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tv   10 News at 600pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the new quinnipiac poll shows ted cruz at 14% and john kasich at 10. >> trump is hoping to hold on to his big lead with a rally in tampa. >> passionate voters from both sides of the aisle showed up. we have life team coverage tonight. >> tammy fields was with protesters outside of the tampa convention center. >> let's get to political reporter mark rivera who is breaking down whether trump's last minute campaigning will have the impact he is hoping for. mark? >> reporter: trump is way ahead in the polls. his campaign knows it is vitally important to get the last-minute voters. the day-of voters to the polls tomorrow. when his campaign asked people here an hour ago whether they had voted early only half had. that's why campaign rallies are here, trying to get the edge in
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>> a lot of the eyes of the world will be on you all to get out the vote. >> florida tomorrow will be trump country. >> who do you want as your president? >> donald trump! donald trump! donald trump! >> reporter: it is a strong message from donald trump and his endorsers in tampa. if you have not voted yet. >> vote donald trump! we have had record setting early voting. more than 1.1 million republicans casting ballots in florida. that leaves close to 75% of registered republicans up for grabs. in the past three days trump has been in chicago, illinois, cleveland, ohio, hickory, north carolina, tampa and youngs town, ohio trying to go after
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>> i lost all support from marco rubio. i was a day one supporter of marco rubio. i'm here for donald trump. he'll make america great again. >> it is all about get out the vote. when a canidate travels to florida or when they come in and hold big rallies they are playing strictly to their base and wanting to get their base voters out. >> reporter: that means everything with three fourths of republicans unpledged at this point. donald trump is clearly confident he is going to be to get folks to vote for him tomorrow. he is hosting a press conference at 9:00 from his largo home. we'll bring you everything you need to know tomorrow night. 10 news wtsp. >> build a wall. build it high. let's put donald trump inside.
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to the trump event holding signs and chanting and coming face-to-face with trump supporters. demonstrators say they have had enough of his hate speeches. 10 news reporter tammy fields is live outside of the convention center. >> reporter: outside of the convention center there was a lot of yelling back and forth. inside the convention center things good heated, too. three protesters got the boot. as heated as things became today at tampa's convention center there was no violence like what we have seen at trump rallies in chicago, ohio, st. louis. in shear numbers trump supporter trump the protesters. we asked trump supporters what they think of the fire storm of criticism their canidate is receiving for his comments on muslims, disabled and treatment of protesters from the black lives matter movement.
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i think he needs to keep it a little more official and more presidential. but for the most part i think he is really trying to do everything for the benefit of the country. yes, i do think sometimes he does go a little overboard. >> it is our duty to fight for our freedom. when you are doing duty i don't think the first thing you think of is your safety. >> reporter: back here live out in front of the convention center, the last person there is from the black lives matter movement from tampa. she says things inside the convention center got heated at many time. their presence there. the good news here no violence. we are live in tampa downtown tammy fields 10 news wtsp. marco rubio is fighting to stay in the race. he's been campaigning nonstop all over tampa bay. now he is making stops around i-95.
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rubio says he is still in the race. >> we have 24-hours here, 36 hours to continue to push hard. i'm asking everyone watching if you have not voted already tomorrow is election day. come out and vote. i need your help. we can turn this election, this country and this party around. it start lines it always does in florida. always comes down to florida. >> ted cruz is campaigning in illinois. he is running second in the delegate count behind donald trump. cruz argues he is best positioned to stop trump from getting total delegates needed for the republican nomination. ohio governor john kasich is campaigning in his home state today with mitt romney by his side. state is a must-win if he hopes to have a chance of becoming the republican nominee. polls show a tight race in ohio between kasich and trump. hillary clinton campaigned in chicago today. she'll be in charleston, north carolina later tonight for a rally.
