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tv   10 News This Morning at 600am  CBS  March 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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manatee in saratoga county. we will talk about that coming up. hotspots at 6:00 on your tuesday morning. i am hillary val. the skyway bridge is close because of the fog. you have to take i-75 instead. check out the big hotspots. 275 s. of pinellas point drive in pinellas county. i will break down the detour a little more. good tuesday morning. i am allison kropff. it is election day in florida. your ballot could make or break a few candidates. >> sarah hollenbeck is live. you are watching three
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>> reporter: they could either secure their place in this race a little bit longer or force them to drop out in florida is so important. marco rubio is battling donald trump in his home state and outside of the busiest primary ballot location that you will see today in hillsborough county, these signs next to each other as these candidates face-off. the candidates that are fine for a place today are marco rubio who must win florida today. he wants a shot at the presidential candidate spot. governor john kasich who would need to win in ohio to stay in the race. bernie sanders is betting hard on a win today. beyond today, there are concerns with rubio if he loses that he cannot win in florida today and it will have a tough time running against any seat
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here is what i am looking into next. it has been a volatile campaign season so far. will the be extra security at your favorite polling place today. i am looking into that coming up in 30 minutes. sarah hollenbeck. marco rubio hopes to win in his home state and governor john kasich is in ohio where they are holding a primary today. missouri, north carolina in illinois holding primaries today as well. you can get to the polls today without having to drive there. public transportation services in sarasota and haskell county are offering free rides to encourage you to get out and vote in the primaries today. the results will come in tonight from the election. you can get the updates with our free 10 news app and you will be updated on traffic and
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a man is dead after a shootout. officers will be okay. one was hit in the back and another in the foot. at 10:00 monday night in chicago officers were investigating drug activity when one of the suspect started shooting. us military confirmed the death of an ice is commander known as omar detention. drones were used in northern syria. he has died from injuries. his title was equivalent to a secretary of defense. beheaded bounty of $5 million. a man rammed a truck into a patrol car. we tried to crash into to others. christopher conti was intoxicated and squirming on the road.
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hurt. deputies found drugs and paraphernalia inside his truck. he faces charges. if you have been wondering what is next for downtown st. pete, today you have a chance to weigh in on what you want to see near the pier. emerald morrow joins us live. >> reporter: throughout the city's history there have been lots of different fears and attached to each and every one of them. and architects say this is that is why they want everybody to come out and way in on what this would look like because it in something they want if you come out tonight you will see brand-new renderings make refinements to the waterfront plan that has been approved by city council.
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attraction that connects and the want to drill in on the details of the design. we are expecting to see spaces and restaurants but if you have chance to have your voice heard. if you want to chime in, tonight's meeting is 7:00 at the usf st. pete university student center ballroom at 206th avenue, south. building the approach will be working in tandem with building the pier. the next question is what exactly is next for the pier. i'm working on an answer to that coming up at 630. emerald morrow, 10 news. moments ago pope francis gave the final approval from other tresa -- mother teresa to
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sainthood after recognizing her miraculous healing of the brazilian man with multiple brain issues. her home in calcutta attracts visitors every day. and uber trevor accused in a shooting says the ridesharing app made him do it. jason dalton said the uber app took over his mind and body of the claims the apple told him where to go and went to shoot people. he is charged with killing six people. the brother of the ohio pastor who shot and killed will be in court. daniel spruill will be arraigned on murder and charges. he killed where roland -- reverend. -- . he has a history of mental illness. eight firefighters recover after part of a townhouse collapsed during the search and rescue operation for you see them fighting that fire. montgomery county firefighters
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they worried that one homeowner was still trapped. while they were searching for that person part of the hausfeld trapping them. the firefighters made it out of the home and we have learned the homeowners got out safely. cleanup will be underway after a tornado. it swept through ohio 80 miles of columbus. no one was hurt but there were several buildings that were damaged. the service will be out there today to inspect. look at that hail. a different scene in south carolina. it looks like snow. 70 miles per hour winds and that hail on monday night. you can hear it hitting that car.
