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tv   10 News This Morning at 500am  CBS  March 14, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good morning and welcome to 10 news this morning. i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. breaking news in st. pete this morning. two police officers are in the hospital... after being hit by a stolen car. 10news reporter emerald morrow is live on central at 54th street. emerald, how are the officers doing? good news...the two officers are in expected to recover, but what a scary morning for them. take a look at what's left of this car in the middle of
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stolen car that came speeding down central avenue and t-boned a pickup truck with a tampa and st. pete officer inside. - the irony behind all of this...the police officers- were working on a special task force put together to help catch criminals stealing cars - chief anthony holloway told us the officers were not even pursuing this car...apparently, they were looking for a stolen jeep...and were heading to a place where thieves are known to drop off the stolen cars - and it wasn't just one or two people in this stolen car... - there were six people inside...with
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just fifteen - and if you've been paying attention to the news over the last few months...even the last few days, you know that stolen cars across the tampa bay area have been a huge problem... - and some of you have been making it really easy for thieves to get their hands on your property. - i'm looking into just how these young criminals got away with this car, i'll have that at 5:30. - live in st. pete, emerald morrow, 10news, wtsp. funeral arrangements have not yet been released for the hillsborough county deputy who was killed in a wrong- way crash. investigators say erik mcbeth drove his suv the wrong way onto the selmon expressway. he then crashed -- head on -- into the 30 year old deputy john kotfila, early saturday morning. both were killed. flags remain lowered at the sheriff's fallen heroes memorial in ybor city to honor deputy kotfila. in maryland, many are mourning the death of an officer killed in the line of duty. police say officers were working at the police station on sunday when a man started firing his gun a them. after he shot the first officer, officers started shooting back. an undercover narcotics officer was killed and the suspect was hurt. police are calling this situation a quote, "unprovoked attack." the fallen officer is a four-year veteran. he was about to
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several people are hurt after a train derailment in kansas overnight. it happened about 20 miles west of dodge city. five cars reportedly went off the track at about midnight. there were 128 people on board and 14 crew members. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. right now, an investigation is underway into what caused the derailment. big concerns this morning over a donald trump rally and protest happening in tampa this afternoon. this after violence at a trump protest in chicago, secret service agents storming a stage in ohio and people pepper sprayed at a trump protest in kansas city. 10news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the tampa convention center. sarah, extra police officers will be at today's protest. organizers of today's protest are specifically telling people this is a non- violent protest and that they will stay outside of the convention center during this protest, but police officers aren't taking any chances-- beefing up security inside and outside.
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chicago when protesters took over the site where he planned to speak. violent confrontations erupted in chicago, where a few police officers were hurt. on saturday, a protester nearly climbed on stage at a trump event near the dayton international airport, prompting secret service to surround trump. the man was arrested. trump already called off a miami- area rally planned for tonight, a sign that trump is more worried about losing ohio to gov. john kasich than florida to sen. marco rubio. miami protesters
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were also organizing a protest to disrupt trump's doral appearance. coming up-- traffic will be impacted by this rally too. i'll tell you where you can expect to see closures and where those protesters will be. live in tampa, sh, 10news wtsp florida senator marco rubio, will continue his campaign across the state today. he'll meet with voters in jacksonville and west palm beach before holding a meet and greet in miami. some are calling it a last ditch effort to win the state because he's still behind trump in several polls. in a few hours, the defense will start calling witnesses to the stand in the hulk hogan leaked sex tape trial. gawker, the website the former wrestler is suing, is expected to call a-j daulerio to the stand. he is the person who posted the video on the website. also today, the judge will look at a motion from bubba the love sponge-clem to reject his subpoena. bubba has already said he will plead the fifth if he's forced to testify. court begins at 9:00 a-m. you can watch the trial live on our 10 news app. a woman is dead this morning after a
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tree fell on her car during a powerful windstorm in seattle. fire crews say a passerby rescued a toddler from the she suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. closed and without power during the storm. thousands of homes in louisiana are underwater this with some rivers to historic heights. more homes were cleared out sunday evening in the caldwell parish. that's after had topped out. neighbors volunteered their boats to help people stranded in their homes and cars get to higher ground. al qaida has claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a beach resort town in ivory coast. on sunday, armed men attacked the town, killing at least 16 people. tourists were running through the beach town of grand-bassam. security forces killed six of the attackers. a major highway in north carolina is back open this morning after a more than 100 car pileup. this was on i-40 west.
