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tv   10 News at 500pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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to wounded veterans. some here in the 10 news area. jeannie dean introduced us to a organization. >> reporter: in 2007 joe was deployed to iraq. changed forever. >> i was blown up by a stray rocket. >> reporter: he did not want to go on camera but he gave us permission to show his photos. eight years and 113 surgeries later joe says he is a survivor. >> i lost fingers. i have limited use of my left hand. >> reporter: joe credited wounded warrior project in independence program. college. back home. >> reporter: joe understands
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wounded warrior project now after the reports. his advice do your own research before looking into any organization. there are plenty websites where you can research. better business bureau has free reviews of 1300 national charities. charity watch and charity navigator both of these independently review more than a thousand charities to help you make informed decisions. there is guide star. where you can review the group's 499 tax filings to learn about the expenses, board of directors. we'll have a link to all of just search wtsp. jeannie dean 10 news wtsp. hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities are honoring the reagan. former first lady planned much
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funeral service herself. he is remembered for her fierce devotion to her husband and country. chris martinez is outside of the ronald reagan presidential library where mourners are paying their final respects. >> reporter: a prayer was read for nancy reagan as her casket was carried outside of the ronald reagan presidential library for her funeral. then her husband's favorite song was performed as a reminder of his influence. the former first lady's life and legacy seemed inseparatable from former president ronald reagan. >> there could be no life for me without you. >> reporter: the president's letter to mrs.reagan on their first christmas in the white house was read. >> i love the whole gang of you. mommy, first lady, the
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everything from the flowers and pal bearers and guest lists. former president george w bush and first lady was there. patty davis and ron reagan talk about their mother's devotion. >> when my father was shot and went to the hospital she was told she could not see him. she said i have to. you don't understand how it is with us. >> reporter: chris martinez cbs california. >> the reagan's tomb faces west towards the pacific ocean. relatives of every president dating back to john f kennedy attended the funeral. after a bizarre week in a st. pete courtroom, hogan's
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10 news reporter jennifer titus has been on top of the trial all week. she is live at the courthouse. the jury has a lot to consider. we have not heard the testimony from the defense yet. >> reporter: today experts speaking about gawker's use and work. with hogan's testimony they have to consider if hogan is a victim and suffered $100 million worth of damages. with two witnesses taking the stand wednesday. >> the true likely value they got from posting sex tapes is just over $15.4 million. >> reporter: hogan's team rested in a case that brought national attention involving a former wrestler, his sex tape and first amendment rights. >> the jury has been indated with all these first amendment speeches. they heard from hulk hogan and multiple witnesses that talked
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the journalists mind at the time. >> reporter: attorney kearnes says what the jury hasn't heard is how the posting of this tape ultimately hurt hogan. >> did the jury see him as a vulnerable man who suffered internally? >> reporter: a few weeks ago sports caster erin andrews sobbed on the stand showing a jury how emotionally distraught she was after seeing her pictures naked online. >> she was a woman who was violated and the jury seemed to sympathize with that. will the same jury feel the same way with hulk hogan? it is a local jury and he is from the area so he may have more sympathy. >> reporter: if hogan's team convinces the jury what gawker did was illegal he doesn't believe hogan will get close to $100 million.
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our one chance to set a tone. we can condemn this practice of journalism and anybody ruling for hogan can raise the bar of what journalism should be. if they think that way gawker is in trouble. >> reporter: out here live the defense will call witnesses to the stand at 9:00 a.m. monday morning. first, a judge is going to hear a motion by bubba the love sponge. he wants to reject the subpoena for him to testify in the trial. we'll bring it to you live monday morning at 9:00 a.m. live in st. pete jennifer titus 10 news wtsp. helping you make your choice in 2016. some very telling numbers out of an exclusive poll from the ledger and 10 news wtsp. here's now the numbers shake
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22% are willing to vote for a third party canidate. biggest number is 9% are undecided which would greatly help any of the three. republican canidates continue to focus their efforts on florida ahead of tuesday's winner take all primaries. marco rubio stopped in west palm beach before heading to napels. ted cruz has been in orlando. donald trump started in palm beach and picked up an endorsement. >> i think it would fracture the party and hand the election to the democrats. they would get two to four supreme court picks and america would be forever changed. that's the big picture. it is a very big picture. it is not about me. it is not about mr. trump. it is about america. >> there you have it. this comes one week after carson ended his own run. parts of louisiana have been seeing so much rain it would be the equivalent of what
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matter of five hours. flood warnings are prompting evacuations across the south after heavy rain forced rivers and streams over their banks. thousands have been forced from their homes in northern louisiana. 20-inch of rain fell this week alone. one levee is expected to break spilling water into an area with 1600 homes. more than 200 people had to be rescued near hammond. some were bussed to shelters. since the flooding began so early in the morning some people didn't know water had gotten into their homes. good news for states like florida with several cases of the zica virus. u.s. health leaders say a vaccine for the virus will be ready this fall. mosquito-borne virus is hitting puerto rico hard where there is concerns thousands of pregnant women would be infected this year. zica has been linked to a birth
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with small heads and developmental delays. this afternoon 10 news anchor ian reitz got to help people in need in the st. pete community. some of these volunteers raised thousands of dollars over the holidays. this is his second year emceeing the salvation army luncheon where he received recognition. sonny's barbeque donated the food for today's event. here's a look at our sky 10 network camera over the north end of the howard frankland bridge. you know what the commute looks like on friday. traffic is building up there. gandy boulevard backing up on the bridge heading into tampa. >> it is sunny at tia. there is a chance of some showers this weekend.
