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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it will get heavy as we head toward the 7:00 hour. grab the rain gear if you are heading out the door. i'll have more on the next round of rain that could impact your weekend coming up. hot spots at 6:00 on your monday morning. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. there is a very serious accident on the courtney campbell causeway that shutdown all westbound lanes. if you are coming from tampa towards pinellas avoid the bridge. take the howard frankland bridge instead. lets go live sky 10. broken down car in polk county on i-4 westbound on polk parkway. it is blocking the right lane. coming up, i'll get you drive times to help you get out the door in time. good monday morning. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. we are on top of breaking news in st. pete. where a stolen car crash sent eight people to the hospital.
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that includes two police officers. >> 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live where the crash happened on central avenue and 54th street. ironically police were on a stolen car assignment when this all happened. >> reporter: we spoke with chief holloway. he told us five out of the six suspects in this car, this stolen car in the middle of the road over there have all been arrested before for burglary and stealing cars. the pick-up truck next to it is what the other two officers were riding in when these suspects hit this car. as you can see from the condition of these two cars that this was a serious accident. the two officers will live. as for the suspects in the stolen car we know the driver is in critical condition.
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all suspects were 25 years old and younger with the youngest being 15 years old. this stolen car problem is becoming so big across the tampa bay area that officials came together to form a task force to prevent what we have here now. we spoke with the chief about this problem and imparticular what group of people is continuing to commit these types of crimes. time looking into that and we'll have an answer coming up at 6:30. live in st. pete emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. funeral arrange. s have not been released for the hillsborough county deputy who was killed over the weekend. he drove the wrong-way on the selmon expressway. he drove head on into another man on sunday morning. both were killed. in maryland many are mourning the death of an officer killed in the line of duty. officers with working at the
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man started firing his gun. after he shot the first officer officer's started shooting back. 20 people are in the hospital after a train derailment in kansas overnight. none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. big concerns this morning over a donald trump rally and protest happening in tampa this afternoon. it after violence at a trump protest in chicago.
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hollenbeck is joining us live from the tampa convention center. protesters sent out a note saying we can not vouch for your safer. >> reporter: they are hoping these protesters are working with police and sent out a message and said if you plan to be violent do not join us today in tampa. hopefully that will keep people safe. of course, there is going to be lots of officers patrolling out here. a protester stormed the stage at a trump rally saturday in ohio. that man was arrested. service agents. in tampa protesters posted a message on their facebook page saying they will not hesitate to turn over any fellow protesters to the tampa police department or the secret trouble. about this? he is definitely not taking responsibility. right. >> they want me to tell me people please be nice. my people are nice. >> i still at this moment
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the republican nominee but it is getting harder every day. >> responsibility begins and ends at the top. >> reporter: i have been digging into who will be at today's protests. there will be a lot of community leaders as well as folks from the center of islamic relations and various church organizations. i found out there is a national organization that is encouraging people to travel to these protests. coming up, i'll tell you what i found out about this organization and if they have plans to come to tampa today. florida senator marco rubio in continue to travel across the state. some are calling ate last ditch effort to win the state because he is behind trump in the polls.
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a man has been arrested after he ran his snow mobile into a team competing in the iditarod race in alaska. one of the dogs were killed. he turned himself in after will
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happened. he told a local television station he didn't mean to and hopes he'll be forgiven. a woman is dead after a tree fell on her car during a powerful wind storm in seattle. the clean up is still underway. a passerby also rescued a toddler in the back of the car. major roads were closed. thousands were left without power during this storm. in louisiana thousands of homes under water with some rivers expected to rise to historic heights today. more homes were cleared out sunday evening in the caldwell parish after reports that a levee topped out. neighbors volunteered boats to help people stranded in homes and cars to get to higher ground. a major highway in north carolina back open after one vehicles were involved in a pileup. this was on i-40. 20 people were hurt in this crash. wet roads may have caused the first rush and rubber necking
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likely caused several others. it took hours for the wrecks to be cleaned up. heads up if you are driving in pasco county. u.s. 41 will be closed at the lake road. track. there will be detoured using florida avenue. weeks. tomorrow tampa bay rays cuba. >> construction crews are putting the finishing touches american stadium. president obama will be joining raul castro to watch the game. the country. after this renovation the stadium is expected to hold 50,000 people. a georgia man is using a casket to scare away thieves.
