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tv   10 News at 530pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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good evening. i'm reginald roundtree. we are on top of three big stories happening now. venice man under arrest accused of looking up a woman's skirt and taking pictures. deputies arrested 47-year-old james lily. deputies say that's him caught on camera at a sarasota antiques store last week where the alleged crime took place. cleveland browns are saying good-bye to johnny manziel. this comes in the midst of manziel's legal troubles. he is facing charges for domestic abuse against his exgirlfriend.
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other team claims him by tomorrow afternoon. investigators are trying to figure out why a pilot made an emergency landing on a beach in new york. the pilot and passenger walked away without a scratch. no one on the shoreline was hurt either. you are looking live at the firestone grandprix track tonight. the signature event draws thousands of racing fans to the area every year. whether this is your first time going or you head out there every year we want to share three big things to make the trip easier for you heading to downtown st. pete. first thing is traffic. a lot of roads are closed in the area. here's road warrior hilary zalla with information about traffic and parking. >> downtown st. petersburg is definitely the place to be that weekend. that means it will be a traffic nightmare. all of this taking place downtown near pioneer park and the airport near the museum if you know downtown st. pete well.
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avoid that are closed is a portion of first street, first avenue, a block of beach drive and bay shore drive, as well. majority of beach drive, bay shore and central will remain opened. it will just be congested, that entire area that weekend. if you want to avoid road closures stay west of second avenue. those roads are opened. if you are heading to the event or trying to go downtown st. petersburg to enjoy shopping or restaurants you have options for parking. parking at tropicanna field is great. you can park there and they'll take you downtown. downtown trolley is a good option. if you are thinking of parking in the downtown garage they'll get filled quickly. definitely get there early. we have all this information on our website also download our 10 news app. search wtsp 10 news in the app store. it is all there. have great weekend.
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is which businesses and restaurants that you can go to 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck found out although the city will rake in millions of bucks some businesses won't >> reporter: when you hear that sound you know it is race weekend in st. pete. 150000 people will bring in $48 weekend. new this year big electronic board and maps that will direct drivers to the best places to park, shop, eat and get around the detours. city added shuttles and trolleys to help businesses after retail shop owners complained they saw a drastic drop in business over the weekend. >> for years the message is if you are not coming to the race stay out of downtown. that's totally not true. downtown is opened for business. there is plenty of parking. whether you are coming to the race or not there are all sorts of things to do.
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security changes this year. for the first time race fans will have to walk through medal detectors. sunday's main race will be watched worldwide by 100 million people in 200 different countries. there are races planned through the weekend. the biggest is on sunday. check our 10 news app for all of the street closures and parking information that you need. reporting in downtown st. pete i'm sarah hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. >> the third thing you need to know is basic information to get in the grandprix event starts 7:30 a.m. saturday and sunday. tickets range $20 to $50 for general admission. no outside food or drinks are allowed.
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a man leads deputies on a hot pursuit through a neighborhood. amber reported chad running from polk county deputies early yesterday morning. the sheriff says he lead officers through yards, swamps, roads near state road 33 in polk city. all while driving naked high on methamphetamines. video shows him driving his car through a small pond before crashing into a parked car that had four people inside. >> he needs to be in prison. that's the only place he'll be safe and the only place the community will be safe. because he is going to kill himself and/or someone else. >> he is no stranger to the law. you might remember back in october he was charged with animal cruelty for hitting a dog with a sledge hammer. he faces a number of charges in this latest incident. only on 10, governor rick scott tries to clarify his
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tv. do muslims in florida hate america? >> let's remember where we are. we are in miami. even a journalist was beheaded by radical islam. some people like us. some people don't like us. it is not news that radical islam does not like america. >> that was governor scott made yesterday. scott repeatedly declined to answer questions about comments trump made about muslims quote hating america. 10 news reporter eric glasser shows you how the democrats pounced on that and why critics say it has given the country a glimpse of governor scott with whom florida has been dealing with for years. >> reporter: if you are a journalist in florida. >> why do you think you have a reputation for not answering questions. >> reporter: or a local news junky, you know how hard it can be to get a straight answer from governor scott.