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years
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100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. a minnesota sheriff's deputy narrowly escaped getting hurt during a traffic stop when he dodged a car sliding on ice. >> deputy was talking with a driver of a stopped car when he
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he starts to run away and yells for the driver to close the door. it is one of the longest running news shows on the air. host john dickerson has a lot to talk about on face the nation. as we help you with your choice for the presidential primary, we want to get some political insight from dickerson himself. he is joining us live from washington right now. thank you so much for being with us tonight. >> sure thing. thank you for having me. >> first off, have you ever seen anything like this before? >> well certainly not in my lifetime. it depends -- obviously donald trump is a new figure on the scene. but in addition to donald trump we had the fact that there were so many canidates who started out in the republican race and a lot of them looked like they were strong contenders. we are in new territory here. >> right now all eyes are on florida.
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take for any one of these canidates to win our state? we had a poll if hillary clinton was against donald trump he is 35 and he is 30. the big number is 9% undecided. that's a big number out there. >> we are a good ways off from the general election. those numbers will move around. who knows. those two might not even be the ones facing off in the general election. the mystery is how much power does marco rubio have in florida? will he be able to use florida and help those in the republican party terrified about donald trump find a way to deny him the delegates he needs by the time he gets to the nomination? a lot of people have been voting absentee and early in florida. it will be interesting to see if that's a result of the enthusiasm donald trump created or a result of the machine
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bank the votes because of running in the state before. >> what do you see wednesday march 16th, a day after the primaries looking like? what wins out? >> gosh i don't know. that's the wonderful thing about elections. we don't know. people will get to make their decision. it will be fascinating. these are the first winner take all can states in florida and ohio. which means as the big prize. it means all of the spin we have heard after these previous elections where somebody comes in second and claims they came in first, you can't do that with winner take all. the trump wins it will be hard to stop him. >> don't forget to watch face the nation on 10 news wtsp. i know you'll be busy over the next couple weeks. take care.
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looking ahead to the weekend. a lot going on and a few showers possible. >> we have some sunshine around those showers. >> we'll sort this out. how many times do we hear i don't care what happens tuesday or thursday. the weekend is a different story. first and foremost let's set it straight. this is not a cancel your plans- kind of weekend. this is a get out with everything we have going on like the indy race, strawberry festival, bike week, valspar championship. it is the kind of weekend to keep the plans and know you may have to wait out a passing shower or two. that's the set up we are talking about. this low finally will start moving tonight.
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don't get too nervous. it will stay strong in the gulf. we will see it separating a little bit from what we get here. it will be a warm start to your friday evening. 84 in tampa. 85 river view. 79 sarasota. 82 brooksville. our planner, yes does start to bring in clouds first thing in the morning. if not patchy fog. we still stay warm for your saturday. we'll start you in the mid 60s. headed to the low 80s. i want to show you future cast for your saturday and sunday. we'll start with saturday. you can see through the morning fair weather clouds building through the mid-morning and lunchtime hours. for the second half of the day, a popup shower possible.
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we are still dry at the surface. all indications tomorrow is in the lowest level. we'll remain fairly dry until sunday. even though we look for cloud cover, some of this may not reach the ground even though it might show up on radar. late afternoon strawberry festival you may wait out a 20 minute shower. it is not a cancel your plans and don't go. just let it go by. this is not severe. this is not 70 mile-per-hour wind gusts. as we roll you through the day, not much is touching pinellas county. indy car races and valspar looking okay. southwest winds should keep everything in around tampa and eastward for saturday. a brief pop up shower possible. temperatures staying warm. 85 degrees. other than cloudy skies, not a bad day at all for the last
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festival. i have been talking with fishing captains the last couple days. wind gust today not as bad as the last couple days. moments of a light chop possible. majority of the day we are in a moderate chop. could be periods of a brief, heavy chop. expect moderate through most of the day. low tide 10:00 a.m. high tide 4:00 p.m. on sunday we are looking for mostly cloudy skies and as far as the shower chances and coverage go, again, like saturday, while there will likely be a few more on sunday, it does not look like a washout. it could be longer lasting. coverage is around i-75 in tampa and hillsborough county and eastward. we get it late in the evening and then we might see it on the
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river, pinellas, pasco and hernando county. seven-day forecast, i'm trying to explain its as easily as possible. warm weekend. breezy. brief shower possible after 2:00 on saturday. few showers in the mix possible. 40% coverage. it is not a rain out weekend that will rain from sunrise to sunset. as far as everything is looking you can enjoy your activities this weekend. we'll look for warm weather next week. we'll talk about that and a system down the road that i'm watching. kickoff to the indy racing season is hitting full speed this weekend in downtown st. petersburg. how to steer clear of all of the traffic coming up at 5:30. >> can you answer the question or should we scoot? critics say the rest of the country now knows what the
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when it comes to governor rick scott catching heat this as the
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looking live outside
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a photographer heading to the scene of a fire was surprised by a blast. a construction worker says a 1,000 pound propane tank exploded in a shopping center. no one was hurt. the explosion was felt down the street. shops, restaurants and apartments were evacuated to be safe. life altering trip to a dentist. why a family says a child was
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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. we are on top of three big stories happening now. venice man under arrest accused of looking up a woman's skirt and taking pictures. deputies arrested 47-year-old james lily. deputies say that's him caught on camera at a sarasota antiques store last week where the alleged crime took place. cleveland browns are saying good-bye to johnny manziel. this comes in the midst of manziel's legal troubles. he is facing charges for domestic abuse against his exgirlfriend.


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