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6:36. billionaire warren buffet is offering a bracket challenge to his employees with millions of dollars on the line. 6:09 is the time. if you are just waking up we are in the 70s. we'll get you caught up on
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6:12. bridges. courtney campbell causeway is closed in the westbound direction after a semi and car crashed. here. towards tampa. towards pinellas the westbound lanes are shutdown. your best bet is the howard frankland bridge. it will get busy this morning detour. still looking good i-275 north
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and south. not too bad. your drive time six minutes across. we are tracking showers making more wet roadways. a batch of light rain is working from pinellas. that will be moving to the northeast about 35 miles per hour. we have heavier activity off to the southwest that we'll be watching throughout the morning and into the early afternoon. that will finally wind down overnight tonight. then we get more sunshine in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. i'm talk about your weekend coming up. time now is 6:13. it is monday march 14th. this is a look at today's top stories at 6:00. >> we all got together to address this problem. right now two police officers are in the hospital after a stolen car crashed into their truck. it happened overnight on central avenue and 54th street six people in the stolen car
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violence at donald trump rallies over the weekend. today the gop frontrunner will be in tampa for another rally. >> absolutely frightening. it is one thing for it to be certainly high but to see the flow and the motion there is definitely scary. rivers are rising to historic heights in louisiana. wide-spread flooding has damages thousands of homes and prompted more evacuations. here's a look at headlines around the nation and the world in your 60 second scan. at least 37 are dead and 120 others hurt after a car bombing in the turkish capitol. police suspect militants are responsible. this comes two days after the embassy released a warning of the bombing.
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switch in the general motors vehicles is expected to begin. it stems from a case in january of 2014 where a woman could not brake on icy roads. she is seeking compensation for injuries. five other similar trials are expected this year. while some employers frown on lost productivity during march madness warren buffet isn't one of them. has offering his employees a chance to win a million dollars a year for life. in what he calls the ultimate office bracket contest. if you don't get everything right he is offering $100,000 to the person who picks the most consecutive games correctly. a california beach is expected to reopen after a shark bumped into a surfer on sunday. the beach was closed for a day within a mile radium after the surfer told life guards what happened.
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advantage of the large waves had to go further south as a precaution. swimmers and surfers can get back in the water today as long as there are no shark sitings. here's road warrior hilary zalla. you have been busy this morning. >> all of our bridges will be extra busy this morning because an accident closed down the westbound lanes of the courtney campbell causeway. if you are coming from tampa towards pinellas it will really affect you. live to the scene we can see the damage to that white car. also, a semitruck, a coca-cola truck was involved in this accident, as well. you can see that there. you can see westbound lanes closed. notice these eastbound lanes are so backed up. there is a lane blocked on that side, as well. either direction you are going on the courtney campbell causeway you are seeing heavy, heavy delays. you'll want to take the howard frankland bridge instead. i'm telling you avoid the courtney campbell causeway.
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i'm staying on top of this for you. serious injuries involved here. they called out a trauma alert. back to our maps i want to take you to hillsborough county. our majors really not looking too bad. heads up for anyone in lutz. u.s. 41 is closed at lake side road at the next two weeks. it is where the railroad crossings go over u.s. 41. you'll have to take dale mabry to bearss to florida avenue to get around that. that's a really long detour. give yourself some time. polk parkway a little slow for morning rush hour. polk parkway to i-75 is 15 minutes. plant city you are looking great. sarasota and manatee county all the construction at i-75 and university parkway is wrapped up. lanes are back opened. you'll see delays for rush hour. back to you. >> thank you very much. we are tracking light rain. it will be picking up in intensity and coverage as we head through the next couple hours.