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about 20 people were hurt. crews say wet roads may have caused the first crash, but rubbernecking likely led to several others. it took hours for the wrecks to be cleaned up. a heads up if you'll be driving in pasco county this morning. u-s 41 will be closed at the railroad crossing right between crystal lake road and lake cren-shaw road. crews will be working on the tracks. there will be detours using bearss avenue, dale mabry highway and florida avenue. construction is scheduled to last two weeks. this is a story you may find disturbing. a man has been arrested after police say he ran his snowmobile into a sled dog team competing in the iditarod race in alaska -- killing one of the dogs. arnold demoski apparently told law enforcement he was drunk when he ran into the team on saturday. he turned himself in after he woke up and realized what happened. demoski told a local tv station that he didn't mean to crash and hopes he'll be forgiven. one week from tomorrow, the tampa bay rays will play an historic game in cuba! construction
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crews having been putting the finishing touches on latin american stadium. president barack obama is expected to join cuban president raul castro to watch the game as part of his visit to the country. latin american stadium first opened after its latest renovation, it will be able to hold roughly 55-thousand people. one georgia man thieves stealing from his yard. effective way he's using to stop them. but first, the ultimate office pool billionaire warren buffet is offering his employees for march madness. live look from tampa international
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we know you're
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for the day. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. at least 37 are dead and more then 120 others are hurt after a car bombing in the turkish capital of ankara. the bomb exploded close to a bus stop. a senior government official says police suspect kurdish militants are respondible for the attack. it comes two days after the u-s embassy issued a security warning about a potential plot to attack turkish government buildings. automaker toyota is joining forces with the japanese government to make hydrogen from wind-power electricity. toyota is working on answering the main criticism of fuel cell cars, that quote, "making the hydrogen for the fuel is not clean." fuel cells are zero- emission. it runs on power that's created when hydrogen is combined with oxygen from the air
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contest." he's also offering 100 grand to the person who picks the most consecutive games correctly. to win however, they have to make it to the sweet 16. a california beach open this morning after a shark bumped into a surfer on sunday. beach, just north of was closed for a day within a mile radius after the surfer told lifeguards what happened. anyone wanting to take advantage of the large waves had to go farther south lifeguards say swimmers and surfers can head back today as long sightings.
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middle of a drought, storms are creating a mess in california. but relief could be matter of hours. next time you go to the gym, you may want to skip the weights and head to the yoga mats. how moves like the triangle and downward dog can you help out in the future. a tampa & st. pete officer working on stolen car task force in hospital after being hit by a stolen car. central ave in st. pete -- 54th street
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joining the race to cars. the detroit automaker bought cruise automation, a software company self driving cars on francisco. emceeing the salvation army's all star mvp luncheon. we recognized volunteers making a difference in our many people who help all year -- including angel tree...kettle campaign you see around holidays...and kettle krush the 5 k in st. pete. thanks to everyone for all your work! i was also honored to join the 1voice foundation emcee their annual 'cruise for a cure' luncheon. another opportunity to thank volunteers. it's also an event that raises money for pediatric cancer
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the money raised fund research by dr. tebbi at the university of south florida. it's only a couple of days until st. patrick's day! where tampa bay stands on the best places across the u-s to celebrate the holiday. but first, one man finds an effective way to fight off thieves. live flook from
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good morning, it's i'm allison good morning, it's i'm allison kropff. and i'm ian reitz. we're on top of that breaking news out of st. pete....where a car full of criminals in a stolen car crashed into an undercover police vehicle, sending two officers to the hospital. 10news reporter


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