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claims. >> it does look like snow. we know a lot of people come down to florida for spring break but what about those of us who live here. >> half of floridians will take a vacation over the next three months. most floridians say they plan to drive to their next vacation spot. aaa says a big reason is gas prices. $.50 less than this time last year. also to save money, book well in advance and follow hotels and destinations of social media. when they send out last-minute deals and bargains for prices for residents only, you get those deals. >> tsa under fire after complaints of long lines at major airports. >> how they are responding and what that could mean for your next trip. incredible video. a car falls into a single. neighbor say it is an ongoing
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>> let's go to the skyway bridge. it is a foggy start. we are tracking the fog for you. the skyway bridge is closed this morning.
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welcome back. the bridge update is busy because the skyway bridge is closed. you can see they are directing people around it and not letting you get onto the ramp. i will let you know when it will open but the fog is to pick to travel -- too thick to travel over the bridge. let's check out the howard frankland bridge. no issues in the northbound lanes of 275. traffic is
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the fog is along the coast and it is a westerly wind so it is relatively cooler water which cools the air down and makes the fog and pushes it across the bridge. that is why that life shot was good visibility. you get onto the bridge and it is thicker. that will go through manatee and sarasota counties as well. that is a live shot from voters of clearwater beach. i will let you know when able and coming up. it is tuesday, march 15. and look at today's top stories at 6:00. the state will elect 99 delegates for one person. i need you to help us. >> another big tuesday, when or take all. it could be a late night for the democrats in illinois were hillary clinton and bernie sanders her neck to neck.
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to stand in line a long time. >> 2 million florida voters have already made their choice in the primary with absentee or in person votes. at the end it will be one downtown. >> connecting to the beer -- the pier to downtown st. pete. is a look at other headlines ferguson city council could justice department to completely overhaul law enforcement. a plan was rejected over costs and it the justice department sued the suburb was where michael brown was shot and killed by the winner of the iditarod race in alaska will be crossing the finish line in a few hours. finish line even though a man on a snowmobile drove into two
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one dog was killed. some doctors are replacing drug prescriptions with exercise. at a health center in boston, doctors are treating patients with chronic problems by issuing them a gym membership. low-cost access to jim is important. physical exercise helps with so many problems. a neighborhood in new jersey got an awakening on monday when a water main broke funding the street. for one couple the situation went from bad to worse. a water main break caused a sinkhole in this is how they found their car. they could only watch as the car was sinking into the street. >> i saw that the street was flooded and i figured it out. my car was sinking. >> there they are pulling it out. they were able to lift the car out. people said it's not the first
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problems because of the aging infrastructure. that's good for hillary zella. >> they had to close the sunshine skyway. visibility less than 100 feet in some area. we are seeing cry -- cars. steve gaskin says it takes a while for them to close the bridge. you have the manatee county side in the sarasota county side. i want to show you how to get around this. it is a long detour if you are from the area. i-75 to the east is the detour. you will start going on 75 and get onto 275. from 275 north to the expressway in tampa, the
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that is compared to 17 minutes across the skyway. if you are trying to get to pinellas county you have to go around the expressway and drove across the bridge. it is a long detour. give yourself some time out. that's go to sky 10 and check out other roads. this is hillsborough county, 275 , the southbound lanes are picking up. heavy out there for rush hour but you drivetime is still 15 minutes from the apex downpipe for. hillsborough county, you can see no significant delays just yet. polk county, polk parkway, i-4 at 54 miles per hour. the fog map is pretty clear this morning. most in the locations are great. along the coast through the
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county it is that. i want to take you to palm harbor down the clearwater beach with bell error as well, that is where it is the thickest and it is really thick onto the immediate breach itself. it gets better towards pinellas county. i expect fog to develop their as well. visibility at 10 miles per hour the problem is here on the bridge. it is mainly the center span of the bridge as well as we had decent visibility especially when you get towards the i-75 area. things are looking good now but when you get into southern manatee county you wanted to fog again. because the close to get back towards the beach in that goes up to santa maria island and down to benice. the darker gray that you see here are low clouds.
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difference in temperature from the ground to the cloud mass. the cloud deck is by the ground it will lower. fog for develop. temperature wise, in the lower 70s. 70 tampa, 72 sarasota, riverview 73. two points in the low 70s. a touch cooler along the water and that is why we have the fog developing. we have a little bit of a breeze. even with that we are still seeing fog and it sticks around through 10:00 this morning although visibility will improve at times. you can't see much there. watch out for the kids at the bus stop and 70 this morning and going to about 80 this afternoon. forecast models suggesting a sprinkle to but that won't happen.