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we have some heavier batches just offshore with light rain just now working its way on to the pinellas coastline. just a few sprinkles. we are seeing a little bit heavier rain just south of indian rocks beach around indian shores. reddington beach is picking up. in addition to the rain we are tracking we'll also be tracking rain as we look ahead to the weekend. we have the southerly winds pumping in a lot of moisture. we'll continue to see the rain as a result. 71 tampa. 72 st. pete. 9 brooksville and new port richey. 70 in clearwater. looking over pinellas county we are looking toward the sunshine skyway. a lot of cloud cover preventing us from seeing a whole lot. we'll see more rounds of light rain in the morning and afternoon. after the late afternoon hours we start to see sunshine coming
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back into the forecast. especially this morning, make their the kids have the raincoats heading out the door. especially along and north of the i-4 corridor. we are forecasting higher coverage. future cast keeps spotty showers in the forecast. 7:00 to 8:00 we see heavy rain moving on shore. possibility of hearing a rumble of thunder or two. if you do hear that move it inside. by midday it starts to wind down. we'll see showers into polk county 12:30 to 1:00. largely clear for the bay area in terms of heavy rain. we'll track stray showers through the afternoon and evening. it will be light. out on the water it will be choppy. just keep that heads up. 81 today in tampa. with some isolated showers continuing through late afternoon.
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two to four foot seas. winds out of the south 12 knots. we'll get sunshine back in the forecast. st. patrick's day on thursday looks cloudy. we'll stay dry. rain holds off until friday. with several primaries tomorrow presidential canidates are turning up the heat. >> donald trump becomes the main target during a democratic town hall. one luxury company doesn't want to lose your money. we'll tell you where they are putting micro chips. live to dublin, ireland things are getting busy. st. patrick's day is this week
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who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials
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valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them.
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good morning. if you are just heading out the door how are we doing? >> this is the time of day where we are seeing heavier traffic. tarpon springs to palm harbor along u.s. 19 going south your drive time is 11 minutes. hillsborough county on the veterans expressway from sun coast to the tampa airport south it is taking eleven minutes now. dealing with light rain this morning. if you are not seeing the rain it is definitely warm and definitely muggy and definitely cloudy. it will stay that way through the better part of the morning. i think by the evening commute we may get sunshine managing to peek through. not a whole, whole lot. expect some breaks.
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will come back down later on in the day. still breezy. winds gusty through the afternoon and overnight hours tonight. luxury brand said it is embedding micro chips in the bags and shoes in order to prevent knockoffs. company says it has been inserting tags in the left sole of the women's shoes since 2014. it added micro chips to the men's shoes and leather goods. $17 million worth of fake products came from china last year. we had a big weekend in the tampa bay area. so many events going on. friday i emceed the salvation army's luncheon. >> these folks support the angel free program and kettle crush. you can see them with the kettle bells during the holiday season.
