on this shakeup tonight on the cbs evening news with scott pelley. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. investigators in pennsylvania are searching for two men who shot and killed five people at a backyard barbeque, including a pregnant woman. right now there is no motive. it does appear to be premeditated. district attorney calls it an ambush. first corona now frozen pizzas and lasagnas are making the recall list after customer found small pieces of glass inside. nestle says the glass may have been in the spinach they used in these products. california lawmakers voted to raise the smoke age from 18 to 21. governor still has to sign off on the bill. it would make california the second state to raise the age limit. bill also restricts electronic
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from behind bars to in front of the camera, jeremy meeks the man dubbed the hot felon is getting out of prison and getting a modeling career after his mugshot went viral. meeks served a year for a gun possession charge. that's your 60 second scan. self-driving robots are hitting the ground running. cofounders of star ship technology shows you how they are changing the future of deliveries. >> reporter: the new delivery die in london looks like a cooler on wheels than a high- tech robot. this baby is about to revolutionize the industry. battery powered robot is designed to deliver on demand in less than 30 minutes from a neighborhood store or depot to
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it scoots along at 4 miles per hour. while aerial drones have been getting all the attention that idea isn't just ready to get off the ground. >> it is safer and friendlier to people. people don't like drones. they don't like drones flying over their backyards with other people's grocery dangleing there. >> reporter: nine on board cameras and sensors detect pedestrian and tell it to slow down, stop and change direction. it uses gps and on board maps to reach its destination. although it is monitored by humans, the robot itself does 99% of the work. it not only knows exactly where i am but who i am using a special app on the recipients can open the lid and get at the goods. there is only one problem. it doesn't have a name yet. >> it deserves a brilliant name. we are searching for it.
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the robot the operator can use a speaker to warn you cameras are rolling and authorities are on the way. robot will be tested in the u.s. next month. i'm dion lim. live in the news room. coming up ahead at 6:00, as hillary clinton did hours before him, bernie sanders is trying to drum up support in tampa. >> reporter: it is the first week bernie sanders has been in state of florida since this campaign started and his first visit to tampa. thousands upon thousands of his supporters are here tonight to feel the burn. get ready to say aww look at these puppies. you won't believe how well they are doing after they were found diseased and abandoned. those stories and live coverage from south florida where the republican canidates are about to face off coming up in
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we are seeing severe weather hitting the south and rain keeps coming from louisiana. >> in new orleans we tracked ten inches of rain. this is at the straight line winds and tornadoes have been reported for the homes in this subdivision. the homes were destroyed. they are hoping the rain can pass north of south. we believe there will be more tonight. remember last night at 11:00 i showed you expected big snows in mexico? >> yes, you did. >> look at my mexican snow. >> wait a minute that's using tequila. >> that's where tequila comes from. the sweet was talking about how durable the plant is. that's not something you see very often. that is a healthy snow.
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if you would like to send that to your friends, i'll out it on twitter and our facebook page after this weather cast. that was southwest of tampa about the same latitude of cuba. of course it is elevation dependant, which changes the ball game. back here we are seeing cars running the tracks today gearing up for the big weekend. a lot of excitement is building in downtown st. pete. we are under dominant high pressure. with the low west the snowfall is occurring here. the rain continuing to fall. eventually this does get on the move tomorrow. the bigger storms already dumped over ten inches of rain over houston, central louisiana and southeast and eastern arkansas. that's the squeeze play creating all the wind. high to the east. low to the west. wedges between. we should see improvement on this tomorrow.