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clouds today and then gradually see more sunshine further inland. we will watch for see fog on the coast throughout the day. the best timing is now to about 10:00 and then we will see a little bit of sunshine. 82 degrees for the warm spot in upper 70s for the beaches. boating is good except for the fog. the extended forecast, lower 80s next few days. that stays with us for the most part but by friday we see shower chances go up into saturday or sunday will dry out and we will cool off. we will get rid of some of the humidity as well. to forget check the forecast already on the radio. 105.5, wsrq fm, in spanish, 92.5.
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the damage after scaffolding collapses. if you are lucky enough to be getting a refund on your taxes, what americans are doing
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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let's check the drive times. >> you can see brake lights out there. this is i-4 at 34 street in tampa and you can see the westbound lanes are a little slower into downtown. you drivetime is about nine minutes between 75 and 275. this is sour avenue. still taking you about 17
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we will have fog issues this morning. elsewhere the cloud deck is lowering to 600 feet high. that is not a lot. some of that will fell to the ground and we will have patchy fog inland. most of this will be out of here between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. the right home will be warmer. low 80s, and we do it again tomorrow morning. more than 50% of people expect a tax refund and some have received them. the survey released by bank says 31% intend to save or invest the money. 27% say they will spend it on bills. 6% say it is time to splurge and go shopping and take a vacation. quite the performance outside the white house as the president joins in with the cast
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>> i am through with the president. >> president obama restyled a wrap. obama's dog was there. it tells the story of alexander hamilton. he didn't drop the microphone. a man known as the ihop robin hood is in trouble for robbing. >> what he is accused of serving two people for free. we are live streaming on facebook. go to facebook right now in search for allison kropff or ian right and join the conversation. florida voters heading to the polls and 40 minutes. in a few minutes we will have a live report on today's primary
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good morning everyone. we are looking out fog this morning, it is that and i am checking it for you. i don't see any break in it until 10:00 or maybe 11:00 for
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lower 70s. we will keep the clouds around throughout the day. we will talk about all of this coming up in 10 minutes. hotspots for you in a few minutes. i am road warrior hilary zalla. the sunshine purchase still close. let's go to show you what you are dealing with. you can see the signs, the skyway bridge closed. you have to do i-75 and that is a long detour. we will take a look at the rest of the rush hour. coming up. good morning. >> it is primary day in florida so in 30 minutes proposal open to vote for your presidential candidates. >> sarah hollenbeck is live in there has been a wild campaign.
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>> donald trump has had to cancel a rally in chicago. we had protesters and supporters of donald trump that faced off in chicago. there has been a lot of bullets so we talked about security at this polling place. this is the busiest wanted hillsborough county. there is no plans to increase security because polling places like this one are safe. i asked about voting machines. each part has been inspected several times to make sure it is ready and the large crowd of voters that will be joining your. the biggest thing you want to pay attention to is to make sure you choose a candidate that hasn't already dropped out of the race. 30 republicans and 13 democrats . only four still in the running for republicans and 2 democrats. they will still be on your ballot. if you vote for them it will be
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former favorite candidate back into the race. to throw. if you come here between 8:30 am that is the least busiest time. if you come at lunch or before after work, that is the busiest time. 10 news. gop front runner donald trump. he will not be indicted after a violent encounter after one of his rallies. this video from a rally net -- last wednesday. there is not enough evidence to charge pump for inciting a riot. trump said he does not condone balance. -- violence. three officers were hurt and another man is dead after a shootout. the officers are expected to be okay.