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it is an honor to emcee the event on friday. >> that is great event to say thank you to all of them. >> we had another cool event, it was a cruise for a cure put on by one voice foundation that raises money for pediatric cancer research. all the money stays locally. university of south florida has been working for years on researching pediatric cancer. a lot of families were affected. it was a nice opportunity to raise money for the cause. >> and you got to go on a cruise ship. >> everyone else was getting ready to take the ship. they donate the dining room to this group once a year to hold this fundraising event. >>i'm glad you didn't hop on the cruise and are with us this monday morning. tampa is making other cities green with envy when it comes to st. patrick's day. >> find out where the city ranks on the best places to
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out the door we are tracking light rain. grab the umbrellas along and north of the i-4 corridor. that's where we are forecasting the heaviest rain coming up later today. while we expect everything is light we'll see more intense rainfall picking up between 7:30 and 8:30 this morning. and starting to taper down after midday. i'm tracking another chance of showers in your weekend forecast coming up. hot spots at 6:30. i'm road warrior hilary zalla. westbound lanes of the courtney campbell causeway are shutdown and one lane going eastbound is closed after a semi and car crash. live to sky 10 we can see how terrible the delay is now. these are the eastbound lanes
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coming into tampa. one land getting by. westbound is completely closed. turned around. avoid the bridge this morning. you can see how horrible the back up is already. bridge. bridge instead. coming up in less than ten on the other bridges to make sure you get to work on time. good morning. it is 6:30. i'm allison kropff. >> i'm ian reitz. we are on top of breaking news from st. pete be two officers were hit by a stolen car. the officers were hurt but they are expected to be okay. >> 10 news reporter emerald morrow is live on central happened. police say they are seeing too our area. >> reporter: a lot of times
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they have to do with young people involved. other times it has to do, like we are seeing this morn, it is an unlocked car and someone left their keys in the car and that allows the burglars to get in and steal the car. a st. pete officer and tampa officer were together on special assignment looking for stolen cars. they were looking for a stolen jeep when the stolen car with six young people inside came barreling down central avenue crashing into the undercover officer's pickup truck. police see these type of burglaries all the time. unfortunately it is our young people who are usually to blame. >> there is no ring. you have a bunch of kids that think this is a cool thing to do. everybody thinks okay let's go out tonight and see if we can get a car. >> reporter: police say the suspects in this case were all 25 years old and younger.
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being just 15 years old. also chief holloway says five out of the six people involved have some sort of record with the law. we are told the driver of this stolen car is in critical condition. fortunately the two officers in the hospital now are expected to recover from their injuries. reporting live in st. pete emerald morrow 10 news wtsp. today donald trump will be in tampa speaking at the convention center trying to pick up additional supporters before tomorrow's primary in florida. 10 news reporter sarah hollenbeck is live at the convention center this morning. officers are beefing up security after violence erupted over the weekend. you found out more disruptions are planned. >> reporter: there is a national group, i have been looking into them. i want to show you two things on my computer. this is a petition they have telling people to do whatever they can to stop donald trump. the other thing i want to show you, this is an e-mail they
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sent out encouraging people to travel if they have to to try stop rallies he is having, including this one in tampa today. what they are hoping is there is not violence on other things they saw in other parts of the country. that's why officers will be on high alert as they keep protesters from becoming violent. today's rally is at 2:00. we have learned there will be a group of protesters that are going to be out here from 10:30 to noon. there is no telling who will join them after that. we'll they here and make sure things are non-violent and bring you live reports through the rest of the day. hollenbeck 10 news wtsp. democrats bernie sanders and hillary clinton talked about the violence at recent trump rallies and it took center stage. >> he lit the fire and throws his hands up and claims he
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should not be responsible. >> i hope mr. trump tones it down and tells supporters violence is not responsible. former president bill clinton will be in florida to campaign for hillary today. he'll be in tallahassee and later today a church in jacksonville. hulk hogan's trial against the website gawker will resume in a few hours. b ubba said he'll plea the fifth if he is forced to testify. an investigation isunderway after a woman was found dead in largo. investigators identified the woman through fingerprints but they are waiting to release her name until later this morning. someone found her body walking along 145th street north and bird lane.
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wendy's is getting fresh from farmers in florida to increase wages for produce. the workers held a peaceful march near the palm beach home of wendy's chairman on saturday. workers get 50-cents per basket of tomatoes they film they are asking for an additional one cent per pound. a search for the third person in the hudson river is over this morning. rescue crews spent the weekend looking for bodies after a tug boat collided with a barge. crash happened saturday morning. two other bodies have been recovered from the wreckage. by sunday night crusade the waters were not safe to continue working. el nino is still pounding california. a growing mudslide forced families to leave their home near san francisco. >> when the the rain comes down in buckets it is out of control. we have to stay on it.
