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tv   10 News at 430am  CBS  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the candidates now focusing on the issues instead of attacks a special needs student left on the school bus. now two school employees are facing charges. a massive recall you need to know about before packing your lunch. the scary thing some people found in their frozen meals. good morning and welcome to "10 news early morning." i'm ian reitz.. lets get a look at #10weather with meteorologist bobby deskins.
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newest numbers in the race for the nomination. and florida's own marco rubio is closing in. rubio has cut donald trump's lead to just 6 percentage point according to a new, exclusive lakeland ledger, 10news wtsp poll. and right here in tampa bay -- the same spread. trump leads rubio 35 to 29- percent. now, let's head straight to 10 news political reporter mark rivera who has more on what happened during the republican debate in miami. pkg but civility didn't stop marco rubio, risking it all to win florida, from taking swings at donald
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his best to preserve integrity while critiquing the frontrunner. the candidates discussed trade, education, and islam - trump saying there among muslims for americans rubio says that creates a hostile environment. governor scott in he said he too had a political rise as a businessman outside of the republican establishment... 1:21 - i mean, that sounds like one person in particular. can you makes some news for us and endorse? i'm not going to make an tuesday. 1:34 but stopped short of endorsing trump. he's waiting for you to make your choice on tuesday. now to the democrats, as you
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2016.. right now hillary clinton has a huge lead over bernie sanders across the state and right here in tampa bay. these are the numbers from the ledger, 10news wtsp poll. 10news reporter eric glasser takes you to both rallies in tampa bay.. as the candidates try to shore-up support in florida. hillary clinton / presidential candidate 20 -32 bernie sanders / presidential candidate 54 - 102 eric glasser / tampa 122 - 137 script: nats in: 8:13 more clinton 4 in ybor city, hillary clinton, arriving to a cheering crowd and warm welcome from tampa mayor bob buckhorn. clinton, focusing her comments on topics key to florida. climate change and infrastructure. and taking a jab at governor rick scott - for rejecting 3 billion dollars in high-speed rail funding.
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clinton 5 nats in: 15:51 hours later at the florida state fairgrounds, a winding line of supporters - feeling the bern. donovan latherow / sanders supporter in: 18:41 bmo nats in: 19:26:00 once inside expo hall, a thunderous crowd of thousands erupting - as sanders took the stage. sen. bernie sanders in: 19:26:25 this week marks the sanders campaign's first visit to florida. given the crowd's size and enthusiasm i asked the senator if they'd made a mistake not making florida a priority earlier. sanders in: 26:55
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in: 25:15 and in this morning's lakeland ledger, you can see more of those poll results...and a look at who supports each candidate. you can get all the information you need on this race -- right in the palm of your hand. just download the "10news wtsp app"-- in your phone's app store. developing now --- the wounded warrior project has fired its c-e-o and c- o-o. you may recall: c- b-s uncovered the organization spends far less of its donations on veterans-- compared to other non-profits. and instead your donations were going toward lavish parties and trips. more than 40 former employees told c-b-s news that spending by the charity was out of control. discussions are now under way -- about retired senior military officers who are being considered to take over leadership of the organization.
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through neighborhoods in northern louisiana. they are searching for families trapped by days of relentless rain. at least three people have died in that state-- in what's being called an historic "flash flooding event. " thousands have been forced from their homes. hulk hogan's team is expected to rest its case this morning. they have two more witnesses set to take the stand in the sex tape trial. gawker attorneys spent most of yesterday questioning university of florida professor mike foley. he was hogan's expert witness... but he seemed to struggle on the stand... especially when facing questions about the freedom of press. hogan is suing gawker for one hundred million dollars for posting the video he claims he never knew even existed. we will continue to stream the trial live for you on our free 10 news app. testimony picks back up at 9 a-m.