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florida tomorrow night for a post election rally at the convention center. doors open at 7:00. bernie sanders in charlotte, north carolina talking to crowds there about an hour ago. polls show sanders leading in illinois. while clinton is leading sanders in florida and ohio. here are the delegates at stake for tomorrow. florida and ohio are winner- take-all states. you can expect complete coverage here on 10 news starting at 5:00 a.m. a criminal investigation into some of hillsborough county's top elected officials sparked by a 10 investigates report just released to the public. despite findings that one county commissioner deleted public records, state attorney won't be pressing charges. 10 investigates noah pransky first exposed the dealing back in september. he is joining us now tonight
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>> we just got our hands on the 2,000 hillsborough investigation. we are still reviewing the sheriff's department's findings. they could not prove it was intentional and no criminal charges will be filed. further more, the investigation attempts to give a clean bill of health to how the consultant landed her work on the hillsborough initiative. that could salvage a 2016 sales tax referendum. we exposed how elected officials coordinated with her behind the scenes and on taxpayer deals. and how those same officials failed to sometimes produce key public records they were in possession of. the findings of ours. there is a state and ethics investigation that is on going. as we go through this report
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sheriff's office try to cover up the deleted e-mails? untrust worthy. the words out of judge's mouth when speaking of bubba the love sponge. she sided with his motion not to testify in the hogan sex trial. former gawker posted the sex tape and he testified. he said he found it news worthy because hogan was always talking about sex and for months there was a sex tape. he says he was being sarcastic when he said celebrity sex tapes are okay if the child is four years old. that way. >> when you referenced your standard of news worthiness being a child celebrity over joking? >> i did say that yes. >> do you think that is topic
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>> at the time you made that joke you were in a deposition, right? >> yes. >> founder of gawker took the stand. his testimony continues tomorrow morning. taking a look county by county. a program making sure no child goes hungry during the spring break in manatee. a feeding bus is delivering meals to three stops next monday through friday. we posted locations and times on your free 10 news wtsp app. big upgrades for a popular pasco county dog park. the park will reopen later this month with a new fenced in area, more picnic tables and fences and dog fountains and play sets. grant opening is set for march 8th. a local mission to uncover the mystery of the great, white shark. >> ahead we'll meet the team brave enough to get close to the predators. it was an awful morning between the wrecks and the showers. it is starting to be a gorgeous evening.
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tomorrow morning is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes,
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for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level
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a beautiful shot outside of florida southern college. they are one of nature's most feared animals. great white sharks.
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we are starting to learn more about these predators. >> it is mind boggling. technology is so advanced. this is a global shark tracker. all the stops along the coast are the sharks researcherred tagged. orange dots are sharked recently detected. this one happens to be one that was detected last tuesday. some marine scientists will be taking part in a two-week research trip off the florida coast. 10 news reporter isabel mascareas shows you what they hope to learn from this mission. >> there is a shark here. he is on it hard. he just ate it. >> reporter: in fishing the thrill is in the catch. on this expedition it is all about the science. >> we are trying to learn the status of the white shark in the atlantic. >> reporter: these scientists will spend two weeks on a research ship designed for
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>> these are animals that are 15, 16 feet, 3,000 pounds or more. >> reporter: during expedition jacksonville off north georgia waters scientists will have 15 minutes to safely place satellite tags and take blood samples of white sharks. >> we are hoping to get out more tags, increase the sample size and get more information about their patterns. >> reporter: scientists hope to study a male shark to study the difference between a male and female shark's migration pattern. >> we understand where they are moving and producing. then we can have better management and help conserve those populations. >> reporter: it is a species that's understudied. but what is known, the shark population is on the rise again. >> white shark is the absolute top predator in a marine ecosystem. having these animals back to where they need to be preserves the integrity of the entire ecosystem and keeps oceans healthy.
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>> scientists say even though the shark population is on the rise not to worry. attacks on humans are rare. they look for bigger prey like seals and whales. to learn more about the expedition you can turn to the 10 news app they always tell you don't worry about it. just go and all of a sudden you see that and i'm not going to do it. >> you are not going to be on the boat any time soon? >> no time. >> except for fishing. water is warming up to 70 degrees. winds have died down. we had showers yesterday evening. tracked them this morning. might have slowed you down for your morning drive and mid- morning. as those moved off it took a couple more hours for the
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they have done so off of the east coast. still holding on to fair weather clouds as we begin your monday evening. we are down from 88 in lake wales. 79 tampa. 80 land o'lakes. 78 sarasota. tonight heading into the gorgeous sunset looking off to the southwest. plenty people taking advantage of nice, humid weather to get in the evening exercise the take a stroll along the beach. the wind tracks gusts on the 10 network today 25 to 30 miles per hour. we talked last week as we get into tuesday and wednesday we should finally see some lighter winds. now, as we regroup here monday evening, that should be the case. overnight tonight and in the morning we'll still likely hold on to strong wind gusts. we have a set up late tonight after 11:00, 1:00 a.m.