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noticed two suspects acting suspiciously. the man opened fire and police shot and killed him. the woman is still being questioned. wrong way crash is our over and there is one part of the bay area you are most likely to run into a wrong way according to data compiled by the department of transportation, hillsborough campa -- hillsborough county, tampa, has more wrong way crash violations than any other area. there are more cars and officers on patrol. >> we have quite a few one-way streets which can be confusing. or if you are impaired. >> other than staying alert, drivers should stay to the right side of the road. aboard the left lane on highways . if you see a wrong way driver, slow down. witnesses called to the stand today in former
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hogan's trial over a leaked sex tape. gawker founder nick denton will continue his testimony. the sex tape will be played for the jurors to see. it would be back in the courtroom at 9:00. you can watch that trial live . tonight architects want your input on the area that connects downtown to the waterfront. they want you to weigh in on what that should look like. this is in process for the peer approach. >> reporter: right now there are not a lot of attractions along this area but it will not be long before this complete area is booming with waterfront restaurants and art spaces and things meant to get you out and
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this new area will need weeks and what it will look like. it would be a huge attraction for downtown st. pete so appearing from the people who live here is critical. tonight at usf st. pete it will be all about taking a deeper look at the city's waterfront master plan and what types of attractions will work here and we will also fit this into the budget. >> the peer will be a place where they will be activities for everyone. children and adults. the entire community will participate in the activities in the development of the area. >> construction should start early next year wrap up in 2018. here are the details, it starts at 7:00 for the meeting and if you want to come out it will be at the usf st. university student center ballroom at
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what is next for the peer, there will be a workshop the city council would they will hear about the developments that have happened over the last eight months as they look ahead. emerald morrow, 10 news. general. davidson's address will be speaking at a private event. he will talk about international security issues and leadership in the 21st century. general point reyes oversaw achievements in counterterrorism . a single mother who rebuilt to live is the new owner of the habitat home pages for her. sarah mae are the new owners of the girls powerhouse in largo. it was funded and built by women. it hundred women eight weeks to make it happen. >> i have learned so many things and learned how to build a
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powerhouse in pinellas county. if you or someone you know is trying to quit smoking pay attention. the best way for most people to put is called the. a study released found smokers prefer getting gradually with likely to keep pledge if they gave up smoking and once. you may notice shorter wait times in security lines at the airport. tsa is hiring more screening officers. be announced canine teams it will be reassigned. officials say the agency is approved to keep 700 -- 1700 people on staff who are was supposed to be cut. it comes after airports complained about wait times. study at university of washington came to a halt on monday night. the scaffolding collapsed. the
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lawn. it caused quite the scene. a lot of us were here yesterday because we were all studying. it caused a lot of commotion and we came out and saw that. >> two cars were trapped under the scaffolding. the project had just been shut down for maintenance with staff complained it wasn't properly anchor. -- finals in midterms. is a store you may want to share with your friends today. himself as a robin hood but it the law. ihop. customers. he says it was serving those in need for police say he showed no remorse and this morning he
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>> a friend fried -- a rough ride for passages over a week and. the video is incredible. drake takes his trash talk courtside. didn't work out? the skyway bridge is close this morning because of the fog. use the other route. road warrior hilary zalla will get you around this. metereologist bobby deskins will look at the fog and show you where it is the heaviest. we will get to them in a few minutes. this is coming up tonight, ncis wallowed by ncis new orleans, and then 10 news at
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6:42 am. the skyway bridge is still closed because of the heavy fog. you can see how thick it is. no cars are going across it right now.
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that will be a long detour. let's go to the howard frankland bridge if you are heading into tampa. this is to 75 northbound, it is picking up. southbound not as bad. howard frankland, that is good news. fay frogge clearwater beach. it is getting better for sarasota and dennis. they were up to 6 miles earlier so it will fluctuate a little bit. we would hold onto some fog on the immediate coast the 10:00 this morning. allergy forecast, the rain saturday night was nice to wash off things outside. we will keep it on the high side. : forecast with pollen, a bit of ash. here is the sports lineup for tuesday. the lighting continue into
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the ncaa tournament begins with the florida gulf coast. usf women's team back in the court preparing for the tournament debut on saturday. that is a look ahead to sports. if you haven't noticed, the primary election is today in florida. >> it is a big deal. florida is a win or take all state. polls will open in about 15 minutes. there will close at 7:00 tonight for 2 million floridians already cast absentee ballots and votes. three chicago police officers will be okay after they were shot by suspect overnight. >> the suspect was shot and killed by officers. officers were investigating drug activity in the caught up with a man and a woman and the man started shooting at officers. the woman is still being