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>> he should be able to answer the questions instead of avoiding questions asked of him. >> reporter: on thursday ahead of tuesday's primary election the rest of the nation got a taste of what many in the local media have already known. on msnbc's morning joe governor scott was asked three times if he would denounce donald trump's comment about muslim's hating america. each time with the nation watching scott declined to give a direct answer. >> i can tell you what's going on in florida. >> no. no. no. no. >> in our state we are heading in the right direction. >> reporter: unflattering spot lights on scott grew brighter on thursday as democratic presidential hopefuls in tampa piled on. bernie sanders telling me. >> it is pathetic. >> reporter: and hillary clinton taking jabs at scott on the one topic he never shies away from. >> you change people's lives
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>> frankly you need a governor who wants to help you create those jobs. >> reporter: in the end ms next ended scott's interview in frustration. >> i love the debates. >> reporter: an outcome floridians are all too familiar with. in tampa eric glasser 10 news wtsp. here is a look at the sky 10 network camera. it is backing up on the north end of the howard frankland bridge. expect delays on the gandy bridge, as well. you can see partly cloudy
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in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level the playing field. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. nabisco workers are protesting in chicago. they are fighting to keep their jobs in the united states.
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workers and moving jobs to mexico. cuts are needed to save money. north korea's leader kim jong un is pushing to improve his country's nuclear capabilities. today he watched a ballistic test and ordered more tests to be done. this comes as north korea threatened strikes on the united states and south korea. two teenager sisters who vanished last year in upstate new york have been found alive. they were listed as run aways. investigators never stopped looking for them. a family-friend is charged with keeping the girls away from their family. man known as the dog whisperer is under investigation for possible animal cruelty. l.a. county animal control office received complaints about him. this stems from an episode of his new show. episode reportedly shows a dog attacking and hurting a pig during a training session. he has not been charged. that's your 60 second scan.
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texas tonight. a trip to the dentist changes a 4-year-old girl's life forever. she now has severe brain damage. her parents say it is because of seizures she suffered while restrained in a device. kevin reese has the emotional warning the girl's family want use to hear. >> reporter: her name is heaven spelled backwards. this is what she used to look like. this is her now brain damaged and in the hospital after a visit to a dentist office. she was getting her teeth capped. her mom was told to stay in the waiting room while she was placed in a restraining device. >> they never did call it a seizure. they said she is shaking. >> reporter: medical records show part of what was happening. over the span of four hours our blood pressure drops, oxygen levels dropped to 49%.
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tortured. in essence, what happened was suffocated. this child suffered massive period. that didn't have to happen. >> the whole time they assured us everything was okay. jefferson. he has been fined and reprimanded by the state board before. some dentists defend the use of the restraint device. as this family and attorneys prepare for a lawsuit to determine what caused the seizures they want to send a warning. >> parents are told to authorize or grant permission to restrain their child they probably should run. >> the restraint is used in dental offices across the country.
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the restraint you should insist on staying in the same room. coming up at 6:00, it is not just 10 investigates working to get unfair school zone speed traps fixed, ahead what could change statewide following our series of reports. >> reporter: a spike in spice use. before. can do to you now. a big traffic alert to tell you about. where a big closure could make it hard to access the highway.
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the wind gusts have been 25 miles per hour. like we talked about yesterday, we still saw decent gusts. at least not as bad as the last couple of days with the winds. looking at this it is a good barometer for what we'll get tomorrow as far as wind gusts go. temperatures now in tampa 84 degrees. 79 in sarasota. 81 napels.