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so we kind of scramble. >> the state is in its fifth year of a drought. experts say even the recent rain and snow has helped but it will take years of normal rainfall to get the deficit right again. in polk county it could get florence. a boat ramp is being proposed to be put in the 74-acre lake. right now lake florence has no boat access. if you plan to fill up this morning before you head off to work. gas prices are up across the country. experts say with many drivers hitting the roads for spring vacations demands for gas has gone up. the national average is $1.93. one georgia men fed up with thieves snooping around his farm land come up with a unique off.
6:38 am
one casket and several signs are sending a message after trespassers took off with $1 million in stolen items. >> they cut the locks and hinges on the locks. if i catch them on my property i'll take things into my own hands. >> he said his security system is working. he is building a more secure storage unit. and selling surveillance cameras for additional help. york city. turns out that tampa bay has both cities beat when it comes day. >> tampa is sixth in the country to celebrate. they base the studies on the city with the highest irish people and number of irish pubs. boston, philadelphia, omaha, and pittsburgh round out the top five.
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before the teams are announced. we'll look at the investigation underway coming up. what inspired a teenager to pray for a homeless man he seen on the street. a live look at a crash along the courtney campbell causeway this morning. this is causing traffic issues. traffic gets very busy during on 6:00. this will make it tough to cross the bay area. hilary zalla will be a bridge
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donald trump will be in tampa today campaigning ahead of tomorrow's primary. >> that rally will start at 2:00 at the convention center. heads up your morning and afternoon commute could be affected. franklin street will be closed at 8:00 a.m. from channelside drive south to old water street in front of the convention center. hulk hogan will be back in a pinellas county courtroom this morning for his trial sex tape. >> he is suing the website for $100 million. defense will be calling the today. one is the man who posted the video. 10 news will be back in the if you want to follow this trial we'll be streaming it live on our website we also have this on our free 10 news app. search for wtsp in the app store. ncaa is investigating how the tournament bracket got
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leaked online before it was unvailed during cbs's selection sunday show. bracket started showing up on social media half way through the two-hour special with 34 teams left to be announced. photo of the full bracket was tweeted with the message spoiler alert. the ncaa goes to great lengths to prevent the tournament field from being revealed early. chairman wants to figure out how this was leaked. less than an hour after cbs wrapped up the show the twitter account that leaked that bracket was shutdown or suspended. a lot of teams found out about their position in the tournament based off of this tweet. was real. all of the teams matched up as
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act of kindness on baltimore streets is getting lots of attention this morning. this is the photo people are talking about. you can see a teenager praying for a homeless man. this photo has gone viral since a police officer posted it online. the teenager is 18-year-old steven watkins. he said he was listening to music on his way home when he said a song inspired him to pray for him. a university of maryland officer was patrolling when he saw this meeting. he said he was so surprised by the act of kindness. he wanted to share the picture. he hopes it inspires others around the city and gives the world a positive view of baltimore. we have serious issues this monday morning on the roads. here's hilary zalla.