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st. pete wants to get your input on the new peer. >> there will be a workshop today to discuss the pier approach. if you go to the meeting you will see a new rendering and ask questions of the architects. the meeting starts at 7:00 at the university student center ballroom on campus. this is video in western washington. there was a tough ride on a very. the boat was headed back from the san juan islands north of seattle and at the time there was a windstorm and it reached up to 60 miles per hour. you see the video from the windstorm. this is part of the area but out at sea on the ferry it was rough and pushing cars around. car alarms were going off. one guy shot video and set his
6:46 am
no major damage but some minor damage. passengers were all okay. here is a screen grab you see one car in the water rushing up onto the ferry. that would be terrifying. but your car is on there. >> i have been on these before, these are big boats. it is bouncing around like that and you know the winds our strong. >> we see video. rappers in toronto with mandrake try to help a team in a comeback victory. in the final minute drake a shouting with justin holiday, holiday was called for a five second violation. he may have been distracted. he tried. the boys came away with a he got caught there. let's go to road warrior
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>> it is a headache this morning. i want to make you sure -- make sure you know where to go. the highway bridge is closed. this is what you are dealing with if you try to get onto the skyway. you are seeing the skyway bridge closed and use other routes. i will tell you now. let's go back to the map and show you. the fog is very thick. take i-75 instead, a very long detour. it is taking you 24 minutes from 275 in manatee county up to the expressway. from their you can go to salmon to the west. give yourself plenty of time. if you decide to get onto i-4, for your detour heading up 75
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because there is an accident in the shoulder near the connector of the selmon expressway. stop and go traffic with 17 minutes on 75. in riverview, watch out for an accident on kong we boulevard at us 301. eastlake row drive, be careful, there is a crash north of trinity boulevard. there is a delay in the southbound area. no issues on both parkways or i- 4. tracking that fog for you this morning. it is improving visibility now in sarasota. it will fluctuate. pretty thick fog in central and western northern parts of pinellas county. up to palm harbor and down through clearwater beach. the causeway and honeymoon island. you get further to the south
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largo, a little less improvement there. things get better across the bay to riverview. 10 miles of visibility right now in plant city. low clouds and some of that will sink to the ground this morning. fog is better. watch for patches. a quarter of a mile visibility. the grave that you see here are all clouds. that cloud deck is a ceiling from the ground up with 600 feet total. i still think we could see some fog. this is the fog forecast map through 10:00 this morning. still some fog on the coast and even tampa has potential for fog at 2:10 am. after that it clears up and we should go pretty good, partly cloudy throughout the rest of the afternoon.
6:50 am
this morning. 7273 degrees. 73 sarasota, riverview 71, holiday 70, treasure island 69. we had light westerly wind that is pouring it on sure. we won't see any rain. eventually we will get rid of the clouds and have our sunshine. there will be more sun inland additionally than on the coast. 82 for a daytime high. the beaches will stay in the mid to upper 70s with the to southwest wind. tonight we will be man they clear through midnight in the cloud and fog will come back. tomorrow back into the low 80s. as we get into thursday and friday we will start to watch
6:51 am
73 sunday. that is a change. friday and saturday are chances for rain. sunday afternoon looks good for the weekend plan. it looks cooler and drier. lower humidity. it is monday of next week. st. patrick's day with a chance of a shower. don't forget to catch the forecast. had back to the ledger weather sessions right there. a popular show on cbs celebrating a milestone. >> it includes a special guest star. that's coming up. nine minutes away from the polls opening for the florida primary. this is one location. we are tracking results all day on 10 news.
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those results come in tonight we will propose on the screen. (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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get ready for sun protection that stays on ...right through your game. neutrogena cool dry sport. the only sport sunscreen with clinically proven helioplex
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a study released showing how much of her paycheck goes to pay rent. on average people in florida work 77 hours each month just to pay for housing. that is getting played with minimum wage. that is the average across the country. in hawaii, 125 hours in the month. big changes for the cosmetic company, avon. there are relocating the headquarters to the uk. that will put 2500 people out of a job.
6:56 am
a big series is hitting a milestone. ncis is celebrating 300th episode tonight with a special guest appearance from tape digs as a wounded marine. the show revolves around special agents investigating military crimes. catch ncis starting at 8:00 tonight. before you head out, the sunshine skyway is closed. everyone is taking 75. i-4 at 18 miles per hour, that stretch from 50th street to downtown. make sure you give yourself time even if you don't take the skyway. >> sunrise is 40 minutes away. the fog is thick at the coast but we will develop more fog inland as we go through the next hour or hour and a half. we will check that grew and
6:57 am
two hours. it is extremely muggy out there. it is ridiculous. that will go away by the weekend. if you have travel plans it will be chilly. >> it has been a tough two days with the time change. this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them.
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 15th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a pivotal primary day. donald trump hopes to knock out his rivals, and hillary clinton tries to expand her lead over bernie sanders. the worst flooding in more than 100 years threatens entire communities in the south. and we're in miami beach with struggles to control the wild spring break parties. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds.


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