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not quite as windy as we have seen. clear and warm night in the mid 70s. on the coast tomorrow morning we'll have still some breezes around 5 to 15 miles per hour. the middle of the state, if the winds are light enough and higher dew points are expected we might have patchy fog. i don't expect all of us to wake up with a blanket of fog but heads up it is a possibility we could run into it in a few areas in the morning. very warm start around 64 degrees for us. looking to reach 84 for a high temperature. note the wind again not quite as strong. we'll call it breezy. not windy. we are back in the mid 80s from the nature coast to areas of dade city and wesley chapel. 83 clearwater. 88 seffner and plant city. 86 river view. 81 sarasota. high temperatures in the mid 80s around lakeland, sebring and winter haven. on the water tomorrow should
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i know a lot of you had trouble getting on the boats last couple days. light to moderate chop. southeast winds 5 to 15 knots. if you want to make it a beach day 82 on the sand. gulf temperature 66 and coming up. strawberry festival 86 degrees under sunny skies around early afternoon. could climb into the upper 80s as we talked about a moment ago. otherwise gasparilla music festival, there is so much going on this weekend. 8 saturday afternoon with partly cloudy skies. saturday likely the better day of the two. not that sunday is a bad day we are just expecting a few passing showers possible between 3:00 and 7:00. if you can work around that there is good weather on sunday, as well. temperatures staying in the low 80s the next five days. we'll keep you updated on the wind. if you want a video forecast just open the app wtsp is all
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students are burning calorie and using one of their
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something,
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presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise)
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teachers in one texas elementary school found a way to get kids active and learning at the same time. >> jason wheeler shows you how they are combining science and pe. >> today we'll go over alternative energy. >> reporter: sitting in on this fifth grade science review we could not help but think how fitting it was that they were covering alternative energy.
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>> solar energy. >> reporter: because this learning space itself is pretty alternative. and definitely requires energy. >> it is really hot. >> reporter: aaron's classroom started out two years ago with a single treadmill. >> it has been progressing. >> reporter: now it is outfitted with $25,000 of exercise equipment some donated by parent and the pta. third, fourth and fifth grade students listen to reviews here of what they covered in science a week before while they work out. when they hear the bell they move to a different machine and a different part of the lesson. >> i wish we learned like this all day. >> reporter: caitlin loves it but admits she didn't hit the ground running. when she first heard she'd be learning while exercising.
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when i got here and saw the stuff i was excited. >> reporter: the idea to create the so-called action based learning lab came from studys with titles like fitness, fatness and academic performance that finds kids involved in physical fitness show improved academic performance and retention. or in t-shirt lingo. >> exercise grows brain cells. >> reporter: the district recently pulled these kid's test scores over the past two years to study how they done. >> 5 learning standards jumped 14 percentage points. >> reporter: they plan to compare more test scores at the end of this term. if the trend holds administrators could make this science experiment a more permanent exercise. >> that is interesting.
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(announcer): this is no ordinary salad, this is a florida berry and citrus salad. the mixing bowl, proudly welcomes the arugula leaves. lemon juice and olive oil drizzle down. fresh strawberries, blueberries and oranges tumble into place. dashed with cheese and topped with candied pecans. done. it's easy to turn local produce
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look for fresh from florida
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hillary, bernie and the republican canidates in our backyard across the state as the campaigns descend on florida. >> what wasn't functioning?
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two women seen leaving a student on the bus twice. happened. they were found on the side of the road and left to die. tlc can make a world of difference. good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. >>i'm dion lim. thank you for staying with us. it is all about florida tonight as presidential canidates bring their campaigns and their promises to the sunshine state. reporter eric glasser is live at the state fairgrounds are bernie sanders is just minutes away from holding a rally. we have hillary clinton who wrapped up her rally in ybor city. in south florida political reporter mark rivera is covering tonight's republican debate days ahead of the primary. >> it could make or break home state canidate marco rubio. >> let's start with mark rivera in coral gables tonight.
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>> reporter: everything is on the line for marco rubio in this one. he is not only playing for his political future as the republican nominee but he is trying to win his political future here in florida as we go forward. he is facing tough odds against donald trump. supporters say he can pull it out. we caught up with a few at a local political hot spot in miami. it is where major political canidates stop to ask you for your vote. and where folks like you and me stop to grab a cup of coffee in the morning. the versailles cuban restaurant in miami. what is on the plate today? politics. >> we need serious canidates with serious proposals that could win the white house in november and pull the republican party today. >> reporter: bobby sanchez says marco rubio is his man. he is not alone at the outdoor cafe.


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