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>> if you are heading across the bay there is a serious crash that closed westbound lanes of the courtney campbell causeway and only one eastbound lane is opened. live to the scene at the crash. look at the damage to this white car. there is a trauma alert. serious injuries in this accident. a semi was also involved in this accident. at some point one of the vehicles hit a power pole. that's why you have an eastbound lane closed. it fell over on to that side. westbound lanes are shutdown. as we go live to sky 10 look at the back up. these are everyone going into tampa in the eastbound lanes. you are backed up well before the bay side bridge on the pinellas side. coming from tampa you are being stopped at the beach and being turned around. you are not even allowed on the bridge going westbound. this is affecting heading across the bay because everybody is taking the howard frankland bridge. that will be extra backed up this morning. i'll let you know when it
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let's go back to our maps in hillsborough county. majors are getting slow. i-275, veterans expressway and i-4. a heads up in lutz u.s. 41 will be closed the next 20 minutes or so at lake side drive for railroad crossing repairs. that will be closed for the next two weeks. take dale mabry highway to bearss to florida. that is a long detour. be sure to give yourself extra time. polk county no issues so far this morning. still looking very good on majors. sarasota and manatee counties i- 75 still no huge delays near university parkway. ashley? >> thank you very much. we are tracking showers this morning. off to a very warm start. 71 tampa. 72 st. pete. 70 mulberry and winter haven as well as lakeland. 70 in safety harbor. hillary mentioned winds. we are seeing some breezy condition out there on the
6:49 am
but, nothing in the way of wind advisories or anything like. that's we are tracking heavy rain offshore. that will continue to move off to the northeast. there are pockets where this really gets going. be prepared for that as you are heading out the door. grab the rain gear. give yourself a few extra minutes since we have wet roadways from what we are seeing this morning and from yesterday, as well. looking at florida southern college we are looking good. seeing a lot of cloud cover out there. we'll see a whole lot of that through the day today with the shower activity most likely during the morning. then into the early, early afternoon. around midday we do start to see this activity tapering off. overnight temperatures drop into the 60s. not much of a cool down because we have all the cloud cover that will be stuck with us for a little while. we'll slowly back off on the temperatures. not we still continue to see the showers moving in through the next several hours. by tomorrow we'll keep the
6:50 am
by the afternoon we start to clear out again. a little sunshine returning to our forecast. warm today all across the southeastern u.s. we expect to see 80-degree temperatures in our forecast this afternoon. if you are traveling, heads up if you are heading up into the northeast. we are expecting showers there, as well. about a 30% coverage mainly along the i-4 corridor northward. as we head into midday we'll start to see that shifting a little bit further south. sunshine returns tomorrow. thursday, st. patrick's day is looking good. we'll have cloud cover but we are not expecting anything in the way of rain until we get into friday. then we pick up a 30% coverage in the afternoon. unfortunately it looks like the most wide-spread activity is looking ahead to the weekend. kind of on and off all day saturday. sunday we may clear out in the afternoon. check out our 10 news weather forecast with our newspaper partners. pick up your copy of the tampa bay times. in polk county check out our
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a lot of you might be in tournament. that means a lot of money on the line. >> shocking amount of money you could win and your company could lose all because of march
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next time you go to the blueberries. researchers at the university of cincinnati say blueberries may fight off alzheimer's. patients who took blueberry powder for four months equal to a cup of berries a day showed improvement.
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it also protects against heart disease and cancer. millions of americans have go. are at stake. gamblers are expected to spend this year. that's more than any other sporting event besides the superbowl. work productivity will drop by $3 billion because of people office. >> that doesn't surprise me. it is hard to ignore when the cames are on. day. a lot of you went out to the park on sunday. the three of us were out there on sunday enjoying the weather and great music. >> there is our on-stage selfie. that was so much fun.
6:56 am
it was so much fun to see everyone out there. it is great music every year. >> there were people out in boats watching. it was a fun, fun time. thank you to everyone two came out. hoping for another successful one next year. we have a big accident on the courtney campbell causeway. we have eastbound lanes blocked. if we can go live to sky 10 you can see westbound is totally closed. eastbound down to one lane. traffic is backed up all the way to bay side bridge on the pinellas side. tampa side you are not allowed to get on the bridge. if you are heading this way take the howard frankland bridge or tampa road to the north. big delays. i'll be back at 7:26 to get you updated. we are seeing a little bit of light rain adding to the traffic mess. looking over pinellas county it
6:57 am
have light rain coming down. it will last through midday today. >> it will be darker this morning because of daylight saving time. we'll be back at 7:26.
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get ready for sun protection that stays on ...right through your game. neutrogena cool dry sport. the only sport sunscreen with clinically proven helioplex . (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, march 14th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an amtrak train derails overnight in kansas. dozens of passengers are injured. >> chaos and clashes at donald trump's campaign event. the democratic candidates accuse trump of insight citing the vls iolence. >> cbs news reveals lavish spending and how wounded warrior


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