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because of the high dew points. where the wind dies down enough we'll see patchy fog. where the wind gusts are strong enough overnight and early morning hours, where it is present just low clouds will likely be the case until shortly after sunrise. patchy, dense fog will be possible starting to develop through the overnight hours and in the morning. look at these high temperatures. toasty around plant city at 88 degrees. you can see the influence from the cooler waters in the low 70s. that keeps the high temperature down to 79 in largo and clearwater. east of i-75 we'll have temperatures in the upper 80s. why not head for the water for tuesday. spring breakers really starting to kick into high gear today. moderate chop on the bay waters. 5 to 15 knots for the first half of the day to be the windier day. gusts 15 to 20. where we see breaks, patchy fog
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high tide 7:18. until we get decent rain in the forecast, it helped yesterday but back up again oak and pine all over the cars and building up. we'll stay in the high count for our allergy forecast. i do see some relief. patchy dense fog for the next couple mornings. isolated shower or storm north of tampa for your st. patrick's day evening festivities. we are looking at couple rounds of storms. friday evening as a cold front enters the panhandle. it stalls. it will take another round of energy to come through saturday evening. we are looking at two rounds of storms. friday evening and again saturday evening before the winds pick up again sunday. it looks to be mainly dry through the day. and again on monday. staying warm. we'll have a fresh round of models this evening. i'll give you the latest on timing of the storms for end of the week and we'll track any fog we do see at 11:00.
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happy monday sports fans. bucs signed free agent corner
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viking and resigned their safety. the big guy they signed was in town today. brent grimes. he'll make $8 million a year the next two seasons. he was a probowler last three years with the dolphins. he'll be 33 years old in july. he says his wife's healthy cooking keep him young. >> everything she makes a good. it is usually healthy. i like to say before i met her i probably didn't know more than maybe two vegetables. now i know a lot. that's a good thing. >> eat your veggies. rays and braves at disney today. chris archer learned he'll be the opening day starter against blue jays. he started today. pitched into the fifth inning. gave up two runs. four hits. we have the defensive play of string training so far. deep to left that's jeff decker
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he's got it. rays lost to the braves today. final 5-0. usf women's basketball team will find out tonight where they are going dancing. ncaa selection show begins in half an hour. bulls should be in good shape. they won 23 games this season. what a terrific story at the valspar. 22-year-old amateur lee mccoy finished fourth. he and his family used to live in florida. that's lee mccoy at the age of six. he reminded me i did a story on little lee 16 years ago. i went in the back and looked up the video. there it was. we have more on little lee coming up tonight at 11:00. finally tonight a historic lakeland. leaders were in cheryl edwards as the city's first female fire marshall in the 100 year history in lakeland.
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years ago and served in a number of roles including fire inspector and investigator since 2008. >> i'm excited to make history. there are a lot of women who are fire marshalls and chiefs across the country. for lakeland this is historic. >> she hopes her acheivement will help inspire other women. >> that's its for "10 news at 6:00". we'll you back here tonight at 11:00. for breaking news anytime,
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is the economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acquired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. the middle class will continue to disappear unless we level
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>> pelley: on the eve of the high-stakes primaries, getting out the vote and tossing out the protestors. >> get 'em out of here. get 'em out of here. >> the rhetoric he uses is irresponsible. >> that's a toxic environment. it's not healthy. >> pelley: also tonight, what has isis done with two million people? holly williams speaks to survivors of a city cut off from the world. a tornado carves through a midwest community. and mr. hamilton goes to washington. broadway makes history at the white house. alexander hamilton captioning sponsored by cbs


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