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district employees - arrested, accused of abandoning a special needs student on the school bus! only 10 news was there as they bonded out of jail. these women won't be back on a school bus in charge of protecting kids any time soon. 10 news reporter kendra conlon is getting answers about how they managed to forget the child on the empty bus not once - but twice in the past week. bus driver gale brown, and bus attendant gwendolyn simmons.. are quiet bonding out of jail. their joking-silenced, after video shows them parking this school bus last week. simmons walks right by, leaving the sleeping 13 year boy with special needs. sheriff grady judd says the boy had to walk and hitch-hike
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didn't tell his mom or anyone until the next day. sheriff judd says she should've listened... it happened again to the boy this week. the bus is equipped with a system that when the engine's turned off, sounds the driver to walk to the back, and hit a button...essentially checking for kids. brown and simmons it. the district won't say why the system can even be disarmed happen twice. the boy's school - didn't know he was missing and hitch hiked home yet again until his mom make it to a counseling appointment. the women won't be bus for now. the district will only say the employees are on paid leave... while an internal investigation is completed. in bartow, kendra conlon 10 news, wtsp. gale brown has
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bus driver since the 90's. she's been disciplined three times for not paying a red light camera ticket... speeding... and not cleaning her bus. the women are now facing charges. time now for headlines around the nation and the world. this is your 60 second scan. nearly three million boxes of "frozen digiorno pizzas"-- stouffer's lasagnas-- and lean cuisine meals-- are being recalled. customers complained about finding pieces of glass in their food. nestle u-s-a, the company behind the brands, said the glass may have come from the spinach used in the recalled products. no injuries have been reported. the justice department is calling apple's position-- for refusing to unlock an encrypted i- phone-- "false rhetoric. " in a court filing federal prosecutors said the tech giant was quote "corrosive" when it comes to safeguarding americans liberties and rights. apple claims writing software to disable password
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precedent. and incredible video out of south america. part of a giant glacier-- collapsed into "lake argentina." tourists were treated to this spectacular natural phenomenon this morning. the massive natural monument-- covers about 97 square miles. its walls-- tower about 330 feet above sea level. the glacier last ruptured back in march of 20-12. what to watch for -- start your engines! it's time for the firestone grand prix of st petersburg. an estimated 150- thousand fans are expected in downtown st pete this weekend. there will also be increased security. qualifying events start today... and the big race takes place sunday afternoon. we put everything you need to know on our free w-t-s-p app... including a list of banned items, along with information about parking and shuttles. coming up at 5 on 10 news this morning...more than a thousand people are expected to pay their respects today to former first lady nancy reagan as she is buried next to her husband. evacuations are
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parts of california this morning after heavy rains produce mudslides. with daylight saving times on sunday...we find out what bigger effects it can have on your body that just losing some sleep. still ahead on 10 news early morning, having trouble losing weight? house may be to blame. the impact they can have on your waistline. and .. they ran 26 miles!! but it still might not be far enough. the mistake that could keep some from running the boston marathon.
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bobby weather
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can bright lights at night, lead to obesity? that's what a new study suggests. researchers say that artificial light
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in men and women...about as much as eating junk food. they say it can cause us to eat late -- when the metabolic processes slow down. researchers also say it's possible artificial light might contribute to obesity -- by suppressing the production of melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep cycles. in health news -- the food and drug administration has approved the first ever generic version of viagra. teva pharmaceutical's will begin selling generic viagra in december 20-17. it has already been on the market in europe for several years and is a less- expensive alternative to the real thing. the f-d-a says generic drugs have the same strength and must pass the standards as brand-name drugs. it takes a lot of prep work to run in a marathon. but imagine running 26 miles-- and finding out- it wasn't enough! race organizers in tennessee are under qualifying race for the boston marathon that was about a quarter of a mile too the mistake happened at the part
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runners had to make a turn. organizers blame human error -- saying barricades around a corner of the course were laid out incorrectly. the athletes are probably going to have to run again if they want to qualify for the boston marathon. but race organizers in tennessee are checking to see if qualifying times from their race will be accepted. four years ago justin wagher couldn't draw at all... but now everyone in st. pete sees his talent on the streets. 10 news reporter bobby lewis is on the road with a young artist on the rise. open in car sot derek donnelly "you know before you knew it he was trying this and trying that and now i look around he's got ten, giant full scale murals. he's got as many murals in the city as i do i think." nats door nat sot "this one was especially challenging because of the texture of the wall" you have probably seen justin wagher's work and not even known it. but for a teenager whose time in art has been short. his accomplishments
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sot as in senior year of high school. wagher is a gibbs high student. just like his mentor derek donnelly was. years ago. sot "i've been doing this a long time and he's already on that level" justin's latest piece can be seen atop a popular downtown restaurant.. another gem in his impressive, growing collection. #####otr##### "on the road bobby lewis, 10news wtsp" justin will turn 18 in april.
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from gibbs this spring. he plans to pursue a career in art wherever the art will take him. coffee lovers, chick fil a is getting ready to roll out a new drink. the java treat you'll soon be able to get your hands on, but only for a limited time. coming up tonight on 10 news and c-b-s. the amazing race, five-o at 9:00. bloods. then tune in to watch 10 news at 11. don't forget to stay up for the late show with stephen colbert and his guests jeff daniels and audra mcdonald. can always take 10 news with you just download the 10 it's a fast look at breaking news, and get alerts so you won't miss a thing. search wtsp 10 news in the app store now.
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they're introducing frosted coffee. it's made by combining their signature vanilla "ice-dream" with cold-brewed iced coffee. the hand-spun treat starts at 240 calories. it'll be available starting march 14- th. but it won't last for long. it will be taken off them menu at the end of may. if you have a daughter in girl scouts... you know how competitive it is selling cookies. sometimes it calls for a little creativity. one troop in new york is using leonardo dicaprio to reel in potential customers. the girls put up a hilarious sign that says ... this is leo. leo buys girl scout cookies at the awards. leo wins an oscar. leo is smart. be like leo. buy girl scout cookies. coming up on 10 news this morning.. st pete is gearing up for the grand prix. the changes you'll notice this year as the city takes steps to get fans to local
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shocking news this morning as dog millan is under investigation for possible animal cruelty. simple way to reduce the risk of ## we'll be back another look at your weather and traffic, in three
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this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we're just a few days away from the highly anticipated florida primary. and during the republican debate in miami...candidates made one of their final pushes for your vote. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live in the satellite center. emerald, this is really the first time the candidates put the bickering to the side and really drilled down on policy. yeah, it was a big difference from the jabs and bickering


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