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the one spot with more clouds than rain, you can see the difference 65 in pensacola because of a cut off low that sat here in north mexico and the rio grande valley. it starts to get on the move as we go through the weekend. that's going to be the track of this storm. that's why, as we talk about your forecast, don't cancel any plans for the weekend. this is a type of weekend where could a passing shower pop up? yes. i'm going to show you timing and how things will likely play out. know a brief shower or two even on sunday will be possible. at this low we'll come straight across the gulf and over us, i think we'd have a different weekend forecast. this is is going to track up towards the great lakes. we'll see intense weather in the middle of the gulf and neighbors up in the panhandle are likely going to be see a much different story.
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an opportunity for a brief shower or two. tonight i don't think you see anything at all other than warm weather in the 70s for your evening plans. as we take a look at future cast we can show you, either day depending on where you go and what you have planned there is an opportunity for a brief shower. a lot lower opportunity tomorrow. we'll see sunshine for early in the morning. quickly clouds build in. i think we are looking at more clouds than sun tomorrow. after 2:00 a stray shower possible. most of this would be i-75 and east as any brief shower is expected. areas of valspar, gasparilla music festival around the indy races and downtown, really not looking all that bad. temperatures stay warm. other than a pop up shower we are also going to stay breezy at 82 degrees. on sunday little more wide- spread chance.
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not covering all of the area. after 2:00 brief couple of showers possible. the better placement will be i- afternoon. then late night a few of these coast. about a 40% coverage is what we are talking about. 82 saturday. we are looking at 79 on sunday. don't forget we spring forward on sunday. rain coverage 40% after 2:00. then light winds are finally back in the forecast for those of you wanting that around tuesday, wednesday and thursday next week. before we see our next system, or the upcoming following weekend. elevators, ice machines and the noisy bachelor party down the hall. >> being by the elevator is the worse. sometimes trying to get a good night's sleep at a hotel is a
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whether you are traveling on business or vacation get good night's sleep isn't always easy. >> tonight we'll show you unique strategies hotels are rolling out to help you sleep like a baby. >> reporter: falling asleep can be difficult. >> if i do it in a wrong way it feels terrible. >> reporter: thanks to a new sleep program in new york city mark wild says bedtime is a dream come true. >> i travel all over the country.
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>> you think about sleep a lot. >> indeed i do. >> reporter: dr. robins is a sleep expert at the hotel and helped develop the program. >> we want the guests to have the best night's sleep of their life. >> reporter: options include bedtime snacks and pillows filled with water and some that play sleeping music. >> so long they would give you chocolates on the pillows. there is an industry shift. >> reporter: hotels including marriott and conrad properties have similar programs with with sleep amenities ranging from aroma therapy to blackout blinds. general manager says customizing sleep options isn't just good for guests it is good for business. >> today's travelers are looking for unique experiences.
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>> getting a good night's sleep will be extra important this weekend as we spring forward. >> daylight saving time ends at 2:00 a.m. on sunday.
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(elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise)
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fake pot makes a come back. this time it is giving police a serious challenge. a traffic alert. a major road closure and a highway getting harder to access. a county aggressively ticketing drivers in questionable school zones but how much longer? 10 investigates. first are designer drugs like spice and k 2 resurging in the bay area? they are packs of fake marijuana cheap and easy to buy. tonight first responders and doctors are seeing the sales explode. i'm reginald roundtree. in tampa in one week alone rescuers were called to 30 possible site incidents. they received 12 calls in one day alone. 10 news reporter tammy fields
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is more dangerous than ever. >> i have seen deaths. i have seen people fall out. >> reporter: sarah not only sees but it captured cell phone images after two people smoked synthetic marijuana. paramedics in the background rushing to save a life. >> people will sell their soul to get that spice. >> reporter: paramedics and doctors are seeing the impacts of a deadly mixture of spice on the street. >> they'll stop breathing and have severe seizures with permanent brain damage as a result of these substances. >> reporter: ages of those smoking might surprise you. >> anywhere from in their teens to in their 60s. >> reporter: this cell phone video doesn't do it justice. he says he sees the impact of spice every day. since the image was shot


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